8+ Best Adspy Alternatives & Competitors 2024 → Which One Will You Choose?

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Are you tired of seeing your competitors outperform you in the world of online advertising? Imagine a tool that can help you spy on your rival's ads and uncover their secrets.

According to recent studies, marketers are on a constant hunt for AdSpy alternatives because of its high price and they are in search of more budget-friendly options to improve their advertising game.

Adspy tools will provide you with valuable information on ad creatives, targeting, and performance allowing you to fine-tune your marketing strategy and achieve better results. In this article, I will take you through some of the best AdSpy alternatives and competitors in 2024. 

Let's dive in to discover the 8+ Best AdSpy alternatives that can give you the competitive edge to stay ahead in the market.

What is Adspy?


Adspy is a powerful AI-driven ad intelligence tool that offers the largest database of popular social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram ads in the world. It provides a detailed search functionality with extensive filters letting users uncover the ads that matter most to them and their business.

AdSpy Key Features

Enhanced Basic Search by ad text, URL, or page name.
Find ads based on user reactions.
Target ads by location, gender, and age range.
Search by affiliate network or specific affiliates.
Access to 144.7 million+ ads across 222 countries.
Assess worldwide trends and uncover relevant ads.


AdSpy offers a straightforward pricing plan starting at $149 per month which includes unlimited usage for single users.

Best AdSpy Alternatives and Competitors 2024

Discover the top alternatives to AdSpy that can revolutionize your ad strategy in 2024. These tools offer a range of features from tracking competitor ads to analyzing ad performance metrics and can help you gain a competitive edge in your industry.

1. Anstrex


Anstrex is a competitive ad intelligence tool available for online marketers providing a range of data from 38 push ad networks and 27 native ad networks.

This tool is perfect for those looking to optimize their advertising strategies offering insights into successful ad campaigns, profitable dropship products, and effective marketing strategies. 

With Anstrex you can spy on your competitor's ads, gather data about their strategies, and even download and edit their landing pages.

The platform also offers unlimited ideas for new content and helps to fully automate your store management. In the world of online marketing, Anstrex is the secret weapon to stay ahead of the competition.

Anstrex Key Features

Track competitors' native ads across 27 networks.
Monitor 38 push ad networks for valuable insights.
Uncover profitable dropship products and strategies.
Spy on top-performing TikTok in-stream video ads.
Access insights on in-stream video ads on various social apps.

Anstrex Pricing

Anstrex pricing plans start at $69.99 per month.

2. BigSpy


BigSpy is a top-tier AI-powered ads spy tool designed to provide creative inspiration for marketing campaigns. It offers an in-depth database of over 850 million ads from 8 mainstream platforms making it a valuable resource for businesses and individuals alike.

This tool allows users to monitor and analyze competitor ads on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

With BigSpy's advanced search and filtering options, users can easily find ads that meet their criteria including country, date created, ad type, and niche.

BigSpy Key Features

BigSpy has a big ad database for analysis and inspiration.
The tool works with social media platforms and helps users analyze ads on different networks.
BigSpy has powerful search and filtering options for finding and sorting ads by criteria like ad type, country, industry, and more.
Users can customize their tracking experience to analyze performance and schedule ads according to their preferences.
BigSpy helps users track and analyze competitor ads for better marketing strategies.

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy pricing starts at $9 per month.

3. PowerAdSpy


PowerAdSpy is a leading tool that empowers businesses to analyze and monitor their competitor's advertising strategies across numerous social media platforms.

With access to a vast ad database, PowerAdSpy offers valuable insights into the best-performing ads enabling users to create more effective and engaging advertising campaigns.

The platform offers a one-stop solution for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge in their advertising efforts.

PowerAdSpy Key Features

Filter by Ad Positions allows users to segment social ads based on positions for better analysis.
PowerAdSpy offers clear visibility of ad analytics by allowing users to visit live ad posts directly from the platform.
It provides access to a vast database of ads from over 100+ countries, updated daily.
A powerful search algorithm enables users to find ads by searching for popular keywords/phrases/terms within ads.
It delivers engagement-oriented details of social ads to identify successful ads in a user's niche.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy pricing plan starts at $349 per month.

4. Spyfu


SpyFu is a versatile ad intelligence tool designed to enhance SEO and PPC campaigns with actionable insights. It also works well for numerous factors including backlink and keyword research, competitive analysis, and SEO research.

Its primary function is to “Spy” on competitors using their behaviors to refine your own strategies through keyword and content analysis and backlink poaching.

Spyfu Key Features

SEO Research helps analyze the organic search performance of any website.
PPC Research lets you understand competitors' PPC strategies and ads.
With Keyword Research users can identify profitable search terms in competitors' campaigns.
Spyfu helps users learn about the backlink profile of any website.
Monitor keyword rankings over time.

Spyfu Pricing

Spyfu subscription plan starts for as low as $9 per month.

5. Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is another powerful ad spy tool and a strong alternative to AdSpy. It is designed to help users spy on social media ads. 

The platform enables users to uncover successful ad strategies from competitors across numerous social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. With access to millions of ads from 21 countries, this tool offers valuable insights into ad performance, targeting, and landing pages.

Social Ad Scout helps marketers save time and money by eliminating guesswork and providing valuable data to create more effective ad campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

Social Ad Scout Key Features

Detailed search filters help users search by text, URLs, demographics, location, ad type, and more.
Exact targeting details offer precise audience targeting information for ads.
View and interact with live ads including playing videos.
Access to a permanent archive of ads even if the original is deleted.
Covers all ad formats including video, text, images, and carousel.

Social Ad Scout Pricing

Social Ad Scout can be availed at $147 per month.

6. AdPlexity


AdPlexity is a suite of ad intelligence tools that allows users to track and reverse engineer their competitor's most successful campaigns. It covers over 75 countries and numerous traffic sources.

AdPlexity's robust and advanced tools enable users to uncover the creatives being used, their landing pages, and the social networks they're running all in real time. This data-rich platform is a game-changer for marketers offering a clear path to replicating and scaling the most profitable ad campaigns.

AdPlexity Key Features

AdPlexity has a vast database that includes important products and campaigns.
It allows users to download landing pages, saving time in creating them from scratch.
AdPlexity supports various platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more.
It comes with more than 100 affiliate networks.
AdPlexity offers different platforms like Adplexity Mobile, Adplexity Native, Adplexity Push, Adplexity Ecommerce, Adplexity Carriers, and Adplexity Enterprise.
AdPlexity provides high-quality data, including hidden campaigns, through a scrawling and aggregation system.

AdPlexity Pricing

AdPlexity subscription plan starts at $199 per month.

7. Minea


Minea is another alternative to the AdSpy tool designed to streamline the operations of online business owners and dropshippers. It eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions providing a one-stop solution for all your online business needs.

This tool is a game-changer in the eCommerce industry providing a detailed suite of features allowing users to analyze online ads, find winning products, track influencer product placements, and gather extensive data on eCommerce stores.

Minea Key Features

Comprehensive ad tracking across all networks.
AI-driven selection of winning products.
Detailed analysis of all ads for a shop.
Advanced filters for precise search results.
Chrome extension for easy access and use.
TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook ad analysis.

Minea Pricing

Minea subscription plan starts at $49 per month.

8. Dropispy


Dropispy is an AI-powered ad spy tool specifically designed for dropshippers and online retailers allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest advertising strategies and monitor their competitor's ad engagement.

With a database of over 50 million eCommerce ads and thousands of new ads added on a daily basis. Dropispy offers its users valuable insights into trending ads backed by social proof and real-time data.

Dropispy Key Features

Dropispy has a database of over 50 million e-commerce ads, with thousands of new ads added daily.
The platform allows users to discover trending ads backed by social proof and real-time data.
Dropispy offers a fast and simple interface for efficient navigation.
Users can search and filter by keywords, ad type, country, creation date, platform type, interactions, and more.
Dropispy helps users find winning products by spying on successful ads with social proof and real-time data.
The tool allows users to discover their competitors' ads and check their niches.
Dropispy offers a Shop Spy tool for users to monitor successful shops and find their popular products.

Dropispy Pricing

Dropispy pricing subscription can be availed at $29.90 per month.

Who Should Use AdSpy Tools?

AdSpy tools can provide valuable insights into the advertising strategies of competitors, helping marketers identify successful techniques, types of ads that are performing well, and ways to improve their own campaigns.

These tools can be particularly useful for affiliate marketers, as they often offer pre-designed creatives and high-converting landing pages, which are crucial for their success.

Businesses can use AdSpy tools to monitor their competitors' strategies, identify successful campaigns, and apply these strategies to their own campaigns.

AdSpy tools can help businesses identify new target audiences and explore new markets, providing valuable data about their target audience, such as demographic information, interests, and buying habits.

Common FAQs on AdSpy and its Alternatives

Can you get AdSpy for free?

AdSpy offers a free trial for its users. Once the free trial is over, you must purchase a paid subscription.

What is better than AdSpy?

There are several tools available including Anstrex, BigSpy, PowerAdSpy, and SpyFu all offer unique features and benefits that may make them better alternatives to AdSpy depending on your requirements. However, the choice depends on your specific needs and requirements.


Overall, the best AdSpy alternatives mentioned in this article include Anstrex, BigSpy, PowerAdSpy, Spyfu, Social Ad Scout, AdPlexity, Minea, and Dropispy. It offers various features and capabilities that can help you stay ahead in the competitive world of dropshipping and internet marketing.

Most of these tools offer free trials so it's worth trying them out to find the one that best suits your needs. As the industry of dropshipping and internet marketing continues to grow, staying informed and adaptable is important for success.

So, why not give these AdSpy alternatives a try and see how they can help you improve your advertising strategies?

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