10+ Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools for Marketers to Spy on Competitors (Updated 2024)

Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools

TikTok ads are essential for increasing brand exposure and also work as the backbone of TikTok marketing. The Best TikTok Ad Spy Tools 2024 will help you monitor your competition and supersede them with greater ease. But what all do you need to know about these competitive ad analysis tools? Stay tuned to find out:

TikTok has become the go-to app for both creators as well as the audience due to its short video approach. In the past year, the platform has grown exponentially, reaching more than a million views per day. It's no wonder that more and more brands are hopping on board to leverage its popularity among users.

If you haven't already heard, TikTok is amongst the most popular social network apps at present. The app has a total of 2.6 billion downloads worldwide which is more than Instagram and even Snapchat. Due to its huge fanbase, the social media platform has become the best destination for brands to reach out to a huge number of potential customers. Therefore, it becomes profitable for marketers to run ads on TikTok.

But like any other place, TikTok as well as a significant number of ads running on it in real-time. And to rank and reach out among these circumstances becomes a little tough. This is why Best TikTok adspy tools have become a must for TikTok marketing. But what is it about them that makes it so special?

Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools 2024 – What are TikTok Ads Spy Tools?

TikTok ads spy tools basically is a database of all the ads ever launched on TikTok. It also has data about the currently running ads, just like the TikTok ad library. This becomes super helpful as it gives you insight into your competitors' doings. With the metrics that these ad analysis tools provide, you can improve your ad campaigns and dropshipping business.

With the best ad spy tools, you will be able to find hot-selling products, know the strategies of other advertisers, discover the latest market dynamics and ad trends, monitor yourself and a lot more. These tools even help you download the landing pages and customize them as per your desires, which makes it an effective time-saver.

The cost and pricing of Adspy tools are also very affordable and reasonable. Most of the tools contained in tools are free, whereas others have trial packs and refund policies.

Now one might also wonder, can the tasks performed by Adspy tools be done manually? This is not wrong, but the difference with the help of tools will surely be remarkable. Time advantage, advanced research and accurate results are some of the benefits you can be sure of. You will get a lot of information about the trends and products that are worth trying with the help of ad spy tools.

Now that we know what ad spy tools are and how they will help you increase your ecommerce business earnings, let's have a look at some of the best ones out there:

Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools (Updated 2024)

1. PiPiADS


Intro: When we talk about Tiktok Adspy tools, PiPiADS is one of the top names in the game. It has the biggest TikTok Ads library and a huge number of ad examples which will help you improve. Along with discovering your competitors' ads, PiPiADS enables you to get information about the best viral TikTok products and videos. They provide everything you need to get the best Tiktok Ads experience.

Features: You can get the winning dropshipping product within no time with the help of PiPiADS. Along with that, the tool also keeps you up to date with the TikTok product trends before they go viral, which for sure gives you the upper hand. You can also learn about other TikTok advertisers, as in about how they run their ads and their latest launches. You can choose from the different types of ad, which includes TikTok dropshipping ads, cash on delivery ads, App&gaming ads, brand ads, affiliate ads and local ads.

PiPiADS Pricing Plans

PiPiads Pricing

You can start using this #1 TikTok ads spy tool by purchasing one of its 3 packages. The annual packs help you save a total of 30% on monthly packs.

Starter Pack$77/month$54/month
VIP Pack$155/month$128/month
Pro Pack$263/month$181/month

2. Admego


Intro: Admego is a TikTok ad library and insights tool that helps advertisers in analyzing and discovering successful video creatives on TikTok. Admego provides in-depth insights into industry, target region, and objectives of each ad. It also allows users to view video ads within the platform, with a clickable link leading back to the source video and publisher, along with viewable metrics such as Impressions, Likes, estimated order count, and spending.

Features: It offers unlimited search capabilities, allowing users to explore the vast library of TikTok ads without restrictions. If a user can't find what they're looking for, Admego goes the extra mile to fetch it for them. The platform also provides insights into trending products and their engagement details, giving users a competitive edge in the market.

Admego is also known for its high-quality data, which is meticulously curated and vetted to ensure users get the most accurate and useful information. The platform also boasts a fast and modern user experience, making it easy and efficient for users to navigate and find what they need.

Admego Pricing

Admego Pricing Plans
PlanPrice per MonthFeatures
Basic (Free)$05 ad searches per day, 5 ad views per day, 5 winning products per day
Creator$37Unlimited searches, unlimited ad views, unlimited winning products, ad requests, 1 seat
Pro$67Everything in Creator, early access to new features, priority support, data & feature requests, 1-5 seats

To avail a 20% discount on your Admego subscription, use our exclusive coupon code “affcoupon20” during checkout.

3. Anstrex InStream

Anstrex Instream

Intro: Second on the list is Anstrex, a leading TikTok Adspy Tool for online marketers. It offers comprehensive spying capabilities on native and push notification ad campaigns, equipping users with valuable data to enhance their marketing strategies. Anstrex excels in uncovering top-performing TikTok ad campaigns, providing competitive insights and a vast library of E-commerce, Dropship, and Games TikTok Ads, along with precise audience targeting details.

Features: Anstrex offers an exceptional suite of features, providing unique insights into advertising trends, particularly in E-commerce, dropshipping, and mobile apps. By eliminating brand ads and irrelevant content, Anstrex delivers focused results. Unlike competitors with limited country data, Anstrex offers a global perspective, encompassing all TikTok-operating countries.

Moreover, it provides unrestricted access to all features and data, without any limitations. The platform's robust search function enables swift campaign filtering by criteria like country, language, CTA button text, OS, age and interest targets, and landing page platform. It also excels in precise keyword searches, covering creative text, landing page keywords, and advertiser names. Advanced users can leverage Anstrex's Boolean search capabilities for intricate combinations of search and filtering criteria.

Anstrex InStream Pricing

Anstrex InStream Pricing

Anstrex InStream is $69.99 per month per user.

4. BigSpy


Intro: Second on the list is BigSpy which is another big name amongst the Adspy tools. It provides the users with all the resources they need to spy on their competitors. You get massive up-to-date data and global market trends with BigSpy at a very low price. Along with TikTok advertising, you can get BigSpy's help for other social media platforms as well. It becomes the best tool for you because it features competitive Ads intelligence from 80 countries and 23 languages.

Features: The first feature allows you to accurately know the competitor's TikTok ads strategy. This allows you to get a competitive advantage and learn what areas you can prosper in. It provides the users with advanced options for searching, filtering, sorting, and analyzing, which in turn monitors the most profitable TikTok ads for you. Learn from the best strategies by leading marketers, now you won't have to struggle with creatives or targeting. You also can track the best-performing TikTok ads and hot-selling products from e-commerce, games, and apps, with authentic data, you can stop the guesswork.

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BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy Pricing

The pricing plans of BigSpy are one of the best on the list. The subscription you choose will automatically renew within a month until you unsubscribe. The yearly plans offer a total of 10-30% savings. You can also try their limited-time monthly Pro pack offer for 3 days at $1.

Basic Pack$9/month$79/month
Pro Pack$99/month$69/month
VIP Enterprise$300+/month$3600+/year

5. Flowspy


Intro: TikTok ad spying services provided by FlowSpy are also quite exceptional. The tool has one of the biggest searchable databases of TikTok Ads. It also finds you the most profitable winning ad campaigns within almost no time. Tracking winning products and successful ads from your competitors helps you level up your game. FlowSpy provides sophisticated filtering for more precise advertising and marketing activities.

Features: Flowspy becomes helpful for marketers because of its features. Firstly, it has an up to date database which provides you with precise and real-time TikTok ads data. The Advanced filtering and search functions deliver accuracy by providing exactly what the user is looking for. By discovering the best-performing latest ad campaigns and hot-selling products, you can surely beat all your competitors. It is the thing for Digital marketers and eCom entrepreneurs. It also helps you with your own TikTok ads in every possible way.

Flowspy Pricing Plans

Flowspy Pricing

Flowspy is trusted by 800+ happy customers and brands. Their packs are designed for individuals, professionals and big teams, all depending on your needs and requirements. The tool also has a 3-day trial available.

Starter Pack$49/month
Pro Pack$99/month
VIP Pack$159/month

6. Minea


Intro: Minea is another advanced ad search tool that helps you spy TikTok ads and beat your competition. Its main function is to help you find the hot-selling most potential product with the best marketing angle. It helps you find your first winning product by analyzing all the online advertising. The best part about Minea is that you can start it with $0, making it one of the best TikTok adspy free tools.

Features: Minea has a centralized tool that helps you find the winning product, this saves you a lot of time as well as money. Within 2 clicks, you will receive the desired information, and you won't have to be scrolling for hours. Minea's team is quite experienced in e-commerce, thus, the tool will provide you with key statistics which will help you make the right choices. With the best and trending ad creatives, your audience has nowhere else to go but come to the best marketer. You can even take inspiration from the strategies of other leading marketers. You also get the latest ideas from the most popular brands. You even get other additional features such as listings, AI selection, dark mode, business center, search AliExpress and affiliation. 

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea Pricing

There are different packs available, but you can start with the basic one, which won't even cost you a penny.

Lite Pack0€/month0€/month
Starter Pack49€/month34.50€/month
Premium Pack99€/month69.33€/month

7. Dropispy


Intro: The tool helps you power your e-commerce stores by keeping an eye on the best ads on various social platforms. Dropispy has the largest database of ads that are breaking screens at the present time, which makes it best for all dropshippers and online retailers. Ultra-precise searches are delivered with the tool's wide selection of filters. The high-quality real-time metrics help you understand and adapt to market trends.

Features: No.1 Dropshippings Ads Database is one of Dropispy biggest flex. The advanced technology of the tool enables you to access 20k+ new ads each new day. The tool helps you find the winning product and boost your earnings within no time. Dropispy also emerges as one of the most pocket-friendly adspy tools in the market. With Dropispy, you can find the highest ranking dropshipping shops, leading ads and winning products. Other features of the tool include a responsive interface, frequent updates, efficient search and a large database.

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Dropispy Pricing Plans

Dropispy Pricing

The tool is one of the best and, above all, comes at very affordable pricing. The basic pack is made available for users at no cost. You can cancel your subscription any time you desire.

Free Pack0€/month0€/month
Premium Pack29.90€/month14.90€/month
Business Pack249.90€/month249.90€/month

Best Dropshipping Ads Spy Tools 2024 (For Other Social Media Platforms)

If you are looking for an Ad Spy tool for other social platforms, then the following ones become your one-stop destination.

8. Anstrex


Intro: Anstrex helps you build winning ad campaigns by observing and beating your competition. The tool is equipped with more data and features than most of the common ad spy tools out there. Not just that, it even helps users build awesome and efficient landing pages. With Anstrex, you don't just save time and money, but now you also get for your advertising spend. They say that their exceptional coverage is second to none.

Features: The features of this competitive intelligence tool are what make it exceptional. Firstly, Anstrex has more ad networks than any other ad spy tool. They use high-quality residential proxies to obtain more accurate data across 60+ countries. Along with that, you get access to millions of ads from a huge number of advertisers and publishers. Various filters and searching options make your work easy and less time-consuming.

Keyword search also becomes a cakewalk with Anstrex. Boolean searching allows you to combine filters and search criteria so that you can easily get what you have been hunting for. Download any landing page or even line multiple of them, along with that, you also get rapid deployment on servers. With smooth in-line landing page editing, you get wings. Along with all these also get a lot of other helpful features that will enhance the overall experience.

Anstrex Pricing Plans

Anstrex Pricing

The pricing for Anstrex is simple, fair, and comparatively cheaper. The ad spy tool is backed by a 48-hour money-back guarantee.

Solo Plan$69.99/Month/User
Bundle and Save $139.99/Month/User
Ultimate Combo and Savings$219.99/Month/User

9. PowerAdSpy


Intro: This AI-Powered Ad Intelligence Platform is another leading Ad spy tool on the list. PowerAdSpy works by providing its users with the competitor's social media ad strategies. The tool works for various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Google Ads, Native, Quora, Reddit and Pinterest. You can generate insights from the world's largest ad inventory that is powered by advanced algorithms and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The tool has listed more than 110 million ads and is serving in 100+ countries.

Features: It helps you explore ad ideas from the industry of your choice. Later, you can view your competitor's ad analytics and decode their strategies. Based on the testing, you can optimize your personal strategy and elevate your performance. Other tailor-made features of PowerAdSpy also make available features such as enhanced search, comprehensive filters, breaking ad components, Dashboard Personalization, Dynamic Device Compatibility and robust reports. You can also get started with their powerful Facebook Extension, which will provide you with competitive stats of targeted ads.

PowerAdSpy Logo
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PowerAdSpy Pricing Plans

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy comes in a lot of different packages, and the pricing varies according to the features provided. You can also start with their free plan, which has almost everything and has 100 Searches/1000 Ads for 10 Days.

Pack NameBasic PackPremium PackPalladium Pack
PlatformsFacebook, PinterestFacebook, Instagram, Youtube, PinterestFacebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Google, Quora, Reddit and 2 others.

10. Social Peta

Social Peta

Intro: Social Peta is ranked as one of the best Ad intelligence platforms. The tool allows you to spy on your competitors' ads data, and you also get insights into top networks, publishers, and advertisers. The tool becomes more powerful as it is a combination of Ad analytics and Ecom intelligence. It is trusted by various market leaders, including Google, Alibaba Group and Bilibili.

Features: With Social Peta's ad analytics feature, you can spy on your competitors and get useful insights. Global Ad Analytics covers 40+ global networks, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Unity, and other local networks in Japan and Korea. You can get an insight into others' advertising strategies and implement their market dynamics to enhance your ad campaigns. Social Peta works with 69 countries and 70 mainstream networks, with 1.2B of creative materials. You also get to look into the Ad Cost of Facebook.

Ecom Intelligence has product analytics that helps you find the winning product within no time. Ad Search Function allows you to find leading and winning products. This will not only save you the advertising cost but also make sure that the product is earning profit. The overall concept may help you increase your Amazon revenue by 200%. The tool also allows you to explore other niche markets on AliExpress.

Social Peta Pricing: You can start Social Peta instantly by registering and getting their 3-day free trial.

All You Need to Know about TikTok Ads and TikTok Advertising!!!

TikTok uses its own algorithm to deliver its variety of ads to the targeted audience and potential customers. The ads on TikTok can be classified into three major groups, namely ad campaigns, ad groups, and ads. When creating an ad, brands must choose from a list of campaign objectives, target audience demographics, and bidding methods. TikTok in-feed Ads, Brand Takeover Ads, Branded Hashtag Challenges, Branded AR content and Custom influencer package are some of the ad options that TikTok provides.

The TikTok Ads Manager allows you to control costs based on various bidding methods. TikTok Ad budgets start at $50 for the campaign level and $20 for the ad group level. Using TikTok Ads Manager, you can create, distribute, track, and optimize ad campaigns on TikTok—just like you would with other social media ad managers. Another important aspect of TikTok advertising is a TikTok Ad Library. Using TikTok's ads library tool, you can search for the most effective and trending TikTok ad campaigns for inspiration.

TikTok Ads Vs. Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads

All of these social media platforms are among the leading ones. Each has its unique user interactive interface. Ads are an essential part of social media marketing. But which among these apps works best for running successful ad campaigns? TikTok is the latest one out of all the three social networks, so let us look at its advantages compared to others.

Less Competition: Because TikTok is a relatively new marketing platform, you won't have to worry about fierce competition. While marketers may benefit heavily from this lack of competition, reaching out to your audience becomes highly possible and easy.

Target Audience: It is important to note that users on TikTok are largely between the ages of 16 and 24, with 31.3% being between the ages of 25 and 34 on Facebook. This can be beneficial for the brands and products whose target audience is this particular age group.

Unique Format: It has a unique format which makes it quite entertaining, so both the audience and content creators are quite hooked to it. Smaller companies may also advertise on TikTok in the form of short video ads in-feed. In addition to being able to advertise in a unique way, TikTok can also offer a variety of advertising options.

Cost Effective: The cost of running ad campaigns on Facebook and Google, as compared to TikTok, is quite expensive. Though these platforms have a huge audience base, when you look at TikTok even, it has grown significantly. The pricing difference is quite a deciding factor for many and is indeed worth noticing.

Top FAQ on TikTok Ad Spy Tools

What are TikTok ads spy tools?

It's important that you know how to choose the right ads and make them work on TikTok to get maximum ROI. With TikTok ads spy tools, you can spy on your competitors' ad campaigns and also analyze their winning ad strategies. Picking the right TikTok Ads spy tool gives you more advantages as it makes it easy to spy on your competitor's activities.

Why should you use TikTok ads spy tools?

As a marketer, promoter, or business owner, you need a TikTok ads spy tool in order to succeed on TikTok. As we all know, spying on TikTok Ads and Campaigns manually is time-consuming and expensive. Competition is high, and the chances of finding a successful campaign are low when you do it manually. By using the TikTok ads spy tool, one can spy on TikTok Ads and Campaigns quickly, precisely, and efficiently with just a click of a button.

How to choose TikTok ads spy tools?

Every TikTok ads spy tool available on the market has some special features and benefits. Choosing the best TikTok ads spy tool entirely depends on your requirement. Most of the tool also offers a free trial that helps you spy effortlessly on TikTok ads, making it easy for you to know whether the tool is right for you.

How do I spy ads on TikTok?

Advertising on TikTok can be an exhausting and costly business. TikTok ads spying tool is an efficient way for you to discover some winning and profitable ads on TikTok. TikTok ads spying tool is one of your best options when you want to boost your e-commerce business. Use the TikTok ads spy tool and its powerful targeting features to get your ad in front of the right audience—without wasting time or money on expensive campaigns that won't pay off.

Conclusion: Best TikTok Ad Spy Tools – How to use the TikTok ads spy tool effectively?

Choosing the correct TikTok ad spy tool depends on your needs because each tool has its own distinctive characteristics. You may have a tough time selecting any one tool from the many alternatives. Since most platforms offer a free trial version and come with a ton of interesting features that will help your ads campaigns score more.

Once you trace down your competition's strategies, you can search for the most profitable and hot-selling products. Some tools even help you download and customize landing pages which makes them quite efficien. The database of these Ad spy tools is up to date, hence you will get the latest trend updates and marketing metrics. If you are just beginning your online business, then the top TikTok ads spy tool, such as PiPiADS and BigSpy will help you expand faster.

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