BigSpy Review 2024: Spy on Winning Ads (30% OFF BigSpy Lifetime Discount)

Are you looking to develop creative ads in minimal time? Or are you looking to know your competitors' advertising strategies? Then, it is possible with a helpful ad spy tool, “BigSpy.” Hence, we have mentioned the reviews on a powerful ad spy tool trusted by millennium and reputed digital marketers.

Furthermore, BigSpy is a multifunctional tool for tracking ads on giant social media handles like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Moreover, only launching ads has become obsolete as per the prevailing conditions. Therefore, it is essential to track your competitor's ads and develop creative ad ideas to help you succeed in the marketplace. So, we have listed BigSpy reviews in this article that can help you know more about this wonderful tool.

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What exactly is Bigspy? BigSpy Review

BigSpy Reviews

As the name implies, BigSpy is a useful tool used in digital marketing. It is a database comprising millions of ads that help you develop creative ad ideas. In addition, you can get insights into your competitors' ad campaigns. You can also download ad creatives to boost your digital marketing strategy.

In simple words, it is a powerful ad spy tool that helps marketers create feasible ad campaigns. Moreover, it comprises feasible ad ideas, such as statistics and top-ranking ads, which give the user an overview of the trending ads. Thus, it is a useful tool for planning ad campaigns.

How does Bigspy function?

It is important to know the functionalities of a tool before using it. In this regard, we have listed the detailed procedures you need to do while using BigSpy. Firstly, you need to sign up by visiting their website. After that, you can also log in via your Google account. So, it is as simple as logging in any website. After getting logged in, you can avail yourself of their free version. On the contrary, you can use the basic, pro, or elite plan when you have more requirements.

Things you will see after logging into BigSpy:

Of course, you need to be accustomed to the usage of BigSpy. Therefore, you will see the following options after logging in:

  • Ad Spy:

It appears beside the home button, and you can see seven platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, and Yahoo. You can choose any of the platforms to see the posted ads. After clicking on any platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, and Yahoo), you can see advanced filter options. Moreover, options like nationality, language, device type, CTA types, and publishing date will appear. You can type a keyword and view the number of likes, shares, and comments on it.

Ad Spy BigSpy Review

If you find a top-ranking ad and want to know more about it, you can click on “Detailed.” Afterward, you can get complete information about the ad, such as category, duration, performance, language, country, OS, etc. In addition, you can determine the age group that is the major target market of the ad. You can also download the ad.

  • Ad Ideas:

It appears beside the “Ad Spy” section of the home page of BigSpy. You can find the top advertisers and their Google rankings with this option. In addition, “ad ideas display the ad title, ad text, idea type, ads count, number of likes, comments, share, and the duration of the ad. You can determine the keywords your competitors use from the ad text section.

BigSpy Review Ad Ideas
  • Top Charts:

It appears beside the “Ad Ideas” section and shows the overall charts of the top ads. In addition, you can see the “Now Trending” section to know the latest ads. Additionally, it shows the ad performance and industry rank, which helps you better plan your advertising strategies. Moreover, it displays the total ads with the “ad count” section.

BigSpy Review Top Charts

A few benefits of BigSpy | BigSpy Review

Social Media Integration: In the BigSpy dashboard, you can find top ads posted in big seven social media handles like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, AdMob, Pinterest, and Yahoo. Hence, you can track the ads posted by your competitors on these social media handles. In addition, you can get the advanced filter option like nationality, language, and others. Additionally, metrics like the number of viewers, likes, comments, and shares will give you insights into the performance of your competitors' ads.

Helps Get Ad Ideas: BigSpy helps you get relevant yet creative ad ideas in minimal time. You need to insert a relevant keyword, and it will display numerous ads of your competitors. Eventually, you can know which ads are getting the maximum traffic. Accordingly, you can plan your ad strategy by overviewing your competitors' ads. Hence, BigSpy is a useful tool for spying on ads.

Helps Know Trending Ads: The top charts section of the BigSpy dashboard is a lest feature. Moreover, it helps you know your competitors' ranks on different platforms. In addition, you can get insights into what is trending in the marketplace.

Diverse Tracking Options: BigSpy gives ample tracking options as People tracked, my tracked, and featured track. Moreover, featured tracked shows the prominent yet featured ads. In addition, people tracked updates you about new ad ideas. Additionally, the “my tracked” section helps you compare your ads with the competitors.

Unlimited Search Results: As a marketer, you must regularly search for your competitors. In this regard, the premium version of BigSpy helps you get the competitors' ad data easily. You only need to search by keyword, and the top-selling ads will appear in your BigSpy dashboard.

Top Features of BigSpy | BigSpy Review

Like every software, tool, and app, BigSpy also has some top features that help it distinguish itself from other ad spy tools:

BigSpy Coupon Code
  • An Extensive Database

BigSpy consists of an extensive dashboard of approximately 1 billion ads. Moreover, it covers the big social media handles Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, AdMob, Pinterest, Yahoo. So, it becomes easy for the marketer to get the desired ad in a couple of minutes.

  • A Chrome Extension

BigSpy offers a free Chrome extension to all the users. Moreover, you can get a notification when your tracked ads are altered using the Chrome extension. In addition, you can get insights into your competitors' ads.

  • Latest Ads

It depicts ample social media and the latest ads in minimal time. So, it reduces your efforts, time, and cost greatly. In addition, you can examine the top ads posted by any of your competitors to get a better idea of their advertising campaigns.

BigSpy Review Ad Spy
  • Unlimited Ads

Many ad spy tools often emphasize one or two social media handles. However, BigSpy is a ‘one-stop solution' that prioritizes multiple social media handles and platforms. Eventually, users can get ample yet unlimited data in no time. So, BigSpy is not limited to only limited platforms. Instead, it emphasizes seven different platforms for users' requirements.

  • Customer Support

BigSpy also has a supportive customer service team. Moreover, it addresses users' concerns and queries through a live chat support system. In addition, the customer service team is available on weekdays and weekends. Additionally, you can reach them via their official mail address. Also, the comprehensive tutorials will clear all your doubts about the usage.

  • A Room for Improvisation

BigSpy helps users track their ad's performance regularly. If the ad does not generate a maximum number of likes, views, shares, or comments, users can improvise their content by viewing other's ads. So, BigSpy creates room for improvisation. Hence, this feature enhances the ad quality.

  • Depicts Industry Type

Of course, many Ad spy tools describe the number of likes, shares, and comments in an ad. But, BigSpy has got some different features as it also tells the industry type of the published ads. In addition, it describes complete information of the ads published for the E-commerce, gaming, and non-gaming apps. It also depicts the site type as WooCommerce, Wix, Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, etc. So, it explains to users the details of the ad easily and at minimal time.

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How does Bigspy benefit Dropshippers?

Since the dropshipping business has gained significant momentum, it is important for the drop shippers to regularly watch the competitors' ads. Additionally, the business environment changes repeatedly. So, drop shippers must emphasize their competitors' ads to sustain themselves in the marketplace. Here's how BigSpy helps dropshippers:

  • Helps know the platform: When an ad is posted on the Shopify platform, it redirects the website visitor to the Shopify homepage for a subscription when a user clicks on it. However, it is a lengthy platform to find the number of products posted on Shopify, and other E-commerce drops shipping platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Wix, and others. In this regard, BigSpy helps drop shippers know the profitable platform for building their online stores.
  • Helps find a niche: Many businesses collapse because of not having the expertise in operating them. So, it is essential to find a relevant niche for the companies. If you are an aspiring drop shipper, you may visit the BigSpy portal to find the top-selling products. Eventually, you can know your niche by viewing the latest products, industry type, competitors, and other factors. It will give you a brief idea of which niche to select for a profitable dropshipping business.
  • Helps know the target market: Of course, the target market is the foremost in any business. So, BigSpy helps drop shippers know the demographics and their preferences. The drop shippers can figure out what most customers prefer by viewing the ad statistics section. They can prepare the ad campaigns and content marketing strategies by emphasizing the target market's preferences.
  • URL feature: Many Ad spy tools help users reduce the research times with an advanced keyword search option. Likewise, BigSpy also allows its users the keyword option to reduce their research times. Apart from the keyword search option, BigSpy also offers them a URL option wherein users can copy and paste any URL on the search bar, and its number of views, shares, likes and comments will appear in a couple of minutes. Thus, BigSpy saves ample time for the drop shippers.
  • Shows the networks: Of course, ad tracking is a significant option that shows the attributes (nationality, gender, and demographics) of the number of active viewers. However, many dropshippers find it difficult to choose the country where the ad will generate maximum traffic. In this regard, BigSpy provides users with an advanced option of tracking the countries' names in which maximum viewers will see the ad. So, it is one of the promising features of BigSpy that differentiates it from other ad spy tools.
  • Helps arrange data: With the help of Artificial Intelligence, BigSpy helps users refresh the featured ads regularly. Moreover, knowing featured ads is essential as it shows the top competitors in the marketplace. In addition, BigSpy offers an advanced filter option that allows users to arrange all the ads in chronological order. Hence, it saves a lot of time.

BigSpy Pricing Plan | The pricing structure of BigSpy

The pricing structure of an ad spy tool plays a vital role in informing the customers about the benefits available in a particular price plan. BigSpy comes in three pricing plans (excluding the free version). Hereunder are the complete details:

BigSpy Pricing
  1. Free version– Like every ad spy tool, BigSpy also allows users to establish its free version. However, you can get only limited search features in the free version of BigSpy. In addition, you can request only five queries daily, and the free version allows you to search limited Facebook ads.
  1. The Basic Plan: It costs $9 months, and you can request 20 queries daily. Additionally, you can access Facebook and Instagram ads and get united search features. Moreover, you can also track and download 25 ads daily for your ad campaigns. Also, you can access limited features ads to boost your digital marketing strategies.
  1. The Pro Plan: It has multiple benefits and costs $99 monthly. The best thing is you can request unlimited queries daily in this package. In addition, you can access all publishers and reputed networks. You can also track and download 250 ads daily. Also, the pro plan comes with unlimited search features and featured ads. You can access unlimited people tracked ads. Additionally, you can analyze your competitors' landing pages and target market. You will get 24×7 customer support by availing yourself of the pro BigSpy plan.
  1. The Elite Plan: It costs $399 monthly, and you can access all publishers and reputed networks. In addition, you can access unlimited search features and request unlimited queries anytime. Moreover, you can also track and download 99 ads daily in this plan. Additionally, you can access its landing analysis reports, and unlimited people tracked ads. Also, it shows ad idea analysis, and you will get the support of a special team available 24×7 for assisting you. Interestingly, you can access advertiser charts. The elite plan is ideal for big advertising plans.
BigSpy Pricing PlansCoupon Code & SavingLink to get 30% OFF
Free Plan$0Activate Deal
Basic Plan$6/moActivate Deal
Pro Plan$69/moActivate Deal
VIP Enterprise$300+/moActivate Deal

You can choose any package by considering the services and benefits. We hope these plans may help you choose the right tool for your advertising strategy.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of BigSpy 

Like every tool, software, and app has advantages and disadvantages, BigSpy also has some negative and positive points. Hereunder are the advantages and disadvantages of BigSpy:

Advantages of BigSpy

A dedicated team: Undoubtedly, top-notch customer service forms the baseline for the success of any tool. Likewise, BigSpy has a dedicated team of experts who cater to users' preferences and requirements. Moreover, they are available for technical assistance at any point in time. In addition, you will get extra care from a special team of experts when you avail yourself of the elite BigSpy plan.

Ad statistics: Many ad spy tools lack a statistics section, making it difficult for users to track their ad's performance. In this regard, BigSpy helps users by providing an extensive ad statistics section, and it helps you modify the ads wherever needed.

Less research time: The tool has an advanced interface that makes it self-explanatory for users to understand its functionality. Additionally, it guides the users on how to use it. In addition, its filter options provide users with the facility to search the relevant ads by keyword. Eventually, it reduces the user's research time greatly.

Disadvantages of BigSpy

Limited features in the free version: Users always visit the website completely before purchasing any services. However, the free version does not allow users to explore the website's full functionalities. Users need to avail themselves of the pro, basic, or elite plan to know about the full services.

No refund policy: Of course, the price plans are expensive but yield multiple benefits to the users. In addition, there is no such refund policy for unsatisfied users. Hence, it is a major impediment to the growth of BigSpy.

Is BigSpy worth the price?

The advanced filter options, extensive database on worldwide ads, social media integration, supportive customer service, ad performance tracking, and ad statistics section are some prominent features that compel users to use BigSpy. However, minor restraints like the no refund policy and limited features in the free version impede the tool’s growth.

In a nutshell, we can say that the ad spy tool is worth using. Additionally, it has more benefits than other ad spy tools like AdSpyder. The tool is also recommended by reputed professionals, including ATP software and Neil Patel. In addition, BigSpy has generated approximately 420K happy customers and gives 95% customer satisfaction. It also has more than ten filtering features, and its powerful search options as per country, ad type, industry type, date, and CTA facilitate it getting large traction in the marketplace.

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Top FAQs on BigSpy Review.

🙄What is BigSpy?

BigSpy is a one-stop solution to spy on competitors' ads on different networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, AdMob, and many more. It is a simple ad spying tool that enhances your ads strategies. With 10+ powerful filtering features, BigSpy helps you to find the best ads in seconds.

🌐How many countries does BigSpy support?

Currently, BigSpy supports 46+ countries and 76+ languages globally. Click here to get started with this leading ad spying tool.

💻Which platforms are supported by BigSpy?

BigSpy supports 7 platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Admob, Pinterest, and Yahoo.

🔎Why should I use BigSpy?

BigSpy is the ultimate ad spying tool for dropshippers, online marketers, ecommerce store owners, etc., that helps them keep an eye on their competitor's ads. It provides access to more than 160 million ads from over 46 countries, and it has the ability to filter results, provide advanced search and help you discover advertising strategies.

🏅How can I discover the latest & trending ads by using BigSpy?

After successfully login the user needs to go to “Tracked” – “Featured Ads,” where you will see a huge database of ads. From “Tracked“-“People Tracked,” the user can also find new ideas, which are tracked by many people.

🚀How many ads can I track?

The number of ads you can track completely depends on your subscription plans.
Basic Plan: 25 Creatives daily
Pro Plan: 250 Creatives daily
VIP Enterprise: Unlimited

🔥Can I try BigSpy for free?

Yes, BigSpy offers a Free version with limited features to all new users. One can easily create a free BigSpy account and test this amazing ad spy tool.

💲How much does BigSpy cost?

Following are the three significant pricing plans provided by BigSpy to their users. Grab our special BigSpy coupon code to get a 30% lifetime discount on all annual plans.
Basic: $6/mo
Pro: $69/mo
VIP Enterprise: $300+/mo

🥈What payment methods are accepted by BigSpy?

If you are looking to purchase their monthly or yearly plans, then you can make payments through credit cards and Alipay.

💥Does BigSpy allow me to cancel my subscription?

Yes, BigSpy allows you to cancel your subscription at any time.

🔥Can I get any working BigSpy coupon codes?

If you are looking for the 100% active BigSpy discount coupon codes, check the above-mentioned exclusive BigSpy coupon codes that help you enjoy the maximum discount on your purchase.

💲How much discount will I get by using the BigSpy coupon code?

By using our latest BigSpy coupon code, you will get a flat 30% lifetime discount on all yearly plans.

BigSpy on Social Media | BigSpy Review

Summing it up | BigSpy Review

You can get ample information on your competitors' ads, trending products, ad ideas, ad performance, etc. Hence, we can infer that BigSpy is a worthy ad spy tool. Of course, it has advantages and disadvantages. However, its advantages are more than the disadvantages. The developers are still engaged in intense research and development to improve the capabilities of BigSpy.

Moreover, we will encounter significant developments in this ad spy tool in the forthcoming years. Therefore, we will again come up with an interesting and informative article. Let us know in the comment section if this article helped you boost your acumen.

That's all for now! Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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