PiPiADS Review 2024: #1 TikTok AdSpy Tool?

Still looking out for an unbiased PiPiADS review? Well, search no more because we have got you covered with an honest one. This review is all about what PiPiADS has done so far, the pros and cons, and its updated pricing plans as well. Check it out now!

1 billion monthly active users- a dream sound true moment for marketers!

This is not us saying, it's TikTok doing wonders in the marketing space. For not just marketers, but even if you are into entertainment, you would know how downright addictive TikTok is! The short videos over the past few years have hit the dopamine levels of viewers and this is the reason why this social media platform has gained incredible momentum.

But why are we talking about this? Are we into videos? No, but we are surely into the audience that watches the videos. Yes, for marketers TikTok is a blessing in disguise.

Just a successful ad campaign can bring in thousands of customers, it's indeed a goldmine, isn't it?

Still, are ad campaigns this easy to launch? No, the failure rate is a lot. And here's where TikTok adspy tools like PiPiADS come to the escape! Long story short, whether you are just starting selling online, or you have been in this industry for quite a long period, this massive ad data will always help you reach the highest spot. PiPiADS has global TikTok video ad data

As an overview, if we look forward to some of the important points that make PiPiADS an excellent choice is due to the tools and everything is because of the inspiring ads collection that it offers, in addition to that, you can also use the PPSPY chrome extension in order to make a better analysis of your competitors operating on Shopify platform.

If you are a beginner/intermediate, you'll be getting along with some important data along with getting known to the hot products that are performing well in the market or have some great opportunities in the near future.

So, let's get started, let's explore what PiPiADS is all about!

Quick Summary of PiPiADS Review:

PiPiADS as of 2024is the largest and the only global TikTok ads spy tool used by over thousands of marketers. The tool is free to use and comes with some amazing features for sellers to ace their TikTok marketing game. PiPiADS is also extremely easier to use, you just have to sign up, filter out what's not needed, and boom, you have your next winning product detail in front of your eyes!

What exactly is the PiPiADS Tool?


PiPiADS is a popular TikTok advertising platform used by over thousands of marketers as of today's date. In fact, it's currently the only spy tool available in the market that focuses exclusively on TikTok when it comes to spying. It helps marketers run ad campaigns much effectively, monitor ads, and spy on competitor ads and strategies by just a click.

They can even discover winning products under any specific niche to advertise or to sell, all by just a few clicks.

Other than this, PiPiADS even gives marketers access to other important information like ad impressions, target audience, and dates. This information can work wonders to increase sales, if used properly.

As a user, PiPiADS can help you with several operations which include things like:

  • Performing competitive ad analysis
  • Analyzing data based upon things like ad impressions, likes, like rate, landing page URL, and more.
  • Searching for hot-selling products over different shopping platforms such as Shopify, square space, woocommerce, Wix, and more.
  • Analysis of Etsy products and ads that are currently running on TikTok.
  • Getting along with other resources for TikTok UTM parameters and TikTok ad targeting.

So, whether you have been using TikTok for marketing for quite a long period, or have just started out now, PiPiADS is for everyone. But before making any random decision, let's check out its features

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PiPiADS Features at a Glance: Should you buy PiPiADS or not?

What makes an ad spy tool the best ad spy tool is how it allows its users to do the research on their own. In short, the information must be huge, but the filters must be enough for the user to filter out what's needed and what's not. With that being said, here are some amazing features PiPiADS offers to its users to ace their spying game:

Explore winning products with PiPiADS:

As mentioned previously, PiPiADS is popular for its extensive TikTok database, you name it, the tool has it. That being said, if you are just starting out as a dropshipper or a seller, you will get winning product details on this tool, with the right research. In fact, with this tool locating products having a high record of attracting traffic is just a one click deal.

Just after signing in, you will find a winning products icon, click on it, make the most out of the filters, and here you are with the results. For example, if you are working under the clothing niche, filter out other niches, and select relevant hashtags to find winning products.

You can also explore other features and options as well, these include the Product search section, the winning products section, and the top products and new products feature that can be found in the advertiser section.

Targeted Analysis 

For targeted analysis of ads, PiPiAds offers you advanced filter options which you can use and carry your research under various parameters like:

  • Ad keyword, Ad text, Advertiser Name and Landing Page are the search options on PipiADS.
  • Then you can filter via Categories where there are Ecom, drop ship, games, apps, and branded.
  • You have the Basic Filters Country, CTA button, Ecom platform, Ad type and Landing page.
  • You also have the Data Filters like Ad impressions, total likes, popularity, days, and like rate.
  • Lastly, you have the Period wise filter First Seen, Last, Seen, Exclude in the results and not to see viewed ads.

Spy competitor ads

Spy competitor ads

Other than finding winning products for selling, with PiPiADS you can also keep an eye on your competitors' actions. You can explore their highest performing ads and the ads strategies they have used for years to get there. Moreover, you can also check out how they have laid out their ad copy or build their campaign.

In addition to this, you can also check the worst-performing ads of your competitor, and how it all went wrong. In short, not just winning or breaking deals, with PiPiADS, you can your competitors ad duration, percentage performance, views, and likes by almost just a click.

By using PiPiADS, you can look forward to some of the important data of ads campaigns such as:

Display NameAd textAd ImpressionsDaysPopularity
Ad CostConversionsLike rateCountry/RegionAd Scheduling
First seen-last seenCTA ButtonTiktok URLLanding Page 

Still not content with what PiPiADS is offering? Well the brownie point here is, the tool even gives a sneak peek into competitors scheduled or upcoming ads for you to make quicker decisions.

Quick access to best ad materials

If you are into marketing you would know how important ad materials are, it can make or break your ad campaign. However, if you are just starting out TikTok ads or maybe any ads in general, you will have to focus much on ad materials. But with PiPiADS this is not the trail, the tool offers high quality ad materials that will act as a blueprint for running your future TikTok ads.

Other than this, the ad materials offered by PiPiADS keeps advertisers and marketers updated about the latest trends. And if you make the most out of these materials, you will surely discover your profitable niche quickly.

Since you now have access to the best-selling products, you can now have a good analysis based upon different parameters which include the ad impressions, like, like rate, ad text used, and much more. All this can be used in order to make better marketing opportunities for your dropshipping business.

Shopify spy tool

Earlier, PiPiADS was just about TikTok, now it's just more than that. It is great for dropshipping business, and recently, the tool has come up with an exclusive Shopify spy tool for Shopify sellers. Through this tool sellers can do an in-depth analysis of their store – be it the themes, operations, social channel, the best selling products, and newly added products as well.

Sellers can even monitor sales (live sales sometimes), and do competitor research to boost sales.

With this Shopify Spy tool you can get multiple benefits like: 

  • Store analysis
  • Shopify review
  • Store’s products
  • Live sales
  • Apps and Tools

Etsy product spy

Etsy product spy

Other than Shopify, Etsy is also a popular online market space being used by a lot of millennials nowadays. And since it's a global store, there aren't many Etsy product spy tools available in the market, but PiPiADS offers the same. It has an etsy feature through which sellers can see products that are in demand, and how their competitors are doing in the marketplace.

How does PiPiADS Tool actually work?

Now that you are aware of some of the amazing features offered by PiPiADS, next comes the deal breaker part, how actually you will use the tool after purchasing it. So, here is how it goes:

Click on the signup button

Click on the sign up button

Even if you don't want to buy any plan, you will have to sign up to explore what's in the tool. Just after hitting the sign-up button, you will get two options, one to go with the PiPiADS free trial or get right into any of the plans.

Next comes the icons at the top, which means you don't have to waste much time digging deep into the ads.

Research, research, and research

Research, research, and research

First comes the TikTok ad search icon, which you will spot straight in the middle of your desktop. Over here there are a lot of filters available, you can narrow down your results from categories like ecommerce, games, dropship, brands, and more.

Further, you can also do your research by entering specific keywords, country names, or impressions. If you already a specific post in your mind, cut off this research part and directly move ahead to the product research button.

Last comes the winning product icon which is a gamechanger for dropshippers. Over here you can enter keywords to see high traffic products in that niche. You can even sort out this result according to the ecommerce platform you are using for your business.

Run your ad the smarter way!

Run your ad the smarter way!

The best part about PiPiADS is it comes with a Shopify chrome extension that helps sellers to see products they are currently selling and how many quantities are being sold in real time. So if you are using Shopify, and want to run ads, PiPiADS has even got you covered with that too! See, this is how easy spying will look to you if you use PiPiADS.

The PPSPY chrome extension offered by PiPiADS offers several features and data that can help you in making things better for your dropshipping products and business overall. The wide range of data such as live sales, best-selling products, the total number of products, etc. can help in making things better in several aspects.

Check out an in-depth PPSPY PiPiADS Chrome Extension Review

But do note that, if you are doing your research with the PiPiADS free plan, you will not get the desired results, we will always suggest you to go for the starter or VIP plan, and here's how much you will be spending on it!

PiPiADS Pricing Plans: PiPiADS for just $1

PiPiads Pricing

Previously, PiPiADS didn't make its pricing list visible to everyone, it was just available when you signed up. But now, after the recent update, the list is available for all. For beginners, they have a free forever plan available, of course, this comes with a lot of limitations. Other than this, they do offer three paid plans, which users can buy at a discounted rate with our exclusive coupon code.

PiPiADS Free Plan

  • 12 ads data query
  • 8 product details a day
  • 5 advertiser details a day
  • 10 winning product details

PiPiADS Starter Plan: $77 per month

  • 200 ads data query
  • 50 ad details a day
  • 50 product details a day
  • 50 advertiser details a day
  • Unlimited winning product details
  • 1 seat

This plan is best suited for businesses that have started out on TikTok and are yet to explore opportunities.

PiPiADS VIP Plan: $155 per month

  • 1000 ads data query
  • 200 ad Details a day
  • 200 Product Details Per Day
  • 200 Advertiser Details Per Day
  • Unlimited winning product details
  • 1 seat

This plan is best suited for businesses that have used TikTok for a while for marketing, and are looking forward to growing their online business at a larger scale.

PiPiADS PRO Plan: $263 per month

  • 3000 ads data query
  • 1000 ad Details Per Day
  • 3000 Product Details Per Day
  • 1000 Advertiser Details Per Day
  • Unlimited winning product details
  • 5 seats

This plan is best suited for businesses that use multiple TikTok accounts for marketing, and are looking forward to expanding their sales or their business at a global level.

Also, if your TikTok business is already doing good but you are looking forward to growing it more, PiPiADS also offers an enterprise plan. For this, you will have to contact the team and they will customize the number of users and usage all according to your business and audience size.

The best part about all the pricing plans by PiPiADS is they don't bind you with any contracts, you can cancel your subscription any day, or even upgrade it by just contacting the team. Remember that since they are offering digital product service, refunds are not supported yet, however, you can try out their starter and VIP plan for 3 days, for $1 before making the purchase.

Pros and Cons of PiPiADS Review 2024


  • Beginner friendly user interface
  • Free forever plan available
  • Gives detailed ad analysis
  • Offers extensive advertiser information
  • 24/7 round the clock customer support service available
  • Provides high quality ad materials


  • Pricing plans are on an expensive side as compared to its competitors
  • Access to features is a lot limited in the free plan

Some Best Alternatives of PiPiADS Tools | PiPiADS VS. Other Tools!

Even though TikTok is new to a lot of businesses out there, many companies already have aced their TikTok marketing game. They are doing very well when it comes to ad spying, and by that being said, there are a plethora of Tiktok ad spy tools available in the market. The list below of the ad spy tools can be the best alternative to PiPiADS, to pick or not to pick, the decision is yours! 

BigSpy | PiPiADS Vs. BigSpy

Similar to PiPiADS, Bigspy is also a popular ads spy tool which has gained trust of over millions of users till date. The tool with a million updates per day, covers nine major social media platforms. However, the fact to notice here is BigSpy is not dedicated to TikTok, hence if you want to invest in any tool that can help you with ad campaigns and marketing across multiple social platforms, Bigspy should be your choice!

AdSpy | PiPiADS Vs. AdSpy

AdSpy is yet another popular ad spying tool used by the majority of marketers and advertisers across the globe. The tool is a lot similar to PiPiADS, except PiPiADS just focuses on TikTok and AdSpy is all about Instagram and Facebook.

FlowSpy | PiPiADS Vs. FlowSpy

FlowSpy has recently emerged as one of the excellent TikTok ad spy tool in the market and can be considered an excellent PiPiADS alternative. One of the key features that make FlowSpy a good to go tool is its easy to use interface combined with some important data such as ad impressions, like rate, landing page of ad, first seen and last seen.

In addition to all this, FlowSpy can be considered as a cheaper PiPiADS alternative for TikTok ad spying. Where PiPiADS offer both monthly and annual plans,FlowSpy is only avaiable on monthly basis.

Tips to Find the Best TikTok Ads Spy Tool for your Dropshipping Business

From PiPiADS to its alternatives, in this PiPiADS review article we have tried our best to put every possible information out to you. But the question that has to be answered here is, WHICH TOOL EXACTLY I SHOULD BUY? Here's the answer

Which advertising platform the tool targets more?

Every social media platform is unique in its own sense. By that being said, the ad spy tool you would be choosing for your marketing needs must target that special social media platform you want to market in. For example, if you are looking forward to targeting just TikTok then PiPiADS would work best for you, on the other hand if you want to spy Instagram or Facebook ads BigSpy, AdSpy, or Minea tool would be a great option.

What is the cost per impression?

Conversion rate does play an important role when it comes to investing in any ad spy platforms. Hence, you should always check out whether you will have to pay for every view or for each click, and at the end, how much one successful conversion will cost you.

What are the features of the tool?

Before buying any plan, you must check out your needs first. Do you just want to find views of your ads, check historical data of competitor's ad, analyze your own video ad, or just find winning products? Answer all these questions first, and then check out whether the tool has it all or not.

Does the tool offer real time data?

Real time data plays an important role when it comes to ad spying, however, only a few ad spy tools offer the same.

What are the searching capabilities of the tool?

Not everyone buys ad spy tools to spy just the ads, instead many are searching winning products as well. Hence, the searching capabilities of the tool must be extensive enough so that you as a user get your information quickly.

Above five are the most important questions you must look into, other than this, you should also check out the customization option it offers. The customer support service also plays a major role, do check out whether the team is available round the clock to help you with your problems. And last comes the pricing, is the tool available for free, or you can get access to the features of the tool at a discounted price by using any coupon codes.

Top FAQs on PiPiADS Review 2024:

What PiPiADS can do for you?

With PiPiADS, you can do in-depth TikTok ad search, product search, find winning products, all for free and infact without having any professional knowledge.

How can I spy on TikTok ads for free?

You can spy on TikTok ads for free with PiPiADS- one of the best adspying tool, trusted by thousands of marketers and advertisers.

How do I see competitors on TikTok ads?

To see your competitor on TikTok ads you will have to invest a bit into any good TikTok adspying tool like PiPiADS, BigSpy, or AdSpy.

How can you upgrade PiPiADS Subscription Plan? 

Updating the PiPiADS subscription plan is easy. You have to click on the current subscription plan. And there, you will see an “upgrade” icon that you need to click. Then it will show you all the other PiPiADS subscription plans. You can choose any among those and click on it to upgrade.

Which are the mode of payment accepted by PiPiADS?

When we did this PiPiADS Review, the platform only supported two payment methods: PayPal and credit cards.

What type of data does PipiAds provide you? 

PiPiADS provides winning products from ad videos. Also, you can spy on your competitor's ads strategies using this tool and then build a successful and winning ad campaign. Plus, it also serves you with numerous data like inspiration, ad copies and much more.

How to use PiPiADS for free?

PiPiADS offer a free plan to its users with limited access to features. If you want to explore its VIP and Pro membership plan, you can try them for $1 for three days.

Is PiPiADS worth trying?

Yes, with thousands of customers getting extreme benefits, PiPiADS is undoubtedly worth trying. It's easier to use, and the ROI it gives with every campaign is just the best. 

How accurate is PiPiADS video ads data?

PiPiADS constantly refreshes its video ads data to give users updated information on any competitor ad they would need at any hour of the day.

PiPiADS Review Wrap up: Is PiPiADS truly the best TikTok Adspy tool?

TikTok is doing wonders when it comes to marketing. But to get a stellar outreach when you are just starting out, it's difficult. And to cut out these difficulties, PiPiADS truly have got you covered with some of its amazing features.

To pick out the best one, we really liked the TikTok ads library by PiPiADS. This library holds an extensive series of data of Tiktok ads. By going through this library itself, advertisers can learn how to make their ads more effective. The best part is, anyone can view the PiPiADS ad library, it's just that, to explore more you will have to buy a membership plan.

So, what are you waiting for? Your high performance TikTok campaign is truly a click away.

Hurry up and make the most out of the PiPiADS features until it gets too late. And trust us, it'll not be boring at all, you'll enjoy the UI much, because we really did!

Happy TikTok ad spying!

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