Anstrex Pricing Plans 2024 ⇆ Free Plans, Bundles, or Individual Plans?

Anstrex offers a range of pricing plans including Anstrex Native ($69.99 per month), Anstrex Push and Anstrex Pops ($89.98), Anstrex Native + Push, and Anstrex Native + Pops ($139.99), Anstrex Push + Pops ($159), and Anstrex Native + Push + Pops ($219.99 per month).

Anstrex also has exclusive discount coupons that offer a 35% discount on any premium plan and a 20% lifetime discount offer. 

Did you Know?

Anstrex provides competitive intelligence on over 6 million products.


  • Anstrex pricing plans range from $69.99 to $219.99 per month.
  • Coupons and discounts offer 20% to 35% off on Anstrex.
  • Anstrex provides a free plan for dropshipping.
  • Anstrex offers a 48-hour risk-free trial for all plans.
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Discover Anstrex Pricing Plans

Anstrex Pricing Plans

Anstrex has several pricing plans to serve different user's needs and preferences such as the Anstrex Native, Anstrex Push, Anstrex Pops, Anstrex Native + Push, Anstrex Native + Pops, Anstrex Push + Pops, and Anstrex Native + Push + Pops.

Here's a quick overview of Anstrex Pricing Plans:

PlansPrice per Month
Anstrex Native$69.99
Anstrex Push$89.98
Anstrex Pops
Anstrex Native+Push$139.99
Anstrex Native+Pops
Anstrex Push+Pops$159
Anstrex Native+Push+Pops$219.99

Each plan is created keeping in mind the different needs of specific users and each plan consists of advanced features to unlock your competitor's marketing strategies and improve the overall ROI (Return on Investment).

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Unlock Incredible Features with Anstrex Pricing Plans!

Advanced Boolean Searching

Anstrex's Advanced Boolean Searching allows users to create a complex search expression, combining various search and filtering criteria using Boolean operators. This feature is useful for advanced users who need to conduct detailed and specific searches.

Alerts on Competitors

Anstrex provides the ability to consistently monitor competitors defined by the user. When a new campaign is launched by a competitor, the user is immediately notified. This feature is a great way to keep a close eye on the competition and their strategies.

Landing Page Tools

Anstrex offers spy tools to scrape any landing page using its built-in downloader. Users can customize the lander using a powerful HTML editor, edit text, swap images, links, etc. The customized lander can be uploaded directly to the user's server via FTP or deployed on an AWS S3 bucket.

Advanced Search & Filtering

This feature allows users to precisely search for the ad campaigns and creatives they are looking for. It also enables users to segment any campaign by traffic source, geo-target, and device, and understand how to target their campaign.

Competitor Alerts

Anstrex provides real-time alerts on competitors' activities. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that want to stay ahead by being informed about their competitors' strategies and campaigns.

CPC Bid History

Anstrex's CPC Bid History feature shows the data for the current bid and bid history for a given campaign. This feature is handy as it shows exactly how much the advertiser is bidding on a CPC basis for the campaign.

How to Sign Up for Anstrex?

Here is the Step-by-step guide to help Sign Up on the Anstrex platform.

  • Step 1: Visit the Anstrex Website and Register Yourself

Visit the official website of Anstrex and locate the “Sign Up” button. Add the necessary information and click on “Sign Up” to get yourself registered with the Anstrex platform.

  • Step 2: Connect to a Store

After successfully registering, you will see a prompt to connect your store with Anstrex. 
(Note: This step is optional and you can skip to the payment page if you just need to try out some of the product research tools).

  • Step 3: Payment Gateway

You can choose a plan and click on “Pay Now” to access the payment page. You can also use the free plan before committing to any paid plan.

  • Step 4: Start using Anstrex

Once you have successfully registered with the Anstrex platform, you can start using Anstrex to spy on your competitor's ads and track the most successful campaigns. This will help you to improve your ROI (Return on Investment).

Top 3 Alternatives to Anstrex

1. BigSpy

BigSpy is a popular ad spy tool that provides users with access to a vast ad database covering multiple platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and TikTok. It provides advanced search and filtering options allowing users to find relevant and high-performing ads based on the criteria mentioned by the users.

BigSpy Pricing

PlansBasicProGroupVIP Enterprise
Price$9 per Month$99 per Month$249 per Month$3600 per Year

2. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is another alternative to Anstrex. It is a competitive intelligence tool providing insights into profitable ad campaigns across various platforms. It is a robust ad-spying tool that allows users to track their competitor's profitable ad campaigns. AdPlexity provides its users with real-time data from over 75 countries with access to some advanced features including – landing page downloads, popup tracking, banner ads monitoring, and a vast mobile carrier database.

AdPlexity Pricing

PlansPrice per Month

3. PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is a leading ad spy tool that provides users with access to a large database of ads from popular social media networks. It lets users research and discover competitors' ads, generating insights from a large inventory of ads powered by advanced algorithms and AI. The tool enables users to view ad analytics, decode strategies, and gain a competitive edge without the need for A/B testing.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PRICE PER YEAR$999$899$799$599$399$299

Most Common FAQs on Anstrex Pricing Plans

What features does Anstrex offer?

Anstrex provides features such as advanced search and filtering, landing page ripper, competitor alerts, and online chat support. It also covers data from multiple countries and ad networks.

Does Anstrex offer a free trial period?

Yes, Anstrex offers a risk-free trial available for 48 hours for all its pricing plans.

Does Anstrex offer a Chrome Extension?

Yes, Anstrex does offer a Chrome Extension. The Anstrex Dropship Chrome Browser Extension works in concurrence with the Anstrex web application to automate tasks such as importing items to your dropshipping store directly from suppliers like AliExpress. It manages daily product inventory and automates product fulfillment.

Over to You!

Anstrex offers a range of pricing plans to serve different user needs and preferences with prices starting from $69.99 to $219.99 per Month. Each plan comes with a suite of features designed to give businesses an edge over their competitors. 

Anstrex also offers numerous discounts and coupons making it budget-friendly. This spy tool is available for all from seasoned marketers or newbies in the field.

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