DropshipMe Review 2024: Find Winning Dropshipping Products (Features, Pricing & More)

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Are you looking for an in-depth DropshipMe review? If yes, you have landed on the correct page. In this review, we will discuss how you can use it, its benefits and also pricing and other aspects. So do make sure you read it completely to know the best information about it. 

When you are thinking of starting out an online store, and you are now in search of inventories, production, and storage area? Well, here's where you have lost your path. We aren't saying you're definitely wrong here. Buying products at a cheaper cost, storing them in your storehouse, and then selling products at a higher margin is definitely an awesome idea.

But don't you think a lot goes into managing storehouses and inventories all at once. Most of the time, the product deteriorates if not sold after a long period. And then you, as the owner, have to bear the losses. Now, what if we say you can run the same Ecommerce business by cutting off almost 50% of what you were spending before. No inventory cost, no storage issues, no delivery-related tantrums; you just have to do your marketing and branding. Sounds too dreamy, right? But in reality, it's not, and DROPSHIPPING is the answer to all your issues.

Since many people have entered into this business, it's not an easy walk the way it was before. You have to find a popular marketplace for yourself or create a website, get some plugins to automate the overall process, and access the best marketing tools. Because All of these steps play a critical role in brand building, and here's where DropshipMe comes into the picture!

Long story short, DropshipMe is an amazing WordPress plugin that gives Dropshippers access to the high-performing and in-demand product catalogue just after the installation. Users can import all these products that are from trusted suppliers to their store with just a click. The best part about this plugin is it's highly intuitive, and you don't have to be that Tech-geek to use it.

And to help you better, just the way we always do here's an awesome and in-depth DropshipMe review. Read it till the end because we have some amazing insights for you!

DropshipMe Coupon

DropshipMe Reviews

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Detailed DropshipMe Review

DropshipMe Reviews

As mentioned previously, DropshipMe is a free WordPress plugin-cum-platform through which dropshippers can improve the product sourcing process with just a click. The whole product focuses on core inventory management for dropshippers. All the titles imported by DropshipMe are pre-curated, clear, and edited to fit the WordPress store. So yes, in short, DropshipMe is a WordPress exclusive platform that you can get for free.

Basically, the team manually picks up and edits 50,000+ best-selling dropshipping products, which dropshippers can import, all effortlessly. As compared to other similar tools in the market, DropshipMe offers premium services at a cheaper rate. Well, that doesn't mean the products you're getting would be anyhow less profitable. Because the team is working behind DropshipMe are dropshippers themselves who have been playing the market for a long.

With this WordPress Plugin, you not only get the ability to import products with a single click, but you also get Completely Optimized Titles, Product Descriptions and Product image galleries which you typically have to manually optimize if you don't use this plugin.

Apart from manually picked products, DropshipMe has a lot more features to offer its users. So, without wasting more time, let's get into the deal!

DropshipMe Features at a Glance

Even though DropshipMe is a powerful WordPress site, it doesn't come with many technicalities. Setting it up is very easy, plus it's available for free. Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin on a WordPress-based store, you just have to search your desired products through the search bar available.

Next, you have to click on the import button, and the plugin automatically imports products to your store, including titles, descriptions, and images. The best part here is, whenever you search for a product on DropshipMe, the servers do search it across all suppliers and give you a list of trustable ones to choose from.

1. Easy Setup

Product sourcing was one of the major issues of dropshippers, and to be specific, quality product search. But DropshipMe has really worked well on this issue and has been giving 50,000+ best-selling product lists to its Dropshippers for years now. Basically, the servers here create a list of top-selling AliExpress products that are highly in-demand in the market.

2. Handpicked Best-Selling Products

DropshipMe doesn't want dropshippers to waste their time manually editing all the products. The plugin does it all automatically, and the end results are not the auto-translated version of titles; instead, they all are very well readable and detailed enough to attract customers. Coming to pictures, DropshipMe offers high-quality images to its users that make your store look unique as compared to the other ones.

3. SEO Optimized Titles and Images

Over time, the customer buying trend has changed a lot. Now customers have become more conscious about their purchases. Hence, they often look for positive reviews for the products they would be buying. And to add to this, customers even know how to trace fake/promoted reviews. Hence, DropshipMe helps dropshippers with real and positive customer reviews so that they attract customers quickly.

The best part about DropshipMe as a best-selling product finder tool is it helps you narrow down the result. Dropshippers with this tool can sort results using the filter option available on the tool. You can search for the best suppliers and check the authenticity then and there.

You can add a minimum and maximum selling price, minimum and maximum orders, shopping from, shipping for, shipping methods, and change import settings from the filter options itself.

A Quick Sneak Peek into Marketing Services by Dropship.Me – DropshipMe Reviews

So, with dropshipping comes the struggle of branding and leveraging rightful strategies to reach out to potential customers. And DropshipMe helps their users do both, all from a platform. Still confused?

Let's look at it this way!

You launched your website, and you have best-selling products on your website; your website just looks awesome. In simpler words, your website EXISTS, and for customers to come to your store, they must be aware of your EXISTENCE. To come down to the point, DropshipMe helps with both, and here are some amazing marketing packages by DropshipMe for you to look into:

  • Traffic generating Ad and Blog Post – Starting from $89
  • Lead generation popup setup – Starting from $89
  • Engaging social media posts for your store – Starting from $119
  • Exclusive Profitable Niche Research – Starting from $49
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads for the store – Starting from $29
  • Email marketing setup for the store – Starting from $89
  • Professional review of the store – Starting from $49
  • Marketing services bundle (3 in 1) – Starting from $249

Along with all the above-mentioned services, DropshipMe even offers a money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can reach out to the team, and they will return your money. Given that, you must have a specific reason behind the cancellation.

💡 How to Use DropshipMe? (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

You first have to install the DropshipMe plugin and activate it. Don't worry, as we have discussed the procedure for downloading and installing the plugin later in the article.

1. Woocommerce Dropshipping

The best part about this DropshipMe plugin is that it is compatible with sites that are using WooCommerce and that too, without using AliDropship or with sites that have the AliDropship plugin installed.

Again, Woocommerce is an open-source, free plugin that is also fully customizable for those who wish to create an online Woocommerce store. But if you want to use AliDropship along with DropshipMe, you can simply not go wrong in starting your dropshipping business with or without Woocommerce.

2. Dropship Me – Importing Products

You simply have to click on the ‘Import Products‘ button in WordPress to import products. And then, you will be redirected to a screen that looks similar to the one below:

Importing Products

And the screen will display how many product imports you can make depending on the package and also show you the various product categories from which you can browse. Now, this is excellent if you have a general store.

Next, you have the keyword search bar located at the top, where you can input a keyword and get more specific products related to your needs.

When you enter your keyword, DropshipMe will present you with all the relevant products along with a wide range of information which includes:

  • Number of orders
  • Available shipping methods
  • Supplier price
  • Product review rating

And when you are done choosing the product, you can import them to your store. And the category in which you will import these products you will also have the ability to access and import the following information:

  • Product Title
  • Number of Orders (Placed on AliExpress over the last 30 days)
  • Product Description & Details
  • Product Images
  • Product Analysis
  • Packaging details
  • Product Rating & Reviews
  • Available Stock Numbers
  • Supplier Price
  • Shipping Options provided by AliExpress supplier
  • Recommended Pricing Markup
  • Expected Profit Margins

3. Bulk Import Products

With DropshipMe, you can also import products in bulk by adding them to an import list. This is really handy when you have a larger pool of selected products, and you are looking to import them into the same product category of your store.

So you only have to select each of the products via their checkbox and once you are done with this, simply click on the ‘Import Selected’ button.

4. Import Reviews

Along with Importing Products, you can also Import Reviews for your store by using DropshipMe. Now reviews are something that does make your dropshipping business look more trustworthy and reputable. As you are getting the products from a dropshipper, you can use their reviews for your own dropshipping company.

DropshipMe Pricing Plans – DropshipMe Free Plan Coupon

DropshipMe comes with two main products/services where they provide: 

  • The DropshipMe WordPress plugin, which is for store owners to import new product
  • DropshipMe Custom-made ecommerce business that sets up for those who don’t want to spend hours manually creating them – this includes the WordPress plugin.

We are going to discuss the pricing of both next. 

Dropship.Me WordPress Plugin Pricing

Yet another best part we like the most about DropshipMe is its straightforward and not even a bit complicated pricing. You just have to think about how many new products your store needs and hit the order button.

DropshipMe Pricing

If you are a beginner, scared to start out with more investments, the tool even has packages for as low as $29 per month. And if you are someone who just wishes to give this tool a try, they do have a free plan for you too. The main policy here is – one-time payment, no recurring fees, and absolutely no hidden fees. Check the packages below!

  • FREE PLAN – 100% FREE: Over here, you can try DropshipMe and its amazing features, all for free. But the only drawback here is, you will be able to import just 50 products.
  • 100 PRODUCT IMPORTS – $29 (ONE-TIME PAYMENT): Apart from 100 product imports, with this package, you even get 10 free imports. This package is best for those who are just starting out and need to grow their business.
  • 500 PRODUCT IMPORTS – $119 (ONE-TIME PAYMENT): Apart from 500 product imports, with this package, you even get 200 free imports. This package is best for those who are already doing well and want to scale their store to a specific degree.
  • 1000 PRODUCT IMPORTS – $199 (ONE-TIME PAYMENT); Apart from 1000 product imports, with this package, you even get 500 free imports. This package is best for those who are already into the business and want to fulfill their customers quickly.

Now, additionally with all these packages comes many more features, like:

  • Real customer reviews.
  • On-point product titles.
  • Premium quality images.
  • 50,000+ Top selling products.
  • Most-trusted suppliers.
  • Lifelong customer support.

And lastly, Zero Additional Fees!

Dropship.Me Done-for-You Dropshipping Store Pricing

Dropship.me Done-For-You Dropshipping Store Pricing

Dropshipme offers 3 different custom dropshipping store packages:

  • Basic – $299 – 50 Imported Products
  • Advanced – $499 – 100 Imported Products
  • Ultimate – $899 – 200 Imported Products

With each of the packages, you get different features, as shown in the image below:

Dropshipme Coupon

Most of it is done for the AliExpress dropshipping stores that come with the same core functionality and have the DropShip.Me plugin.

But the key difference is the number of imported products that they provide along with the addition of full setup social media profiles for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and Facebook. Also, a Social Media Automation tool is known as Social Rabbit and a promotional video.

It must be noted that all of the Dropship.Me custom stores do come with the AliDropship WordPress plugin, which can be used in conjunction with the Dropship.Me plugin. But we have mentioned more about it in the later section of this review, where we will talk more about Dropship.Me Vs. AliDropship.

👉 Step-by-Step Guide to Install DropshipMe Plugin

DropshipMe is a WordPress Exclusive Plugin; hence you can use it effortlessly with your WordPress-based online store.

  • Locate the “Download Free Plugin” option available on the official website – you can find it on the features page.
  • Click on the green button, enter your email address and click on the “Get My Plugin Now” option.
  • The team will mail you the API key and instructions immediately.
  • Copy the API key and paste it on your WordPress site.
  • You'll immediately get 50 free product imports after this step!

Don't have a website? DropshipMe Even Creates Web Stores?

DropshipMe helps users create a perfect store from scratch. For this, they have different packages, starting from $299 and the ultimate one available for $899. You just have to choose a package that suits your affordability range, and the personal manager will get in touch with you for further discussions. Also, DropshipMe offers lifelong support for this particular service and even helps users find a high-demand niche.

Benefits of DropshipMe – DropshipMe Review

As mentioned previously, there are undoubtedly a lot of DropshipMe alternatives available in the market. But there are a few features that make DropshipMe stand unique out of all. So here we would like to focus on what benefits you can get with DropshipMe, and you won't if you choose some other plugin/tool.

DropshipMe Review Benefits

DropshipMe gives users access to just winning and best-selling items. On the other hand, competitors usually give access to a plethora of items for dropshippers to choose from, which sometimes lowers the chances of success in the market.

DropshipMe, to date, has worked on picking up the best suppliers for dropshippers to trust. They have been using 20+ criteria to understand the quality of products the supplier would be supplying. While on the other hand, users often get a list of suppliers to choose from on their own hence the chances of picking up an average supplier increase – which might lead to failure.

Optimized product pages play a major role in attracting an audience from the crowd, and DropshipMe does this work very well. While on the other side, many such plugins give dropshippers auto-translated unreadable titles and descriptions. This not just affects the sales, but even it's a downside if looked into SEO factor.

A picture of a specific product is what attracts the audience quickly, and thus DropshipMe offers high-quality premium product images. On the other hand, a few tools give dropshippers low-quality images that too with watermark, which can become a down factor for the store.

Customers nowadays are smarter than ever. They know well which reviews are true and which ones are paid/sponsored. DropshipMe imports positive reviews to the store, which makes it easy for the audience to make a purchase decision.

Lastly, pricing is a major factor that many Dropshippers deal with. Because there would be many such stores selling the same product, what would make them stand unique? Hence, DropshipMe offers dropshippers a pricing markup that would help them make clear pricing decisions.

DropshipMe Reviews & Testimonials from Customers

DropshipMe Reviews Testimonials

Pros and Cons of DropshipMe


  • Quick and easy product import facility.
  • 50,000+ Handpicked winning products available.
  • Well optimized titles and descriptions.
  • One-time hassle-free payment method.
  • Real customer reviews.
  • Free plan with added benefits available.
  • Growing and regularly updated database.
  • Trusted dropshipping suppliers.
  • Pricing markup is available for each product.
  • Lifelong customer support.
  • Custom website development packages are available.
  • Niche research is available.


  • Chances of duplicacy as other stores would have similar products.
  • WordPress exclusive plugin.

Dropship.Me Alternative You Should Try in 2024!

Now we will look at a premier and the most suitable alternative to Dropship.Me – AliDropship.

Dropship.Me Vs. AliDropship – What's the Difference? 

In this section, we are going to compare DropshipMe and AliDropship plugins, which can be slightly confusing at first as they can be used in conjunction with each other. So make sure you read it carefully.


Both the DropshipMe and AliDropship plugins are used to automate and manage your AliExpress dropshipping store. But they slightly differ in functionality which we will now look into.

With DropshipMe, you get access to 50,000+ high-quality products, which their team has not only approved but has also gone about editing and optimizing the product's existing Product Description, Title and Images. Also, this plugin will help you to communicate trust to your visitors and provide the ability to automatically import customer reviews for each of the imported products. And all these features do make it a fantastic tool for the purpose of product research and winning product sourcing!

Coming to AliDropship also provides you the ability to import products. Still, these have not been assessed based on the reputation of the quality of the product or dropshipping supplier. Hence, it requires extensive knowledge and experience, and therefore the newbies find it really tough.

What makes AliDropship shine is its feature to automate Inventory Management and process orders. So if you have 70 orders which are awaiting to be processed, you just require one click to process those orders, and the plugin does that all for you by copying customer data to AliExpress so that your suppliers can send products directly to your customers, which also saves time.

So even though both the tools are meant to be used together, AliDropship can be technically said to be the alternative to DropShipMe. Though there are other tools like the AliExpress dropshipping plugin called AliPlugin, which is almost similar to AliDropship, it is nearly the same as useful and also costs the same price.

Top FAQs on DropshipMe Review

What is DropshipMe?

DropshipMe is a free WordPress plugin through which users can export best-selling dropshipping products to their store. The team manually picks up 50,000+ products that have the highest selling potential.

Can I get DropshipMe for free?

Yes, you can use DropshipMe for free and get 50 free product imports. If your customer demand increases, you'll have to purchase product packages.

Can I use DropshipMe with Shopify?

Unfortunately, DropshipMe doesn't work with Shopify stores; instead, it's exclusively available for Woocomerce and AliExpress.

How do DropshipMe works?

DropshipMe is a leading WordPress plugin that makes dropshipping easier for dropshippers. It enables you to import over 50,000+ best-selling and profitable products to your online store. It is straightforward to use DropshipMe for your WordPress store.
1. Install free DropshipMe WordPress plugin.
2. Import winning dropshipping products in your WordPress store in 1-click.
3. Get instant access to your growth.  

Why should I go for DropshipMe?

With DropshipMe, you can quickly import profitable products to your WordPress site. The user can easily discover how simple it is to start a dropshipping business and learn how to grow their income with DropshipMe. Get expert advice on the best dropshipping products for your store. DropshipMe does not allow users to pay monthly charges, and it also offers a free plan.

How can we pick best selling products for dropshipping?

DropshipMe is the first and best WordPress plugin to find the hottest selling products. The database of DropshipMe is filled with thousands of dropshipping products from top sellers. Following are the steps that DropshipMe follows to find the best-selling products for your store.
1. It researches current trends and determines the latest niches.
2. It searches for the best dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress.
3. It chooses the best products with free shipping.
4. It edits and makes SEO-friendly product pages.

Is DropshipMe legit?

Yes. DropshipMe is 100% legit, and if you consider Dropshipping, well, its the first this you require. It saves time and effort when you have to import products. Also, in our Review, we did find it to be a comprehensive solution for people who are looking to test our niches really quickly; moreover, it is also not letting you down when you talk about scaling your Ecommerce business.

How to use DropshipMe?

DropshipMe is a free plugin that provides access to the product database via API. And to activate the plugin, you have to visit the DropshipMe website and enter your email and click on “Get my plugin now,” by which you will get your Free API key. After the plugin gets activated, you immediately get 50 free products that you can import to your store.

What are the best DropshipMe alternatives?

DropshipMe all alone is great software; however, AliDropship, Easyship, and Oberlo are the best alternatives individuals can consider.

DropshipMe on Social Media

Conclusion: DropshipMe Review 2024 – Should you go for this tool?

Since dropshipping has now reached incredible heights, there are many tools in the market claiming they would help your business at its best. But not every tool is as true as it claims to be.

However, in the case of the DropshipMe Plugin, we have invested our time and money and found it to be the best one. The reason is, dropshippers often struggle with choosing, importing, and editing products, but with DropshipMe, they don't have to worry a bit about any of these issues. And certainly, they can focus purely on growth instead of running behind choosing to win the products (because the tool does for you).

Also, if you wish to get more out of your dropshipping store, we would like you to use DropshipMe along with AliDropship for order fulfillment purposes. Last but not least, the marketing services by DropshipMe are what excited us the most. If you are a beginner setting up your store now, the tool will help you with almost everything.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the benefits of DropshipMe now and stay tuned to DropTweaks to explore more such amazing dropshipping tools!

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