How to Use Google Trends for Dropshipping Store in 2024? (A Comprehensive Guide)

Google Trends for Dropshipping

Tired of the routine 9-5 job? Wishing to do something all on your own? We heard you!

The Startup culture is enthralling everyone like never before. People are hustling around to make millions of dollars. Working day and night to make that idea come true. But does everyone need to have an idea to jump into the startup culture? Well, not really, because now you have dropshipping business around.

Dropshipping is nothing new and dreamy in 2024. Back then, in 2020, the estimated value of the dropshipping business model was around 128.6 billion U.S. dollars globally. And till 2026, Statista forecasted that the market size of the business would grow to 476.1 billion U.S. dollars. Aren't these numbers much exciting to read?

All these statistics show that you can step into the world of dropshipping even now. And if you are still not aware of how dropshipping works, we have got you covered with the tiniest details; check it now.

How Dropshipping works? The ins and outs of Dropshipping

Funds are an essential part of any startup, followed by consumer demand. Back then, whenever people used to start out a business in a brick and mortar model, leasing or buying a place to store the products was essential. Buying all the products from the manufacturer was important. But with dropshipping, sellers don't have to do anything mentioned above.

Basically, in dropshipping, the seller sells a third-party product without actually owning the product. They have to open a virtual store, market the product, attract customers to the store, and then the supplier will directly deliver the product to the customer.

In the end, the dropshipper gets their desired profit margin without worrying much about storage and delivery issues. To understand better, here are some key features of dropshipping you must check now:

Easy To Start: Sellers don't have to worry about where to store the inventory. They just have to look out for suppliers who are eager to do business with you. And then, they don't even have to worry about inventory, handling, packaging, shipping, and delivering.

Highly Flexible: Since dropshippers simply have to act as a medium and not worry about the storage and delivery process, the business model is highly flexible as compared to other ones.

Scalable: As dropshippers don't really have to depend on any physical area for storing products, they can sell anything and everything on their dropshipping store. That being said, a dropshipper can not just sell apparel, but even toys, shoes, mugs, and scale their business as much as they can.

Less Capital Requirement: With no inventory to be maintained and no physical store to be opened, a dropshipper doesn't really have to invest thousands of dollars.

Why Google Trend? What's hot about it?

Even though getting into dropshipping is easy, the major task lies in sustaining it for the long term. And here's where Google Trends come into the picture.

Let's view the bigger picture here,

Google Trends

As a dropshipper, the very first thing you need to do is build your store with products having higher market demand. Because if you pick up a niche that has no/low demand in the market, chances are, you would end up losing dollars.

Next comes store visibility to potential customers. After building up a store, you need to spread brand awareness to the ones who are eager to buy your products. And for this reason, you have to understand what your customers are actually asking for through trends.

Coming to Google Trends, it is a popular web trends tool by Google through which dropshippers can get an in-depth insight into their store and their overall store performance. Getting started with Google Trends is quite straightforward; it's a free data exploration tool by Google that can be accessed through a website. Users can track key trends of online business easily.

If you want more out of Google Trends, you have to dive deeper into the complexities. Because the more time you will spend on it, the more beneficial it will be for your dropshipping business.

To help you get more at the least possible time, here are a few expert tips on how to use good trends for dropshipping stores. Even if you go through this article just for once, you will understand how little things on Trends can change your business at large.

For Finding High Performing Niches

High Performing Niches

To get into the dropshipping business, the very first thing you would need to do is find a profitable niche for your store. Now you can't move around and talk to people to find out what they're demanding the most. So, the best thing you can do is do your own research, for which Google Trends comes to the rescue.

You just have to type a particular niche you're thinking would do well in the market. The tool will thus show a graphical representation of customers' interest in that niche over time. The fluctuations in the graph represent the time of the year when the product is higher or lower.

For example,

Here we are picking ‘Shoes‘ as a niche in general for the dropshipping store. The demand for shoes is obviously evergreen, and interestingly there are various options here to select from. To capitalize on the market demand better, it's essential to understand what shoe style is more in demand.

Now we don't want you to do the groundwork. Simply check our research:

Here we did a general search in Google Trends with the umbrella keyword ‘Shoes.' We have started quite broad to help you understand how the fluctuations work. Over here, we are looking for trends for the period of five years and from across the web search.

After getting the graphical analysis of the “Shoes” keyword, we are now moving ahead with the comparison feature. We have picked up the two trendiest, in-demand show styles – sports shoes and sneakers. After hitting the click button, and to our surprise, sneakers were more in demand as compared to sports shoes.

To find more alternative keywords, we scrolled down and found related queries that have been more in demand for a year now.

For shoes – the trendiest keyword was

  • Rothys shoes
  • Lonzo ball shoes
  • Birdies shoes

For sports shoes – the trendiest keyword was

  • Nike metcon sport
  • Vaneli sport shoes
  • Zuodi sport shoes

For sneakers – the trendiest keyword was

  • Chunky white sneakers
  • On cloud sneakers
  • Balenciaga track sneakers

These keyword suggestions are basically the products customers are looking for on the web. And the best part here, you can download all the trends shown here for future references.

For Finding the Best Performing Products

Google Trends Best Performing Products

While looking out for the niche only, dropshippers can find the best performing products for their store. But that list is somehow broader; hence it's essential to narrow down the results.

Let's again take the example of shoes here. After searching the chunky white sneaker (that ranked first) on the box, we found fluctuations in demand. And since we are now looking for specific products for the store, we would go forward with the shoe style – sneakers.

But amazingly, chunky white sneakers were not more in demand back than in 2017. However, during 16-22 May, the demand went up to 100. And the chart is now moving forward in the upward direction. This clearly shows that chunky white sneakers would be a safe bet for a Dropshipper to consider for the store.

Over here, the most rising related topic to chunky white sneakers is high-heeled shoes. Now, even high-heeled shoes are showing an upward graph, making it the safest bet to add to your product line. To expand your product category, look out for the related topics available at the bottom. Over here, the most rising related topic to chunky white sneakers is high-heeled shoes. Now, even high-heeled shoes are showing an upward graph, making it the safest bet to add to your product line.

For In-depth Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most efficient and effective way to find out what customers are searching out for more on the web. Apart from this, higher keyword search volume drives more traffic to any site.

With Google Trends, dropshippers can search for any keyword phrase and see how demanding the specific keyword is in the market. If the line in the graph shows downward interest, you must not use it for your SEO. And if the demand graph is going all upwards, you should definitely pick up that keyword.

Google Trends for Dropshipping Store

Not every product will work well in every market. Demographics play a major role while deciding the target audience. Hence, you can explore which market to pick to sell a specific product with google trends. Trends even show dropshipper's seasonal demand for a particular product in a particular region.

Coming back to sneakers, After scrolling down, we found that the New York and Delaware regions have higher customers showing interest in buying sneakers. Next comes New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

After clicking on New York, the graph is now representing the demand for sneakers for five years now. If scrolled down again, you will explore a few more regions in New York where the customer demand for the sneaker is high, for example – Rochester NY, Utica NY, and Syracuse NY. With the filters available, users can explore which location sneakers were most popular during the specified time frame.

Trending Searches

A dedicated section for trending searches is available on the Google Trends Homepage. Usually, you can find the trendiest searches of the month and the year at this place. But if looked into the search results every day, you can find daily trending searches related to your niche.

Brownie Point – You Can Even Refresh Or Plan Your Content For The Site With Google Trends

Google Trends allow users to search real-time trends of any place, activity, or thing using the quick search tab. And since you are a dropshipper, content marketing is one of the exclusive ways to reach out to potential customers.

You can create brand awareness through content marketing by planning content related to your products.

For example – Blogs, social media images, and e-mailers. If you plan content before your competitor does, then chances are you will attract an audience before them. With Google Trends, you can even prepare your content well in advance and promote it all during the peak demand period.

Even though Google trends would look relatively simple to use at first, the trick lies in diving deeper to get that KEY DATA for your store. You have to grab that specifics, and combine it all to get the most effective results. Apart from all the ways mentioned above, Google Trends can even help you explore competitors' actions with a few clicks. For example, type the brand name and their product together on the search bar. Trends will now show key statistics about how well their products are performing in the market.

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🙄What is Google Trends?

It is the website offered by Google that gives you complete insights into the search volume of your top keywords. Google Trends also allows you to see how many people search for each term and the changes in searches over time.

🚀How can Google Trends help me with my dropshipping store?

Google Trends is an easy-to-use website that provides instant access to Google's historical search volume data. It allows dropshippers to easily see what people are searching for. Check the following benefits of using Google Trends for your dropshipping store.
1. It helps you find the perfect niche and products for your dropshipping business.
2. Uncover the best-selling products.
3. It gives detailed insights about trending searches.
4. It allows you to discover new and profitable keywords.

🔎How do I spy on dropshippers?

Spying is the easiest way to find out what your competitors are doing so you can learn their best practices and beat them at their own game. There are various free spying tools available in the market that dropshippers to find compelling ads, best-selling products, keywords, etc. Check the following list of best spying tools.
Commerce Inspector

🏅How profitable is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an excellent business model and a new way to make money online. Dropshipping is like building a business without any risk. With low margins and rapid growth, there's no way you're going to be able to make a living at it.

💲How much do I need to invest in starting a dropshipping business?

It is quite difficult to predict the exact costs to start a dropshipping business. But there are many products that dropshipping business owners need to spend money on.

The two most important things that matter a lot while starting out a dropshipping business are the product and the niche. Being a dropshipper, if you pick up any random product or niche, it won't help you make up sales at any cost.

If there's no or simply very less demand in the market, any investment can go in vain. Google Trends help users make data-informed decisions with its updated features and filters. The best part about Google Trends is it's highly accessible to everyone. You don't need to be a master analyzer, simply follow the basics, and you'll get a whole wealth box of details, ALL FOR FREE.

And now that you have been introduced to the nitty-gritty of Google Trends, what are you waiting for? Get into action by doing everything mentioned above, and as promised, you won't ever get such accurate data and relevant insights anywhere.

Till then, stay tuned to DropTweaks to explore more such dropshipping tweaks because we have a lot for you!

Happy Dropshipping!!!

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