Video Ad Vault Review 2024: Dominate Your Competitors (Video Ad Vault Coupons)

Video Ad Vault Review

Looking for a Video Ad Vault review? Are you someone who wants to get better with YouTube Ads and keep an eye on your competitors as well?

In the current scenario, every business or individual has been using a different type of marketing strategy and content strategy; some focus on Facebook ads, some on Google ads and some on video ads (YouTube Ads). If you are someone who is looking to make yourself standalone in terms of video advertising, maybe Video Ad Vault is the tool made for you.

Where every marketer or business is looking forward to new ways to collect customers, various ways can be used by them, but video ads have taken a long way in terms of advertisement. So having a tool that can help you get a better overview of how to use these video ads can benefit you.

Well, YouTube is the biggest video platform we are known to, but in addition to that, YouTube is also the biggest platform where you can run your video ads. Still, the question arises on maximizing the profits and conversions while minimizing your efforts in terms of marketing. So let's take a look at what Video Ad Vault is and how you can use this tool to maximize your profits and audience engagement.

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Video Ad Vault Reviews

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Detailed Ad Vault Review

Video Ad Vault Reviews

You might be aware of what ad spying tools do, but most of the time, we come across Ad spying tools that focus more on Facebook Ads, Google Ads and much more, but what about YouTube videos? We are already aware of how much potential YouTube has, but are you using it as you should be? Well, this is where Video Ad Vault comes in; the Video Ad Vault is a great product that can be very helpful in analyzing the video ads that you or your competitors are running.

Video Ad Vault is a cloud-based software/tool that can be helpful in understanding and analyzing the video ads that you are running and also the ones that your competitors are running. Well, Video Ad Vault claims to have the largest searchable YouTube ads collection with landing pages as well.

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In simple words, the tool is specialized in delivering a better understanding of ad campaigns but in the video category (Video Ads over YouTube). The vault enables you to understand and improvise your video advertising tactics. Now, after understanding what Video Ad Vault does, let's take a look at its key features and how it can be beneficial for you in terms of video advertising.

Key features of Video Ad Vault | Video Ad Vault Review

Largest Database of Searchable YouTube Ads

Video Ad Vault Review - Largest Database

As a user, you will be able to search around a large database of YouTube ads, around which you will be able to understand and improvise your ad campaigns & ad marketing operations. In addition to the search being performed, you can also perform these searches based on different filters such as video ads title, description, channels, domains and much more. You can also use features such as geo-targeting to find the best and most refined results for your search.

Know the Top Advertisers around the Globe

Video Ad Vault Review - Top Advertisers

Get known to all the top advertisers around the globe or even a specific country. The database available shows the best advertisers performing around any specific location or even around the globe. You can find the top YouTube advertisers in any country based on the total number of views all their video ads have received or the amount of unique individual video ads seen in that country.

You can then easily search for all videos sponsored by a selected advertiser across numerous platforms. The Video Ad vault also offers some bonus features that let you discover any new advertisers who might have uploaded their first video in any country.

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Learn with Video Ad Vault

Actually, this really grabbed my attention, as the tool is made by Tubesfit; it has some bonus features offered by Tubesfit; this feature enables you to understand and work accordingly. With this feature, you can better understand creating, launching, and scaling up your ads and campaigns.

Video Ad Vault Review - Bonus

You can even have personalized help across your ad campaign reviews, landing page reviews, targeting tips and much more. The tubesfit office hours is a plan which costs around $97/month and is offered complimentary while getting along with the Video Ad Vault.

Well, in addition to all the key features we have mentioned above, let's get a better overview on what are the powerful and standalone features that are offered by Video Ad Vault:

Video Ad Vault Coupon

Cloud-based tool: Video Ad Vault is a 100% cloud-based tool so that you don't have to make any installs just to operate it. You can easily access the tool anywhere in your laptop or PC has an internet connection.

Advanced searches and options available: As I mentioned above, the search option offers some great features in terms of searching; you can search along with different categories and filters like location, description, domains and much more, making it an all-rounder searching tool across ad campaigns.

Quick browse mode: Well, this can be very helpful to a lot of marketers and advertisers as you can also have an overview on browsing the recently seen video ads while also looking at the videos that are recently published.

Updated advertisers list: Video Ad Vault updates their top advertisers list now and then; basically, the lists of any new ads get updated every hour. As a user, having an updated database of video ads can be very helpful in many aspects.

Saving Ads: The Video Ad Vault gives you access to save any ads that you might like to consider for having future references.

Watched channels: The watched channel lets you save any channels that you might be looking forward to; this feature of watched channel enables you to see all the video ads offered by Watched Channels.

Easy to use interface: The user interface plays a crucial role in making the product/tool successful. Video Ad Vault offers a great easy to use interface to make any new marketers or individuals get along with it.

Video Ad Vault Pricing Plans:

Video Ad Vault Pricing Plans

After having an overview of all the features and tools offered by Video Ad Vault, let's take a look at what are the pricing plans offered by it. Compared to other tools and plans offered by them, Video Ad Vault only offers two plans. Basically, it's only a single plan, which is offered monthly and yearly.

The monthly plan offers all the features and is priced at $97/month. Meanwhile, the yearly plan costs around $997/year, which saves you somewhere around $167 while opting for the yearly plan

Spying your competitors

Video Ad Vault by Tubesift is a great spying tool that can help you get an overview of how your competitors are performing in terms of video ad campaigns. It enables you to get an overview and detailed insight as well; if you want to, the watched channel option in the features gives you access to the features. You can get a better overview of how a certain video or publisher is performing. You can also see information in terms of views, likes, dislike, published, and it also shows the places where a video ad is running (countries).

Top FAQs on Video Ad Vault Review

How does Video Ad Vault work?

Video Ad Vault is the powerful YouTube ads spy tool that offers the most extensive searchable database of landing pages and YouTube ads. It is a must-have tool that every online advertiser should use to get the most accurate data of what works on YouTube.

Why do I need the Video Ad Vault tool?

Video Ad Vault was designed with powerful search options to find the perfect video ads you are actually looking for. Video Ad Vault's browse mode helps you see recently published ads. The powerful ability of Video Ad Vault help user to discover YouTube advertisers across the globe. Using this tool helps you get detailed insights about the individual ads that work great on YouTube.

Can I try Video Ad Vault for free?

Currently, Video Ad Vault does not offer any free plan or free trial to its users. If you want to use this amazing YouTube ads spy tool, you need to buy its paid plan.

Is Video Ad Vault worth the money?

As we all know, the best way to take your marketing strategy to the next level is by spying on successful ad campaigns. Video Ad Vault is the leading YouTube ads spy tool that helps you to see quality YouTube ads and landing pages from top YouTube advertisers. This tool gives you all the information you need to make smarter advertising decisions.

Do I need to download any software on my system?

No, to use Video Ad Vault, the user does not require to install any complicated software as it is 100% cloud-based. One can easily use this tool on a PC or Mac without installing anything.

How much does Video Ad Vault cost?

Currently, Video Ad Vault offers two major pricing plans that suit every individual's needs.
Monthly Plan: $97/mo
Annual Plan: $997/yr

Is there any working Video Ad Vault coupon code?

Yes, use the above-mentioned Video Ad Vault coupon code that helps you to save $167 on your annual subscription.

Final Verdict | Video Ad Vault

Video Ad Vault can be defined as a great tool in terms of video ad campaigns; as a user, Video Ad Vault offers some standalone features if you are looking forward to having a tool that can help you in understanding a better overview of video ads and marketing accordingly.

Better management in terms of ad campaigns can be really helpful in many ways, as you can have access to features such as quick browse mode, advanced searches with multiple filters, saved ads and much more. If you are someone who is looking for a video ads tool that can level up your video ad campaigns game, maybe Video Ad Vault is your tool.🤞🤞

Overall, the features and tools can be really helpful in terms of making a better content strategy. In my experience, the features offered by Video Ad Vaults can help you have a better overview of how to outrun your competitors in terms of video ads and much more. Hopefully, this article would have cleared up any doubts that you might be encountering in terms of video ads campaigns, competitors' ad spying and the tool itself.

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