Sell The Trend Review 2024: Everything You Need to Know!

Still confused about what Sell The Trend is all about? Well, stop thinking much and read out our Sell The Trend Review ahead to explore the ins and outs of this amazing all-in-one dropshipping tool.

Everyone out there is rushing to build their dropshipping empire in every possible way they can. And who won't be?

Dropshipping is an amazing industry that is about to get a global value of roughly 477 billion by the year 2026. But the challenge that remains constant is, with tons of people trying to do the same thing, Who will actually survive in the long run? Who can quickly get the competitive edge, even when they have started out too late? And more importantly, how much will they have to invest from their end to get the ultimate benefits? 

The list of questions and doubts won't get any less in this journey. However, one can cut these problems off by simply investing in the right dropshipping tools, like Sell The Trend.

Even though Sell The Trend is quite a new dropshipping all-in-one software, the testimonials and the reviews dropshippers have given to this software speak volumes. In just a bit of timeframe, Sell The Trends brought in some excellent features, and let's not forget the AI technology it uses to help dropshippers find real winning products within a flat 10 seconds. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, read out this Sell The Trend review ahead to explore whether this tool is worth investing in 2024!

Quick Summary on Sell The Trend!

Sell The Trend is a popular all-in-one AI-based dropshipping solution that helps dropshippers find real winning products in less than 10 seconds. The solution is best known for its innovative product import and one-click fulfillment features, but there's just so much more it can offer. And to the best, anyone can use Sell The Trend for as little as $39.97 per month or use it for free for 7 days

What is Sell The Trend? – Honest Sell The Trend Review

Sell The Trend Reviews

Sell The Trend, as the name suggests, is a popular AI based product research tool that helps dropshippers find REAL winning products in less than 10 seconds. The tool gathers all product-related data from popular marketplaces like Amazon and sales-related data from high-performing Shopify and AliExpress Stores. And not to forget NEXUS, a one of a kind AI based product research engine by Sell The Trend, that gives users access to highly accurate sales data of popular products and shops. 

Apart from finding winning products, Sell The Trend also allows users to import products to their Shopify or Woocommerce online store with just a click. The audience builder feature by Seller the Trend is a real game changer, and we'll let you know about it in detail below. 

Lastly, if by any chance you end up giving Sell The Trend a try, make sure to go through all the resources offered by the solution. More specifically, the Facebook training it provides to dropshippers with its Facebook masterclass course that has 27+ modules and counting. But before that, let's get into the details, and check out Sell The Trend features quickly!

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Key Features of Sell The Trend – Everything You Need to Know!

1. Product Explorer

Product Explorer

Here comes the unique feature of Sell The Trend, the product explorer from where dropshippers can walk through 7 million products in 83 ecommerce niches. All the database over here is collected through AI, which analyzes the real-time market trends and competition of each product. 

2. Nexus Product Research

Nexus Product Research

Next comes NEXUS, a unique next-generation AI analysis tool by Sell The Trend that examines 26 data points at a glance. From who your competitor is to what product you have to sell to get the best ROI, this feature gives dropshippers much more powerful insights than any other dropshipping solution available out there. 

With this tool, dropshippers can discover hot-selling products and niches which still have much room to grow. They can even explore how best they can price their products to stand unique from competitors. 

3. Store Automation

Store Automation

The store automation feature of Sell The Trend is all about the tool automatically setting up high-converting product pages for every product you will be selling. The tool takes care of the images, keywords, and optimization and even sends shipment tracking codes to customers. 

4. 1-Click Product Import

1-Click Product Import

Now that the dropshipper has found “THE UNIQUE PRODUCT” to sell, the one-click product feature is where they need to head next. This built-in importer tool, Sell The Trend, imports hundreds of products to any store in just a few clicks. 

5. Extensive Supplier Database

Extensive Supplier Database

The AI supplier list feature of Sell The Trend connects dropshippers with almost 1200 verified and trusted suppliers from across the US and UK. Each seller over here is rated and ranked according to their communication, item quality, pricing, and shipping speed. No matter what category or product you want to step into, over here, you will find the right supplier for the right product within seconds. 

6. Automatic Order Fulfillment

Automatic Order Fulfillment

The automatic order fulfillment feature by Sell The Trend completely takes the burden off the dropshipper's shoulders. From sending products to shipments, and updating customers with tracking information, to keeping customers informed about their delivery, everything is managed by the tool.

7. Success Academy

Success Academy

Last comes the kind Success academy by Sell The Trend, a space where dropshippers can get exclusive information on the full range of dropshipping topics. Be it store creation and setup, store business setup, how to add products, Instagram and influencer marketing, Facebook ad creation, to day to day dropshipping tips and tricks, this academy simply covers everything.

Don't Have a Website? Sell The Trend has Got You Covered!

Now that you have explored the best features of Sell The Trend, it's time for you to look out for more because when we say Sell The Trend is the all-in-one dropshipping solution, we mean this. 

First thing first, if you have just stepped into the world of dropshipper and are unaware of where to start out, Sell The Trend has got you covered. For dropshipping, you'll need a website, as basic as it sounds but too important not to be neglected. 

So, to help you start out real quick, Sell The Trend creates the best, intuitive dropshipping website in just 5 minutes, with its built-in dropshipping website and store creator. You just have to click on the build my website option available right on the official website, and then enter the essential details to get your website all drafted by the experts quickly.

Or if you don't really want to build a website, you can straightway build a shop instead. Sell The Trend one-click operation will create an amazing, conversion-optimized store in just a second.

A Quick Sneak Peek into Marketing Services by Sell The Trend

Dropshipping is not just about looking for the best products from AliExpress at the cheapest possible rate and selling it in your store for the highest price. It's just more than that, and Sell The Trend founders knew this really well. So, from helping you to create the best website, finding the real winning store for your site, and complete store automation service to marketing your services, Sell The Trend has really covered you with everything. 

Sell The Trend has recently come up with a Marketing Toolbox that helps dropshippers unlock their marketing potential to the most extreme levels. 

  • Sell The Trend, with its extensive Facebook marketplace data, gives sellers instant audience insights for any product niche
  • With this tool, sellers can even explore a targeted group of customers who are really interested in buying their products
  • Next, sellers can even create video ads that get quick attention and lead to real sales with the Sell The Trend marketing toolbox
  • Sellers can even get into influencer marketing with the help of the Influencer Engagement Calculator – one of the highest ROI tools offered by Sell The Trend. This calculator is best known for helping sellers make the right marketing decisions for their products by spending the bare minimum.

The best thing about the marketing toolbox by Sell The Trend is it is included with all the pricing plans, so you don't have to buy anything separately!

Sell The Trend Pricing Plans – How to Use Sell The Trend for Free?

Sell The Trend believes in no complex pricing plans policy, and for that reason, over here, there are not too many subscription plans to choose from; you have a plan, which you can either buy on a monthly basis or pay on a yearly basis. Apart from this, Sell The Trend even offers a 7-day free trial period, through which users can explore the tool without any credit card.

Sell The Trend Pricing Plans

Sell The Trend Build Monthly Plan – $39.97 per month

  • Chrome extension included
  • 1 Click order fulfillment
  • Store intelligence spy tool and ads spy tool available
  • AI supplier tool and Nexus product calculator
  • Connect upto 3 stores
  • 24×7 Customer support service available
  • AliExpress trends explorer available
  • CJdropshipping trends and Products video library 

Sell The Trend Build Yearly Plan – $32.97 per month (2 months free)

Everything included in the monthly plan is available here! 

Sell The Trend Customer Support – Is the team available with the best support when needed? 

When it comes to customer support service, the team gives dropshippers 24×7 the clock support, both email and live. In fact, if dropshipper is not well aware of what they can do to improve their sales, the team gives solid feedback as quickly as they can. 

Apart from live supper, Sell The Trend is also popular for other helpful resources it offers to its users – for example, the FAQ section available right on the official website. This particular section covers every tiny query, starting from how a seller can import products daily from AliExpress to tips to explore hot-selling items; the team literally has left no stone unturned. 

Coming to the Sell The Trend knowledgebase, this particular section of the tool covers articles, from basic to advanced ones, a dropshipper can read to get a clear idea of how the market is working. Moreover, the tool even offers a free online course to dropshippers about how they can make money online; they can get access to this by just entering their email address and then signing up!

Last comes the official Facebook group of Sell The Trend, which is basically a private, members-only group where hundreds of Sell The Trend users give feedback about the tool, and even the team shares tips and tricks related to dropshipping. As of today's date, 12,000+ members are already there in the group.

Pros & Cons of Sell The Trend Review 2024


  • No confusing pricing plans, just a plan to go for.
  • Truly an all-in-one dropshipping software.
  • AI based, Nexus software for quick product research.
  • Advanced product filter and sorting options available.
  • One-click order fulfillment process.
  • Exclusive ads data available from popular social media platforms.
  • Official Shopify, AliExpress, and partner.
  • Integrates well with Wix, Woocommerce, Shopify, Facebook, Amazon, and AliExpress.


  • No free forever plan available.
  • A relatively newer tool in the market.

👉 Step-by-Step Guide to Use Sell The Trend Dropshipping Solution! 

1. Sign Up, & Explore Your Niche 

After logging in to your Sell The Trend accounts, the very next thing you will have to do is find products to sell on your dropshipping store

If you are well aware of what niche you want to go for, you can directly perform product research, or else you can pick one from 83 different niches available on the site. Next, there are over 7.32 million products available on Sell The Trend to choose from. 

The predictive AI technology of the solution gives dropshippers detailed information about every product – how are they selling, and what is their expected popularity rate? Next, with the store intelligence tool, dropshippers can explore what their competitors are upto and what are their top-selling and recently added products.

2. Choose Just the Best Suppliers

Now that you have explored your niche and the product you want to sell, next comes the browsing of the best supplier stage. From the USA to Europe to any other international country, Sell The Trend, as of today's date, has 1,193 vendors. Every vendor over here is ranked by the quality of products they sell, communication, pricing, and speed of delivery. 

Next, for managing stores, the software automatically syncs the dropshippers product and inventory information with each supplier; hence they will never have to manage anything manually.

3. Create High-Performing Pages for Your Store 

After choosing the niche, product, and supplier, next comes the product page-building process, and Sell The Trend has got dropshippers covered with that too. 

Dropshippers just have to enter all the product details, and with just a click, hundreds of high-converting product pages will be in front of them. For finding new customers, dropshippers can use Sell The Trend's Facebook Interest Targeting tool and the video creator tool to produce the best video ads within a few clicks.

4. Work on Your Customer Satisfaction Rate

Last comes the customer satisfaction rate, and for this, Sell The Trend has a one-click fulfillment feature available for you. This specific feature ensures that all your orders are dispatched to the supplier at the right time. The tool even gives buyers supply shipping and tracking information instantly via email!

Benefits of Trying Sell The Trend for Your Dropshipping Store

  • There's a favorite option available everywhere 

Coming to the specifics, the one thing we liked the most about Sell The Trend was the favorite option, a red heart. This heart is actually available in the corner of each store and product. Hence, while browsing, if you find any awesome product or a highly engaging ad, you can just hit the heart button. 

  • Multiple filters and sorting options

With multiple, we bet it's a lot, from filtering products according to product type, found date, last added date, shipping from shipping method, to price and orders, there are a plethora of filters available. And when it comes to sorting, dropshippers can sort the result by total orders, most orders, Nexus rank, store numbers, found date, and last added date. 

  • Tutorial videos are available everywhere

Dropshipping is not easy, and accessing a tool with so much information isn't easy at all. Hence, for that reason, Sell The Trend, on each page, offer a tutorial video. By just hitting the watch tutorials button, dropshippers can explore how best they can use the specific feature to get the most out of the tool. 

What do Experts Have to Say about Sell The Trend? | Customer Sell The Trend Reviews & Testimonals

Experts love to Sell The Trend, and the tons of features available within the tool have really helped thousands of dropshippers sell what is actually in demand in the market. Many say that finding the winning product, the easiest and the quickest way, was a dream before, but not with this specific software!

Sell The Trend Customer Reviews

Top FAQs on Sell The Trend Review 2024

What is Sell The Trend? 

Sell The Trend is a popular all-in-one dropshipping software used by hundreds of dropshippers. The tool provides real winning product information in ten seconds and comes with innovative product import and one-click order fulfillment features.

Can I use Sell The Trend for free? 

Yes, you can use Sell The Trend for free for seven days; after this, you will have to buy their subscription plan.

Can I use Sell The Trend with Shopify?

Yes, Sell The Trend is an official Shopify partner, and it integrates well with Shopify Stores.

What is the Nexus Explorer?

Nexus explorer is an AI-powered product research solution offered by Sell The Trend that gives users access to real-time product and sales information within 10 seconds.

How much does Sell The Trend cost?

If you go for the monthly plan, then Sell The Trend will cost you $39.97/mo, and if you go for the yearly plan, then it will cost you $32.97/mo.

Who are the typical users of Sell The Trend?

Dropshippers, ecommerce owners, freelancers, etc., are the typical users of Sell The Trend.

What other apps do Sell The Trend integrate with?

Sell The Trend can easily integrate with WooCommerce and Shopify.

Is dropshipping easy?

Dropshipping is a profitable but risky business model. It's hard to know exactly what products to sell, how to set up a store, and how to drive traffic without any marketplace competition. Well, Dropshipping is a time-saving, cost-effective, and risk-free business model that's been popularized by ecommerce giants.

Where can I sell my dropshipping products?

You can use social media platforms, or you can create your own domain through the Amazon Global Selling program to sell your dropshipping products.

What are the best Sell The Trend alternatives? 

The best Sell The Trend alternatives you can check out, for now, are DropshipMe, AliDropship, Ecomhunt, and Niche scraper.

Conclusion: Sell The Trend Review – Is this tool truly the best dropshipping solution?

Answering the question asked above, Yes, Sell The Trend is undoubtedly the best dropshipping solution you can invest in right now. 

The product research tools available here are simply amazing and easy to use. And to not forget the one-click order fulfillment process, which is just a boon for dropshippers; they can really save hours with this specific feature. The dashboard is super intuitive, and the video tutorials are of great help to first-time users; trust us, many get stuck, but these videos come to the rescue at the right time. 

To the last, what more can you expect from $39.97? Seriously, you are getting so much more by paying so much less. And the cherry on the top thing here is the 7-day free trial that allows dropshippers to know what the tool is really all about. 

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are a beginner dropshipper, or a pro one, Sell The Trend is just the right tool for you; TRY IT NOW!

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