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Etsy has just reached an annual revenue of $2.4 Billion, showcasing what potential this ecom platform might hold. And with a suitable Etsy selling tool on your side, the chances for higher sales just increase exponentially.

While Alura has been a go-to platform for many, offering a comprehensive suite of features from keyword research to shop analysis, it's always beneficial to explore alternatives that might better suit your unique needs.

In this article, we will get across some of the best Alura alternatives, focusing on tools that excel in areas such as product research, shop analysis, and keyword optimization. Whether you're looking to uncover high-demand, low-competition keywords, or seeking insights into what's selling on Etsy, these alternatives promise to offer valuable resources for every Etsy seller.

Get ready to take your Etsy selling operations to greater heights!!

Why Should I Consider the Below Mentioned Alura Alternatives?

While Alura is a comprehensive tool for Etsy sellers, providing features such as keyword research, product research, and listing optimization, there are several reasons why you might want to consider alternatives:

  • More Extensive Databases: Some Alura alternatives, such as EtsyHunt, offer a much larger library of product and shop information. EtsyHunt, for instance, has a database of 230,000,000 products on Etsy, 3,000 product categories, and 830,000 shops on Etsy.
  • Advanced Filtering: There are some excellent alternatives to Alura that offer advanced filtering features that can be more user-friendly than Alura's. For instance, these tools offer two types of filtering: range selection and value filling.
  • Free and Unlimited Searches: Unlike Alura, which limits the number of advanced searches during the trial period, there are several tools that include unlimited searches.
  • Unique Features: Some Alura alternatives offer unique features that Alura does not. For instance, Marmalead provides keywords to increase customer engagement and boost sales. Sale Samurai offers tools to manage the SEO of your e-commerce brand.

Top Alura Alternatives You Might Wanna Check Out

Etsy Sellers ToolFree TrialCredit Card Required
Sales Samurai✔️✔️

Did you know that there are 4.36 million active sellers on Etsy and 81.9 million active buyers?

1. Etsyshop.ai


Etsyshop.ai is an AI-powered tool that has been designed to optimize the sales of Etsy sellers. It provides a comprehensive suite of features that help sellers identify best-selling products, analyze market trends, optimize listings for maximum visibility and sales, and find top Etsy sellers and niches.

The tool also assists in analyzing Etsy SEO keywords, discovering low-competition keywords, identifying real bestsellers and Etsy's pick products, and quickly finding Etsy items for Shopify/Amazon for Facebook ads, TikTok ads, Google ads, and more.

Key Features of Etsyshop.ai Include

Product Research: Identifies best-selling products and analyzes their performance.
Market Research: Provides insights into market trends and top Etsy sellers.
SEO Keywords Finder: Helps discover low-competition keywords.
Listing Optimization: Assists in optimizing listings for better visibility and sales.

Etsyshop.ai Free Trial

Etsyshop.ai offers a free trial that allows users to explore the available tools such as Product Research, Market Research, and SEO Keywords Finder.

2. Everbee


Everbee is a powerful tool designed to help Etsy sellers expand their business. It provides valuable data and insights, making it a preferable choice for Etsy sellers. Everbee's user-friendly interface and robust features make it an excellent alternative to Alura.io. It's designed to help sellers make data-driven decisions, optimize their listings, and ultimately increase their sales.

Key Features of Everbee Include

Product Analytics: Track important metrics such as sales, and revenue, and find products that are in demand.
Shop Analyzer: Analyze all your competitor's listings and see their tags, sales data, etc.
Keyword Research Suite: See important metrics such as search volume, competition, keyword score, and trends.
Etsy Profit Calculator: Calculate estimated profit margins based on various inputs such as product costs, shipping costs, and selling prices.

Everbee Free Trial

Everbee offers a “Hobby plan” which is a free forever trial plan with a limited number of searches per month.

3. Etsyhunt


Etsyhunt is a popular Etsy seller tool that helps users perform product research, keyword research, explore shop rankings, and check out Etsy reviews with just a few clicks. It is designed specifically for Etsy sellers and provides valuable insights into the market, including trending products, competition levels, and popular keywords. This makes Etsyhunt a preferable choice for Etsy sellers who want to optimize their shop's performance and increase sales.

Key Features of Etsyhunt Include

Extensive product research database with over 48 million entries.
In-depth keyword research tool for optimizing Etsy SEO.
Shop analyzer for analyzing top-performing shops and learning from their strategies.
Etsy reviews management for tracking orders and managing reviews efficiently.

Etsyhunt Free Trial

Etsyhunt offers a free trial for users to explore its features and benefits. The free trial allows users to access the platform's tools and functionalities, giving them a chance to evaluate whether it is the right fit for their Etsy selling operations.

4. Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai is a powerful tool for Etsy sellers, providing valuable insights and analytics to optimize their operations. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that help sellers uncover high-volume keywords, monitor competition, and streamline the product uploading process. The tool's ability to provide real search volume data from Etsy, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it a preferred choice for Etsy sellers.

Key Features of Sale Samurai Include

Keyword Research: Uncover high-volume keywords that shoppers are using to make purchases.
Competition Monitoring: Keep track of other sellers' listings to discover the best market price points and strategies.
Product Uploading: Streamline the upload process with state-of-the-art software that integrates directly with Etsy.
Chrome Extension: Get crucial stats without leaving Etsy, thanks to the Sale Samurai Chrome extension.

Sale Samurai Free Trial

Sale Samurai offers a 3-day free trial, allowing sellers to explore its features and understand how it can reshape their Etsy operations. The trial period provides a taste of what Sale Samurai is capable of, from tracking competition to auditing your Etsy shop.

5. Marmalead


Marmalead is a powerful tool for Etsy sellers, leveraging machine learning to optimize listings with real shopper keywords. It provides invaluable insights into real search volume, keyword engagement, and market-based pricing, helping sellers enhance their visibility and competitiveness in the Etsy marketplace.

Key Features of Marmalead Include

Real Engagement: Predicts the number of unique visits a keyword will generate over the next 30 days.
Powerful Brainstorming Tools: Assists in discovering keywords real shoppers use.
Letter Grades: Grades your listings to help you understand where to improve.
Forecasting: Provides a 12-month performance history and a 3-month forecast for keywords.

Marmalead Free Trial

Currently, Marmalead does not offer any trial but you can opt for the monthly plan at the start which costs only around $19/month and can be later accessed at a lower price of $15/month if billed annually.

6. Koalanda


Koalanda is a comprehensive platform designed to help Etsy sellers optimize their shops, boost their visibility, and stay ahead of the competition. It offers a suite of powerful tools for Etsy SEO, keyword research, product research, market research, and competitor analysis. By leveraging Koalanda's features, sellers can gain valuable insights into their target market, discover new product niches, and monitor their competitors' performance in real time.

Key Features of Koalanda Include

Advanced keyword research tools: Find high search volume and low competition keywords quickly and easily.
Competitor analysis: See top-selling products and keywords of every shop on Etsy.
Listing optimization: Improve your listings' visibility and performance with personalized recommendations.
Shop analytics: Monitor your shop's performance over time and refine your Etsy SEO strategy.

Koalanda Free Trial

Koalanda offers a 14-day free trial, allowing users to explore its features and capabilities before committing to a paid plan. During the trial period, users can benefit from limited searches and access to the unlimited marketplace. Although the free trial does not include all the features available in the paid plans, it still allows users to connect up to 5 Etsy shops.

7. Crest


Crest is a powerful tool for Etsy sellers, offering a suite of features designed to optimize listings and analyze shop sales data. It provides quick and easy insight into your shop, allowing you to filter listings by revenue and popularity, and discover markets via order geolocation.

Its integrated SEO engine and dedicated keyword tool help improve your listings, while its ability to generate video content from your Etsy listings offers a unique marketing advantage. Crest's analytics and activity targets make tracking performance and setting goals a breeze, making it a preferable choice for Etsy sellers.

Key Features of Crest Include

Integrated SEO engine for real-time feedback on listing optimization.
Dedicated keyword tool for competition levels and similar keywords.
Video content generation from Etsy listings for marketing.
Activity targets for tracking progress and setting goals.

Crest Free Trial

Crest offers a free trial, providing an opportunity for Etsy sellers to explore its features without any initial investment. This allows sellers to understand how Crest can help them optimize their listings, improve their SEO, and ultimately increase their sales before committing to a paid plan. The free trial is a testament to Crest's confidence in its product and its commitment to providing value to its users.

8. SynCommerce


SynCommerce stands out as a preferred choice for Etsy sellers due to its ability to effectively manage and synchronize inventory and orders across multiple sales channels. This tool provides a seamless multi-channel retailing experience, eliminating the need for switching between platforms to keep inventory updated.

Key Features of SynCommerce Include

Multi-channel synchronization: It automatically updates inventory across all connected stores.
Order tracking: It allows sellers to track all orders from connected channels.
Shipping integration: It integrates with add-ons like Shipping Easy for order fulfillment.
Product publishing: It enables the publishing of Etsy products on other channels and vice versa.

SynCommerce Free Trial

SynCommerce offers a 14-day free trial, giving users full access to its features. During this period, users can create up to 50 new listings on any of the stores they connect. No credit card is required for the free trial.

9. Roketfy


Roketfy is an innovative and data-driven platform that provides smart tools and services to help Etsy sellers boost their sales. It stands out as a preferable choice for Etsy sellers due to its unique features that are designed to optimize listings, analyze market trends, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance visibility and attract more customers.

Key Features of Roketfy Include

AI-powered listing optimization for improved search rankings
Smart filters for discovering high-demand, low-competition products
Customer feedback transformation into valuable insights
Generation of SEO-friendly and high-quality product descriptions

Roketfy Free Trial

Roketfy offers a free trial for 14 days, allowing users to explore and utilize its features without any initial cost. The free trial does not require any credit card information, making it a risk-free option for sellers to consider.

FAQs Regarding Alura Alternatives and Etsy Selling

What is the importance of product research for Etsy sellers?

Product research is crucial for Etsy sellers as it helps identify profitable products, understand market demand, and analyze competition. It's the first step sellers should take before setting up their shop.

How can keyword research benefit Etsy sellers?

Keyword research is a vital task for Etsy sellers. It helps discover the best words and phrases that potential customers use when searching for products. This information can be used to optimize content and increase organic search visibility.

What are some best practices for optimizing Etsy shops and listing pages?

To optimize your Etsy shop and listing pages, consider what makes your product unique, think about relevant keywords, and create compelling item descriptions. High-quality images and videos can also enhance your listings. Additionally, providing detailed shop policies can improve your shop's SEO.

What are some effective ways to conduct product research?

Product research can be conducted by observing social media trends, exploring seller lists on various platforms, and using product research software. It's also beneficial to analyze competition and customer reviews to identify potential improvements and opportunities.

Epilogue on Best Alura Alternatives

Even though Alura is quite a remarkable tool in terms of Etsy selling operations, Alura lacks in different aspects like extensive databases, advanced filtering, and unlimited searches.

While Alura has its pro aspects, other Etsy seller tools may provide more comprehensive features that cater to your specific needs as an Etsy seller. The above-mentioned Alura alternatives can offer more in-depth market insights, more advanced listing optimization, and more robust customer feedback analysis.

So guys, Are you ready to explore these Etsy seller tools that go beyond what Alura offers? What if you could have more advanced features, deeper market insights, and a more personalized approach to your Etsy selling strategy?

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