EtsyHunt Review 2024: Top 5 Features & Pricing (Free Trial)

Still on a search for a free Etsy SEO tool? Well, search no more, and read out this honest EtsyHunt Review ahead to explore whether this is the Etsy SEO tool you must invest in, in 2024 to get the best results.

With Amazon and eBay doing wonders, are there sellers still interested in selling anything on Etsy? 

Many would say No, but surprisingly the answer is YES!

Etsy is a niche marketplace, and if you want to see the importance of this online space, you should speak to artisans or antiquarians who are always on a quest for vintage and antique products. In fact, the main motto behind the launch of Etsy was to keep commerce human, respect people's creativity, and give millions of buyers access to something handcrafted and special. But because of increasing automation to attract more sellers, Etsy changed its approach (a bit), and for that reason, even larger businesses are stepping into this marketplace. 

Now, if you visit the Etsy marketplace, at the top, you'll see several sections – Jewellery and accessories, clothing and shoes, home and living, wedding and party, toys and entertainment, art and collectibles, craft supplies, and gifts. With all these changes happening, Etsy is now attracting more buyers than ever, and THIS IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE RIGHT TIME TO STEP INTO ETSY. 

But before you begin to sell on Etsy, like other marketplaces, over here, too, you will have to do a bit of groundwork. The reason is buyers over here are very specific about what they want. Hence you'll have to do a bit of product research, niche research, competition research, and, more importantly, build a selling strategy. 

We do understand that all the above is not a one-night thing, but it can be with the right Etsy product search tool like EtsyHunt. So, with no more delays ahead, let's explore the ins and outs of EtsyHunt and find out whether it's a reliable Etsy tool or not!

Quick Summary on EtsyHunt Review

EtsyHunt is a popular Etsy seller tool that helps new sellers perform product research, keyword research, explore shop rankings, and check out Etsy reviews everything by just a click. The tool is used by thousands of Etsy sellers across the globe. And the best part, the EtsyHunt tool is available for free forever, but should you really vouch for it? Let's explore it all in the EtsyHunt Review below!

What is EtsyHunt? – EtsyHunt Review 2024

EtsyHunt Reviews

EtsyHunt is a popular Etsy store and product analysis tool used by over thousands of Etsy sellers across the globe. The tool is popular for the powerful feature it provides to its users for free. And not just this, if you are a dropshipper looking forward to selling super unique handcrafted, vintage products on your dropshipping store, you can use EtsyHunt to explore such stores selling similar products and can then make a purchase from them. 

On the other hand, if you are an Etsy seller or are someone who's looking forward to stepping into the Etsy marketplace, the EtsyHunt tool will help you perform product, store, and keyword research all within a few seconds. The tool will even help you with your listings and overall order management process. And to add more, EtsyHunt will also help you with product pricing since it has a database of 48 million plus Etsy products!

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EtsyHunt Features at a Glance

1. Product Research

Product Research

EtsyHunt comes with a large number of searchable Etsy product databases. To give you exact numbers, there are over 48+ million Etsy product data from across 120K Etsy shops available over here. And by the help of Etsy's product research feature, sellers can explore what exactly is selling on the marketplace and discover just the winning products within a few minutes. 

The best thing about EtsyHunt's product research feature is it looks out for four major trends to give sellers the exact product information they would need, and that's – historical sales, pricing, favorites, and reviews. And on top of this, the tool daily updates all of its product data, so whatever information you'll be getting, will be the latest and genuine. 

To the last, EtsyHunt also offers users access to Amazon handmade products and Etsy inactive products so that the sellers can pick up any out of the crowd, and start selling at cheap prices.

2. Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer

After product research, next comes one more extraordinary feature by EtsyHunt – the keyword explorer. Through this feature, sellers can explore top keywords (the ones people are actually looking out for on Etsy). They can even find exact tags and keywords for their listings to rank higher on Etsy. 

With Etsy keyword explorer, sellers can actually improve their SEO rankings. The keywords listed by the tool are updated on a daily basis, and the popular ones come with Etsy stats to give sellers a pictorial representation of how the keyword has been performing over the years. 

Additionally, the tool even gives users access to extra information like a list of the top 100 items selling under a specific keyword, their sales rank, category, shipping time, and more. Lastly, with the help of the keyword research tool, sellers can even optimize their listings – write just the best tags and price items accordingly. 

3. Seller Analysis

Seller Analysis

Through EtsyHunt's seller analyzer, new Etsy sellers or even professionals can spy on their competitor's shop with just a few clicks. All they have to do is enter the shop's name and make the most out of the filters available, like – picking up the country's name, product category, total sales, reviews, favorites, payment mode, labels (star seller or raving), and shop creation time. By hitting the search button, sellers will get to see a list of Etsy shops

In this list, sellers can explore the total sales, total reviews, total favorites, and products on sale of any shop. Moreover, at the extreme right corner, there are three action buttons available – view on Etsy, shop detail, and add to favorites. By hitting the view on the Etsy button, the seller will be redirected to the Etsy store from where they can explore this specific shop.

By hitting on the shop detail button, sellers will be redirected to a page where they'll get extreme information about the shop, which they can export to a CSV file and use later. And by hitting the add to favorites button, the seller will be able to save all the shop details they have liked in the future with just a click. 

There's even a Shop chart option available within the seller analyzer tool from where users can explore important details of a specific shop like, how many products are they selling, how much they had sold (exact numbers), reviews (both positive and negative), and when exactly the store came into existence.

4. Followup Reminder

Followup Reminder

The followup reminder is one of the amazing EtsyHunt features, which we really liked the most. The reason being this feature single-handedly can do so much more, giving sellers more time to focus on what really is more important. Didn't understand this yet? 

Let's see it this way – visitors on Etsy trust a seller when they have positive reviews on their store, and buyers more often forget about their good purchase after they get their order delivered, and they don't bother much to give a review. 

With EtsyHunt, this won't be the case because the tool not just does the order tracking part for you but even looks after the reviews part. As an Etsy seller, you can use EtsyHunt's intelligent email templates, which the tool will send to your customer so that they can add a review quickly. 

Sellers can even do precise order screening and perform batch editing quickly. Not just this, they can also send bulk emails to multiple customers by just adding order details, customer email, customer name, customer type, review status, request status, order date, and ID. 

5. Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization

Last comes the listing optimization feature by EtsyHunt. Sellers over here have to connect their Etsy shop to EtsyHunt, and the tool, with its intelligent AI, will give you a quick breakdown of your listing. It will show you the conversion rate, views, sales, and even multiple exclusive SEO tips which you can make use of to optimize your Etsy shop. Sellers can even export all the data offered by the tool to a CSV file for future reference.

EtsyHunt Chrome Extension Review: Is this EtsyHunt Browser Extension worth trying? 

EtsyHunt Chrome Extension Review

Similar to all other seller tools out there, even EtsyHunt has come up with its very own EtsyHunt Chrome extension and EtsyHunt edge extension for sellers to perform product research while they are actively browsing on Etsy. Through this extension, sellers can explore profitable products on Etsy with the help of the indicators like product tags, price, release dates, and reviews. They can even check successful Etsy shops and their monthly revenue in one click.

As of now, there are two free Etsy extensions available – the Etsy rank tool for product hunt and Etsy tags tool for SEO. Sellers can download both extensions through the chrome web store.

EtsyHunt Pricing Plans – How to Use EtsyHunt for Free? 

The EtsyHunt tool offers both free and paid plans to its users so that they can pick one according to their growth trajectory. For example, if you are a complete beginner and want to give Etsy a try, the free tool will be of the best help to you. But if you are already selling on Etsy for a while now, the EtsyHunt paid plans will help you sell more products with more efficiency. Having said that, below is the detailed EtsyHunt pricing plan breakdown you can checkout to make your purchase:

EtsyHunt Pricing Plans

EtsyHunt Free Plan – $0 per month (best for new sellers)

  • 10 product search daily
  • Partial product report
  • 10 shop search daily
  • Partial shop report
  • 10 keywords search daily
  • Add upto 100 favorite Etsy shops

EtsyHunt Basic Plan – $3.99 per month (best for single-shop sellers)

  • Perform unlimited product research
  • Perform unlimited shop research
  • Get unlimited chart analysis
  • 100 keywords search daily
  • Optimize 50 listings daily
  • 150 daily follow-up reminder 

EtsyHunt Pro Plan – $19.99 per month (best for multi-store sellers)

  • $16.99 per month is purchased annually 
  • Perform unlimited product research
  • Perform unlimited shop research
  • Get unlimited chart analysis
  • 200 keywords search daily
  • Optimize 100 listings daily
  • 500 daily follow-up reminder
  • Explore unlimited Amazon handmade products
  • Explore unlimited inactive Etsy products
  • Connect upto 10 Etsy shops

EtsyHunt doesn't offer any free trial to its users with its paid plans because, obviously, there's a free forever plan available. And when it comes to refunds, users can claim one refund within 24 hours of payment.

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EtsyHunt Customer Support

Now that you have explored Etsyhunt's pricing plans and its features, next comes the tool's customer support service to its users. The major reason why EtsyHunt has always been the #1 choice of Etsy users was the kind of support it offers to its users – trust us, it's real quick. Users just have to send an email to the team, and they will get back to you within 48 hours. 

Apart from this, the team offers users access to a plethora of best resources, like Etsy best sellers list, top 500 Etsy shops, top sellers on Etsy US, best-selling items on Etsy, and a quick guide on how to sell on Etsy. There is even a tutorial available on the official dashboard for sellers to explore how they can best use EtsyHunt to grab maximum benefits in a bare minimum time period.

A Quick Guide on How to Sell on Etsy like a PRO! 

Selling on Etsy has never been so easy before, all thanks to EtsyHunt; the tool has literally done the major chunk of hard work. First thing first, sellers have to first open a seller account on Etsy by hitting the become a seller option available on the official website. Next, create a free account on EtsyHunt and connect your Etsy store to EtsyHunt with just a few clicks. 

  • Go to the products section available at Etsyhunt's dashboard, do product research and filter out what's really not needed
  • Next, move to the keyword analyzer option and perform keyword research to build an SEO-optimized listing
  • Later, by the help of the Etsy shop analyzer, sellers can brainstorm new Etsy shop ideas from just the best Etsy sellers
  • Lastly, with the operations feature, sellers can stay rest assured of the order management process because the tool does it all, Quickly!

Pros & Cons of EtsyHunt Review


  • Much simplified pricing plans.
  • Massive Etsy product database.
  • Keyword research option available.
  • Competitor analyzer feature.
  • Follow-up reminder feature available for getting quick reviews from customers.
  • Best tag explorer.
  • Etsy profit calculator.
  • Free chrome extension available for product hunt and SEO optimization.


  • Available only got Etsy sellers.
  • Can add more features.

Top FAQs on EtsyHunt Review 2024

Is EtsyHunt best for my Etsy store?

Yes, EtsyHunt is best for your Etsy store because the tool offers users access to 48 million plus Etsy products, all updated on a daily basis.

How can I upgrade my EtsyHunt account? 

You can upgrade your EtsyHunt account by contacting the team via email.

Where does EtsyHunt get its data from? 

EtsyHunt gets all its product and store data from the Etsy marketplace itself, and in fact, the data is updated daily for sellers to just get the latest information.

Can I use EtsyHunt for free? 

Yes, EtsyHunt offers a free forever plan to its users; even though this plan comes with limited feature access, but still any individual can perform the best product, keyword, and shop analysis with just a few clicks.

What should I not sell on Etsy? 

You should never sell dropshipping products on Etsy since the tool is all about sellers selling unique, handcrafted, and vintage products to buyers.

Is EtsyHunt good?

Etsy is the place to sell goods online, but it's hard to find the best items and sellers. Overall, EtsyHunt is the best and leading Etsy rank analysis tool. With this Etsy rank analysis tool, you can see what keywords are trending, what tags are getting searches, and the best sellers and their popular products.

How do I use SEO on Etsy?

SEO is the powerful process by which you can boost the visibility of your shop on Etsy search. Following are some Etsy SEO tips that help you get more customers.
1. Use keywords in your listings.
2. Use the primary product in your shop title.
3. Do not use the same keyword too often.
4. Use all tags in each listing.
5. Always offer a great customer experience.

What is an Etsy shop?

Etsy is the world's most vibrant and global marketplace where people can buy, sell and collect unique items. The user can easily open a storefront by simply creating an account on Etsy.

Conclusion: EtsyHunt Review – Is EtsyHunt truly the Best Etsy-Selling Software? 

It's the best Etsy rank analysis tool one can ever get for free – but there are a few downsides too

After reviewing the whole tool for quite a few days now, we would like to answer one of the most popular questions every Etsy seller has in their mind: Is EtsyHunt worth it? Yes! 

EtsyHunt has been in the market for quite a while now and is used by thousands of Etsy sellers across the globe. The tool is super beginner-friendly. Literally, anyone can perform product research with just a few clicks. And since there's a free forever plan available here, we would highly recommend every Etsy seller to give EtsyHunt a try, just for once, and we bet you won't be disappointed.

Also, if you are a professional Etsy seller owning more than 5 Etsy shops, Etsyhunt's pro plan has got you covered with almost every best feature. You can literally explore unlimited handmade items sold on Amazon and inactive Etsy products and sell them on your store at much higher pricing. And to not miss out on the competitor analysis tool, with this feature, you can explore your competitor's shop strategy in just a few clicks.

So what are you waiting for? Your new Etsy shop is just a few clicks away; use EtsyHunt for free now, and stay tuned to DropTweaks to explore more such Etsy seller tools!

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