AdSpy Vs. BigSpy Vs. Dropispy 2024: Which One to Choose?

AdSpy Vs. BigSpy Vs. Dropispy

Searching for the best competitive ad analysis tool can be a difficult task, well, this Adspy Vs. Bigspy Vs. Dropispy Review is all set to clear some common queries you might be dealing with.

As someone who is indulged in dropshipping, competitive ad analysis can be considered one of the most important factors that can help you in upscaling your dropshipping game. In this Adspy vs. Dropispy vs. Bigspy Review, I'll be getting along with some of the key features that are offered by all these ad spying tools so that you can select the best ad spying tool for yourself.

So let's get started with these Ad spying tools.

AdSpy Vs. BigSpy Vs. Dropispy: Overview

Detailed AdSpy Review


Adspy has been outperforming most of the ad spying tools that are currently available in the market. AdSpy has a huge database of ads around different platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and much more. Not only does the AdSpy tool has one of the largest databases in organic ads, but it also has been functioning as a global ad spying tool with 216 countries in its basket; in addition to that, AdSpy has a huge number of advertisers which is around 17 million+ and advertisements somewhere around 114 million+, well seem legit for an ad spy tool with one of the largest searchable database of Instagram and Facebook Ads.

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AdSpy Features at a Glance

AdSpy Features

Some of the key features that AdSpy delivers are as follows:

  • Search through comments: This can be counted as one of the core features that an Ad spying tool works upon; searching through comments can be a great way to target the real problem that customers might be having for a particular product, this, as a result, can help you in leveraging your selling and advertising operation.
  • Demographics: Talking about the demographics, having accurate and real-time data can be helpful in better management and implementation of a marketing campaign. AdSpy delivers some great information about the target audience while getting along with different aspects such as age group, gender and location; well, these filters are more expanded when you get along with AdSpy's easy-to-use interface.
  • Affiliates: Another critical feature that AdSpy delivers is its network engagement; AdSpy gives you various sections to explore, such as searching for Ads via affiliate networks; AdSpy also gives you the freedom to explore different ads based on Offer ID and have a look at how a specific ad is performing.

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Faster search with an easy-to-use interface

Having a huge database can be a task in itself, as this can be time-consuming for many, but not in AdSpy; the interactive interface lets you explore around a massive database of searchable ads within seconds.

  • Not just keywords: Adspy offers some great features regarding keyword research; AdSpy helps you search for an Ad around different parameters such as ad text, offer ID, landing pages and much more. Well, this expanded search can help better analyze ads that your competitors might be running. An extensive database of searchable ads with advanced filters can be considered one of the main reasons for making AdSpy among the top-tier players in the market.

Pricing: Another keynote to mention is its pricing plans; AdSpy has kept its pricing plans quite simple, it has a single plan to offer, in my opinion, this can be both good and bad depending upon the user’s need; AdSpy offers a single plan worth $149/month, which is an excellent price as per the value that it delivers but this can have a bit of a downfall for small dropshippers, having a smaller plan can many dropshippers get along with it.

Detailed Dropispy Review

Dropispy Features

Similar to AdSpy, Dropispy also delivers one of the largest classified databases of Ads making it among the top tier players in the market. So let's take a deeper dive into the features offered by Dropispy:

  • Largest Classified Database of Social Media Ads

One of the main reasons that many dropshippers use Dropispy is its databases of social media ads; in addition to its database, it also adds around 1000+ offers daily, which as a result, helps you keep an update on what's trending in the market.

  • Global Data with Multiple Languages

The network that Dropispy offers is quite extensive. Dropispy offers its services in around 213 countries with 88 languages, making Dropispy a global ad spying tool overall. 

  • Hot Products

I guess you might be well aware of the fact that these tools not only help in analyzing competitors but also in searching for which products are performing in the market. As a result, you get to know which products are selling in the market.

  • Easy to Use Interface

Having an easy-to-use interface is one of the key features in making an Ad spying tool become a top-tier player, and Dropisy has been in the top class for quite some time, all thanks to easy to use rapid interface, in addition to all that, Dropispy delivers results across different advanced filters for Ad searches within no time.

  • Information to Explore

You can explore different aspects while getting along with Dropispy as it helps you perform your Ad Spying and marketing campaigns around different advanced smart filters such as likes, reactions, shares, countries, age group, gender, and even the platform used for selling (Shopify, AliExpress, etc.).

  • Explore Trending Ads

As I have already mentioned, Dropispy adds around 1000+ ads daily, which helps you get along with trending products.

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Faster search with an easy-to-use interface

Having a huge database can be a task in itself, as this can be time-consuming for many, but not in AdSpy; the interactive interface lets you explore around a massive database of searchable ads within seconds.

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Dropispy Pricing Plans

As I have already mentioned in part mentioned above, Dropispy delivers some great tools and features globally, but what about the price you have to pay to use these tools and features. Dropispy offers 3 different plans, which is a great thing in my opinion; where AdSpy delivered only a single plan, Dropispy has different plans for different sections of dropshippers.

Dropispy Pricing Plans

The first one is the free plan and can be considered as a trial plan, this plan gives you access to all the core tools and features, but the only drawback you have to get along with is its no customer support and zero credits offered, well these credits are offered to users to get ad display, perform searches and much more.

Other plans include Premium and business plans, which are tailored while keeping different dropshippers/users in mind. Well, the premium plan costs around $34/month, while the premium plan costs around $285/month. The tools and services are pretty much the same in both of the plans; the only difference that you might encounter is the credits offered; the premium plan offers 150,000 credits per month, whereas the business plan offers 1.8 million credits that can be used for multiple tasks as I have mentioned before.

Detailed BigSpy Review


The last one on my list is BigSpy, and it is so far the cheapest ad spying tool that I have found with features as mentioned above. BigSpy has been a great tool overall as it works and explores different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob and Pinterest as well.

In addition to that, one thing that was a great banger was its recommendation; it has been recommended by many influential people in the marketing ecosystem, such as Neil Patel, ATP Software, and many more. In my opinion, the name of Neil Patel was more than enough to create reliability across many users, now talking about the features that BigSpy delivers.

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Key Features of BigSpy

  1. Multi-Ad Platform

One of the standalone features that I found in BigSpy is its multiple platforms, where most of the ad spying tools offer limited platforms (Facebook and Instagram), BigSpy offers around 7 different platforms to operate around, and some of these platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.; this can be a significant positive point for dropshippers and marketers who are working along with different platforms and want a better and expanded view around different platforms.

  • Huge Database

All the ad spy tools that I have mentioned above have a huge database of advertisements and advertisers, and this number gets around 1 billion ads as BigSpy offers an extensive database of 1 billion+ ad.

  • Advanced Filters

Similar to both of the ad spying tools mentioned above, big spy offers some smart filters which enable you to explore different parameters such as ad types, media formats, industry type, etc.

  • Featured Ads and tracking

In addition to all the features and filters that I have mentioned above, BigSpy offers looking out for daily trends which are listed from an extensive collection of searchable ads, meanwhile discovering better ad ideas around different niches.

Well, since we are done with the features and the benefits that BigSpy delivers, now is the time for the pricing plans, as I have already mentioned at the starting of the section that BigSpy can be considered as one of the cheapest ad spy tools with this much number of features and tools offered.

Pricing: The plans offered by BigSpy are in 4 different formats, including the free plan (monthly). Well, these plans have a positive side as you can choose the best plan for you. The free plan and basic plan are the only two plans that offer limited platforms to run your search queries around; the free plan offers 5 search queries on a daily basis on Facebook, whereas the basic plan offers 20 search queries on Instagram and Facebook (Daily).

Whereas the VIP and enterprise plan offers unlimited search queries, with the VIP plan offering only a single user seat, whereas the Enterprise plan with multiple user seats. Whereas choosing a yearly plan can help you save some money and would be recommended from my side.

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AdSpy Vs. BigSpy Vs. Dropispy | Which is the best tool?

I have tried to cover all the essential features offered by AdSpy, Dropispy and BigSpy, but the answer to this question totally depends on the choice of features that you want and upon the business objectives. As a dropshipper, the choice of ad spying tool also depends upon your scale, i.e., whether you are an individual or own a small/medium-sized organization. If talking about my personal choice, the one I'm going with is Dropispy; well, let me clarify why I'm more bent towards Dropispy compared to AdSpy and BigSpy. Let's compare them on some of the fundamental aspects that every dropshipper would go after.

Pricing Plans

Talking about the pricing plans offered by all of them, the cheapest one is BigSpy (monthly price), but the features and searches are a bit limited, which makes me go for other options, now talking about the AdSpy, even though it offers a massive database of searchable ads, it doesn't offer different pricing plans and limits itself to a single plan of $149/month; well, this can be a limiting factor for small dropshippers or companies which don't have any extensive use of the tool.

Now the last one is Dropispy, where most of the plans are limited by one reason or another; Dropispy offers two different plans, excluding the free plan, the two plans offered by Dropisy are priced at $34/month and the business plan for $285/month, which sounds pretty reasonable to me as per the features offered by it. Overall, the $34/month can be an excellent option for small to medium-sized dropshippers with 150,000 credits, which sounds perfect to me.


Considering the features, basically, all of them deliver somewhat similar features, but Dropispy has a couple of different features, making it a better option than other ad spying tools available in the market. Almost all of them deliver similar information regarding audience metrics, shop spy tools and the dropispy chrome extension. Where most of the ad spying tools only offered limited features and filters, Dropispy has tried to take these features to the next level; the chrome extension is a bit of the positive thing that gained my attention, enabling you to analyze different web stores on the go.

And if you are not happy with the advanced features and tools offered by Dropispy, the next on my list would be AdSpy, as the features and smart filters were pretty impressive but don't offer any chrome extension.

Media Downloads

This can be an excellent feature for many dropshippers as you get access to downloading videos and images that can be used for various marketing and ad campaigns. These videos and images can be used for making better campaigns and compared to your competitors. While comparing these three tools, I found that BigSpy offered limited downloads depending upon the pricing plan you go for (250 daily downloads in pro plan $99/month).

Top FAQs on AdSpy Vs. BigSpy Vs. Dropispy

What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is a software that allows you to track competitors' strategies and positions on Google in terms of keywords strategy and their respective ad positioning. It gives you access to real-time data within your business space so that you can stay ahead of the competition!

What is BigSpy?

BigSpy is a web-based adspy tool that helps businesses and individuals discover advertising strategies, track trends and improve marketing campaigns. The platform contains a database of different ads that allow teams to view ads using different filters.

What is Dropispy?

Dropispy is a spy tool that collects ads from social media websites. Dropispy contains hundreds of ads every day and is available on its website. Dropispy allows you to spy on winning ads by identifying winning products using social proof and real-time data.

Is AdSpy the best?

AdSpy is considered one of the most powerful Instagram and Facebook ad spy tools. In addition to the Fb advertising spying program, it provides mystified results. However, AdSpy comes to your rescue with its ads database, also known for holding the largest data collection on marketing campaigns.

Can BigSpy be used for free?

You can use BigSpy for free with limited features. This tool is the #1 free adspy and ad library tool, which allows you to spy on competitors' ads for different networks such as Facebook, AdMob, YouTube, etc.

What platforms does BigSpy currently cover?

BigSpy currently covers seven platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Admob, Pinterest and Yahoo.

Does BigSpy cost money?

BigSpy has a free plan that you can only use occasionally. The lowest price plan (Basic) is $9 per month, which is the cheapest of all adspy tools.

Can I get Dropispy for free?

Yes, Dropispy offers a free plan, but this plan does not allow you to see the latest ads or products.

How do I contact Dropispy?

You can reach Dropispy via email at [email protected]

Which adspy tool is the best between these AdSpy, Dropispy & BigSpy?

Ad spying is all about going through and filtering different social ads, which Adspy does the best. This is what AdSpy is best at. BigSpy and Dropispy offer great features, but the domains and niches that AdSpy covers are great. The best thing about all these adspy tools is that you can track all your previous and present ad data from your competitors.

Conclusion | AdSpy Vs. BigSpy Vs. Dropispy

After getting along with all the key parameters for searching for the best ad spying tool for your dropshipping business and competitive ad analysis, the final decision might be somewhat done. After considering all the features and plans, it can be said that Dropispy can be the best tool to get along with. Still, while choosing an ad spying tool, you can consider some basic parameters such as the size of the dropshipping business or the usage of the ad spying tool. Just to get you an overview of which tool suits you better under your dropshipping practices.

Ad Spying ToolPricing Plans (Medium Plan)Media DownloadsActivate Deal
DropispyAround $34/month150,000 creditsGet Deal
BigSpy$99/month250 Downloads dailyGet Deal
AdSpySingle plan $149/monthNot Available (but significant amount of downloads)Get Deal

The above-mentioned points have cleared your doubt on which ad spying tool to use; as per my experience, these are some of the significant aspects around which a particular ad spying tool can be used. Hopefully, this article has cleared some of your doubts regarding these ad spying tools. 

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