Debutify Theme Review: Best Shopify Theme for your eCom Store in 2024?

Still on a search for the best free Shopify theme for your dropshipping store? Well, the Debutify theme is your answer; it has got you covered with amazing designs that SELLS. But can you use Debutify for free? Let's check it out in this Debutify review!

There are thousands and millions of Shopify stores available out there, using the same free themes offered by Shopify. In fact, hundreds of stores literally look the same (even if they are offering the best products). And because of this specific reason only, their conversion rate declines bad.

However, there's one free and innovative way through which any seller can increase their conversion rate – and that's a free Shopify theme!

Yes, just a theme change can make your website look stunning, a professional-looking store that actually Converts Visitors To Buyers, and that too for free. Wondering how? Debutify is your answer. The theme does not just offer user-centered UX design but even comes with modern UI designs as well. And in this Debutify review, we have made sure to cover all the features, add-ons, and integration possibilities the theme offers to help you make a wiser decision.

Quick Summary of Debutify Theme Review

Debutify is a popular free Shopify theme used by over 200,000+ Shopify store owners. The theme is power-packed with the best features and conversion-boosting add-ons for businesses of all types. It even comes with a 14-day free trial period for users who opt for paid plans, and the best thing is the team even allows users to request features (if the theme lacks any)!

What is Debutify Theme? – Debutify Theme Review in a Nutshell!

Debutify Theme Reviews

Debutify is simply the best free Shopify theme available in 2024, which any Shopify store owner can use and get the best support from the team. The theme integrates seamlessly with a plethora of third-party apps and comes with 55+ conversion-boosting add-ons for sellers to attract visitors with just a glance. The theme is just so attractive and highly customizable that any seller can make changes anywhere without worrying even a bit about the page loading time – because it's just two seconds (tried and tested).

Debutify theme, as of now, has grabbed an amazing user base of 200,000+ (still adding) all because of the customization possibilities it offers. And to not miss the on-the-spot customer support service it offers to users to solve literally any issue as quickly as they can. In fact, there's even a features request section available on the official website for users to request any feature, and the developers will literally take care of it. It's as easy as, hey, I need you to add this add-on to your theme, and the team will get back to you with your request within a day or two. 

Debutify makes the whole theme customizing process a cakewalk; don't you trust us? Let the Debutify features do the talking below! 

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Debutify Theme Features & Add-ons – What best can you expect from Debutify? 

Debutify is power packed with conversion-boosting features, and down here, we will be listing out the 5 best features of Debutify we liked the most! 

1. Smooth Design & Interface

The one thing we liked the most about Debutify is its super smooth interface; you don't really have to be a pro to walk through the designs/themes offered by Debutify. In fact, users don't have to spend hours modifying any theme; they can crop or resize any image, add custom fonts, change the navigation menu, and edit other aspects of the theme with just a few clicks.

And even though the user chooses to add more add-ons, customizing it all is also not that tricky/messy. There's a currency converter available; when the user turns it on, it automatically detects the visitor's geolocation and shows the corresponding currency (you can see this in the Debutify official website itself, the tool instantly detects your location and the currency changes accordingly). 

Through the display featured product add-on, dropshippers can display their best-selling products to the customers at the top, using the slider. 

All in all, because of such a smooth user interface, performing the most daunting task gets a lot easier. Whatever add-ons you decide to add, the theme adapts to it quickly, no matter what the device type is.

2. Highly Customizable Layouts 

When we say themes on Debutify are highly customizable, we mean it because the tool gives users access to every corner to be as creative as they want. In simpler, it gives users complete control to design their shop just like they want. Having said that, whenever you will sign in, you'll see 29+ color palettes on the dashboard. In fact, from the dashboard itself, you will have to do the customizations. 

Whatever customizations you will make here, you can check out how it'll look on any desktop or mobile phone instantly on your main screen. There are also several options available to customize the header footer. You can include social media links, contact details, newsletter links, and additional links in your footer. Over here, too, you will get options to choose from – you can either go all transparent or stick to sticky header variations.

When it comes to customizing the product pages, Debutify gives users much freedom here, too – they can change the layout of the size chart, present important information in bullets, display best-selling products on the top, show recently viewed products at the bottom, add a countdown timer for boosting urgency, and simply play so much more here to keep visitors engaged with the shopping page. 

To the last, all we want to say here is, starting out from your shop's homepage, product page, checkout page, and even error 404 page; the Debutify theme allows you to customize your store's look and feel to match your brand's tone all by just a few clicks, helping you deliver an awesome user experience.

3. Quick Loading Speed 

Even though Debutify allows you to customize every nook and corner of your store, all of this would never affect your site loading speed at all. All the designs offered by the tool come with an unmatchable loading speed, that is of just two seconds. In fact, the theme was made with a mobile-first approach, so even if the visitor is using his/her phone for shopping, they won't be disappointed by the experience at all.

4. Built-in Product Finder

If you are thinking of using Debutify for your dropshipping store, the theme has got you covered with some amazing features, out of which is the built-in product finder. Through this feature, dropshippers can quickly import products and list them all creatively within the store. 

To find real winning products, Debutify offers three smart filters – category, profit margin, and opportunity level. The categories available here are fashion, health and beauty, electronics, baby and kids, kitchen and household, and home and garden. The profit margin options available here are between $0 – $30, which dropshipper can choose according to their estimated revenue. And to the last, there are three options in the opportunity level finder – gold, silver, and bronze. 

After applying all the filters, the theme will automatically list the winning products for your dropshipping store. All the products mentioned here come with audience details as well – like age and gender, along with interest-targeting features through which dropshipper can explore their target audience.

5. Sales Boosting 50+ Add-ons 

We have mentioned Debutify add-ons previously as well, but those were just a few; the theme has just so much more available for you. As of today's date, Debutify has a collection of 55+ tested boosters (add-ons) available for e-commerce stores. These add-ons save the users time so that they don't have to go to third-party apps, and they will get everything under one roof without any technical issues. 

Over here, we will be mentioning a few premium Debutify add-ons used by multiple store owners:

  • Add to cart animation
  • Age check
  • Agree to terms
  • Automatic geolocation
  • Back in stock
  • Cart discount
  • Cart favicon
  • Cart goal
  • Cart reminder
  • Color swatches
  • Cookie box
  • Customizable products
  • Delivery date
  • Discount saved
  • Delivery time
  • FAQ
  • Gift wrap
  • Infinite scroll

And much more!

All the above add-ons – cart maximizers, conversion triggers, loyalty builders, shopping enhancers, and shop protectors are easy to install and configure.

6. Multiple Integrations Possibilities 

The list of add-ons was endless, we know, but so was the list of integration possibilities. There are tens and hundreds of third-party apps that integrate seamlessly with the Debutify theme. In fact, a few of them come with freebies and exclusive discounts, if used with Debutify, like: 

  • Koala apps – 20% lifetime discount if used with Debutify
  • Katana for marketing – 14 days free trial
  • Judge me for product reviews – 45 days free trial
  • Cartloop for SMS marketing – 14 days free trial
  • Spocket for dropshipping – 14 days free trial.

👉 Steps to Install the Debutify Theme

Now that you have explored the best features of Debutify, add-ons and integrations, we know you are quite much interested to know how you can install and configure any Debutify theme – and even this is easy as well. 

Step 1: Visit the Official Debutify website, and hit the Try for free button available at the top right corner.

Official Debutify website

Step 2: Now, to Create an Account, make sure to add the detail appropriately – your full name, email id, password, and Shopify store domain.

Create a Debutify account

Step 3: Go to your mailbox, open the email sent by the Debutify team, and verify your account.

Verify your account

Step 4: After verifying, click on Theme Library, and click on the Download button (themes will get downloaded in a zip file).

Click on Theme Library

Step 5: Go to your Shopify store and select the online store option and then click on THEMES.

Shopify store

Step 6: Go through the theme library, and click on the Add theme button to add the downloaded Debutify theme.

Add theme

Step 7: Upload the zip file, and to make changes, click on the Customize button available in the green box at the top right corner.


Step 8: Make the changes, click on actions, and hit the PUBLISH button.


Debutify Theme Pricing – Does Debutify Offer a Free Trial?

Debutify, just as the name suggests, helps every individual make the best debut at a bare minimum. Hence, for that reason, it offers Shopify store owners access to four pricing packages, out of which one is available for free for a lifetime. The other three Debutify plans are super affordable because if the user chooses to buy it on a yearly basis, they will save up to 25% on their overall subscription. 

Debutify Theme Pricing

Debutify Free Plan – $0 per month 

Best suited for beginners who want to set their store up and are tight on budget. 

  • Access to all basic themes/add-ons
  • One store license only
  • Basic support available 

Debutify Starter Plan – $29 per month 

Best suited for small businesses who want to set up their store but with limited spending.

  • One store license only
  • Access to upto 5 premium add-ons
  • Advanced customer support available 
  • One-click theme integration 

Debutify Pro Plan – $79 per month 

Best suited for growing brands who have already got good reach but are looking forward to boosting conversion rates. 

  • One store license only
  • Access to upto 30 premium add-ons
  • Advanced customer support available 
  • One-click theme integration
  • Feature requests available 

Debutify Enterprise Plan – $149 per month 

Best suited for large enterprises that are extremely serious and own multiple Shopify stores.

  • Three store licenses 
  • Access to all 50+ premium add-ons
  • VIP customer support available 
  • One-click theme integration
  • Feature requests available
  • Features requests available on a priority
  • Beta access to new Debutify add-ons and themes 

In addition to this, Debutify even offers users a 14-day free trial period for them to test out the platform. If they are not happy with the services offered, they can reach out to the team in these fourteen days, and they will give you a quick refund without asking many questions.

Debutify Customer Support – Is the team prompt enough? 

Just like its super flexible pricing plans, Debutify even offers some amazing support services to its users. In fact, there's a chatbot available to all users – free and even paid ones; users can write out their concerns there and can expect a reply within 24 hours of the message sent. In addition to this, there's even email support available to free and paid users, and over here, too, the turnaround time is 12 hours. 

To advanced users, the Debutify team offers live support on weekdays between 9 AM to 5 PM (UTC). So, whenever the user gets stuck, they can call the team right away, and they will help them with the concerns immediately. To VIP users, the Debutify team offers priority email support; priority lives to support, priority phone support, live video support (most probably screen sharing), and even development support. By development support, we mean prioritized feature requests; if the user wants something unique from the team, they'll offer you a bare minimum time period. 

Apart from the above support services, the Debutify team has even got users covered with some amazing resources. For example, there's a help center available on the official website from where users can learn more about Debutify themes, how to get started, and more. There's a blog section available where the team constantly keeps users updated about the new features/add-ons and case studies for users to explore how other businesses used Debutify for their growth.

The team has even come up with weekly newsletters to keep their users updated with all things digital marketing and e-commerce. And to the last, there are several videos, podcasts, guides, webinars, and comparison guides available on the official website for users to explore Debutify before using it, all for free!

Debutify Customer Reviews – Why do users prefer Debutify over Debutify alternatives? 

Debutify Customer Reviews

Debutify is 10/10 – it's not us saying this, but Debutify users who have given up premium themes to use Debutify! 

Around 200,000+ Shopify store owners and dropshippers have been using Debutify for a while now, and the reason why the user base is expanding every day is the theme's ease of use. To be honest, Debutify is nowhere like every other theme store available outside; it, in fact, provides premium services to users for free. Even the high-end add-ons available here come with affordable pricing. 

Additionally, Debutify also offers users access to free training and webinars for Facebook ads management and Google and YouTube ads set-up. Users can even modify the codes (if they want to), and the customer support is just AMAZING; the team always goes above and beyond to help users with anything, any feature they would need in their growth. 

Pros and Cons of Debutify Theme Review


  • 55+ (and adding) conversion boosting add-ons available.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the best marketing and dropshipping apps.
  • 24×7 Customer support available to VIP users.
  • Features request option available to users to request any feature they want for their store.
  • Chatbot available for free users.
  • 14-Day free trial period available.
  • Free forever plan available for beginners.
  • Fast, responsive, and highly customizable theme.
  • In-built dropshipping features and filters available.


  • The free plan comes with limited access to add-ons and features.
  • No live chat support available to base plan users.
  • Pricing might increase if the number of add-ons increases.

Top FAQs on Debutify Theme Review

Can I use Debutify for free? 

Yes, Debutify offers a free forever plan, and even with its paid plans, it gives users access to a 14-day free trial period so that they can make an informed decision.

Can I use Debutify for dropshipping? 

Yes, Debutify integrates seamlessly with dropshipping software and offers a few features for dropshippers to explore winning products within the ecosystem.

How much does Debutify cost? 

The paid plans of Debutify are affordable as well; the base plan of Debutify is priced at $29 per month, the pro plan at $79 per month, and the enterprise plan at $149 per month.

How many add-ons Debutify offers? 

Debutify offers 55+ add-ons to users, and the number might increase to 60+ in the near future.

Can I use Spocket with Debutify?

Yes, Debutify integrates seamlessly with Spocket for dropshippers to manage their operations quickly and easily.

What is the loading speed of Debutify themes?

The average loading speed of the Debutify theme is only 2 seconds, even though the user uses several add-ons.

Conclusion: Is Debutify the Best Theme for Dropshippers?

Given the amazing features like built-in product finder, add-ons, pricing, and customer support service Debutify offers, it's undoubtedly the best theme a dropshipper could ever invest in. In fact, if we let the numbers do the talking, 200,000+ brand owners are using Debutify already and are super happy with the services offered. 

And why won't they? With just one click, any user can integrate any Debutify theme into their store and can witness the drastic changes already. No coding expertise is needed over here, and within a few seconds, a plain Shopify store gets transformed into a conversion-friendly store. 

To conclude, from unparalleled loading speed to limitless design possibilities, you name it, and Debutify has got you covered with all. So do give Debutify a try, and let us know how the theme worked for your Shopify store! 

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