PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension 2024: Scale your Dropshipping

Today I'll be doing a PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension Review.

PPSPY is a Shopify store analysis tool that helps sellers quickly learn about their competitors' stores and their best-selling products.

PiPiADS is among the #1 Best TikTok ads spy tools when it comes to researching ads on TikTok. This tool provides access to tons of products selling well on TikTok with a click of a single button.

The PPSPY is a new chrome extension for Shopify online store spying. It is separate from the PiPiADS TikTok Ad Spy tool and is exclusively for Shopify store spying.

Let's explore more about it in our PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension Review.

What is PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension?

PPSPY is a new Shopify Store analysis chrome extension by which sellers can know about the best-selling products and also quickly learn about their competitors' stores.

What distinguishes it from the main PiPiADS TikTok ads spy tool is that it mainly focuses on TikTok Ad Spying, whereas the PPSPY Chrome Extension mainly focuses on finding winning products on Shopify and assisting Sellers in Dropshipping.

Even though this extension is new, it has already started gaining popularity among Dropshippers and Shopify Store owners, with numerous positive reviews on the Chrome web store. If you find an online store with tons of e-commerce sales, you can check out if they are doing any TikTok advertising and which ad strategies they’re using. This can also help you to identify the best-selling products and include them in your store to boost your sales.

The PPSPY Chrome Extension will reveal all the secrets behind any Shopify Store. It is a Shopify Store analysis tool from which dropshippers can quickly learn about competitors' stores and their best-selling products. So this way you can learn and know about other people's stores and the products they sell. Plus, you can also find your store's direction and products by studying your competitor's stores. It is a must-have for Dropship & E-commerce Businesses.

Benefits of PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension

PPSPY is a robust chrome extension for dropshippers and Shopify store owners, which offers the following benefits.

  • Get Competitive insights for any Shopify Store.
  • You can export Unlimited Product Listings in CSV format.
  • Track activity in real-time sales for any Shopify Store.
  • Find Competing stores and products.
  • Discover the Best Selling Products of your competitor.
  • Search for any app installed on a store.
  • Dropshippers can also download all text, images, and videos from Shopify Product Reviews and Import them directly to their Shopify Store.
  • In one click, you can download all the best-selling products and images from the Shopify store and import them directly to your store for business.
  • This Extension will also help in discovering viral Dropship products with your TikTok Ads and Facebook Ads.
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Key Features of PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension

Next, in our PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension Review, we will have a look at few of the key features offered by it.

#1 Shopify Inspector

Shopify Inspector By PiPiADS Chrome Extension

This feature of PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension is going to deliver you all the information about the Shopify store like its theme, name, store, theme name, Newest Product time, First Product Time, Region & City, Currency, Product Quantity, Facebook Pixel, TikTok Pixel, Best selling products, the time of distribution of the latest product launches, Products grouped by Product type, product analysis products grouped vendor and Products grouped by tag.

#2 Store's Products

Store's Products by PiPiADS Chrome Extension

With this feature of PiPiADS, dropshippers can check out the Best Selling Products along with the newly added ones and all products. They can also check out the Product pricing, Sales, and the time when it was created. You can also download the product and also its images with no limit.

#3 Live Sales

Live Sales by PiPiADS Chrome Extension

This is a fantastic feature of PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension, where they can view the live sales of any Shopify store. They can also view Sale Time, Sale Price, Last Sale Time, Sale Product, Current Generate Sales, Revenue Per Hour, Current Sold Products, Order Per Hour, and Export and Download Sale and Raw Data.

#4 Apps and Tools

Apps and Tools by PiPiADS Chrome Extension

Apps and Tools feature of it will reveal the secret apps that make sales for your competitor's stores. This is really handy to know which apps can drive sales and which are the ones to endorse.

#5 Shopify Reviews

Shopify Review by PiPiADS Chrome Extension

With this feature of PPSPY, you can download all Shopify Reviews. And then, you can import the downloaded Shopify Reviews directly to your Shopify store. You can download Loox, Judge.me, Ali reviews, Rivyo, Stamped Product reviews, Product reviews, Fera, Ryviu, Automizely product reviews, Yotpo, Vitals, Shopify review CSV.

PPSPY Features as a Platform without Extension

PPSPY offers a set of features that can be used by dropshippers for better results and research overall. Well, it is worth mentioning that PPSPY offers a lot more features on PPSPY official website (platform oriented) as compared to the Chrome extension.

PPSPY Dashboard

Here are some of the features worth considering:

  • Sales Tracking: Users can run a good analysis and tracking around the store which you might wanna track. The store to be tracked should have less than 2000 products listed along with an error margin of around 20%.
  • Product Research: As the name suggests, product research can help in making things better by running a good analysis of the products that might be trending across different platforms. This product research offers things like categories, sales, ad channels, and much more.
  • Store Research: The store research gives you a good analysis of different aspects like monthly sales, monthly revenue, newest products, and much more.
  • Traffic Research:  As the name suggests Traffic research can show you an analysis of how much traffic a certain website has. On the positive side, the data is extracted by Similarweb, which is indeed one of the trusted SEO tools in the market.
  • Store Theme: This feature is basically available on both the Chrome extension as well as the platform. Users can look forward to knowing what theme is being used by your competitor along with the Shopify apps being used.

How to Install PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension?

Now we have for you a few steps which you need to follow this fantastic Shopify Spy extension.

Step 1: Head to the PPSPY Official Website.

PiPiADS Chrome Extension

Step 2: Then Click on the “Install Chrome Extension Free” button. 

Install PiPiADS Chrome Extension Free

Step 3: You will be directed to the Chrome Web Store. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button.

Add to Chrome PiPiADS Chrome

Step 4: A popup will appear where you have to click on “Add Extension.”

Add PiPiADS Chrome Extension

Step 5: You can now check out in the extension tab that the PPSPY Chrome Extension has been successfully installed on your browser. 

What is PiPiADS? – About PiPiADS


PiPiADS is a top-of-the-line all-in-one TikTok Dropshipping tool that provides TikTok Winning products. This tool is capable of delivering hot products, which have been working a lot in terms of Ads Management, and also the high-quality Ads on TikTok from which the sellers can easily find the top winning dropshipping products.

With PiPiADS in your pocket, you can search from the largest data hub of Tiktok and from it, you can search for the product to get from its comprehensive advertisements. For this, it offers features like TikTok Ad Search, Product Search, Winning Products, Advertiser Search, and Etsy Product, along with the PPSPY Chrome Extension. With all of these features at hand, Dropshippers can easily find the top-selling products and include them in their storefront and expand their revenue.

PiPiADS Pricing

PiPiads Pricing

PiPiADS offers a 3-Day Free Trial at $1, which the users can leverage and check out all the features of PiPiADS and see how this TikTok Ad spy tool is helping them with finding the winning dropshipping products.

PiPiADS offers Three Pricing plans – Starter, VIP and Pro.

The PiPiADS Starter Plan costs $77/month, and in it, you can have multiple features such as Ads per query, Ad detail, Advertiser Queries, Advertiser details, and Unlimited Winning products. This plan is for 1 person only.

Next, you have the PiPiADS VIP Plan, which costs $155/month, and in it, you get the same set of features as you get in the Starter Plan but with increased limits. This plan is also suitable for 1 person only.

Lastly, you have the PiPiADS PRO Plan, which costs $263/month, which gives you all the features offered by PiPiADS and is for the usage of 5 persons.

Top PPSPY Alternatives

Though PPSPY is a Robust Shopify Tool that offers numerous features, there are a few of its alternatives on the market which are giving it a tough fight in terms of the various features. We shall now see the Top Shopify Spy Tool Extensions, which are also alternatives to the PPSPY Extension.

Is PPSPY Chrome Extension Free?

Yes. The PPSPY Chrome Extension is entirely Free of cost. You can easily download this Dropshipping & Shopify Spy store inspector Tool from its official website and begin your journey of finding the top-selling products on Shopify and boosting their sales.

How Accurate is the PPSPY Chrome Extension?

After testing PPSPY Chrome Extension, we found the data to be highly accurate and beneficial. Even though not all tools have got 100% accuracy, we found that PPSPY can hold a 20% chance as its error margin.

Which Pixels Does PPSPY Offer?

PPSPY Chrome Extension offers Facebook and TikTok Pixels on Chrome extension but offers some additional pixels on Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Does PPSPY Chrome Extension offer real-time Shopify Data?

After using PPSPY Chrome Extension, we can definitely say that it does tend to offer real-time insights of Shopify Stores to its users by which they can add the top winning and hot selling products to their storefront and expand their revenue.

Which SEO tool is used by PPSPY for research?

PPSPY uses Similarweb to extract the data and run traffic research and analysis over a certain website. 

Does PiPiADS offer a Free Trial?

Yes. PiPiADS offers a 3-Day Free Trial for $1. This is an excellent opportunity for the Dropshippers to test out this tool and see how it performs and delivers the winning dropshipping products.

Is the PPSPY Chrome Extension different from the PPSPY platform?

Yes, the PPSPY Chrome extension offers comparatively lesser features and options to explore as compared to the platform which offers much more features.

Final Verdict – Is PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension the Best Shopify Extension? 

After using and doing this in-depth PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension Review, we recommend that it is among the Best Shopify Extension on which the Dropshippers can rely and find all the Shopify Winning Products.

PPSPY offers all the essential features of commerce Inspector, Shopify Spy Scraper & Parser, Koala Inspector, Shopify Theme Detector, and AliScraper. It also checks the price of the product just like any other tool. Most Importantly, It's Absolutely FREE and 10X Better!

We hope that you like our PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension Review. Do Let us know your views in our comment section below about this fantastic Dropshipping & Shopify Spy store inspector Tool.

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