Sellvia Review 2024: Best Tool for Dropshippers? (Sellvia Coupon Codes)

Sellvia Review

Are you looking for Sellvia review 2024? Or do you want to know the renowned suppliers for your dropshipping business? If yes, we have some important information for you! The drop shippers often encounter the significant challenge of finding the right supplier. Moreover, it hampers their supply chain modules when they cannot find a trustworthy supplier.

Furthermore, it is essential to find a renowned supplier as it helps reduce the lead times and provides you with quality products. Hence, the need for Sellvia arises, and it caters to the pain areas of drop shippers by delivering quality products. Please read our full article to know what is Sellvia, how it works, its top features, and many more.

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What is Sellvia? Sellvia Review

Sellvia Reviews

As the name implies, it is an E-commerce supplier and fulfilment platform that caters to the needs of drop shippers. It has an extensive product catalogue, and its fulfilment center is in South California. So, it delivers top-quality products to customers in minimal duration. It dispatches the products from its cart to the customers' cart and takes care of packaging and order fulfilment. It is headquartered in California and created by the team of famous AliDropship.

How to install Sellvia? (Step-by-step guide)

Of course, you must know the way to install Sellvia. Hereunder are the easy ways of its setup: When you signup for the account, you must click on the “API keys” section. Afterwards, you can see on your screen the option of downloading Sellvia below the section “your Sellvia plugin“. Afterwards, you have to click on the “create keys” option, and you can use ten active keys for ten different Sellvia online stores.

A screen showing “Welcome to WordPress” will appear, and you have to click on the “plugin” section in the top left corner of the screen. Then, you have to insert the downloaded Sellvia file on the provided link of the plugin section. When the plugin is installed, you need to activate it. Open the API keys tab in Sellvia settings, copy and paste the public and secret key credentials, and activate your account!

By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily install and implement Sellvia to ace your dropshipping business.

How to use Sellvia?

You must be familiar with its usage. Hereunder are the detailed steps you need to emphasize while incorporating Sellvia:

Subscribe: Subscription in the Sellvia portal is the foremost step. You can buy a Sellvia plan that costs $39 US a month or the Sellvia pro plan that costs $399 US annually.

Install its Plugin: The next step is installing the Sellvia plugin to the WooCommerce site. Afterwards, its catalogue pages will appear. Its Shopify module will come in the coming years. Website redirection: When your customers order anything, it will automatically redirect to Sellvia. Therefore, Sellvia will process the orders and dispatch them to your customers' addresses in minimal time.

Deliveries: Sellvia delivers top-quality products in the stipulated duration. It often delivers within three business days. So, it is a feasible solution that does not involve the drop shipper's efforts.

Usability is explained in simple ways:

First, you need to install the WooCommerce plugin. You can also use AliDropship origin in place of WooCommerce. Afterwards, you can install the Sellvia plugin. After the installation, you will get a notification about different price plans. After choosing your favourable pricing plan, you may subscribe and access the Sellvia account.

Afterwards, you will see an “API keys” option at the top of your Sellvia account. You need only take the public and secret key credentials from the Sellvia account and paste it on the “API” key section in the respective fields. Therefore, your account will be activated. If you do not have the keys, you can also use the “I do not have the keys” option. Hence, the auto-generated mail will help you reset the keys, and you can activate your Sellvia account.

How to import products from Sellvia?

The advanced functionalities of a tool, app, and software make it worth using. Likewise, Sellvia has advanced features which will help you import the right products easily within a couple of minutes. For example, you can import the products from Sellvia in the following ways:

Once your Sellvia subscription is active, you can go to the ‘Product list‘ folder. Afterwards, you will see ample products with their descriptions and pricing. In addition, constructive customer reviews are displayed beside the product descriptions.

Sellvia Review Product list

You will find the option “Order from Sellvia” on every product. After clicking on it, you can easily get the product's information.

Sellvia Review Order

When the order is at Sellvia's warehouse, you will get a notification showing “product found.” Afterwards, you need to place an order by entering details such as email, full name, country, contact and address details, and other information. Hence, your order will be processed, and you will get your order ID.

Sellvia Review Product Found

After you place the order, you will be directed to the checkout page for payment. You can also watch the orders you place by clicking the “Order tab.” In addition, you can connect with Sellvia's dedicated team of experts for asking about your order status. Additionally, if you want to get a product and it is not there in Sellvia's fulfilment centre, you can get the support of the dedicated team to get your product.

Sellvia also helps in updating yourself about the top-selling products regularly. In this regard, you need only to click on the “Product updates tab” to know the available top-selling products in the marketplace. Once you click this tab, you can see the updated products and their respective prices. In this section, you can see which products and their prices are updated. Also, if a product's price is not updated, you can update it. You can also pause when you do not want to update a product.

Sellvia Review Update

You need to untick the “Update” section because when the prices from Sellvia's store are changed, it will not affect them. Moreover, you can earn plenty of profits by altering the product's prices.

Some Additional Insights on Sellvia | Sellvia Reviews


Many products on the Sellvia portal are placed in a place for selling, which is preset. Therefore, users can get the preset stock by visiting Sellvia. Moreover, there is a preset tab below the “product list” section in Sellvia. Therefore, you can import any of the preset products, which will be displayed on your “product” list. In addition, you can track the categories of respective presets and the number of presets imported to your online store.

Sellvia Review Presets

Furthermore, the best thing is that you can remove or move to trash the products that you want to discard from your product list. Additionally, you will get the editing option to change the product status at any point in time.

The Shipping Badge (Grow your sales by 45%)

The “fast shipping badge” section depicts the average duration required to ship the product. Moreover, this option is visible to the admins and only to US customers. In this section, you can mention the add processing time, expected arrival day of the product, and many more.

Shipping Badge

Hereunder is a detailed explanation of the features of the shipping badge:

  • Add arrives by: It shows the anticipated delivery date of the product. Majorly, Sellvia prioritizes its customers and delivers high-quality products within three days of order placement. So, it mentions the business days.
  • Add free setting: You can always enable the “add free setting” when you emphasize offering free delivery to your customers. So, it is a significant feature that helps you allow free deliveries to repetitive customers.
  • Mobile and laptop optimized: You can see the fast shipping badge option on mobile and laptop screens. So, Sellvia is compatible with them. In addition, you can change the colour of the fast shipping badge as per your requirements and preferences.
  • Helps cater to customers' needs: The fast shipping badge is ideal for catering to customers' needs as it helps you show “add processing time.” Moreover, you can notify your customers of the expected date of final order preparation using the add processing time option. Hence, it is a useful feature of the fast shipping badge section of Sellvia.

Top-notch features of Sellvia | Sellvia Review

Every app, software, tool, and website has top-notch features that help it differentiate. Likewise, the following features help Sellvia stand out of the lot:

24 ×7 assistance: When you select a supplier of your choice, you will want to get 100% assistance for your business. However, some businesses often encounter challenges in getting the orders in the stipulated time from the supplier's end. In this regard, Sellvia provides you with a personal manager who assists dropshippers in every concern.

Dedicated team: Sellvia's dedicated team can help you optimize your content on your website by repeatedly working on SEO. Their purpose is to provide you with a better ranking on search engines and generate maximum traffic. Apart from fulfilling your supply needs, it also caters to enhancing your website design.

Social media packages: Sellvia provides its users with social media packages that contain professional ways of increasing organic traffic to your website. In addition, it helps in Email marketing setup. They also provide you with an SEO package to boost your content marketing plan.

Best deals: Sellvia displays its curated collection of high-quality and latest products to its users. Therefore, you can import the best products to cater to your customers. In addition, its catalogue comes with detailed product descriptions, pricing strategies, product usability, and more.

Quick shipping: Sellvia has a headquarter and fulfilment center in California. So, it can deliver top-quality products within three business days. The products are shipped within the US, and customers can easily track their orders. In addition, its high-quality images facilitate customers in examining the products holistically. Eventually, it enhances the customers' experiences.

Integration facility: You do not need to worry if your online store does not have a Sellvia subscription. You can get it when you have a Woo plugin and AliDropship origin. So, you can avail yourself of the services of Sellvia at any point in time.

Fewer efforts: Even though Sellvia helps design your online store, it does not demand any ownership from you. In addition, its order processing is automated, enabling it to deliver the orders in the stipulated time. Whenever a customer places an order on your website, the order gets redirected to Sellvia's website, delivering your customers' product. So, you need not put any effort, energy, or time into this transaction.

Custom store: Sellvia can create a store for you when you do not have a store. Moreover, you need to request a custom store, and Sellvia will appoint a personal manager for your assistance. Afterwards, you need to discuss the details with the manager who suggests a profitable niche for you. After your store is created in five to ten days, you will import 200 products, get unlimited monthly orders and social media packages, take payments via credit cards. Also, it helps you with social media page setup, basic SEO modules, and promotional materials.

Help run multiple drop shipping stores: Sellvia is a ‘one-time investment‘ as with buying a subscription, you can run your ten different online stores. Hence, it is a cost-cutting measure to running a business. In addition, it mentions only the meticulously tested and legalized products for sale. Hence, there is no chance of any unfair business practice when you avail yourself of the services of Sellvia.

Advertising solution: Needless to say that advertising helps extend a company's global footprint. In this regard, Sellvia comes with a unique solution of providing viable advertising tools to its users. By accessing the tools, users can launch functional promotional campaigns.

The pricing structure of Sellvia | Sellvia Pricing Plans

Sellvia comes in two price plans, namely Sellvia and Sellvia Pro. Of course, the free trial version is available for the first month like any other tool.

Sellvia Pricing
  • The Sellvia Plan: It costs $39 US a month and is regarded as ideal for the existing online stores. It provides unlimited product imports and orders from Sellvia. Additionally, you can get 1-3 days of US shipping and returns. It also provides marketing materials for every product and shipment from the California warehouse. In addition, the high-converting product pages are an added advantage of this plan.
  • The Sellvia PRO Plan: It is ideal for startups and costs $399 US annually. It has multiple benefits that help startups build their identities. Moreover, the additional benefits that you can get in this plan include a free domain name and a turnkey E-commerce store. In addition, you can enjoy free technical assistance and hosting services. Also, it provides mailing services integration to the pro users. Its other benefits are the same as the Sellvia plan. Interestingly, you can also get a personal manager in this plan who can assist you.

The pricing structure of the custom packages:

There are three plans for a custom package, namely the basic, advanced, and ultimate plans. For building your custom store, you need to pay a reasonable amount to Sellvia. In addition, there is an additional hosting fee that comes with every custom plan. Hereunder is the pricing structure of the custom package:

  1. The basic plan: You can avail yourself of the basic plan at $299. However, the hosting fee is $48. It is the general plan that you can opt for when your business is of small size.
  1. The advanced plan: It is highly recommended for business expansion and costs $499. Moreover, its hosting fees are the same as the basic plan, i.e. $48.
  1. The ultimate plan: It is ideal for large businesses and costs $899. In addition, it has the same hosting fees and the basic and advanced plan, i.e. $48. 

You can avail yourself of any plans depending on your business size, preferences, and requirements.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Sellvia | Sellvia Review

Sellvia advantages

  • Sellvia helps build your brand identity by providing you with a social media, SEO, and Email marketing package. In addition, its products are priced competitively, which helps you in the business.
  • Sellvia uses high-quality packaging material that appeals to a massive audience. Its long-lasting packages help you deliver products in the right state to the customers. Additionally, they do not mention any company's name on their packages.
  • Sellvia emphasizes its users' satisfaction rate greatly. If users are unsatisfied, Sellvia has an attractive refund policy for them. So, you do not need to worry about your money if you do not find the services and products as per the expectations.
  • Sellvia is a reliable platform that paves the way for online stores. Moreover, it adheres to the business policies and is trusted by reputed companies. So, there is no chance of any fraudulent activity on this platform. There are chances that certain businesses are closed when they do not follow business guidelines. But, this is not the case with Sellvia, as you can get rest assured.
  • Sellvia understands the customer and market dynamics. In this regard, it always updates itself as per the business environment. Hence, it always displays the curated collection of its trending and highest selling products to make its users aware of the market dynamics.
  • The best feature of Sellvia is its unmatched fast delivery. Many dropshipping businesses collapse due to high lead times. So, Sellvia helps its users deliver the products within one or three days of the order placement date. Thus, it reduces the wait times and enhances the overall customer experience. Also, the products are priced at a low cost compared to other dropshipping businesses.

Sellvia disadvantages

  • You only need to display the products at Sellvia's fulfilment center. It implies that you cannot depict your products. Hence, it is a major shortcoming of Sellvia.
  • Sometimes, product descriptions are repetitive, which does not help you rank well in search engine results. However, they help the users by offering SEO packages wherein you can use your creativity to learn SEO extensively. Thereby, you can know how to optimize the content.
  • Unavailable outside the US market: The geographical limitations are a huge barrier to the growth of Sellvia. If you are not located in the US, you cannot avail yourself of the products of Sellvia.

Some other benefits of Sellvia to customers and users

Advanced search options: Though Sellvia helps mention numerous products, you can find the option to search by categories such as industry. Moreover, Sellvia helps users establish a credible online store with advanced search options. Hence, it facilitates customers searching for the right product in minimal time and placing orders.

Industry tips: Sellvia consists of the Industry tips section, which contains useful blogs and articles for its clients/ users. Moreover, the industry tips section helps users get useful insights on how to enhance the operations of a dropshipping business. Also, you can get feasible selling tips for your dropshipping business.

Sellvia insights: You can be accustomed to their business plan by navigating the “Sellvia Insights” section. Thus, it is a useful section that helps users formulate a top business plan. In addition, they depict the best products of the year to help you select a proper niche for your online business.

Success stories: Many companies often feel reluctant to avail themselves of any services or subscription plans. In this regard, they conduct a cost-benefit analysis of all the available pricing plans. However, you need to worry about your money when you avail any of the subscriptions plans of Sellvia as it has numerous success stories on its websites. Moreover, such reports will make you confident that their services and plans have helped other businesses grow and sustain the industry leader in the marketplace. You can also request a demo call to understand their services.

Final Sellvia Review | Save $10,000+/month

Sellvia is a one-stop solution to the problems of various drop shippers. Moreover, dropshippers emphasize lessening the shipping hours. Of course, the downside is that Sellvia only displays the top-selling products in its warehouse. However, we can expect the addition of a lot more products in its catalogue. Additionally, it does not cater outside the US market. So, it impedes the growth of Sellvia.

Sellvia Coupon

Furthermore, the fast delivery, free trial option, top-notch product catalogue and packaging, and customer store care are the important factors that compel users to install Sellvia. Moreover, unlimited product import options and a personal manager make the user’s journey easy. Therefore, we can infer that it is a useful service for the dropshipping business.

Therefore, Sellvia has more advantages than disadvantages. Moreover, the developers are still adding new features to Sellvia and enhancing the overall functionalities. Hence, we will witness some significant developments in the Sellvia platform in the upcoming years.

Sellvia Reviews & Testimonials from Customers

Sellvia Reviews Testimonials
Sellvia Coupon Testimonials

Pros and Cons of Selvia


  • Unlimited product imports.
  • It offers Marketing materials.
  • 14 days free trial.
  • Free technical support.
  • High-converting product pages


  • It does not sell or ship products to other countries.
  • One can find limited items in Sellvia's product catalog.

Top FAQs on Sellvia Review

What is Sellvia?

Sellvia is the ultimate ecommerce platform that allows you to boost your ecommerce business. Sellvia connects you with a special marketplace to find the best product that fits your needs. Sellvia has all the bestsellers at your fingertips and offers 1-3 business days shipping across the US.

From which countries can I sell with Sellvia?

One can easily use Sellvia by staying in any corner of the world with good internet connectivity. But Sellvia only works for US shoppers. You can use Sellvia to make your customers happy with its lightning-fast shipping.

Why should I go for Sellvia?

There are many reasons why one should choose Sellvia as a US-based dropshipping supplier.
1. For every product, Sellvia provides high-quality, unique product descriptions.
2. 1-3 days US shipping & returns.
3. Attractive product bundles.
4. Free technical support.
5. It offers fast shipping badges that increase profit by 45%.
6. For every product in your store, you will get ready-to-go marketing campaigns.

Does Sellvia allow me to cancel my subscription?

Yes! If you are not 100% satisfied with its services and features, then you can cancel your paid subscription at any time.

What will I get with the Sellvia PRO plan?

By subscribing to the Sellvia PRO plan, the user will get a turnkey online store built exactly according to the user's preferences and 50 hot products for free.

How soon will I get a turnkey store?

The Sellvia will give your turnkey store within 1 business day, just after submitting the survey.

Do I need to have technical skills for using the store?

No! the dashboard of Sellvia is user-friendly that does not require you to have any technical skills.

Can I get any working Sellvia coupon codes?

If you are looking for the Sellvia discount code, then use the above-mentioned Sellvia coupon code that helps you to enjoy maximum savings.

Selvia on Social Media

Summing it up | Sellvia Review

We can infer that dropshipping business owners consider ample parameters before choosing the best supplier. Some include fast-time delivery, top-rated products, good pricing policies, enhanced order processing modules, and others. In this regard, Sellvia covers all the mentioned parameters and can satisfy dropshippers greatly. It also has a dedicated team of experts who guide the dropshippers in every step.

Moreover, the customer review, preset options, product descriptions, appealing product catalogue, and real-time order tracking system are essential factors fuelling the growth of Sellvia. We can say that it rightly claims that the “E-commerce Ecosystem you have always dreamed of!

Are you looking for a one-stop solution for your dropshipping business? If yes, you must avail yourself of Sellvia. Also, we will present another informative and interesting article for you.We hope this article helps you in planning your dropshipping business model.

That's all for now! Stay tuned with us for more updates.😊

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