Linkpop Vs. Linktree 2024: Which Bio Link Tool is Better?

Wondering which one is better for you, Linkpop or Linktree? So here we present before you, a Linkpop Vs. Linktree Review to help you out with your confusion!

Well, whether you are someone who is promoting your products, is a social media influencer, or someone indulged in similar operations, you can use Linktree or Linkpop overall. As someone who is seeking more and more options in terms of management, these tools can be of great help in a small briefing. An overview of what Linkpop and Linktree have to offer is, if you are an influencer or someone who has got quite a good user base and seek to perform proper funneling and management of your user/follower base, Linktree/Linkpop can be the helping hand for it, but which one is better, Linktree or Linkpop?

Both Linktree and Linkpop fall under the category of bio link tools and have been popular choices among users. Even though Linkpop was founded in 2022, it has made quite an excellent user base, where Linkpop is comparatively a newcomer among bio link tools; Linktree has been in the system since 2016, which makes it an excellent tool overall in terms of experience, etc.

Linktree has a huge user base of 30 million, making it a better choice in terms of the user base, but of course, since Linkpop has been a new player, the growth shown so far is really excellent.

Linkpop Vs. Linktree: Head-to-Head Competition

Started in 2022Started in 2016
Linkpop started in 2022 and has been working on shoppable links as well as bio linksIs more social media and bio link oriented
You need to have an account on ShopifyAny email id will work fine for the signup process
Free to useOffer free & paid plans
Visit Official SiteVisit Official Site

Now that we have covered an overview of both Linktree and Linkpop, let's take deeper dive into this Linkpop Vs. Linktree comparison while covering parameters like appearance, pricing plans, analytics, etc. So, let's get started with all these tools and understand which one is better for you.

Linkpop Vs. Linktree: The Signup Process

As I have already stated, Linkpop and Linktree both have a different signup process; Linktree can be logged in using any email id, whereas when it comes to Linkpop, you need to have a Shopify account, and just in case you haven't, might need one to use this free Shoppable links tools.

Linkpop Signup Process

Creating your account on Linkpop is pretty simple and offers free signup.

Linkpop Signup Process

After Clicking on the “Sign up free” button, you will be asked to create a Shopify ID, or you can directly login using your old Shopify ID if you already have one.

Shopify ID

After creating your Shopify ID, you are all done with your signup process.

Linktree Signup Process

Linktree offers 3 different pricing plans along with the Linktree free plan; unlike what was offered by Linkpop, Linktree works on almost any email id.

Linktree Signup Process

In addition to getting along with the Linktree free plan, you can also make your way around the paid plans as well which include Starter, Pro, and Premium Plans. If you are someone who wants to explore more and manage multiple links on a single page with a great user interface, Linktree will be an excellent choice for you; in addition to that, if you are someone who is more social media oriented, Linktree will be a better choice.

Linkpop Vs. Linktree: Which One Has the Better User Interface?

Linktree or Linkpop, well, it is worth mentioning that both of them offer pretty much a clean user interface.

Linktree User Interface

Linktree User Interface

Linktree's user interface is pretty much excellent in terms of offering some excellent services, as you can have different theme options, button options, analytics, and much more. Where most of the Linktree themes are free to use, but if you are looking forward to getting more customization, the Linktree Pro is highly recommended.

Linkpop User Interface

Linkpop user interface also offers a pretty simple user interface, as you might be well aware that Linkpop is by Shopify and is best suitable for dropshippers, as the user interface lets you get along with some excellent features in terms of dropshipping and showing people/users the right products on the go.

Linkpop User Interface

In the picture above, the interface is such that the user can perform the purchase on the go while getting along with Linkpop. As a dropshipper, this can be excellent in terms of delivering or showing the products that really need to work upon.

Collaborations Offered by Linktree & Linkpop

The collaborations can be turned into some of the best things when it comes to getting along with more opportunities. Well, Linktree offers some excellent services in terms of marketplaces but does not offer any services for collaboration.

Linktree: The Linktree offers great features in terms of marketplaces and integration. But they do not have anything in terms of collaboration which is found in Linkpop.

Linkpop: The Linkpop offers excellent collab options as compared to what was offered by Linktree. As Linkpop is a part of Shopify, you can make your way around getting paid by brands; these collabs are basically Shopify collabs and can help you in getting along with the right brands that match your social media profiles.

As a social media influencer or someone who works over social media platforms or has a good social media base, the Linkpop Shopify collab can be a great thing overall. You can also check the revenue generated while managing your affiliate relationships, links, codes, etc., all in one place.

Linkpop Vs. Linktree: Deeper Analysis

You might have come across some of the most important points that were worth mentioning in the upper sections, but the features do not stop over. Both Linktree and Linkpop are Link in bio tools; despite them working in the same categories, you need to make your choice across these two tools depending upon the industry you work in. For example, suppose you are into social media influencing. In that case, Linktree can be a better choice for you. Still, if you are somehow indulged in dropshipping operations or have affiliations in the same ecosystem, Linkpop can be an excellent choice overall.

Whereas if you are someone who seeks more and more in terms of apps and integration or seeks better features as compared to just marketing and affiliation, Linktree can be an excellent choice overall.

Some of the integrations offered by Linktree include:

  • Audiomack
  • Clubhouse
  • Facebook
  • PayPal
  • Reddit
  • Shopify
  • Venmo
  • Spotify
  • YouTube and much more.

Some of the features that make Linkpop an excellent choice for dropshippers:

Design and Sell Merch on the Go: Since Linkpop is by Shopify, it is able to design and sell merch using print on demand. You can also get along with shoppable links; these shoppable links are fully integrated with your Shopify store and offer a fast and secure checkout on the go.

Affiliate Dashboard: This feature can be considered among some of the standalone features that Linkpop has to offer, the Linkpop social links also keep the whole data of affiliate commissions, links, clicks, codes, etc., all in a single place.

Linkpop Vs. Linktree: Pricing Plans

Linkpop Pricing Plan

Similar to what was offered by Linktree, Linkpop also offers free signup, but just in case, if you are looking forward to getting along with more features, Linkpop also offers a $5 starter plan; well, basically, it is a Shopify Starter plan, which gives you access to a whole bunch of features including order management, analytics, and customer support. It can be said that Linkpop is 100% free for those who already have a Shopify account. In addition to that, a transaction cost of 5% is given when Shopify Payments is used.

Linktree Pricing Plan

Linktree Pricing Plan

Linktree offers 4 different plans, including the Free plan; these plans are basically customized as per the needs and everything. These pricing plans include Starter, Pro, and Premium plans. The price of the plans are as follow:

Linktree Starter Plan

The Starter Plan costs $5/month and gives access to more features in terms of customization; the Linktree starter plan can be an excellent choice for users seeking more customization.

Linktree Pro Plan

The Linktree Pro Plan costs around $9/month and gives access to more features as compared to the starter plan; the Pro plan gives you more and more in terms of monetization, as you can get along with Amazon associate program, AWIN affiliate program, Tip jar and more. The Pro plan also gives you access to features like email collection, Embedding the latest Youtube Video, etc.

Linktree Premium Plan

The Linktree Premium Plan costs around $24/month and gives access to all the features that were offered in Pro, Starter, and Free plans. As a plus point, the premium plan gives access to a support response time of 4 hours, a customer success manager, onboarding calls, and exclusive content as well.

Top FAQs on Linkpop Vs. Linktree 2024

What is a bio link tool?

Bio link tool basically refers to a tool that can help you generate your own mini website or landing page, which can include links to selling stuff online (your dropshipping site), link to Youtube videos, music links, affiliate links, and much more.

Can I put a bio link in my Instagram bio?

Yes, you can put a link in your Instagram bio, and you can generate links using tools like Linktree, Linkpop, etc. These links can be used for affiliate links, music links, social links, and much more.

Who can use a bio link tool?

When creating an online presence, anyone seeking to grow their audience should utilize the link in the bio tool. Link in bio tools is most commonly seen in the social profiles of creators, influencers, and brands—any individual or company with a lot of information to share beyond their social platforms. These users may develop their followings, reinforce their brands and reputations, turn site visitors into followers, and turn followers into customers by utilizing this tool.

Are there any free-to-use bio link tools?

Most of the tools are basically free to use, Linktree and Linkpop are some of the common examples of these free-to-use tools. You can also choose their paid plans based on your requirement; for example, you can choose the Linktree paid plan if you want more customization, whereas if you want to use shoppable links, you can choose a Linkpop starter plan at $5/month.

Does Linktree take a commission on the transactions made through them?

Yes, Linktree does take charge of 1.75% if done through their Linktree link directly, whereas this transaction fee is lower in the pro plan.

Linktree and Linkpop are both excellent in terms of performing as bio-link tools across all social media channels. Whereas if we consider a wider range of users, Linktree, along with all its different integrations, can be helpful on so many levels, whether you are an artist, ecom seller, business owner, etc.

Linktree can be an excellent choice for you. Whereas, if you are a dropshipper, Linkpop can be an excellent choice as the signup process will be totally free to use if you already have a Shopify account. The features and everything else is basically dropshipping-oriented if we consider Linkpop. The affiliate commissions, links, and everything else can also be managed on a better level in Linkpop.

One of the key features that interested me a lot was its collaboration feature; you can explore a whole range of products that match your niche and work accordingly. As a result, reducing the effort of searching for the right partner or product. On the other hand, Linktree can be a good choice if you are not a dropshipper or a person who indulges in dropshipping operations.

From an overall perspective, Linktree can be considered a better choice for all operations; multiple integrations, along with several customization options, make it a good-to-go bio link tool overall.

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