Niche Scraper Review 2024: Best Niche Scraping Tool (40% OFF Niche Scraper Discount Coupon)

Are you tired of constantly giving your best in dropshipping but getting better results? Well, we are here to help you generate higher revenues simply with niche scraping. Dive deep into this Niche Scraper Review 2024 and know what best you can expect super soon!

Gone are those days when people used to play guesswork to start a business. Now it's all about AI and smart technology-backed moves. A business can explore what is running in the market with just a click. More and so, one can even find what best move they must take in the initial days to grab a space in the market.

And 2024 is the year for individuals to jump into the Ecommerce industry, specifically dropshipping. Also, dropshipping is the only business model that can help individuals earn millions just from the comforts of their homes. What's more exciting than this?

The best part here is that before starting a dropshipping business, users can scrap data from an entire website. This scraping can help them explore product descriptions, customer reviews, competitor pricing, and product demand in the market. Isn't it wonderful getting all the information just by a click? Well, we heard you, and we are presenting a detailed Niche Scraper Review – A tool that helps users scratch pertinent data within a few clicks. But before that, let's have a quick sneak peak about why niche scraping is important in 2024?

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Importance of Niche Scraping in Dropshipping

Niche scraping is basically extracting essential data from any specific website and putting it to use for our own selves/business. And when looking into the context of starting out an online business, this method really works like wonders. Moreover, this technique is currently used by multiple business owners as the benefits are much diverse. Although there's a lot to cover, here we are focusing on some core benefits of Niche Scraping for dropshipping:

Niche Scraper Reviews
  • Cost-Effective:

The best part of niche scraping is it's much more cost-effective than the traditional ones. Back then, businesses used to spend thousands to extract core data from different resources. But over here, it's just one tool making all the efforts and giving results within a few clicks.

  • Accurate Data:

Next comes data accuracy, which is much more important while selling any product online. In simpler words, data can simply make or break a business. And in the case of niche scraping tools, like Niche Scraper, it directly converts raw unstructured data into a structured, simplified usable form. The tool simply eliminates the possibility of any errors and maintains the accuracy of data upto a major extent.

  • Efficient:

Since niche scraping tools are both cost-effective and give accurate data, it's the most efficient method to collect raw data online. The extensive database of tools like Niche Scraper simplifies the overall process of niche scraping and gives businesses the best possible data within fewer labor hours.

So if you are someone who has recently started out an online dropshipping business or are someone who's doing it for a long, Niche Scraping Tools can literally help you prevent major loss. You can scale your business to newer heights, and YES, grab better traffic to the website.

One such tool hyping in the market recently is The Niche Scraper Tool – Don't miss out on the review below!

Who Should Choose Niche Scraper? 

Following are the best case use scenario of Niche Scraper. 

  • Dropshippers Beginners

Users who are just starting their dropshipping journey should definitely consider Niche Scraper to get their product research done.

  • Dropshippers on Low Budget

Dropshippers who have less budget and looking for cheaper solutions to make money should definitely go for Niche Scraper.

  • Dropshippers with Less Video Ads Skill

If you are someone who is not very skilled and is a pro at Video creation, then Niche Scraper provides you with a feature where you can simply create high-converting in a few simple steps with free images or any music overlay text you want.

Who Should NOT Choose Niche Scraper? 

  • Impatient Dropshippers or beginners who don't trust Niche Scraper should first stay away from it. 
  • Also, if you are looking for a whole new niche, you will be disappointed with Niche Scraper as it will not provide you with any information. 
  • If you are just a casual dropshipper, then, in any case, you are not going to get any success, as the insights provided by Niche Scraper will whole be wasted.

What is Niche Scraper? – Niche Scraper Review

Just as the name suggests, Niche Scraper is a reliable dropshipping tool that helps users find winning products with just a click from across the web. The tool basically scrapes all the data from Shopify stores worldwide and gives users what would suit their business/store best.

The advanced search bot by the tool can search any product and give users a Niche that would suitably work for them. The overall process of importing products from specific Shopify or AliExpress stores is a lot easier. And even the store analysis feature helps a user with core market analysis and market research.

With easy searching comes many features of Niche Scraper, which you must check below. But before, don't miss out on checking who's the real brainer behind such an amazing tool.

Latest Added Features of Niche Scraper 

Now we will discuss the latest and upgraded features of Niche Scraper. 

Top Niches – Niche Scraper Review

Top Niches

First on the list of added features is the Top Niche. If you are looking for a niche that is in trend, or you are looking for which niche to pick, then this is the feature that is going to be really handy. The top 10 niches with the highest AliExpress store sales will show you. 

Along with all of this, you can also view “This Year Trend” and “This Week Trend” both. You only have to click on “This Year Trend” or “This Week Trend,” whatever you want to see, and it will display the top 10 niches where you can click on “View Products” on the niches you like.

Ad Spy – Niche Scraper Review

Ad Spy

Ad Spy feature from Niche Scraper lets you find the latest and newest Facebook and TikTok ads by which you can find the top-performing ads along with the products easily and swiftly. And by this, you can generate high-converting ad campaigns for your store and increase your sale.

How to use Niche Scraper to get desired results quickly? 

With Niche Scraper, you only have to check out the variety and category of the product which you expect to be sold, and the crawler of Niche Scraper will procure you a list of the relevant results to your search. With this, you can discover a product with a vast track record of a massive sell-out.

It will provide you with many bestsellers from containers of best and good executing Shopify stores. You only have to connect your Shopify store to Niche Scraper, and it will effortlessly import products from any store.

Benefits of Niche Scraper Tool

  • Gives detailed Facebook Ad reports
  • Finds profitable products in just a few clicks
  • Scrapes any store's top-selling products by just a click
  • Access to a dedicated dropshipping community by Niche Scraper developer himself
  • Smooth cancellation service
  • Unlimited access to Facebook video access tool
  • Detailed AliExpress and Shopify reports available

About Niche Scraper Developer

The developer of this amazing tool is Eric Smith, a former programmer at Facebook is a dropshipper himself. Back then, he struggled a lot with success and tips about Shopify dropshipping, and Niche Scraper is the result of his issues. Whatever technical issues he faced in his initial days, he made sure to cover those all in this tool.

He started programming when he was simply 13, and is now making a six figure income by just his online store. It's even told that Eric at Facebook was among the core members who created the wildly successful Instagram Stories feature, and now you know how good he would be at his job!

Just like other dropshippers, even Eric got confused at the initial stage, and then he did a lot of trial and error, which he doesn't want other new dropshippers to do.

His mantra of doing well in the dropshipping game is to do “reverse search” through niche Scraper, which we would surely mention in the article below.

Exclusive Features of Niche Scraper – Niche Scraper Reviews

Product Scraper: Product Scraper is the most advanced product research tool in the market by Niche Scraper. This feature helps users search for products from both AliExpress and Shopify stores.

In the case of AliExpress, users can sort by AliScore, competition, growth rate, and recent orders. One can even select products from across different categories like women's and men's clothing, beauty and health, computer and office, and many more.

After selecting a specific category, users can select a subcategory and add minimum to maximum week orders and price. These filters actually help users scrape the best products in just a few minutes. While in the case of Shopify products, users can sort products by relevance or store popularity. There's an extra option available here – business popularity.

Hand Picked: Next comes yet another best feature by Niche Scraper, handpicked products. Over here, the team themselves manually add winning products so that users don't waste money on bad products.

Users can click on any of the manually picked products and get a detailed description followed by features, selling price, profit margin, product cost, and much more data like audience targeting, FB ads, profits, and links.

Store Analysis: The dropshipping bot is much more powerful. You can simply enter the business type and enter a Shopify URL or store name. With this feature, users can now browse thousands of top Shopify stores and reveal their best-selling items, traffic, Alexa rank, and much more exclusive details.

Video Ad Maker: The Facebook video Ad Maker simplified the ad-making process for users. Users just have to upload images, and the tool generates videos automatically within a span of a few seconds or minutes in rare cases. Niche Scraper does not help users scrape the best possible product from across different stores, but they can even learn different marketing tactics through the tool.

👉 Step by Step Guide (How to Use Niche Scraper Tool?)

Now that you have explored some of the amazing features of Niche Scraper, we would now like you to show how to use the tool. There are basically two methods to use Niche Scraper, and both work well.

The choice of using whichever method completely depends on your convenience; however, we believe the second method to be the best one. As said, the choice is yours, so just check it out!

With the store search method, users can scrape all the winning products from specific stores that are doing really well on Shopify or AliExpress. As a user, you might not know the name of all the stores in Shopify, and you don't even have to add any name.

Niche Scraper Shopify Store Search

Instead, the filters here are at your help now. You simply have to drag the estimated revenue, and the tool will extract top-selling products from that specific store.

For example,

We are searching for the product, “Coffee Mugs.” Make sure to drag the Sort By option and choose store popularity here.

The business type should be “Verified Dropshipping,” and by keeping the maximum product price to $30 and adding the Product tenure, we will get a list of popular stores for their coffee mugs.

This method is very powerful; users can find trendy stores and export all their products to their own in just a minute. So here, instead of you thinking about what products to sell on your Shopify store, the tool does the work for you!

Next comes the other method where users have to simply enter a keyword to find winning products from across all Shopify stores. Here, you can use almost all the filters to get the most specific product.

Niche Scraper Review Product Search

The tool basically helps users find products that are doing extremely well in the market. All these products can give more sales and can give users higher ROI within the bare minimum days.

Brownie Point: Previously we mentioned in the article, the specific way the Niche Scraper developer himself uses to find best products for his store.

The developer uses the Reverse Research technique to find the best selling product. Basically here, instead of choosing a specific niche first, he picks up products and sees what niche it matches too. He picks up best performing products, and puts it all together.

Now after merging it all, he understands the niche of most of the products and then uses it all for his stores. Much creative, right?

Niche Scraper Pricing 2024 | Is it worth the price you pay?

Basically, Niche Scraper offers just a membership program and a free plan. If you are still having double thoughts about whether the tool will work for you or not, then you must go for the Free Plan by Niche Scraper. Here are the detailed offerings of both the pricing plans for you to look into:

Niche Scraper Pricing

Free Plan by Niche Scraper

  • Limited access to all products and tools
  • Limited access to all exclusive dropshipping guides
  • 3 day delayed access to winning products that are handpicked
  • Limited access to video ad generator by facebook

Pro Membership by Niche Scraper – $39 per month (might change a bit)

  • Monthly subscription based
  • Unlimited access to Facebook Ad reports
  • Unlimited targeting suggestions
  • Unlimited access to AliExpress reports
  • Unlimited access to suppliers report
  • Scrape any store's best selling product
  • Access to exclusive dropshipping community
  • Easy cancellation

Brownie Point : We would suggest all our users to go for a yearly based subscription plan, as you will get hefty discounts. By using our coupon code, you can grab the yearly subscription at almost quarter the actual rate.

The best about the Niche Scraper Tool is you have to pay the registration fees after 1-2 sales only. And whenever a user buys the membership plan, he/she can cancel it by just a click (no questions asked).

Niche Scraper Customer Support Review | Do they really care about their customers?

The Niche Scraper is not just helping the existing dropshipper make extra money, but it educates customers to earn more through the videos. Now, these videos are generally from the developer Eric Smith himself. In most videos, the developer helps users recognize trends and market products.

Additionally, there's even a blog section available under each tutorial. So if, in any case, you miss out on anything while viewing the video, you can simply read the blog.

After buying the membership program of Niche Scraper, you will automatically receive an invitation to join their exclusive Facebook group. We wholeheartedly want you to join this community because the people there are already into the business and constantly share deep insights about dropshipping.

Talking about customer support, there's a contact option available at the official site along with a contact form. You can fill up the form by entering all your queries, and the team usually reverts within 48 hours only!

What is the Mode of Payments Accepted by Niche Scraper? 

While we did this review, we saw that Niche Scraper accepts PayPal, which is also among the most widely used payment options. But you can also use your Credit Card to pay for this subscription.

Niche Scraper Payment Methods

Well, if you have a debit card and want to pay through it, you can do that as well. You only have to first send them an email through your contact option listed on their website, and then they will provide you with a link through which you can pay through your debit card.

Does Niche Scraper Offer a Refund Policy? 

When we talk about Refunds, the company has stated that you are not eligible for a refund once you have subscribed to their digital services. And the reason behind this is that you get access to their digital content. Also, your subscription is billed for the interval to which you have chosen. So each interval is paid fully in advance, and so it is non-refundable.

But their Terms & Condition page also states that Refunds will be granted if requested within 7 days of purchasing a membership.

Is Niche Scraper a Scam? Here's the truth bomb!

Niche Scraping ultimately might sound like a fraud to many, but in reality, it's Not!

Not the method is fraud and not even this tool! We'll say how!

Many users have been using the Niche Scraper platform to supplement and validate manual product research methods. It has great features and a highly responsive customer support team that almost resolves issues within 24 hours of each customer.

And to be as honest as we can, this tool simply does the 2-day manual work in just an hour. One can quickly find hot products already tested on the right target audience and use them for their own business. So, doesn't it sound amazing investment giving the best ROI?

Pros and Cons on Niche Scraper Review


  • New winning products added every day, all manually picked
  • Niche ideas from Facebook Add, suppliers, and more
  • Product Scraper available
  • Store analysis available
  • Winning Products available in just a click
  • Full access to a dedicated dropshipping community
  • Advanced product research tool


  • Just a specific membership which might be a downside for few users

What Type of Data does Niche Scraper Provide You? 

If you become a Niche Scraper member, you will get access to Selling Price, Cost price and Profit Margin along with Social media Engagement statistics like comments and likes, performance analysis and detailed product data.

It contains a handpicked database of products which also comes with links to AliExpress Suppliers, Competitor Shopify stores and Successful Social Ad campaigns like Facebook Ad Copies and also suggested Targeting options like Age, Sex and Location.

And while we did compare Niche Scraper with other dropshipping product research tools, it does offer you more accurate and latest trends in the industry.

Does Niche Scraper Offer Free Trial? 

Niche Scraper does not offer a free trial, But you can create a free account and get limited access to a few free Scrapers and products each day. 

The fun fact is that there is no limit on how many free accounts you can create and check out most of the products in the database of Niche Scraper. But to get all of its features and unlimited access, and comprehensive data analytics, including links to suppliers and competitors, you will have to go for the PRO account. 

The Pro Member is the one who gets priority access to the latest hot products, which are added daily, whereas the free user will experience a 3-day delay to access them.

Does Niche Scraper help you with products from Amazon and eBay? 

Oh Yes. You can easily sell the products found on these platforms. You have to remember that most of the products which feature on Niche Scraper originate from suppliers based in China on AliExpress.

While you search the Niche Scraper database for products to sell on Amazon and eBay, it would be optimal to use the e ‘ships from US’ filter and find suppliers who offer fast and local shipping compared to the ones which are shipped from China as it can make delay of 6-8 weeks for shipping.

Niche Scraper Customer Support

We have looked for many reviews of Niche Scraper across the internet, and many of them suggested that the customer support of Niche Scraper is decent. Niche Scraper team does help you to get a win situation. You can also learn more about Niche Scraper through their video tutorials which can help you to learn more and also check out how to use this platform effectively.

Best Niche Scraper Alternatives You Should Consider

Niche Scraper Vs. Ecomhunt

The first competitor or alternative of Niche Scraper that comes to our mind is Ecomhunt. This platform offers the best products for your store, which you can select and boost your revenue. It is capable of handling all aspects of the sourcing process and gives you the best information you want for the product. Also, it can monitor large-scale enterprise and social media accounts along with AliExpress to provide you with the best products for dropshipping.

Ecomhunt Reviews

While Ecomhunt works similarly to Niche Scraper but it does offer a few unique features; we must say that this spy tool is worth gaining popularity and has helped several of its users to find the best and winning products for their stores.

Also read: Ecomhunt Review: Best Low Budget Tool? (Ecomhunt Discount Coupon 41% OFF)

A few of the Ecomhunt features include:

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are beneficial for knowing how much traffic you are generating as it helps you to reach your targeted audience for your store. And Ecomhunt does provide you with relevant Facebook Ads. Along with this, it also provides instant access to amazing product videos for free as a member to promote your products in your store. It displays how Facebook Ads are performing and which can convert into sales. You can also learn more about new strategies and how you can use them.

2. AdHunter Chrome Extension

This is the Chrome Extension offered by Ecomhunt, where you can check out Facebook's competitive ads. You get sponsored Facebook ads with full access to them for product promotions. Also, you can check out the traffic and place with all the aspects you should know about sponsor ads, along with how long the ad is.

3. Product Analysis

Ecomhunt also offers you detailed product descriptions where you can see profit margin and also know about how you can improve your ads campaign and find how effective you can make it and also how you should target your audience. You can also add the products to your dropshipping shop by completing its product analysis.

4. Video Guide and Tutorials

Ecomhunt also provides training and video tutorials from which you can easily understand and learn more about it. These lectures and tutorials are best for people who are looking to start their dropshipping journey and also for those who wish to learn more about the tool.

Niche Scraper Vs. Sell The Trend

Now when we check out Sell The Trend, It is also most like a product research tool that is gaining popularity because of its features. It has a powerful search AI algorithm that only fetches the products which are trending across all major eCommerce stores. It has a “The Nexus” search engine feature which uses the AI algorithm to provide only the winning products across successful stores.

Sell The Trend

Let's check out some of its features:

1. Product Research 

As described earlier, Niche Scraper offers a product research feature by which you can discover trending or high-potential products from Amazon, Shopify, Ali Express or even CJ Dropshipping.

Now with this feature, you can find out Amazon and AliExpress and hot research products and see what's trending and which products you can sell. You can have a good idea and then make your dropshipping business profitable.

2. Store Intelligence

With this incredible feature of Sell The Trend, you only have to enter your competitor's URL into it, and you can review its top-selling products, monthly revenue, monthly orders and even estimated monthly traffic. And by this, you can stay a step ahead of your competitors and see what they are currently selling and other recent updates.

3. Facebook Audience Builder & Video Ad Generator

You only have to import the images, and the rest of the tool will make a video that will be accompanied by non-copyrighted music for your product in a matter of minutes. You can even customize your own logo, and if you are looking to help with new interests or demographics, then the Facebook Audience Builder will help you get it. 

4. Store Connection & Management

And with a single click, you can connect your WooCommerce or Shopify store and import products easily. Also, when someone places an order, this feature will notify you, and you can then connect CJdropshipping or AliExpress to fulfill it.

Niche Scraper Affiliate Program

Nice Scraper also offers an affiliate program which is where you can get paid for referring someone to become a member on it. As you become a Niche Scraper affiliate, you will get a unique link to share, and if someone purchases a membership within 30 days after clicking the link, you will get 40% of the cut. So that amounts to 80% for every annual plan you refer to and $20 for every monthly plan. You can easily become a Niche Scraper affiliate by creating a free account and heading to the affiliate dashboard, and starting earning.

Bonuses Offered by Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper offers you 5 Free Tutorials which can help you with Shopify dropshipping. 

These include: 

  • How to find winning products using Niche Scraper 
  • How Niche Scraper CEO left a 6 figure Job to Dropship 
  • Free Shopify Store Checklist 
  • 7 Rules for Dropshipping That you must know 
  • Facebook Ad Tutorial 

How to Apply Niche Scraper Discount Code?

You can follow this Simple process and unlock great savings using our Niche Scraper Discount code. 

  • Step 1 – Click here to register for a Free Account 
  • Step 2 – Now click on the upgraded button, which is on top of the screen. 
  • Step 3 – Choose whether you have to pay annually or monthly. 
  • Step 4 – Then, on the Billing page, click on the “Enter it here” text and fill in our exclusive discount code and get great savings!

You don't have to buy the subscription immediately after you register, as you will get a few free searches before you are asked to upgrade.

Top FAQs on Niche Scrapper Review

What is the Niche Scraper?

The Niche Scraper tool is an exclusive spy tool for dropshippers to find winning products and scrape data from giant Ecommerce sites with just within a click.

How to spy other dropshippers?

Spying other dropshipper's actions has become easier with niche scraping tools, like Niche Scraper. Users can use this tool to find winning handpicked products from other stores in just a few minutes.

What is the cost of Niche Scraper?

Niche Scraper offers membership access to users for just $49.95 a month, which has to be paid after only 1-2 sales.

Does Niche Scraper offer a free trial period?

Definitely yes, Niche Scraper Tool offers a free trial for a limited period in which users will get access to a few free searches in each category. The best part, users won't require a credit card to grab the deal.

Is Niche Scraper value for money?

The tool utilizes the best and most advanced web crawler for scraping data. And since the developers themselves are ex-facebook and Instagram employees, the tool truly beats its competitors by giving accurate and winning product information.

How to cancel Niche Scraper membership?

If you ever feel that the Niche Scraper Membership or features are not just for you, you can cancel the subscription anytime. For this, you just have to click the “Cancel Membership” available on the account setting section.

Who is behind Niche Scraper?

Eric Smith has built Niche Scraper. You can even find it on the there Facebook account and on YouTube. Erich Smith is a proper internet person who helps newcomers and beginners build their businesses. Also, his own Facebook profile says that he comes from Florida, USA.

Does Niche Scraper offer you reliable data?

Yes. Niche Scraper is created by ex-Facebook and Instagram Employees and is among the most reliable and latest dropshipping research tools on the market. And when we consider tracking and finding the latest hot dropshipping products that have maximum profit potential, Niche Scraper stands out in the queue against all of its alternatives and competitors.

Is it possible to import Niche Scraper products to your store?

Yes. You can import the products from Niche Scraper handpicked database to get the winning products directly on your Shopify store. You only have to click on the View Product Details, and then the ‘Import to Shopify’ button within the Niche Scraper handpicked database.

Does Niche Scraper have good customer support?

While we reviewed Niche Scraper, we did find its customer support to be good. And, of course, the video training guides and tutorials within the ‘Getting Started’ section of the dashboard which is also quite impressive. And you also have the Frequently Asked Questions page is also great. Last but not least, there is also a Facebook Community Page, which has over 17,000 likes and 19,000 followers.

Can Niche Scraper help you with inventory management and pricing?

This feature is lacking in Niche Scraper as it does not monitor pricing and stock to help you with the top-selling products with low competition. And if you are someone who really requires only this feature, then we recommend you invest in other third-party software for importing products from AliExpress and also automated inventory management and order processing.

Can you use Niche Scraper for product descriptions and images?

Yes. Niche Scraper does offer you attractive and clear images with the most detailed and high-converting descriptions. You can use the images and product descriptions provided by Niche Scraper and sell the products on your eCommerce store. Not just this, Niche Scraper also gives you Video Ads by which you can create powerful ads and make your branding more unique by making branded product videos that you can use on Social media platforms and increase your sales.

Customer Reviews | Niche Scaper Review

Niche Scraper Coupon
Niche Scraper Coupon Code

Wrapping it up – Is it worth investing in Niche Scraper this 2024?

Recent trends play a major role in succeeding in the market. And while reviewing the Niche Scraper tool for you, we realized that the tool gives real-time insights to the user just within a few clicks. You don't have to spend much time creating ads or finding the product, not even much because the tool is highly affordable.

Coming to the question of whether you must buy a Niche Scraper? The answer is A HUGE YES. The tool imports products directly to the store with a single click is just impeccable. And when it comes to finding products, no other tool within our search does this well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your hands on this amazing niche scraping tool and upscale your dropshipping game NOW!

Wish to know more about such tactics about dropshipping and online business? Stay Tuned, then!

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