AdSpyder Review 2024: Stay Ahead of Your Competitors! (Pros & Cons)

Are you tired of searching for the right ad spy tool? Do you want to stay ahead of your competitors but aren't sure about how you really can? Well, AdSpyder is your answer; read out this AdSpyder review to know why!

Every business out there is running a rat race to build just the best advertising strategies for its brand. And we do understand why!

The number of online stores is increasing each passing day, and every brand has stepped into social media marketing or is thinking so. The only way to stand unique in such a huge crowd is by spying – ad spying.

And by spying, we are not asking you to do it all manually; instead, take the help of the best ads spy tools available in the market, like AdSpyder. With AdSpyder, any advertiser, dropshipper, or marketer can understand their level of competition and demand instantly, but even this tool comes with a few cons, so don't forget to check out that as well below!

Quick Summary on AdSpyder

AdSpyder is a popular AI based ad intelligence software one can use to optimize their online ad strategy. The tool comes with the largest ad creatives library so that users can gain an edge over their competitors quickly. Additionally, the data available here is from 100+ ad sources (including Google, YouTube, and Facebook). And to last, AdSpyder offers a 30-day free trial to its users so that they can explore the tool to the best within a quick time period!

What is AdSpyder? – AdSpyder Review in a Nutshell

AdSpyder Reviews

AdSpyder is a popular SAAS-based ad intelligence solution that users can use to spy on their competitors' ads. The tool gives users ad details from 10+ major ad platforms with just a click. Additionally, it comes with the largest ad creatives library; users get access to 100 Million ad copies at their fingertips. 

From achieving a better conversion rate and securing new leads to boosting overall sales, the tool, if used properly, can do wonders for a business. And on top of this, the team even provides users with free support and consultation for building the best next promotional strategy. Isn't this amazing? 

Not just this, AdSpyder's super interactive dashboard is literally loved by many customers; wondering why? Explore it all below; we don't want you to miss out on anything!

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AdSpyder Features at a Glance – What is AdSpyder used for?

1. Extensive Ads Database

AdSpyder is all about its ads database. The tool literally provides users access to 10 million ad copies from across different channels: Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Bing, and Ecommerce stores. Any user can explore best-performing ads within a quick time period from the intuitive dashboard. 

2. Real-Time Ads

Apart from such an extensive ad creatives library, AdSpyder even allows users to narrow down the results to what matters most to them through search and filter options available. Users can search and browse through ads based on any keyword, long tail or short tail. They can further refine all the results with their custom filters. 

3. Brand Scout

The brand scout feature by AdSpyder helps users to spy on their competitors' actions quickly. All they have to do is enter the brand's name and ecommerce site name or simply copy-paste their website's URL. By hitting the search button, users will get to see the ads their competitors are running. Further, you can even contact the team to build the best promotional strategy for your business, all according to your competitor's strategy

4. Historical Ads Data

Not sure about when your competitor launched a specific ad? Well, AdSpyder has got you covered with that with its Historical ads data analytics. From your rival's ad campaign spending, impressions, and target audience, to other important metrics, you name it, and the tool has it all. You can even save all this ad information within the tool for future analysis. 

5. Domain Ad Keyword Checker

The domain ad keyword checker feature of AdSpyder helps users not to miss out on a single keyword at any cost. Users just have to enter a domain name, and the tool will list out the ad keywords that a specific domain is using, but you aren't. 

6. Ad Number Checker

The ad number checker feature of AdSpyder allows users to check out the total number of ads on a particular keyword across 7+ major ad platforms. Through this feature, users can actually check out the competition outside and find areas of improvement for their ads. 

7. Ad Cost Intelligence

The ad cost intelligence software by AdSpyder allows users to explore how much their competitors are spending on their ads. Through this feature, users can even allocate their ad budgets properly so that they don't end up spending more.

AdSpyder Dashboard

We have something to say about the AdSpyder dashboard; check it now!

Using AdSpyder for spying on ads is extremely easy all because of its super powerful dashboard. Literally, one can surf through millions of data within a quick time period. 

AdSpyder Coupon

To access the dashboard, you will first have to sign up, hit the free trial button, and create an account. Once you have registered yourself, you can log in now quickly. 

After hitting the login button, you will be redirected to a dashboard where you can perform the actual research. You can either enter a keyword or just copy-paste a URL. Right below the search bar, to get accurate results, make sure to toggle between exact and partial options. 

On the left side of your screen, you can see a list of options; these are basically ad networks – like Facebook, Google, Ecommerce advertisements, Native ads, and other networks. Next, with the help of filters available – impression, date, average position; users can skim through ads and narrow down to the ones that are important to them. 

After hitting the search button, you'll see hundreds of advertisement cards; you can click on any one of them to get quick insights. 

Who should use AdSpyder?

Even though AdSpyder is best known for providing advertisement-related data, it doesn't mean that only advertisers and marketers should use this tool. AdSpyder is even best for: 

  • Performance marketers who wish to get better-paid conversions 
  • Brands and retailers who want to sell their products on social media platforms
  • Direct sales marketers who want to target any specific audience and advertise their products to just those individuals
  • Digital marketers who want to spy on their competitors, like what keywords they are bidding on, which ad copy is working well for them, and the audience they are targeting 
  • Dropshippers who want to explore real winning products for their store, build an audience, and check out real customer reviews
  • Ecom owners who want to get real-time inspiration for customers and get quick customer insights for their Shopify store
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises who want to promote their products or services to new customers on different social media platforms.

AdSpyder Pricing Plans – AdSpyder Free Trial 2024

Now that you have explored what you can best do with AdSpyder, here comes the real question, how much you'll have to pay? And the answer is – not a huge fortune, but just a little. But before coming to the AdSpyder pricing plans, you should know that the tool nowhere offers a free forever plan, and even their trial period is limited to 30 days only. So if someone tricks you out by saying you can use AdSpyder for free – you must know that something so good will always come with a price tag! 

AdSpyder Pricing Plans

AdSpyder Basic Plan – $199 per year (Limited Period Offer) 

With the AdSpyder basic plan, users will get access to powerful features like domain search, keyword search, country filter, Google ads search, and search by popularity, ad position, or date. Users can even add any ads to the favorites section! 

AdSpyder Standard Plan – $249 per year (Limited Period Offer) 

With the AdSpyder standard plan, users get access to everything included in the basic plan. Additionally, through this subscription, they can even explore Reddit ads, Bing ads, YouTube ads, Google Ecom ads, and Bing ecom ads.

AdSpyder Premium Plan – $299 per year (Limited Period Offer) 

Last comes the AdSpyder premium plan, wherein users get access to every feature available in the standard plan. Apart from this, users can even perform extensive research by searching through keywords, performing campaign searches and analysis, and making the most out of the online keyword ad checker. 

Note: Apart from multiple pricing plans, Team AdSpyder also provides support and consultation for a promotional strategy to businesses at no extra cost.

AdSpyder Customer Support Service Review 

AdSpyder is a super powerful ad intelligence software. Hence the tool comes with a spectrum of search and filter options available. And since the tool offers critical insights into any online advertisement, understanding it all from scratch can get a little difficult for beginners. Hence, for that reason, AdSpyder offers the best help in the form of Getting Started articles, blogs, and guides. 

There are also several case studies available on the official website for users to discover how they can use AdSpyder to search for any specific type of ad. Apart from this, the team even gives new users a free demo that covers everything about the tool, how you'll have to sign up, do the research, and how best one can leverage the results. 

Still, ad spying is a difficult task, and getting stuck in between is very normal, and for that reason, AdSpyder offers email, live chat, and phone support. And trust us, AdSpyder offers the best technical support to any user; you just have to give them a call, and they will assist you with any issues as quickly as they can. On top of this, the revert over email is quite quick too!

Pros & Cons of AdSpyder Review


  • Real-time ads data from 100+ popular ad sources.
  • 100 Million ad copies available.
  • Covers every e-commerce platform.
  • Finding winning products is extremely easy.
  • Multiple filters and sorting options available.
  • Highly intuitive dashboard.
  • Finds the most profitable ads within quick seconds.
  • Free 30-day trial period.
  • Affordable pricing plans.


  • Not such a large user base.
  • Beginners can get confused because of such an extensive database.

Top FAQs on AdSpyder Review 2024

What is AdSpyder? 

AdSpyder is a popular ad intelligence software used by hundreds of marketers and advertisers to date. The tool covers 10+ Million ad databases from 100 countries.

Is AdSpyder worth it?

Yes, because AdSpyder does not just cover social media ads data, but even data of ads running on any custom website.

What is AdSpyder's Black Friday deal?

AdSpyder, for a limited time period, has slashed their pricing rates to upto 90% off. Claim the deal now to get the most out of the tool.

How to use AdSpyder for free? 

AdSpyder, as of now, doesn't offer any free plan; however, if you are a new user, you can use the tool for free for a month.

What are the best AdSpyder alternatives?

AdSpyder is the best competitive ad intelligence software, and some of its best alternatives are AdSpy, PowerAdSpy, Minea, BigSpy, Anstrex, and Adplexity.

How can I scan eCommerce ads? 

Scanning e-commerce ads is quite a tedious task. However, you can do it easily and quickly with the help of an ecommerce ads spy tool like AdSpyder.

What is the best Adspy tool?

As of today's date, there are hundreds of ad-spying tools available out there, but only a few are trustworthy ones, like Adspy, AdSpyder, Poweradspy, Minea, Anstrex, and Adplexity.

How much does AdSpyder cost?

AdSpyder currently is running a limited-time period sale in which users can get access to its packages for a flat 90% off; the basic plan of AdSpyder is priced at 199, Standard at 249, and Premium at 299.

Is adspying easy?

Since there are tons and millions of active ads out there, spying on any specific ad is not easy at all, but with the help of the right ad spying tool, one can perform this tedious task within seconds.

Conclusion: AdSpyder Review – Should you really make an investment here?

With so many features on the table, No doubt AdSpyder is one of the best ad intelligence software for performance marketers, resellers, direct sales marketers, digital marketing agencies, dropshippers, ecom-owners, and small/medium-sized enterprises. From Google search ads, and display ads, to social media ads, you name it, and Adspdyer has got you covered with amazing penetrating insights. 

Now coming to the dashboard, we are really impressed with how revolutionary it is; just with a few clicks, it gives users a bird's eye view of the searched query. If you made use of this dashboard properly, users could definitely see a spike in their conversion rate. 

Many might feel that AdSpyder is a bit more expensive than other ad-spying tools, but trust us, the way the tool has helped hundreds of startups and agencies grow from nothing to something; it's definitely worth giving a try. And why are you worrying so much when AdSpyder is already offering a 30-day free trial period for users to check out their ad intelligence solution? 

To the last, our only suggestion to you will be: give AdSpyder a try, and make the most out of their customer support service, because the team does care about their customer much! 

Till then, stay tuned to DropTweaks to explore more such exciting ad spying tools in the market!

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