Best PiPiADS Alternatives 2024: Free Tools Included ✓

No doubt that Pipiads has been a popular choice among TikTok ads spy tools in the market, but if due for any reason, you feel like searching for other PiPiADS alternatives, here are some of the best PiPiADS alternatives that can be your choice for performing TikTok ad spying and other similar operations.

PiPiADS Alternatives

Before hopping into these PiPiADS alternatives, here is a small overview of the tools and features, so that you have a clearer understanding of the points that you should be looking for in a TikTok ad spy tool.

Why Choose PiPiADS over other TikTok Ad Spy tools?

PiPiADS offers some excellent features that are worth mentioning here:

TikTok Ad SearchProduct Search
Advertisers AnalysisFind Winning Products
Etsy Product HuntingAdvanced Filter Options
Shopify tool for Chrome ExtensionThe Largest collection of TikTok Ads

In addition to all this, you can also use the dedicated PiPiADS coupons and promo codes that can help you save an additional 20% on the PiPiADS subscription. It is worth mentioning that you can also get along with the PiPiADS annual plan and save 30% on your plan, making you save almost 50% on your PiPiADS plan subscriptions.

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PiPiADS Pricing Plans

Free PlanStarter PlanVIP PlanPiPiADS Pro Plan
12 Ads per Query200 Ads per Query2000 Ads per Query5000 Ads per Query
8 Products details per day50 Ad Details per day200 Ad Details per Day1000 Ad details per Day
10 Winning ProductsUnlimited Winning ProductsUnlimited Winning ProductsUnlimited Winning Products
5 Advertisers per Query50 Advertisers per Query1000 Advertisers per Query3000 Advertisers per Query

If you are seeking more in terms of features, you can also get yourself a custom-built plan, the plan is called as PiPiADS enterprise plan and can be custom built as per the number of users, search queries, etc.

Best PiPiADS Alternatives for Dropshippers and Affiliate Marketers

We have mentioned some of the best PiPiADS alternatives to make your way around upscaling your affiliate marketing or dropshipping business. Some of the tools that I liked are up to the mark and offer quite some excellent features and tools for all the operations. These tools include Flowspy and BigSpy.

Let's take a look around these TikTok Adspy tools and understand what these tools have to offer and what useful features make them stand near or above PiPiADS.

Minea Review


Minea has been a popular choice among drop shippers, marketers, and even social media influencers that seek to run a good competitive ad analysis over different platforms. Minea works over 5 different social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok. You can also get access to Minea for free under the Minea Lite plan, and that too without any credit card details required.

Let's take a quick overview of the features offered by Minea to have a better understanding that whether Minea is the right choice for you or not.

Minea Key Features

  • Minea for multiple platforms: Minea serves as a centralized tool, eliminating the need for multiple tools to work and run analysis across different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. It's an all-in-one solution that saves you time and money, providing a streamlined approach to online marketing.
  • Find Winning Products: Minea's product selection feature is a massive source of winning products. With just two clicks, you can discover high-potential products, eliminating the need to spend countless hours scrolling through social media. This feature is a game-changer for those in the dropshipping industry, providing a quick and easy way to find profitable products.
  • Updated Data: Minea offers a complete analysis of your competitor's advertising strategies and results. Learn from their mistakes and successes to gain a strategic advantage. Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing strategies of the biggest brands, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.
  • Market Coverage and Extensive Ad Analysis: Minea covers over 80 markets and has analyzed more than 921 million ads across all social networks. This extensive coverage and analysis provide a huge database of information that can be leveraged for your marketing strategies. Plus, with the ability to target over 2 billion users, the potential for reaching a wide audience is massive.

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea offers 4 different plans including the free plan, these plans are tailored for dropshippers, social media influencers, and others as well. The plans offered by Minea are as follows:

  • Minea Lite Plan:  The Lite Plan costs 0€/month and offers 500 credits and access to features like Facebook ads, Influencer placements, Snapchat ads, detail of ads and placements, advanced filters, and the Chrome extension.
  • Minea Starter Plan: The Minea Starter Plan costs €49 per month and offers 10,000 credits to access all the features that were mentioned in the Lite plan. The features include Facebook ads, Influencer placements, Snapchat ads, detail of ads and placements, etc. The plan is best suitable for beginner-level dropshippers, and marketers who have quite a limited use of ad research.
  • Minea Premium Plan: The Minea premium plan costs €99 per month and offers 100,000 credits with access to all the features including Facebook ads, Influencer placements, TikTok ads, Pinterest ads, and Shop analysis; it is worth mentioning that the premium plan includes all the features that were offered in other Minea plans. 
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BigSpy Review

BigSpy Review

BigSpy is another TikTok ad spy tool in the market, well, BigSpy has been in the ad spying tools ecosystem for quite some time now, and it won't be wrong to say that BigSpy is among some of the first ads spy tools in the market. At the start, they were focusing on some of the other social media platforms for ad spying including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest but are now working on Youtube, Twitter,  Admob, TikTok, and many more, making BigSpy functional across 9 different social platforms.

BigSpy offers some excellent features such as advanced filter options, a huge database, and much more. Let's take a look at some of the features offered by BigSpy.

BigSpy Features

BigSpy offers multiple features that can be really helpful for multiple operations, including dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and much more. Here are some of the BigSpy features that are worth mentioning.

  • Ad Ideas: The Ad Ideas basically help in giving you a better analysis of the ad ideas that can be searched on the basis of Ads text, Network, and Language, along with some other search filter options based on date. If we take a deeper dive, you can come around the ad text, headline, copy type, duration days, impressions, ad counts, etc. You can also make your way around Headlines, Text, and Description.
  • Playable Ads: Similar to what was offered in the Ad Ideas, you can also use similar search options for the playable ads as well, these search filters include Ads Info, Ads text, and Advertiser. Basic filter option based on category, networks, OS, and geo-locations.
  • Top Charts: The Top Charts give you an overview of some best-performing ads over certain social media platforms. You can perform these searches based on ad networks, date, Website/Platform, multiple categories, OS, Countries, and Creative type  (Video Ads, Image, Carousel).
  • Trending Ads: Similar to what was offered in the top charts option, the trending ads give you a more targeted analysis of the ad creatives that might be trending over particular social media platforms. These trending ads can be used in order to search for Hot Products and get with best promotional activities overall.

Now that we have covered all the important features, let's check out the BigSpy pricing plans.

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy Pricing Plan

BigSpy offers 3 different pricing plans that are tailored for different levels of marketers and affiliate marketers. BigSpy offer 3 different plans which are as follows:

  • BigSpy Basic Plan: The BigSpy basic plan costs around $9/month. You can switch industries (3/month). 20 Daily queries, download, track ads, and much more.
  • BigSpy Pro Plan: The BigSpy Pro Plan costs around $99/month with unlimited queries, Facebook, Instagram, and Yahoo. In addition to all this, you can also get along with the limited featured ads, daily 250 downloads, and much more.
  • BigSpy Enterprise Plan: The BigSpy Enterprise Plan costs around $3600+/year with unlimited plans and features, in addition to that, you can work along with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and much more.

Currently, you get yourself the Pro Plan at a trial price of just $1, the trial plan will be valid for 3 days and will help you understand what features are offered by BigSpy.

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FlowSpy Review


FlowSpy has recently emerged as one of the best TikTok ads spy tools for competitive ad analysis for different parameters including affiliate marketing and dropshipping operations. In the below-mentioned section, you can also find out about FlowSpy deals that allow you to get a FlowSpy free trial using that link, so don't forget to browse through those deals to get along with this excellent TikTok ad spy tool/ PiPiADS alternative.

FlowSpy is a TikTok ad spying tool that provides TikTok ad services to users; FlowSpy can also be used to obtain critical information such as the number of impressions, the number of active days for an ad, engagement, Estimated ad expenditure, like rate, and more for TikTok ad spying. Advertisements that perform well in the important criteria mentioned above may be understood using this method. All the features that I just mentioned above can be helpful in making better Ads strategies for your business and marketing operations.

FlowSpy Features

  • Advanced Filter Options: One of the key features that make FlowSpy an excellent choice among Ad spying tools in the market is the advanced filter options. These advanced filters combined can be helpful in getting more targeted results. For example, You might be searching for advertisers and ad campaigns for certain geo locations, well this can be an excellent thing overall. FlowSpy provides advanced filtering options such as ad impression filters, likes, among others. Looking through ads under certain filters can be beneficial for your marketing and dropshipping ventures (product research, etc.).
  • Product Research: One of the key features that a TikTok ad spy tool has to offer includes the product research part and this feature can be considered a crucial thing that drop shippers look forward to. You may come across some winning products by exploring different ads from drop shippers. An in-depth analysis of a certain ad might help you explore its various parameters like estimated ad spend, landing page URL, and more.
  • Updated Database: Having an updated database of ads is one of the crucial things that one should be looking forward to. The updated database results in getting along with the best ads that might be running on TikTok, having an updated database can help in making better ads strategies and improvising accordingly when the database is combined with advanced filter options can be a game changer for many drop shippers and affiliate marketers.

FlowSpy Pricing Plans (FlowSpy Free Trial)

Flowspy Pricing

FlowSpy offers 3 different pricing plans that are tailored while keeping a good understanding of the user segment and categories. The Flowspy pricing plans are as follows:

  • FlowSpy Starter Plan: The Starter Plan costs around $49/month and offers some excellent features like searching unlimited ads, 250 ad details per day, all the premium features, and much more. You can also get along with the 3-day trial if you are looking forward to exploring the tools and features offered by them.
  • FlowSpy Pro Plan: The FlowSpy Pro Plan costs around $99/month and gives you access to things like searching unlimited ads, and 1000 ad details per day with all the premium features included, premium support, etc. You can also check out the  Flowspy 3-day trial with no credit card details being required, basically making it a win-win situation for users
  • FlowSpy VIP Plan: The FlowSpy VIP Plan costs around $159/month and gives you access to searching unlimited ad searches, in addition to all this, you get 2000 ad details per day, along with all the features that were offered in the above-mentioned plans.

Now that you have got a review of what FlowSpy is and what features it offers, let's get along with the other PiPiADS alternatives in the list.

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Poweradspy Review


Poweradspy has been a popular choice among dropshippers and marketers across the globe, since it has been in existence for a long time, the loyal customer base can be considered as one of the important perks to look forward to Poweradspy. On the other hand, the biggest advantage of getting along with Poweradspy is that it works across 8+ social media platforms which is quite uncommon if we compare it to other similar tools in the ecosystem. Now let's take a deeper dive into the features offered by Poweradspy.

Poweradspy Features

  • Ad Position Filters: Poweradspy offers this feature to get along with the filter for ad positions, this makes it better for users to understand whether the news feed ads are performing well or the side location ads; this small but important filter can help you in understanding which ad performs the best.
  • Real-time ad analysis: Since Poweradspy uses real-time data to show the ads, the ads that are shown on Poweradspy are basically live ad posts.
  • Database of 100+ countries: Poweradspy basically has a database of 100+ countries which can help you deliver the targeted result for your ad analysis or ads that are being used overall.
  • Search for Shopify ADs: Users can run a thorough analysis across the ads being run by your other dropshipping competitors. Poweradspy offers complete engagement details of those Shopify ads that you might be looking forward to.
  • Keyword Research: Powersadspy offers this feature to look out for exact keywords and relevant keywords that might be indulged in any of those ads running across different platforms.

Poweradspy Pricing Plan

PowerAdSpy Pricing

Poweradspy offers 7 different pricing plans including the free plan, here is a small overview of these pricing plans.

  • Poweradspy free plan: The free plan offers access to all the features offered by Poweradspy but offers limited searches to be performed.
  • Poweradspy Basic plan: The basic plan costs $49/month and gives access to 3 different social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The Basic plan gives access to features like keyword search, data interval, and bookmark as well.
  • PowerAdSpy Standard Plan: The plan is priced at $99 per month and provides support for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This plan comes with all the features of the Basic plan, and it also includes additional filters like age, gender, ad type, country, and ad placement filter. Additionally, you can use the domain search and advertiser search options, and there is a bookmark feature available. The call to action is also analyzed for your convenience.
  • Poweradspy Premium Plan: For $149/month, you can subscribe to the PowerAdSpy Premium Plan that supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. This plan contains all the features of the Standard plan and also includes a tracking system, eCommerce platform, funnel, device filters like iOS, Android, mobile, desktop, and the ability to search top running ads by niche.
  • PowerAdSpy Platinum Plan: This plan can be considered as one of the priciest plans, costing $249/month. This plan supports all four social networking platforms along with Google Ads. It includes all the features of the Premium plan, with the only difference being that it supports YouTube advertising which is not available in other plans.
  • PowerAdspy Titanium Plan: This plan is priced at $249/month and provides native advertising support along with other platforms.
  • PowerAdSpy Palladium is available at a price of $349/month and provides access to the tool's full potential.

Adspy Review


AdSpy is one of those ad spying tools in the market which has made quite an impression across dropshippers, affiliate marketers, and even the digital marketing agencies that seek to work across competitive ad analysis across Facebook and Instagram ads.

Adspy Key Features

  • Huge database of Ads: Adspy has got a huge database of more than 138 million ads, 88 different languages, with over 222 countries being considered overall.  All of this extensive database can help in delivering better results for business operations and running extensive research to find your business inspiration across both of these platforms.
  • Accurate Demographics: Adspy offers this extensive database across different parameters including location, gender, and age range. All of these parameters can help in making better-targeted strategies for your competitive ad analysis.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Adspy offers a user-friendly interface that can help in making things better for all users, so whether you are a beginner or a pro marketer, AdSpy can take care of all that.

AdSpy Pricing Plans

AdSpy Pricing Plans

AdSpy offers a single pricing plan that makes things better in terms of not wandering around different pricing plans. The pricing plan offered by AdSpy costs $149/month without any limitations across viewing the ads. Well, the good news is you can get yourself a discount of $75 on this pricing plan by using the AdSpy coupon code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE“, or you can apply the coupon code “BLOGE50” to get $50 Off for the first 3 months.

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FAQs on PiPiADS Alternatives 2024

Can I geo-target TikTok ads?

Yes, this can be done using IDFA (Identifier for advertisers) and GAID (Google Advertising ID). This process might take some time for beginners but can be done after you are well-known with the targeted audience group.

Which ads spy tool works on most social media platforms?

PowerAdspy and Minea can be considered among some of those ads spy tools that can work on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, and many more.

How do I see competitor ads on TikTok?

There are several TikTok ads available in the market that can help in running an in-depth analysis around the TikTok ads under your category or certain parameters. You can try PiPiADS, BigSpy, Minea, Flowspy, and many more.

What is PiPiADS?

PiPiADS is a TikTok Ad spy tool that can be used to run a competitive ad analysis while running your search across advanced filters. PiPiADS also offers a free plan, so using it and getting known the features won't be an issue overall.

How much do running ads on TikTok cost?

Running ads on TikTok Ads costs around $10 for every 1,000 views. If you are dropshipper or someone into marketing operations, the $10 for 1000 views is pretty much great and will be offering a good ROI if done properly.

Which TikTok Ad Spy Tool is Best for Dropshippers?

PiPiADS is among some of the best TikTok ad spy tools that can help you in making things better for all your competitive ad analysis. Not only does it offer excellent filter options but also consists of one of the largest ads library for TikTok ads. Now on the bigger side, you can make your way around the tools. One of the best features that I liked about the PiPiADS is the Shopify tool which can help in keeping an eye on your competitors in a much better view.

The PPSPY chrome extension can be a great way to keep an eye over dropshipping products that your competitors have, and all this can be done using a free account as well, i.e. PiPiADS offers a free plan as well, but from my own personal experience, I would recommend you to get along with $1 PiPiADS Trial so that you can get your hands around the premium features offered by this TikTok Ads spy tool.

Now, just in case you are not fully satisfied with what PiPiADS has to offer, you can give a try to the above-mentioned alternatives for your competitive ad analysis. These tools include BigSpy and FlowSpy,  both of these tools offer a trial plan as well, so you can explore around all the features and tools offered by these TikTok Ads Spy tools.

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