AdPlexity Review 2024: Learn Before You Earn! [Pros & Cons]

Are you on a search for an honest AdPlexity review? Do you want to know what is just so unique about this competitive intelligence tool? Well, wait no more and read out our AdPlexity review ahead to explore the features, pricing, and cons of the tool!

Targeting the right audience is a dream come true moment in the life of any advertiser or marketer. But not everyone is able to crack the code up, mostly because their competitors have already grabbed a good space in the market long back. 

However, what if we tell you that you can ace your advertising game by just doing one thing? 

And that's, investing in the right ad-spying platform, like AdPlexity! 

The tool is just so popular for its smooth interface and comprehensive ads data that marketers can literally track their competitors' profitable ad campaigns all within a few minutes. In this AdPlexity review, we'll be covering all the products offered by the tool and even the pricing plans of each.

So, make sure to read out this AdPlexity review till the end to check out whether this tool is best suited for you, or you should just check out any other tool; let's dive in!

What is AdPlexity? – AdPlexity Review in a Nutshell

AdPlexity Reviews

AdPlexity is a popular ad spy tool known as the best competitive intelligence tool available in the market. This tool is used by thousands of leading affiliate marketers across the globe. It is power packed with multiple features, all of them dedicated to giving marketers detailed insights into any marketing campaign.

One can even say that AdPlexity has the largest user base as compared to other ad spy tools available out there. No matter what type of ad data you want to explore, you name it, and AdPlexity has it all.

AdPlexity, to not confuse its users much, is offering multiple products: AdPlexity Native, AdPlexity Desktop, AdPlexity Mobile, AdPlexity Push, AdPlexity eCommerce, and more. To explore more about each, do not miss out on reading this AdPlexity review till the end!

Key Features of AdPlexity – Is it the Best Ad Spy Tool? 

  • Ulta quick search, users can literally get access to thousands of ads data all within a fraction of a few seconds. They can further filter out their search results by using powerful filter options available.
  • Downloadable landing pages, users can download any landing page they have liked and use it for their own ad campaigns.
  • Popup and banner ads, users can monitor thousands of pop-up ads and banner ads that are generally running on mobile and websites by just a few clicks.
  • Global ad data, the best part about choosing AdPlexity over other ad spy tools available in the market is it covers information from more than 90 countries all over the world.
  • Quick integration, AdPlexity integrates quickly with major platforms like Mac, iPhone, and Android.
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AdPlexity Products Overview – AdPlexity Review

The feature section above was very short because AdPlexity has kept it that way; it offers multiple products that are literally the smaller versions of AdPlexity; let's check them out:

1. Mobile Ads

AdPlexity Mobile Ads

One of the most popular ad versions offered by AdPlexity is Mobile ads. Trust us; nowadays, many advertisers just want to focus on mobile traffic because the reach here is terrific. 

Many carriers across the globe have been offering immense speed connections at highly affordable pricing. Marketers, with the help of the mobile version of AdPlexity, can find the most profitable mobile campaigns. The filter options available here are: search ads according to device type, browser, landing pages, and more. 

The best part about this version is marketers can check out any kind of mobile campaign (even if it is hidden) with just a click. 

2. Desktop Ads

AdPlexity Desktop Ads

After mobile ads come to the desktop ad version offered by AdPlexity, which only focuses on ads based on desktop users, once you click on this ad version, you will see multiple active ad campaigns on your screen. You will have to go through this ad all on your own and then find the best-performed campaigns according to your preferences. 

You can even filter out ads to find the best ones by using the filter options available. 

Checking out desktop ads using AdPlexity is really simple; you can search ads based on networks, publishers, advertisers, and placement. At this particular time, you can even use filters like – location, affiliate network, device type, and traffic sources. Once you have found “THE AD” you have been looking for for a long time, just hit the download button.

3. Native Ads

AdPlexity Native Ads

Similar to mobile and desktop ad versions, native advertising is even the best way to advertise and reach out to the target audience quickly. This product by AdPlexity helps marketers track native ads run by everyone across the globe from more than 90 countries. 

They can even check out which native ads popular affiliates are running and can even copy their strategy from scratch with just a click. 

This product by AdPlexity can be used on almost every device – Android, iOS, Windows, and even Mac. The best part about this product is the tracker feature itself, through which marketers can explore the source of any traffic that's coming on their ads.

4. Push Ads

AdPlexity Push Ads

Push notifications are highly popular in the year 2024, and they'll surely lose their fame in the coming years. These types of notifications are not just simple but even much more effective. Marketers and advertisers with push ads can quickly deliver any message to their users just the way they receive any other notification. 

AdPlexity with this product helps users to explore only the best push ads from across 70 countries with just a click. 

5. E-commerce Ads

AdPlexity E-commerce Ads

If you own any e-commerce business, you would know how difficult it is to find the best product to sell. But this would not be the case with AdPlexity; this tool, with this specific product, helps sellers find out which products are really doing well in the market in just a few seconds. 

In fact, when it comes to numbers, AdPlexity has a database of over 70+ million products from more than 100k online stores available across the globe.

Not just this, e-commerce sellers, with the help of AdPlexity, can explore the complete structure of any online store and check out their honest ratings as well. 

6. Carrier Ads 

AdPlexity Carrier Ads

Back then, analyzing traffic that used to come through a mobile carrier was a dream for many marketers, but now, with the help of AdPlexity, it has become just so easy. AdPlexity carrier basically gathers data on campaigns that come through mobile carrier networks. 

These campaigns are slightly different than mobile and desktop ads because marketers over here have to adjust their content for high as well as slower connections as well. 

Through this product by AdPlexity, advertisers can actually explore what type of content they have to curate, which type will look and perform best, and just so much more.

7. Enterprise Ads

Last comes the enterprise ads section by AdPlexity; to be honest, this is not any ad type. It's simply a unique feature offered by AdPlexity that allows huge enterprises to explore ads from across the globe. They can literally check out hidden ads, banned ads, masked ads, and the most popular ads from any country they wish to!

AdPlexity Interface

We have something to say about AdPlexity Interface, check it now!

With so many products on the website, it's quite difficult to place it all at the right spot, and in this case, AdPlexity has done their legwork really well. The tool has an intuitive interface, and all the ads data is well-presented in different sections.

The best part about AdPlexity is their fast servers, any user will never face any speed related issue, at any hour of the day. They can surf millions of mobile, desktop, native, and carrier ads data all within a few seconds!

AdPlexity Pricing – Are AdPlexity Product Packages Worth Trying? 

AdPlexity pricing is just so different and unique than pricing plans of other ad spy tools available in the market. It's somewhat confusing but quite straightforward for advertisers who know what they want from the tool. 

For example, if you are an advertiser and want to explore mobile traffic sources for your upcoming campaign, you can buy the AdPlexity mobile subscription. The same goes with other product packages, which you can check out in detail below: 

Mobile Ads: $199 per month

$1990 if bought yearly!

AdPlexity Mobile Ads Pricing
  • Android in-app data (5 networks)
  • Mobile display web ads data (15 exchanges)
  • Chat and email support included
  • Popup ads data (5 networks)
  • Downloadable landing pages 

Desktop Ads: $199 per month

$1990 if bought yearly!

AdPlexity Desktop Ads Pricing
  • Data from all major browsers
  • Desktop display ads (15 exchanges)
  • Chat and email support included
  • Downloadable landing pages

Native Ads: $249 per month

$2490 if bought yearly!

AdPlexity Native Ads Pricing
  • Native ads data (7 networks)
  • Data from major browsers across the globe 
  • Data from all major browsers across the globe 
  • Chat and email support 
  • Downloadable landing pages

Push Ads: $149 per month

$1490 if bought yearly!

AdPlexity Push Ads Pricing
  • Push ads data (10 networks)
  • Chat and email support included
  • Downloadable landing pages

E-commerce Ads: $199 per month

$1990 if bought yearly!

AdPlexity E-commerce Ads Pricing
  • Access to real-time, trendy products 
  • Product data available from more than 100,000 stores
  • Chat and email support included
  • More than 70,000,000 product details
  • Powerful user interface 

Carrier Ads: $149 per month

$1490 if bought yearly!

AdPlexity Carrier Ads Pricing
  • 500 MB data transfer (can be used across all global mobile carriers)

Note that, AdPlexity does not offer any free trial period at this moment in time with any of its product packages. However, if you are not satisfied with the services offered by the tool, you can claim a refund within 24 hours of purchase.

How Prompt is the AdPlexity Customer Support System?

When it comes to spying on any kind of ad, even professionals get stuck at some point and demand technical assistance. And here's where AdPlexity customer support service comes to the rescue. The software comes with a strong support network that a user can take advantage of round the clock, 365 days a year. 

Users can contact the team via email, or there's even a toll-free number available. The live chat support available on the official website is very beneficial, too – you can expect a reply from them within 15 minutes. However, do remember that the toll-free number isn't available for free in every location; you'll have to pay for it.

Why AdPlexity is the Best Ad Spying Tool?

A few reasons why we believe AdPlexity to be the best ad spying tool!!

Now that you have explored some of the best features of AdPlexity and even some of the great AdPlexity alternatives, it's time to pick out a few specific reasons why you should just stick to AdPlexity. 

First thing first, AdPlexity allows advertisers to download landing pages they have liked by simply clicking on the “download this landing page” option available. Advertisers can even use the downloaded landing page for their own campaign and re-coding it. Next, they can even track pop-ups and monitor banner ads of any ad category. 

The database of AdPlexity is something that we liked the most, it comes with a huge mobile carrier database, and International database in multiple languages – so that an advertiser never gets stuck. The software is even compatible with every device (which is “THE MOST” important factor).

AdPlexity is best known for its one-of-a-kind search features. They even have this unique “try to expand search results” feature for advertisers to increase the data range. Isn't this amazing? 

Last come, it is worth mentioning why you should choose AdPlexity over AdPlexity alternatives – its world-class customer support service, the team is literally well versed with the ins and outs of advertising, and the turnaround time is very short (just 15 minutes)!

Pros & Cons of AdPlexity Review


  • Highly accessible and clean user interface.
  • Ad campaigns accessible from across 90 countries.
  • Multiple powerful filter options available.
  • Pulls up comprehensive data from a huge range of sources.
  • Provides real-time, actionable data.
  • Quick customer assistance available.
  • Customized data available for huge enterprises.
  • 24-Hour money return policy.


  • No free trial available.
  • Confusing pricing plans.
  • No clear guide available for beginners to get started with the tool.

Top FAQs on AdPlexity Review 2024

Can I use AdPlexity for free? 

No, unfortunately, AdPlexity doesn't offer any free plan or any free trial period to its users.

Can I find push ad notification data through AdPlexity? 

Yes, finding push ad notifications data through AdPlexity is much easy; you have to buy the package and enter what exactly you are looking out for.

Is AdPlexity legit?

Yes, AdPlexity is the leading ad spy tool that is 100% trustworthy. By using AdPlexity, the user can easily make smarter marketing decisions by discovering profitable ad campaigns globally. 

What are the best AdPlexity alternatives?

The best AdPlexity alternatives to vouch for are Minea, WhatRunsWhere, Anstrex, SpyOver, SpyFu, Adspy, and Bigspy.

Conclusion: AdPlexity Review – Is AdPlexity the Best Ad Spying Tool to Use in 2024? 

Building a campaign from scratch, spending huge dollars, and manually promoting it all are quite a back-breaking task. And what's more saddening is when the campaign doesn't perform well. 

But this won't be the case with AdPlexity. This tool literally saves marketers much time and effort. From native ads, push ads, pop ads, desktop ads, mobile ads to the carrier, and adult ads, you name it; AdPlexity has got you covered with ad details of any specific ad type. 

All in all, we rate AdPlexity a great 9.5/10 and recommend it very strongly. So, what are you waiting for? Start your ad spying journey with a BOOM, keep an eye on your competitor's hot-selling products with AdPlexity!

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