AliExtractor Review 2024: Find Winning Products [Worth it?]

Why is AliExtractor the best product research tool? Is AliExtractor really worth investing in? Too many questions are running through your mind, and we have got answers for each in this AliExtractor review; let's dive in now!

Dropshipping is undoubtedly an excellent business model to step into in 2024. An individual just has to list a product for sale on their website, send an email to the supplier to ship the item, and earn profits. But is this as simple as it sounds? 

Yes, the first step is simple; listing products is surely a no-brainer activity, but finding a supplier to ship the item does require much time and effort. Because once you choose the wrong supplier for your store and BOOM, your brand vanishes, customers won't trust you, and you wouldn't even earn a penny. 

And if you are about to use AliExpress for dropshipping, then finding a reliable supplier can honestly be a daunting task. The marketplace is loaded with hundreds and millions of products

But, you don't have to think too much – if you invest in the right product research tool, like AliExtractor

Just as the name suggests, AliExtractor extracts just the best products from millions of products for you to sell in your store. Not just this, it even extracts legit information and stats you would need to grow your store and stand unique from your competitors. So, why wait for more when you can explore everything about AliExtractor in this AliExtractor review ahead?

Quick Summary of AliExtractor

AliExtractor is one of the oldest and most popular AliExpress product research tools used by over thousands of dropshippers. From finding best-selling products, and viewing product reviews, to getting cashback on almost every AliExpress product – AliExtractor is truly a gem of a tool. And yet another best thing about AliExtractor is it is just priced at $29 per month, literally a steal deal!

What is AliExtractor? – AliExtractor Review

AliExtractor Reviews

Built by Chase Bowers and his Dropified team, AliExtractor is one of the oldest and most popular AliExpress products and niche research tools. It gives dropshippers quick insights into market trends, customer demand, and vendor details, all with just a few clicks. The tool, as of today's date, is used by thousands of dropshippers across the globe and is best popular for the revenue estimates it provides to users in real-time. 

The reason why AliExtractor is just so popular for years now is it gives dropshippers an unfair advantage in leading the dropshipping game. It offers that one-of-a-kind “Insider information” that no other dropshipper would have. And with insider information, we mean the nitty-gritty details the tool offers to users regarding in-demand niches, top-selling products, unit sales information, revenue estimates, and vendor ratings. 

Dropshippers can literally download loads of information into a CSV file and can use it for future reference. And the list just doesn't end here; read out the AliExtractor features section below to explore what the tool really has in for you!

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AliExtractor Features at a Glance!

AliExtractor is bundled up with extremely powerful features to help dropshippers find the right products and boost their sales incredibly. The tool is super fast when it comes to data extracting; it literally pulls data from hundreds of data points across millions of AliExpress products within minutes. Navigating all the features is extremely easy too, but before that, why not check them all?

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1. Product Research 

AliExpress is huge; it literally has more than a hundred million products available for sale. But we aren't trying to fret you out here. Instead, the product research feature by AliExtractor is now available to your rescue. This feature allows sellers to explore one best-selling product after another within minutes. It even offers the best real-time product data so that dropshippers can sell only high-converting, profitable products.

Yet another best feature by AliExtractor is the trending niche explorer that gives sellers quick insights into what niches are actually performing well out there and which ones you should avoid the most. Through this feature, dropshipper can save both their time and dollars because they'll be getting data-driven insights on every niche, because of which their advertising cost can get down drastically.

3. Image Downloads

Next comes the image downloads feature by AliExtractor that allows dropshippers to download any image from AliExpress and easily upload them to their store to sell the products quickly. And since all these images are from legit sellers, the chances of you attracting more customers who are in search of legit product images increase a lot.

4. Powerful Filters

We do know winning product hunting takes much time, and for that reason, AliExtractor offers flawless filters to dropshippers so that they can instantly filter products by category or column and drill down to exactly what they are looking for or what will be most profitable to them.

5. Revenue Estimator

The revenue estimator feature by AliExtractor is simply a gem. It gives dropshippers quick monthly sales volume estimates of every vendor. This is usually offered because, as a dropshipper, you should know what kind of sales the vendor you have chosen is doing and how many units they are selling per month to all other dropshipper.

6. Idea Generator

Almost every new dropshipper is not aware of what they will be doing in their coming years or what best they should do so that they don't ever get into debt. And for that reason, AliExtractor has come up with a unique idea generator feature. By just hitting the magic light bulb, the tool automatically finds products for dropshippers to sell.

The only thing they have to do here is, put in the essential parameters (what exactly they are looking for), and then AliExtractor quickly does the groundwork.

7. Quick Store & Save

The quick store and save feature by AliExtractor helps dropshippers conveniently save all their favorite searches for future reference. There's even a saved option available on the official site for users to see all of their researched products with just a click. 

8. Easy Product Sourcing

Product sourcing with AliExtractor is not really so difficult; in simpler words, it's everyone's cup of tea. Dropshippers can easily research the availability and overall cost of any product to check out the actual competition in that specific niche.

9. Fast E-packet Identification

Timely delivery plays an essential role in the dropshipping business model, and when the products are sourced from AliExpress, every dropshipper is often concerned about the delivery window. Hence, for that reason, with AliExtractor, they can find e-packets with the bare minimum effort.

10. Net Profit Calculator

Every dropshipper is on a search to make more profits by selling the same product, sounds funny, but that's the harsh reality. However, one more reality is they can make more profits with the help of AliExtractor's net profit calculator feature. This feature allows dropshippers to explore which product they should source in order to make great profits and how much cash back they can actually earn.

11. Quick Data Export

With AliExtractor, dropshippers can quickly export all the data extracted by the tool and can even export it all into a CSV or XLS file for future reference – all with just the click of a button.

Keywords do play an essential role in any dropshipping business, and AliExtractor knows this really well. Hence apart from doing the actual keyword research, the tool even finds out the best ranking-related searches for the dropshipper's primary keyword. This related search feature works wonders because, with this, sellers can explore complimentary products for their store that would ultimately maximize their overall profits.

13. Product Reviews

Customer reviews play an essential role in any business model, and it even has a greater impact on overall sales. Hence, to boost the overall conversion of the store, dropshippers can quickly download product reviews in a few seconds and add just the top-rated ones to their store to attract more visitors.

14. Research Variations

Since AliExpress is such a huge marketplace, looking out for variants is not an easy job. But, the research variations feature of AliExtractor has already solved this issue by helping dropshipper quickly find variations of any AliExpress product to see exactly how they are different and whether they will perform well or not.

Additional Features of AliExtractor

Did you think that the AliExtractor features list was just here? Well, wait!

  • Product review statistics

Apart from downloading reviews, AliExtractor even allows users to check out review statistics of each product. These particular stats include the number of reviews and the average star ratings of the product chosen.

  • Monthly sales and revenue

Through this feature, dropshippers can quickly peek into any vendor'skntjlh sales and revenue and check out the actual selling possibility of any product with just a click.

  • Retail revenue estimator

With the help of the retail revenue estimator feature by AliExtractor, dropshippers can get instead estimated retail monthly sales volume of literally any product. 

  • Top sellers by suppliers

Lastly, this specific feature of AliExtractor literally amazed us the most. Dropshippers can explore the top products within a specific niche and vendors selling the best products, because of which the sales would perform at their best in the future.

AliExtractor Chrome Extension Review – Why use the extension?

Just like every other product research tool out there, AliExtractor has come up with its own Chrome extension – AliExtractor Lite. Over 1000+ dropshippers are already using this extension and have given it a 4-stars rating for the speed. To add to this, the AliExtractor chrome extension is available for everyone, FOR FREE; sellers literally have to just move to the Chrome web store and hit the add to chrome button to enjoy the benefits of AliExtractor. 

AliExtractor Chrome Extension Review

The only downside of this AliExtractor Chrome extension is it comes with limited feature access. Not every feature mentioned above would be accessible over here; instead, sellers with AliExtractor lite extension can: 

  • Explore best-selling AliExpress products in the browser
  • Check out real-time product reviews
  • Save all the favorite searches while browsing
  • Compare pricings on other third-party marketplaces
  • Download product images quickly
  • Generate ideas
  • Calculate net profit in real-time

And more!

AliExtractor Pricing Plans – Is AliExtractor worth it?

The best thing about AliExtractor is it doesn't come with any complex pricing plans as compared to other product research tools in the market. Even though it offers the best analytical reports for sellers to eliminate the loss-making products, the price sellers have to pay for all this is the bare minimum. Don't believe us? Let the number do the talking! 

AliExtractor Pricing Plans

AliExtractor Monthly Subscription – $29 per month

With this subscription, sellers initially get a 100% risk-free, 14-day money-back guarantee. Through this guarantee, they can test drive the whole tool, and additionally, they even get cashback for any purchase they would make on AliExpress through AliExtractor. 

All the features are included in this subscription, starting out from searching best-selling products, exploring trending products in your niche, access to revenue estimator, idea generator, and store and save option, to easy product sourcing and fast e-packet identification. 

And as a seller, if you have loved the AliExtractor tool, you can even join their affiliate program to let other sellers join the bandwagon and earn more commissions with this!

AliExtractor Customer Support – Is the Team Prompt Enough?

The thing we love the most about AliExtractor is its ease of use; you don't really have to be a pro dropshipper to do that eye-watering research; even if you are a complete newcomer, you can use the tool with much ease. Having said that, the tool offers multiple resources to every user, from blogs to quick access to social communities; with just a tap, any dropshipper can solve their issues. Literally, on the official website of the AliExtractor, there's an amazing YouTube video available that gives sellers a quick sneak peek into how working with AliExtractor would look like. 

Along with so many resources, the team even offers quick email support, but we are still a bit unsure about live chat and call support. However, the email support offered by the team is prompt too, you just have to write out the issue to the support team, and they will get back to you within 12 hours, or maximum, within a day or two. 

Dropshippers can even join AliExtractor's social community, like Twitter and Facebook, to explore the journey of other dropshippers who have been using this tool for a long, and trust us, this is Amazing!

Pros and Cons of AliExtractor Review


  • Uncovers fast-selling products quickly.
  • 14-Day money-back guarantee.
  • Gives revenue estimates of each vendor.
  • Gives product weight and size information.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Amazing customer support service.
  • Offers 8% cashback on every AliExpress order.
  • 20+ Product table data points.


  • No free plan available.

Best AliExtractor Alternatives that you may try in 2024!

You will find a plethora of AliExtractor alternatives out there, claiming to offer the best features at competitive pricing, and we aren't saying those all are not so worthy of trying. Instead, below we have compared AliExtractor with all its alternatives to help you give a clear picture! 

Niche Scraper | AliExtractor Vs. Niche Scraper 

Niche Scraper is one of the best AliExtractor alternatives that help dropshippers scrape the best niche for their dropshipping business. The tool is powerpacked with multiple features for dropshippers to perform product research and explore legit statistics within minutes. As of now, Niche Scraper is priced at $49.95 per month, which means it's a bit expensive as compared to Aliextractor.

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Sell The Trend | AliExtractor Vs. Sell the Trend

Sell The Trend is a newcomer, but it literally helps dropshippers explore the latest trends within a few minutes. The user base of this tool is comparatively less, and as of now, its monthly plan is priced at $39.97.

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Ecomhunt | AliExtractor Vs. Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is yet another best AliExtractor alternative which is now available for free for new dropshippers. The basic plan of Ecomhunt is priced at $23 per month, and the suite, which covers most of the features, is priced at $49 per month. The best thing about Ecomhunt we liked the most is the training it provides to users to ace their dropshipping game.

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Top FAQs on AliExtractor Review 2024

What is AliExtractor? 

Created by Chase Bowers and his team dropified, AliExtractor is a popular product research tool used by over thousands of dropshippers across the globe. The tool even offers dropshippers 8% cashback on every product they purchase on Aliexpress.

Is AliExtractor and Dropified different? 

Yes, AliExtractor is not Dropified at all. Instead, its built by a team Dropified, and every Dropified user, with its pricing plans, gets access to AliExtractor for free.

Can I use AliExtractor for free? 

No, AliExtractor, as of now, doesn't offer any free trial period, but it surely offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, and its chrome extension is available to use for free.

How much does an AliExtractor membership cost?

AliExtractor membership is super affordable; one just has to pay $29 per month to get access to all the features of the tool.

How often does AliExtractor update product data? 

AliExtractor updates all the product data quite frequently, almost every day because the tool wants dropshippers to explore just the winning and profitable products, no matter at what time they do the research.

Does AliExtractor offer a refund policy? 

Yes, AliExtractor, even if it doesn't offer a free plan, it does offer a 14-day risk-free money-back guarantee for users who aren't satisfied with their purchase.

Does AliExtractor offer a chrome extension? 

To make your research process easier, you can easily install the AliExtractor chrome extension from the web store for free.

Final Verdict: Can you really uncover fast-selling, high-ROI products with AliExtractor? 

When it comes to dropshipping, the competition out there, with so many new entrants pouring in, has become cutthroat. AliExtractor has been in the market for quite a long period; that's why it has some of the best product data. Sellers can literally find one bestseller after another, all within a few seconds. They can download images instantly, generate the best ideas, and GET PAID for sourcing new products for the store. Isn't this amazing? 

Yet another best thing about AliExtractor is the tool is extremely fast; it pulls out hundreds of data from across millions of AliExpress products, and let's not forget the retail revenue estimator that gives sellers instant estimated retail monthly sales volume for every product – simply so AMAZING! 

All in all, AliExtractor has some awesome features power packed for every dropshipper, from beginners to professionals. Within a few days of usage, anyone can see quicker profits, and in just a few months, they don't even have to talk about profits but instead about scaling. Additionally, the 100% risk-free, 14-day money-back guarantee feels just like the icing on the cake, so why miss out on something so sweeter? 

Like this AliExtractor review? Stay tuned to DropTweaks to explore the latest update from AliExtractor!

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