Sell The Trend Pricing Plans 2024 ➣ Complete Analysis 🧐

Sell the Trend pricing comprises two main plans: the Essential and the Pro Plan. The Essential plan costs $39.97 per Month and the Pro plan starts at $99.97 per month. Both plans come with some additional features including access to TikTok winners, unlimited product pushing to your store, access to the supplier database, and more.

Sell the Trend also offers a 7-day free trial and full-refund policy. So, you can try it without worrying about the refunds.


This dropshipping tool offers a 7-day free trial.
Sell the Trend’s Essential Plan costs $39.97/month and Pro Plan starts at $99.97/month.
Sell the Trend offers advanced features for product research and marketing.

What does Sell the Trend Pricing Plans Offer?

Sell the Trend offers two pricing plans “Essential” and “Pro” catering to different levels of growth and expansion. These plans are available on both a monthly and yearly basis with the yearly option providing 2 months free.

Both plans provide access to Aliexpress Trend Explorer, Amazon Trend Explorer, and Video Ads Creator, and more helpful for streamlining the dropshipping process.

Here's an overview of Sell the Trend Pricing Plans.

PlanPrice per MonthConnected StoresMonitor StoresSell the Trend Shop

How to Sign Up for Sell the Trend?

  • Step 1: Visit the Website and Start a Free Trial

Go to the official website of Sell the Trend. Click on Sign Up and add details to get yourself registered. Click on the button to “Start your Free Trial”.

  • Step 2: Complete Onboarding Process

After successfully signing up, you will need to complete your onboarding process where you can enter some details on “how you wish to use the tool”.

  • Step 3: Connect your Store and Explore Features

Choose your eCommerce platform (Shopify or WooCommerce) and connect your store by following the prompts as mentioned. Once the store is connected, explore its features such as popular product research, store intelligence, video ads creation, and Facebook audience builder.

  • Step 4: Start Using the Platform

Start using Sell the Trend to find trending products, import them to your store, and fulfill orders with ease.

Key Features Offered by Different Sell the Trend Pricing Plans

NEXUS Premium Winning Productsβœ…βœ…
TikTok ExplorerPreviewFull Access
Sell the Trend Shops23
1-Click Push to Store5000 ProductsUnlimited
Connected Stores310
1-Click Order Fulfillmentβœ…βœ…
Monitor Products100Unlimited
Staff Accounts24
AI Brand Builder4080
Store Intelligence Spy Toolβœ…βœ…

NEXUS Product Research Tool

The NEXUS Premium winning products research is a powerful AI-powered product discovery tool for Sell the Trend. It is designed to help dropshippers identify best-selling product listings, assess competition, and choose the right supplier. As a next-generation product explorer, NEXUS offers users an efficient and user-friendly way to explore market trends, product popularity, and dropshipping trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Store Intelligence Spy Tool

Sell The Trend's Store Intelligence Spy Tool is another advanced feature that provides detailed insights into any Shopify store including your competitors. It allows you to enter a store's URL and receive full-fledged data instantly about store traffic, products, pricing, orders, and revenue.

Monitor Products

The “Monitor Products” is a valuable tool for eCommerce businesses. It allows users to add products by category from suppliers or different online stores not listed in Sell The Trend's database using a custom link. Once the product is added, Sell The Trend sends an email notification to the user. It is useful to keep track of specific products or trends that may not be available immediately in the platform's database resulting in a more personalized product experience for users.

Everything you should know about Sell the Trend Free Trial


Sell The Trend offers a free 7-day trial to help potential users explore its extensive range of features and assess the value of their dropshipping business. During the trial period, users can access multiple tools and features to find winning products, streamline their operations, find the right target audience, and grow their business.

The trial plan includes access to Sell the Trend platform AI-powered NEXUS Product Explorer to perform product analysis for millions of high-demand products and market trends to recommend the best digital product ideas at the right time among top social media channels. Users can also auto-synchronize their inventory with the supplier's available stock and fulfill orders in a single click.

Overall, the free trial offers a risk-free opportunity to evaluate Sell the Trend's capabilities and determine if it's the right tool for your dropshipping business or not. 

Which Sell the Trend Pricing Plans Should you Go for?

Sell The Trend Pricing Plans

The best Sell the Trend pricing plan for you will solely depend on your needs, budgets, and business size.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly plan then “Essential Plan” is popular among beginners and those looking for a plan with limited features only.

The Pro Plan is for those running multiple dropshipping stores or who need more than 5,000 products on their online store. Overall, the choice depends on users' needs and preferences only.

Why you must go for Sell the Trend?

Here are a few points that will make you understand the importance of Sell the Trend and why dropshipping store owners need this. The platform offers a suite of features and tools to help its users find winning products, streamline operations, and grow their business. 

Key Reasons why you should use Sell the Trend.

  • Find Winning Products: With Sell The Trend's advanced AI, you can analyze millions of products and marketing strategies to get recommendations for awesome product categories at the right time. This will help you to stay up-to-date and ahead of the competition.
  • Product insights with NEXUS: With Nexus, you can analyze 26 data points of each competitor and product type that will help you to identify the trending products, evaluate competition, and optimize product pricing.
  • Simplify product importing: Sell the Trends users can easily add trending products to their store in a single click, and create high-converting product pages.
  • Access to trusted suppliers: Connect with nearly 1,200 verified suppliers both within the United States and internationally. This guarantees the availability of thousands of products and a reliable shopping experience.


How do I add products from Sell the Trend to my Shopify store?

Once you've connected your store to Sell the Trend, you can add products with one click using the ‘Push to Store' feature. This feature allows you to import any product straight into your Shopify store.

How does Sell the Trend help with order fulfillment?

When a customer places an order through your Shopify page, you can fulfill it with just one click with the help of the automated Sell the Trend fulfillment process. This process generates a tracking number, sends automated shipping updates to your buyer, and ensures on-time deliveries.

Can I use Sell the Trend for product research?

Yes, Sell the Trend is one of the best product research tools out there. It comes with an artificial intelligence tool called ‘The Nexus' that looks at 26 distinct data points and helps you discover winning products before anyone else.

What is Sell the Trend Shops?

Sell the Trend Shops is an eCommerce platform launched by Sell the Trend that allows you to start a dropshipping store in just a few minutes. It is designed to make creating a dropshipping store easy, fast, and affordable.

Is Sell the Trend Worth Considering?

Sell the Trend offers a full-fledged dropshipping platform that comes with various features. It has two main plans: Essential and Pro catering to different needs and stages of growth for the dropshipping business.

Moreover, Sell the Trend stands out for its flexible pricing plans and free trial making it a valuable investment for dropshipping businesses looking to streamline their eCommerce store operations and achieve success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

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