EtsyHunt Coupons & Promo Codes 2024: $50.88 Off + 20% Discount

Try out ✅ Verified EtsyHunt Coupons and discount codes that can help you save 40% on your preferred EtsyHunt plan. Not only this, users can also access EtsyHunt free plan which can help in making a good analysis across all the basic key features offered by EtsyHunt along with its user interface.

EtsyHunt offers helpful features for product and keyword search, seller analysis, listing optimization, and shop analysis at a cost of $3.99/month. EstyHunt can perform as a product research tool, and keyword research tool while aiding in the development of selling strategies. Common features include listing optimization, shop analysis, and product research. So, basically, EtsyHunt can take care of Etsy SEO while focusing on other parameters as well.

EtsyHunt offers various pricing plans for different levels of sellers. The Pro plan is for multi-store sellers, while the Basic plan is for single-shop sellers on Etsy. Currently, users can also access EtsyHunt free plan while getting along with the EtsyHunt coupons and promo codes that can help you save 40% on this all-in-one platform for Etsy selling operations. 

EtsyHunt Coupons and Promo Codes 2024 ✓ Get 40% Off

Below mentioned are some of the EtsyHunt coupon codes and discount codes that can help you get along with some of the excellent money saver deals and offers. In addition to all that, you can also make your way around the EtsyHunt free plan as well. So grab these excellent deals and offers while saving some extra bucks.

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Top EtsyHunt Coupon Codes & Promo Codes for 2024

Today’s Best EtsyHunt Offer: $50 OFF (EtsyHunt Pro Plan)

Total EtsyHunt Coupons & Promo Codes: 9+

EtsyHunt Promo Codes, Deals & Offers: 7+

How to apply EtsyHunt Coupon Code?

  • Click the “Activate Deal” button.

This will open a new tab that takes you to

  • Click on the “Login” or “Register” button.

You need to have an account on EtsyHunt to make the purchase.

EtsyHunt Promo
  • Fill in the details

Fill in the required details to login or make an account.

EtsyHunt Promo code
  • Click on the “Pricing” button

Three Plans will appear on your screen.

EtsyHunt deals
  • Click on the “Yearly” button (to save up to 20%)

Now click on the “Get” button of the EtsyHunt pro plan.

EtsyHunt discount
  • Fill in the payment details

Now fill in your payment details and paste the code in the appropriate box.

EtsyHunt discount code
  • Enjoy your savings!

Latest EtsyHunt Coupon, Offers & Promo Code 2024

EtsyHunt Coupon OffersEtsyHunt Coupon Offer DetailsEtsyHunt Coupon Codes
EtsyHunt CouponGet 20% OFF on EtsyHunt Yearly PlansDROPTWEAKS
Discount Code for EtsyHuntStart your EtsyHunt Free TrialDROPTWEAKS
Promo Code for EtsyHuntGet 20% OFF + Extra $19 OFF on Pro PlanDROPTWEAKS
20% OFF EtsyHunt CouponUse EtsyHunt Pro at just $170/YearDROPTWEAKS

What is EtsyHunt? EtsyHunt Review, Intro, Demo & Tutorial

EtsyHunt is an Etsy seller tool that can help you with different aspects of Etsy selling operations. Well, these aspects include product research, keyword research, shop analysis, and much more. There are hundreds of powerful tools that can help in almost all of the above-mentioned aspects, and EtsyHunt has emerged as an excellent choice among Etsy sellers; the easy-to-use interface with an overall analysis of Etsy selling operations has made EtsyHunt a good-to-go choice.

Here are some of the common parameters that are covered by EtsyHunt:

  • Performing Shop Analysis
  • Product Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Optimization
  • Performing research on Amazon Handmade
  • Analysis of Inactive products

EtsyHunt Features: Tips to rank higher on Etsy

As we have already mentioned earlier, EtsyHunt performs a number of operations that can be really helpful in several things for selling over Etsy. Well, it won't be wrong to say that EtsyHunt can be considered among SEO Tools that can help make better product listing, listing optimization, seller analysis and much more. Here are some of the key features that are offered by EtsyHunt:

  • Product Research: EtsyHunt lets you explore product research under different segments, and these product research features include searching and performing analysis over the product database. In addition to that, EtsyHunt also offers other Etsy product research as well, including the Product chart, Amazon Handmade Products and Etsy Inactive Products.
  • Keywords: As an Etsy seller performing a good analysis of Keywords can help to outrun your existing competitors. From a seller's perspective, getting your product listed over the right keyword can exponentially increase your ROI. The EtsyHunt allows you to get along parameters like views, favorites, competition and sales over a certain keyword. In addition to all this, EtsyHunt also offers a Keyword analysis under Google search trends, these trends let you explore these keywords on both the parameters for Google Web Search and Google Shopping Search. Users can also get along with some of the other related info as well including similar keywords and their info in terms of views, favorites, competition, and sales.
  • Shops: EtsyHunt also lets you explore some additional features, including the Shop database and Shop chart. The Shop database offers some additional information as well, including Total Sales, Total Reviews, Total Favorites, On sale, Creation time, and Action (View on Etsy, Product list or Favorite). You can explore the Shop Chart as well, which includes the shops categorized under Top Chart and New Trending, which can later be analyzed for better performance.
  • Operations: Etsyhunt also lets you explore around important parameters for other operations like Listing optimization and Follow up reminders. Listing optimization can be helpful in letting you explore a certain product and exploring some of the important aspects such as Views, Sales, Conversion, and SEO tips. In addition, you can also make your way around other features for a particular product, such as listing info, created, views, sales, conversion, and SEO tips.
  • Tool Kit: EtsyHunt also offers a Tool kit including additional features like Data API, Tags extension, Quick view extension and Etsy fee calculator. These small but effective tools can help make things better for your Etsy selling operations; for example: the Etsy fee calculator can be an excellent way to make things better for managing expenses and making better financial decisions with keeping an eye on the profit, loss, fees, cost, etc.

How to redeem 40% Off EtsyHunt Coupon Code?

As I have already mentioned earlier, you can easily get a discount of around 20% on EtsyHunt using the verified coupon code. Well, this discount can be increased to around 40% by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Signup for the EtsyHunt using the exclusive link.
  •  Once you are directed to the official website, start the signup process by clicking on the register button shown in the upper right corner.
  • After signing up, you'll get access to the EtsyHunt Free plan with limited access to some of its key features.
  • Since choosing the annual plan will save you an upfront discount of 20%, now apply the coupon code “DROPTWEAKS” and get an additional 20% discount on EtsyHunt.

Congratulations, you have now saved yourself a 40% discount on EtsyHunt. Well, just in case you are not sure about EtsyHunt being the right choice, the free plan is something I would highly recommend moving on with.

EtsyHunt Pricing Plans

Etsyhunt Pricing Plans

EtsyHunt offers 3 different pricing plans, including the free plan, basic plan and pro plan. All these plans are tailored while keeping all Etsy sellers, as the free plan is made for sellers who tend to explore the key features and user interface offered by EtsyHunt.

EtsyHunt Free Plan: The EtsyHunt free plan can be an excellent way to get along with the key features offered by it. The free plan gives you access to 10 searches in product search, keyword search, and shop search. In addition to all that, you can also get along with the product charts and shop charts in a partial manner. Well, the EtsyHunt free does not give access to listing optimization, follow-up reminder, Amazon handmade, multi-store binding and getting along with inactive products.

EtsyHunt Basic Plan: The EtsyHunt basic plan costs around $3.99/month and gives access to all the features that were mentioned in the EtsyHunt free plan, whereas some of the features that were limited in the free plan are unlimited in the basic plan, such as product search, product chart, shop search, and shop chart. In addition to that, you can also get along with other features like Listing optimizer, follow-up reminder, and shop analysis in the basic plan,

EtsyHunt Pro Plan: The EtsyHunt Pro plan costs around $19.99/month with all the features that were offered in the basic plan. In addition to that, by getting along with the pro plan, you can also get access to features like Amazon handmade, Inactive products, and multi-store binding.

Does EtsyHunt offer a lifetime deal?

No, currently, EtsyHunt does not offer any lifetime deal that we are aware of, but you can give a shot to some of the other plans at a discounted price using the EtsyHunt coupon codes that we have mentioned above. In addition to that, you can also try out the EtsyHunt free plan with limited searches for product search, shop search, keyword search, etc.

Pros and Cons of EtsyHunt Coupons & Promo Codes


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Offers a free plan to explore the features
  • Features for all Etsy selling-related operations
  • Tool kit available for Etsy Sellers
  • One of the cheapest Etsy seller's tools


  • Do not offer a truly unlimited plan

Top FAQs on EtsyHunt Coupons & Discount Codes 2024

What’s the cheapest plan offered by EtsyHunt?

The cheapest EtsyHuntplan is the Basic plan which costs around $3.99/month; the Basic plan gives you access to all the key features offered by EtsyHunt.

Does Etsyhunt offer any free plan?

Yes, EtsyHunt offers a free plan that can be a good-to-go option for Etsy sellers that look forward to exploring the key features and user interface offered by it. The Etsyhunt free plan gives limited access to all the key features but can turn out to be an excellent option to see how these features can help Etsy sellers in their selling operations.

What’s the best EtsyHunt discount deal I can get?

You can use the coupon code “DROPTWEAKS” to get 20% off on the EtsyHunt Pro Plan (Annual) and a $50.88 additional discount. In addition to that, you can also apply this coupon code to save some extra bucks on the monthly plan as well.

Can I test EtsyHunt before purchasing it?

Yes, EtsyHunt offers a free plan that can help you in getting along with all the key features and understand how the tool works. In addition to that, you can also get some extra discounts on EtsyHunt using the coupon code DROPTWEAKS.

Can I use more than one EtsyHunt coupon & promo code for my order?

Using more than one EtsyHunt discount code is not permitted on a single order, as this would decrease the likelihood of receiving a discount. While users seek to save some extra money on EtsyHunt services, using more than one discount code might make things more complicated and prevent the discount codes from working, resulting in no savings on your selected plan.

EtsyHunt News and Coupons on Social Media:

Conclusion: EtsyHunt Free Plan & EtsyHunt Coupons (40% Off on EtsyHunt)

As an Etsy seller, having a tool that can help you out with multiple aspects such as keyword search, product search, listing optimization, etc., can turn out to be exceptionally well for all selling operations. A tool like EtsyHunt not only gives you access to all the features we just mentioned but can also help make things better to outrun your competitors.

Unlike most of the Etsy seller's tools available in the market, EtsyHunt covers almost all the important aspects that can help improve Etsy selling operations. EtsyHunt offers 3 different pricing plans that are tailored by keeping all types of Etsy sellers in mind; the basic plan can be an excellent choice for medium-sized sellers, whereas the Pro plan can be a good-to-go choice for medium to large-scale sellers in the Etsy ecosystem.

In addition to all this,  you can avail 20% Off on the plans and an additional discount of $50.88 on the EtsyHunt annual plan, using one of the coupons that we have mentioned above. So, get your hands around this excellent Etsy seller tool along with some excellent deals to save some extra bucks while Upscaling your Etsy business.

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