AdSpy Free Trial 2024: Does AdSpy offer a Free Trial?

Struggling to spy on Facebook and Instagram ads? AdSpy is the best solution that will help you to track and discover ad campaigns across various social media platforms! Here in this article, we will discuss how you can access the AdSpy free trial that will help you to use this tool for FREE!!

AdSpy is an amazing Facebook and Instagram ad spy tool that offers advanced search and filter options to understand and figure out what your competitors are doing and what marketing ad strategies they are using to stay ahead of the competition! Whether you are an eCommerce seller or a dropshipper, AdSpy can help you with the most updated and trending ad strategies to discover the innovative products and ideas of your rivals.

This powerful ad spy tool is a must-have solution for growing advertising platforms and helps you to discover the trending campaigns, monitor your competitors' winning strategies, figure out the best markets globally, and uncover the hot selling and new products to drive more traffic and boost your conversions.

Using this advertising spy tool, you can easily track the most effective PPC campaign to boost your profitability! Moreover, there are premium filtering options where you can sort data by country, gender, daily likes, total likes, and more. AdSpy has a large database that helps you to spy the best creative ads using their Ad Intelligence tool, and you can search data using URL, page name, and text or you can also search by affiliate ID, and offer ID to get the desired results for your ad business!

AdSpy offers a single plan which costs $149 per month and offers a free trial for 1000 ad credits after you register to the AdSpy account!!

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How to Activate AdSpy Free Trial?

You have to follow two simple steps to get started with AdSpy free trial to enjoy the premium features with advanced search filters. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Firstly, to get the free trial access you need to go to the AdSpy official page and click on the “Get Started” button

Step 2: In the next step, you will be redirected to the subscription page where you need to enter your email address, name, and password and click on the “Register” button.

AdSpy Free Trial

Step 3: Now you will get an email from AdSpy, with a limited amount of free usage of 1000 ad credits within 2 days of your registration. In case, you want instant access you can use our special coupon code “ BLOGGINGECLIPSE” at the time of checkout.

AdSpy Free Trial Coupon

Congratulations! You have created an “AdSpy Free Trial” account and get $75 OFF using our special promo code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE“.

AdSpy Features and Benefits

AdSpy is one of the most advanced ad spying tools that comes with an extensive range of features with a simple interface that helps you to uncover your competitors' ads strategy using various search filtering options. This ad spy tool has more than 135 million ads, targeting 219 countries and a total of 20 million advertisers.

It is one of the greatest ad spying tools which offers you with free 1000+ ad views with a free trial which is amazing right? Plus, you can also use broad filters to see the last seen ad, how your users are reacting to the ads, which is the most longest and innovative ad of your competitors'.

AdSpy offers the most unique range of features with the use of the Advertising Intelligence Tool to help you get the most refined collection of data for your campaign needs! So, let's see what are the AdSpy features you are getting today:

1. Massive Database

AdSpy offers a huge collection of massive data for ads targeting 219 countries in 88 different languages with 135 million ads. Using the whole database, you will find a large amount of data for your campaign's success! It helps dropshippers and advertisers to find out the hot selling products.

2. Top Social Media Data

Using this tool, you will be able to cover top social media data all in one single place. Plus, it covers every single platform to see which ad campaigns don't work and which have better worked for your advertising business. In this way, you can find success on various competitive platforms to run your advertising business smoothly.

3. Advanced Search Options

With this tool, you can use the most advanced search options to find the data you need. It allows you to search data from user reactions, or you can use ad text, page name, and URL. Moreover, you can also filter by using options such as affiliate network, affiliate ID, offer ID, advertiser's name, number of likes the text ad has, and the type of media it uses. AdSpy also helps you to find out when was the last ad seen, how your users are reacting, and which ad is the longest so far.

With the comment search feature, you can easily search through ad comments on various social media platforms. In this way, you can figure out which keywords are important, you can also monitor your competitors as well as your brand and finally have a complete overview of both positive and negative feedback by analyzing comment searches.

5. Accurate Demographics

AdSpy can help you to target ads which are based on location, gender, and age range. It also allows you to see which areas and regions your competitors are targeting and you can improve your targeting strategy with the use of AdSpy.

6. Calling Affiliates

With this AdSpy feature, you can easily find ads by an affiliate network, or you also have the option to search for specific affiliates and offers. Moreover, you can also search by entering your offer ID and have detailed insights into how your competitors are promoting products and also get information from the landing pages as well.

7. Rapid Interface

AdSpy comes with a rapid interface that helps you to search millions of records within seconds! Moreover, this tool also includes fast servers, efficient programming, and simple interfaces with well-organized data that help you to boost your search results like never before!

AdSpy Pricing Plans

AdSpy Pricing Plans

AdSpy includes various search features and provides more data compared to its competitors. The best part is this ad spying tool is really cheaper as it offers unlimited usage for all users at only $149 per month, which is really impressive!!

If you get the AdSpy subscription today, it costs you $74 USD for one month and then you have to renew it with $149 per month. Plus you can enjoy an additional $75 OFF using our special discount coupon “BLOGGINGECLIPSE“.

Moreover, you can spy ads for free, while getting access to download winning ads from your competitors' ads. We will recommend you get started with AdSpy free trial and get free access to 1000+ ad views credit!!

So, waiting for what guys? Grab the amazing discounted deal today and sign up for AdSpy FREE Trial now!!

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FAQs on AdSpy Free Trial 2024

1. How much does AdSpy cost?

AdSpy is one of the cheapest ad spying tools and it costs only $149 per month. There is a limited-period offer and you can get this tool only at $74 for one month only.

2. Can I use AdSpy for free?

Yes, but you should note that AdSpy doesn't provide a free service, but they offer a free trial that allows the users to explore features before they upgrade to any paid plans. You can get 1000 free ad credits with the AdSpy free trial plan.

3. What AdSpy alternatives are available in the market?

There are various ad spy tools that are similar to AdSpy which includes Adplexity, BigSpy, Social Ad Scout, PowerAdSpy, DropiSpy, and more.

4. What is AdSpy used for?

AdSpy is the most innovative ad spying tool for Facebook and Instagram ads, that helps you to find proven ads with industry-leading collection of data. It helps you to search by filters, and comments with accurate demographics and a simple interface.

5. Is AdSpy worth it?

AdSpy is an amazing tool for Facebook and Instagram ads that ensures success with top social media data. It is the fastest advertising platform that uncovers and monitors new campaigns to figure out and promote the hot-selling products that you must consider. It is highly recommended to give AdSpy a try!

Conclusion on AdSpy Free Trial (Save $75 Instantly)

AdSpy is one of the most popular social media ad spying tools that helps you to collect the most winning marketing strategies and also figure out the most trending ads using advanced search filters.

Moreover, this tool helps you to understand the areas where you have to improve and how your rivals are promoting products to stay ahead of the competition. It is really an amazing tool to try for FREE and you can enjoy free ad credits by just scrolling in this way you can test all the features of AdSpy before upgrading to their subscription plan.

If you want to get an extra discount, just apply our coupon code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” at the time of checkout to get an instant discount of $75!!

Thank you for reading this article. If you have queries, please leave them below. We are here to solve your questions. Good Luck!

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