FlowSpy Review 2024: Best Priced #1 TikTok Ads Spy Tool! (Coupon 10% OFF)

Are you on the search for the best TikTok Ads Spy Tool for your products? Is it getting difficult for you to ace TikTok marketing, despite selling great products? Wait no more, and read out FlowSpy review – an extraordinary TikTok adspy tool of the era!

With a one million plus active user base, TikTok is a new, gem-like social media platform for marketers, dropshippers, and ecommerce sellers. We all know how addictive short videos on TikTok are, and this addiction is an opportunity for marketers to grab the viewer's attention. But how can one grab the right viewers' attention? The answer is,

With the help of the best TikTok adspying tool!

Not every ad spying tool available in the market is worth giving a shot at because you will be spending dollars on it. And to help you not waste your dollars on anything random, here's the best adspying tool we are recommending from our end – FlowSpy.

Read this FlowSpy review ahead to explore what exactly the tool is, what features it offers, and who should consider buying this tool; check it out now.

Quick Summary

FlowSpy is the most popular and best-priced TikTok ads spy tool available in the market. The tool is used by hundreds and thousands of marketers, dropshippers, and ecommerce sellers. And the amazing filters offered by the tool are literally worth every penny you would be spending. By the way, FlowSpy does offer a free 7-day trial period; check it out now!

What is Flowspy? – Honest FlowSpy Review

FlowSpy Reviews

More than thousands and millions of businesses across the globe are opting for TikTok marketing. But only a few are able to succeed, the reason being, TikTok is a relatively new social media platform. And only a few ads spy tools were able to dig this platform deep – like FlowSpy.

FlowSpy is a popular TikTok ads spy tool that gives marketers exclusive insider information with just a click. This tool, as of now, has focused on delivering its services to TikTok, and hence, it has the biggest searchable database of TikTok ads. With FlowSpy, marketers and dropshippers can find winning products and explore highly profitable campaigns, all within a few minutes. The tool has the most impressive filters available for marketers to perform more targeted analysis.

Well, by now, we know you are much excited about exploring FlowSpy, but before that, why not check out FlowSpy features and its cons too?

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Key Features of FlowSpy – Everything You Need to Know about this TikTok Ads Spy Tool!

Features of FlowSpy

1. Extensive Database

FlowSpy literally has a large number of TikTok ad databases that is very important for a marketer for running any sort of ad campaign. There are thousands and millions of ads available from across different countries so that nobody misses out on anything. Through the FlowSpy tool, marketers get access to real-time video data with which competing at international levels gets easier. 

2. Advanced Filters

The total number of likes and comments plays an essential role in TikTok marketing because these metrics itself speak weight about any product and overall customer experience. Also, the total number of impressions of any video literally helps marketers explore how well a video is performing across the globe.

Hence, FlowSpy allows users to perform in-depth research with its advanced filters. All of this, as a result, can help a marketer perform more targeted advertising and marketing. 

One such filter we liked the most is the “like rate” FlowSpy offers to its users. Sellers can literally choose from more than 0.5%, more than 1%, and more than 2% like rates. Yet another filter that caught our attention more is the live period duration filter, with which marketers can filter out videos according to the date on which any video went live. 

3. Ad Creatives 

Whenever you like any video on FlowSpy, you always get an option to save it in your My Videos section. Other than this, if you are watching any ad video inside the tool itself, you can check out the original video and publisher by clicking on the ad link.

4. Product Research 

The best part about FlowSpy is it literally helps marketers explore what minute changes were made in any ad copy. Not just ad copy, they can even explore changes done in ad spending, campaign activeness, and more, all with just a click. In addition to this, they can even perform more in-depth analysis by watching out for the details of the full landing page.

5. FlowSpy Interface 

With so many features available within the tool, FlowSpy surprisingly offers a very clean interface to the users. There's no kind of clutter all around, and the data that is presented to the marketers at the end is very easy to understand. In fact, the fast servers of FlowSpy make the research process much smoother; marketers can literally surf millions of data, all within a few seconds.

A Quick Sneak Peek into FlowSpy Ad Library! 

Even if you haven't bought any of the FlowSpy subscriptions, you can still explore the tool's ad library; wondering how? Here's what you need to do! 

Go to the FlowSpy official website and click on the “see ad library” button available at the top right corner of the website. After hitting this button, you will be redirected to a new window, where there are two more options available – Home and Your Favorites

Next, there's an enter keyword box available at the center of the window, where you can enter any keyword, advertiser name, domain, URL, and ad text and then hit the search ads option. 

To get more in-depth information on your search, you can further make use of the filters available. For example, one can select the name of the country from where the ad has been released; they can filter out the search more by selecting the type of CTA that's present in the video. 

Some more filters offered by the FlowSpy tool are: search through the total number of likes, total number of comments, like rate, the total number of impressions, and live period duration. Marketers can, in the end, sort all the ads displayed according to ad impressions, number of live days, ad release time, and last seen time, either in ascending order or in descending order. 

In the end, FlowSpy displays thousands of videos along with their impressions, popularity, and duration!

FlowSpy Pricing Plans – FlowSpy Free Trial Offer 

Similar to most TikTok ads spy tools available in the market, even FlowSpy offers a monthly subscription option. However, they don't really offer any yearly plans. Moreover, there is no free forever plan available here, instead a 7-day free trial period, where no credit card is required. 

FlowSpy Pricing Plans

Also, marketers will have to buy any of the subscriptions, and the team will let you try the tool for free for three days. After three days, only the team will charge you depending on the plan you have chosen; if you are not interested in moving ahead, you can cancel it here. 

FlowSpy Starter Plan- $49 per month

The starter plan by FlowSpy comes with an exclusive 3-day free trial period. Marketers and dropshippers can search for unlimited ads with this plan, view 250 ad details a day, and make the most out of the premium features available. They can even collect any ad they have liked with one click and download overall reporting and invoices. 

FlowSpy Pro Plan- $99 per month

The pro plan by FlowSpy is best suited for fast-moving professionals. Over here, too, the customer can search unlimited ads, view 1000 ad details, make the most out of the premium features available, and collect all their favorite ad data with just a click. Additionally, they will even get access to priority support in case they get stuck with any issues. 

FlowSpy VIP Plan- $159 per month

This plan is best suited for larger enterprises performing pro operations. They can search unlimited ads with this plan, view 2000 ad details, collect favorite ads data with just a click, and use all the premium features. Additionally, they will even get access to priority support and invoice and reporting. 

Who Should Use FlowSpy? – Is FlowSpy Worth Buying? 

Now that you are aware of some of the exciting features of FlowSpy and its pricing, here's the time for you to explore whether you should really buy it or not. Because, at the end of the day, it should not be the “fear of missing out” emotion that drives you to buy a tool; instead, you must buy it according to your necessities. Hence, FlowSpy TikTok adspy tool is best suited for:

FlowSpy Coupon

Digital Marketers

Marketing in this digital era is the toughest; you wouldn't really know where your ad is reaching out to. If any campaign gets viral, your brand will get global recognition within a quick time period, and if it never reaches the right audience, your brand might, unfortunately, stay in the dark for a long time. 

But, by using the TikTok adspy tool, marketers can actually perform competitive ad analysis before launching any campaign. They can even explore what their competitors are actually doing and what type of ad would hold great potential in the future. In fact, with the help of the best TikTok adspy tool, digital marketers can grab access to more profitable campaigns without spending much; amazing, isn't it?

Dropshippers and eCommerce Sellers 

As a dropshipper, monitoring competition and finding the right and the next winning product is undoubtedly a tedious task. But with the help of an ad spy tool, sellers can actually ace their e-commerce operations. The information offered by the tool, like ad impressions, and rates, can exactly help a seller explore what their customers are actually looking out for in the market. 

In fact, with this data, sellers can even explore products from across the globe and later build ad strategies accordingly for their stores!

How Prompt is FlowSpy Customer Support Service?

As of now, FlowSpy doesn't offer any live chat support to any of its customers, which is a bit disappointing. However, the priority support it offers to its users (VIP and Pro Plans only) is something we really liked the most. 

These specific plans by FlowSpy are best suited for bigger teams who wish to perform pro operations and fast-moving professionals. And that's why the FlowSpy team has literally got them covered with all. In fact, the team is highly responsive and often resolves issues within a quick time period. 

Whatever type of query you have, you will have to report it all to the team via email. And if somehow you don't like the tool within 3 days of using it, you can cancel the subscription anytime by contacting the team.

Pros & Cons of FlowSpy Review


  • Beginner-friendly user interface.
  • Easy monthly subscription plans available.
  • Gives accurate and real-time data analysis.
  • Offers advertiser information.
  • Priority support available with the VIP and Pro plans.
  • 3 Day free trial period available in all the plans.
  • 7 Day free trial period for all users; no credit card required.
  • Provides best ad materials.
  • Detailed invoicing and reporting available.


  • No yearly plan available as of now.
  • No 30-day free trial period (many other TikTok adspy tools are offering this).
  • No forever free plan available.

Top FAQs on FlowSpy Review 2024

What is the FlowSpy tool?

FlowSpy is a powerful TikTok adspying tool that offers global TikTok video ads data to its users with just a click.

Can I use FlowSpy for free?

Yes, FlowSpy offers a free 7-day trial period to its users to explore the filters and interface of the tool.

Is FlowSpy TikTok data legit? 

Yes, FlowSpy extracts all the video ads data in real-time, and the impressions, likes, and comments are legit too.

What is the best FlowSpy alternative? 

The best FlowSpy alternative you can consider trying is Bigspy, Pipiads, and adspy.

How can I spy TikTok ads?

You can spy any TikTok video ads data with the help of a popular TikTok adspy tool available in the market – FlowSpy.

Conclusion: Is FlowSpy truly the best-priced TikTok AdSpy Tool to consider?

FlowSpy is literally all things TikTok! 

Selling products to younger generations is quite a tedious task; as a brand, you will have to live up to their expectations for their consideration. FlowSpy, in all sense, makes this work a lot easier. The tool is being used by 800+ marketers and entrepreneurs across the globe. And the secret sauce behind this ultimate growth of the tool was none other than the features it offers. 

The database is simply a lot more extensive, the interface is many beginners friendly, and the advanced filtering feature literally allows marketers to explore what they really want to explore and cut other useless things off. Last comes the winning product and ad features that quickly caught our attention. This feature by FlowSpy literally helps marketers discover the best-performing attractive campaigns and ideas, all within a matter of a few minutes. 

And to end comes the point where we want to answer, Is FlowSpy truly the best-priced TikTok adspy tool to consider? 

Yes, it is!

As compared to other TikTok ads spy tools available in the market, FlowSpy is literally super affordable, and the 3-day trial period is just everything a marketer would ever ask for before investing in any such spying tool! So, what are you waiting for? Make the most out of the FlowSpy TikTok adspy tool, and reach out to the customer you have always wished to reach easily!

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