Steps to Create a Shop on TikTok in 2024 (The Ultimate Guide)

Believe it or not, Selling products on TikTok in 2024 is a new marketing tactic, and it works. It's not just a Gen Z platform anymore where the content and community are all about fun; instead, it's more than that. International and local brands in 2022 got exclusive opportunities to connect with customers directly with just a video. Sounds positive to your business? Well, read this article ahead to explore what's in for you with TikTok selling!

The e-retail business model is fascinating, but there comes the point where sellers fall short of marketing ideas – and here's where social media platforms like TikTok come to the rescue! 

But why just TikTok and not other platforms?

Let's talk numbers (because here at DropTweaks, we believe in numbers).

Back in 2021 itself, during the pandemic, TikTok hit the 1 billion active monthly users target, and the growth was massive. The best part? Most of the TikTok users are between ages 10-29, and here's where dropshippers can play the real game. 

Gen Z and millennials available on the TikTok platform have a deep appreciation for short video content; they can spend hours watching such videos. That being said, this specific age group (18-29) is your real target audience! This specific audience itself is going to bring you half the revenue for your business. 

In this article, we will be covering the steps you need to follow to create a shop on TikTok and how best you can sell products on TikTok. And do not miss out on reading till the end because we have some amazing learnings for you! 

Why Should You Create a Shop on TikTok? A Few Noteworthy Reasons! 

TikTok marketing is popular for a reason, and you don't have to build pristine content here to stay on the top; instead, organic one can literally give much popularity to a brand. Neither the follower count matters nor the number of likes and shares; if your content is awesome, it will reach a worthy audience really quickly. 

Lastly, on TikTok, it doesn't matter what type of product you are selling; if you have incorporated your brand in the content smoothly, and it has gone viral – THAT'S IT.

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👉 Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Shop on TikTok | How to Sell on TikTok? 

Above we have stated the best reasons for you to create a shop on TikTok, but now, this section is all about us helping you to create one shop for your business on this platform. And trust us, the process is extremely easy; here's how it goes: 

1. Download the TikTok App

As silly as this sounds, the very first thing you need to do to open a shop on TikTok is to download the app right away. However, if you already own a personal account, just go through the discovery option, and watch as many videos as you can. Now that you have explored, just keep that account aside, and create a new one for your business (pun intended!)

Download the TikTok App

Just tap on the sign-out button, and hit the create a new account option, where you will be prompted to create a username for your account. The only pro tip we would like to give here is, don't play with names; keep it simple yet eye catchy because, once again, this is your business account, and you will actually be selling something here. 

After you have created your account here, make sure to add a profile (again, an attractive one, not just a logo of your business, but a bit something more), a short bio on what your business is all about, and to the last connect all your social media accounts. 

Once you have created a separate business account, you can always switch between multiple accounts within the TikTok app, so don't worry; your personal account is STILL THERE.

2. Go, PRO! 

Confused right? But over here, you will actually have to go pro because TikTok gives users two options, either they can use the personal account or go for the pro account (best suited for creators and businesses). 

TikTok Pro Account

Now, the difference between these two types of accounts might sound very little, but in reality, it's major. Before coming to the benefits, over here, too, you will have to pick one from two options, pro creator or pro-business, and of course, since you are into business, you will have to choose business (quite straightforward). 

Coming reason, the TikTok Pro Account gives businesses detailed analytics of every post. Like how well they are working on the marketplace and what areas of improvement are not available with the personal account. Moreover, this account even lets businesses add a link to their storefront in their bio and business contact information (much needed). 

And to last, a TikTok pro account gives individuals access to unique engagement solutions and advertising solutions, too, all for free. But still, since the competition here is so much more, we would recommend businesses take the help of the best TikTok ad spying tool available in the market to stay ahead of competitors.

3. Play the Content Game

Now that you have stepped into the TikTok arena, it's time to play the real game and churn out as many videos as you can. 

Right now, this step is the opportunity for your brand to outshine, so get raw, and don't be afraid to try out new things because TikTok loves that. If you are falling short of ideas, well scroll through your feed and get that inspiration quickly. 

However, do remember that initially, you don't have to sound sales and directly start promoting products. Just make content that would drive viewers' attention quickly. 

4. Engage, Engage, & Engage

After uploading any video, the very next step (and the important one) is to engage. If you are on any social media platform, the idea is to be social, so like and share videos of other businesses and creators. 

You can even engage with them personally by actively commenting on their videos. This little act of yours will let other viewers understand that you are not here just for sales but to interact with the community. 

5. Make the Most Out of Influencer Marketing

If you have ever been on any social media platform, you would have heard the word influencer many times. But if you are unsure about what this havoc is all about – influencers are individuals who connect to your target audience easily and quickly. Audiences are drawn to their content, and in fact, a lot of them make purchase decisions because of influencers

TikTok Influencer Marketing

Hence, if you want to find out an influencer that would best fall into your niche, you can search through hashtags, keywords, or phrases, browse through the top videos, and then pick one out of many. 

6. Stick to User-Generated Content

TikTok made me buy it is a very recent phrase you can hear in every household. Trust us, TikTok now has the power to influence viewers to buy anything they watch in the video. Hence, stick to user-generated content, let an influencer use one of your products, and make organic content out of it. 

At this step, you can even create a hashtag of your own, build up a unique challenge, and encourage the audience to share videos of them using your video. 

7. Explore Different Selling Options

Other than organic and user-generated content, there are several other selling options on TikTok you can try to get higher engagement.

For example, you can stick to self-service ads, an ad type that appears on the users FOR YOU page. You can go for Ad manager, an ad type that includes branded hashtag challenges, takeovers, filters, and top-view ads.

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8. Rip Off the Best Data from TikTok's Resource Center

Lastly, the resource center of TikTok for businesses is a gem-like option. This center basically gives every seller a rating on how well they are performing. It even gives them data-backed insights about what they can do in the future to grab more attention from viewers. 

Lastly, they can even explore a specific ad's performance and the type of customers who have interacted with the content.

Tips on Creating the Best TikTok Video Content that will Go Viral!

TikTok, being used by a billion users across the globe, sounds both full of opportunities and competition. Opportunity because your product can reach out to so many people, and competition because what if your product always stays in the dark and never reaches the potential customer? That being said, creating top-quality TikTok content is super essential even when you have started out late, and here's how you can do it: 

1. Explore Your Videos 

TikTok's algorithm is super amazing, and that's why it checks out whether any viewer watches a video from beginning to end or drops it off halfway. Hence, before posting any video content, make sure to keep your video as engaging as you can till the end. 

If you think that you don't have much content for a 60-second video, please go for a 15-second length only, but just don't mess it off. Or, the safe bet you can play here is to put small videos after regular intervals by keeping the topic the same. 

TikTok is all about trends, there will be a sound effect trending one day, and the other day there will be an amazing note or meme that might be making noise on the platform. So, before making any video make sure to scroll through the discovery page and explore what is trending. Is it a lip sync video, dance choreography, or a sound effect? 

If you are unsure about what you want to create next, you can simply go for duets, stitches, and reaction videos; even these can give you much engagement.

3. Get Unique 

TikTok is all about inspiring people to do something new or keeping them entertained as long as you can. And to stay on this platform, remember that you will always have to get unique. Gone are those days when an individual used to spend hours watching boring videos; everyone nowadays is on a search for small, crisp, and entertaining content. 

That's why, while promoting any product on TikTok, explore as many unique ways as you can. Don't get to sales, and don't even forcefully flash your product to viewers; just try keeping the content surrounding the product.

For example, if you are selling yoga mats, you can post a video of an individual doing yoga asanas using products from your brand. 

4. Livestream, Whenever Possible

Similar to popular social media platforms like Instagram, even TikTok allows creators to live stream and engage with viewers in real-time. They can respond to the comments and can even add many more people to the stream (upto 20 at once). However, do remember that this feature is only available to those creators who have more than 1000 followers.

The best thing about TikTok live streaming is it allows creators to earn money; viewers (if they like the live stream) often support creators by giving them virtual coins, which can be withdrawn later.

Lastly, always make sure to add a clickable social media link to your profile (this feature wasn't available earlier, but since it's now, why not make the most out of it?). Hence, if you are a retailer who has just stepped into TikTok, remember to link your TikTok business account to your e-commerce platform or Amazon or Walmart.

🚀 Opened Your TikTok Account? Here's How You can Boost Your Sales! 

Now that you have created your account through TikTok seller center and created the best video content ever, you will undoubtedly have gotten lots of comments, likes, and shares. But is this it? 

Absolutely No; getting more likes is great, but since your main motive on TikTok is to sell products, you should always keep that sales-centric attitude here. Because even though you are getting the best reach and engagement, what's the point if you are not making dollars out of it? So, follow these two tips, quick:

1. Launch an Affiliate Program

As of now when we were writing this article, TikTok was offering two ways to make sales: through the brand's product page or through the TikTok affiliate

First thing first, make sure to launch a TikTok affiliate program that will allow you to partner with popular TikTok creators and influencers. For this, you will have to use TikTok selling center and set up a promotion plan there to collaborate with influencers who will best advertise your products on the platform. 

Once your affiliate link gets created, the creator you have chosen can post content with that link, and every time a viewer clicks on the link and buys your product, even the creator will get monetized. Literally a win-win situation for both!

2. Connect with TikTok Influencers

As mentioned previously, TikTok is now all about influencer marketing, and by choosing the right influencer, you can actually reach out to your potential audience very quickly. 

For this reason, TikTok has recently come up with The Creator Marketplace, where brands can officially collaborate with TikTok creators. Additionally, this marketplace gives businesses the best recommendations according to their needs (probably, data-driven).

Top FAQs on How to Create a Shop on TikTok in 2024

How to create a shop on TikTok? 

Creating a shop on TikTok is easy; go to the TikTok seller center, create an account there, enter all the essential information, and you are all set to sell.

What is a TikTok shop seller center? 

A TikTok seller center is an exclusive option offered by TikTok to businesses who want to create a shop on TikTok and sell products quickly.

Can you start a business on TikTok?

Yes! The user can easily promote their small business on TikTok. To promote a business on TikTok, you can post content regularly using popular TikTok hashtags and engage with your audience.

Can I sell products on TikTok?

TikTok is the best place where sellers can promote their businesses. To start selling on TikTok, the sellers need to create a Bussiness Account and then choose the right products. You can even sell products on TikTok with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify.

How do you qualify for a TikTok shop?

In order to qualify for the TikTok shop, the sellers need to provide certain information and documentation at the time of registration. To create a successful shop on TikTok, the sellers are required to follow certain registration guidelines and provide accurate information about their business.

How do I add a shop link to TikTok?

To add a shop link to TikTok, you need to create your personal business account. Click on the “Edit Profile” button and enter your link in the Website field.

Conclusion: Is Creating a Shop on TikTok any Good for Businesses in 2024?

Compared to other social media platforms available right out there, TikTok is still evolving every day, and we can bet on this. The in-app shopping experience is a relatively new thing in the market, and TikTok makers are working every day to give just the best to the sellers. Its algorithms and trends are changing continually, and this thing can be quite overwhelming for new online retailers. 

But whenever you do get stuck, this article will come to your rescue. And always remember the keep it simple mantra, do the basics, be honest, stay consistent, and engage as much as you can.

Also, if you have been on the platform for quite a long period now, and aren't getting the desired results, know that, on TikTok, it just takes one quality post to make your brand go viral. So, don't fret when your engagement slows down; hog on to this no-judgment platform and rock your selling game with your best creative side!

Want to learn more about TikTok selling? Stay tuned to DropTweaks because here we bring the best TikTok insights to your table, served ready hot to be consumed, and just don't STOP!

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