DSers Review 2024: An All-in-One Tool for Dropshippers?

Have you been on a search for an official AliExpress dropshipping solution, but didn't find any worthwhile? Are you still looking out for an all in one dropshipping tool to help you dropship easily? Well, DSers is the answer to all your questions. Read out this updated DSers review to know what's in for you!

Dropshipping is undoubtedly an excellent business model, but if looked into the ground reality, a dropshipper really has to work harder. From getting customers to the store, getting orders, placing the whole order on AliExpress, checking the availability, finding a trusted supplier, to tracking the whole shipping process, a lot of unseen efforts goes into dropshipping.

But what if we tell you that you can automate this whole dropshipping process?

Yes, you heard that right! And the tool you will need for this purpose is DSers.

Get ready to automate this whole tiring dropshipping process, and just focus entirely on marketing, because this DSers review has got you covered with the ins and outs of the tool. From pricing, features, benefits, to resources, don't miss out to read it all till the end as we have even shared our personal verdict about DSers.

Long story short,

DSers is a premium dropshipping automation tool that makes it easier for dropshippers to import AliExpress products, and deliver the same to customers very quickly. It's also an official AliExpress dropshipping partner. For that reason, DSers users also get access to AliExpress whitelist features. DSers has the capability of saving 97% of dropshippers time, wondering how? Read out this exclusive DSers Review 2024!

What is DSers? In-depth DSers Review

DSers Reviews

Now that you have understood what goes into dropshipping, DSers is here to help with the scaling/automating part. It's an official AliExpress dropshipping partner helping dropshippers with every aspect of their business.

With DSers, dropshippers can place 100s of orders from their store to AliExpress suppliers in just a matter of a few seconds, saving much time, right? To your surprise, other traditional order management systems available in the market are very much monotonous and very time consuming, taking up much manual labour.

DSers even helps users in importing new products from top AliExpress Suppliers to sell in the store. They can even edit/customize the product details of all the products to attract customers easily.

Users can even take much advantage of DSers Supplier Optimizer feature if you already have some products in your store. The feature helps dropshippers find the best AliExpress suppliers for all the existing products. The tool will automatically search for other suppliers selling the same product of better quality and better pricing, with better rating.

To add more, DSers even give dropshippers the opportunity to bundle products, create custom product offers, like buy one get one, and more. This feature by DSers basically applies price to the product, makes the changes automatically, to attract more customers by increasing the margins.

The above was just a sneak peek into what little DSers can do for you, but did you know that the tool has a lot more than this to offer?

Many users till date had an amazing experience using DSers, so let's check out the array of features the tool offers and then get into DSers pricing!

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DSers Features at a Glance!

Supplier Optimizer

The supplier optimizer feature by DSers was launched just to help Dropshippers find the best supplier for their stores. This feature basically facilitates sellers with the process of finding new suppliers.

All they have to do is copy the link of an AliExpress product and paste the link at the search box available. DSers will then give sellers a list of suppliers selling the same product, their prices, quality, number of products sold, and rating of the supplier. Once the seller finds the best supplier for their store, they click on it, and push the products to their store with just a click.

Bulk Order

Yet another exciting feature of DSers is bulk order placing from your store to AliExpress. With just a few clicks, Dropshippers can place all the new orders received from the customers (in batches of 100) in just a few seconds to AliExpress.

The process looks like, selecting either specific orders, or all orders all at once with select all options, and just press the place order button. You can even review the orders in the next window with all important details, and change the shipping method at this step. The third and the last click is the confirm button, the orders will then be automatically sent.

Bundle Products

Upselling is a great tactic many e-commerce shop owners are hogging on into, and DSers being a premium tool, never lets you stay away from the trends. With its bundle product feature, DSers help sellers increase the average cart value of customers.

Basically over here sellers can create a bundle of different products, from different AliExpress suppliers, to provide new attractive offers – like more discounts and multiple products at reduced price.

Auto Sync Tracking Numbers

DSers understand how important it is for a seller to serve their customer and provide them good shopping experience with excellent customer service. For that reason, this specific feature by DSers allows dropshippers to share tracking numbers to buyers to keep them updated about their purchase.

DSers automatically synchronises the tracking number from AliExpress as soon as the supplier shares it to the store for you to notify the client.

Auto Update Order Status

Keeping track of each order can get hectic at times for dropshippers. Keeping that in mind, this feature by DSers auto updates the order status so that dropshippers don't have to waste their time constantly checking and manually editing the status of each order.

Also it keeps dropshippers notified about whether the order was placed? Is it shipped? Is there any issue in the store or AliExpress with the order? And more!

Shipping Settings

Next comes the shipping settings feature by DSers that allows dropshippers to pre-select their favorite shipping method ahead of country, time, delivery, or price. This feature basically helps dropshippers to not waste time sorting the country where the order has to be delivered, if they own multiple stores.

Dropshippers can select and arrange by order of preference globally, by country, or even specific products to get more control over delivery time.

Automatic Pricing

Margins a dropshipper adds to the AliExpress products when imported to their store plays a major role. This is because many dropshippers out there are selling the same product, maybe from the same supplier. In order to stand unique from the crowd, the dropshipper has to calculate the hours they spend on the business and their profit margin, and then set a price.

For that purpose, DSers gives Dropshippers access to three different ways to apply automatic pricing rules – basic, standard, and advanced. All these pricing will ensure that you as a dropshipper are getting paid properly, and you aren't making any losses.

Multiple Stores Management

Not just one, with DSers you can run and manage multiple dropshipping stores all by just a click. Moreover, you can place orders from all the stores at the same time, with a single click to save time and increase work efficiency.

All you have to do is, link all your dropshipping stores to your DSers account, and access it all in the future with just one login.

Admitad Affiliate

Admitad affiliate is an amazing way to earn some extra income even with dropshipping. All a dropshipper has to do is open a publisher account, and let the admitad team know that you are a dropshipper or a website owner. After successful creation of the account, Dropshippers get a personal admitad affiliate network, to make sure you earn extra cashback from the orders placed to the supplier.

Apart from the above mentioned, DSers even offer product division and hide products feature to its user to divide products according to usability, and hide the ones which are not needed more.

Additional Features by DSers

The above features are more or less similar to other dropshipping automation tools, but the ones we are going to mention in this section is something unique that DSers offers, and is very much premium till date.

Advanced Variants Mapping

Setting up products in the store is quite a tedious task for dropshippers, and DSers understands this well.  With the Variants Mapping feature by DSers, Dropshippers can map each variant to a corresponding variant from a supplier. At the same time, they can even set up some substitute suppliers for each variant, so that if the present one runs out of stock, dropshipper can still sell.

BOGO Offers

Coming up with offers every now and then is a win-win deal for both Dropshippers and buyers. For that purpose, DSers allows Dropshippers to build up some exciting offers for users through its BOGO offer feature, also called the buy one, get one offer.

Dropshippers can even create unique offers other than buy one get one, like buy two get three, or buy one product and get a gift, to attract more customers.

Stock Management

Inventory management is both a boon and a curse to dropshipping business. Even though the dropshipper doesn't have to store products for its store, what if the supplier runs out of stock? What if a customer places an order, makes the payment, and in the end you realised that there is no product available? You'll definitely lose a customer. But with DSers this won't happen, ever!

DSers keeps dropshippers notified about the supplier's stocks in the form of messages and notifications. It automatically updates the stock availability, and even give dropshippers access to substitute suppliers to fulfill the order.

DSers Pricing Plan- Is it worth Investing in?

Coming to the pricing plans by DSers, all of the packages are highly affordable. And the other best part is, the tool even offers the best features to users for free with its basic plan.

Since DSers integrates well with different dropshipping platforms, it has curated features and packages according to the platforms. For example, the features included in DSers for Woocomerce are completely different from the features included in Dsers for Shopify.

DSers for WooCommerce

DSers for Woocommerce Pricing Plans

As of now DSers for WooCommerce is available for free (just for a limited period of time), maybe they are running any promotional offers that would last for a month or six to the maximum. However, even after this free bonanza session ends, the packages for WooCommerce are affordable too.

Even in DSers for WooCommerce there is a basic forever free plan available for users. The standard plan would be priced at anything around $1.99 per month, and the advanced would be priced at $19.9 per month. Both the plans will come with a 14 day free trial period.

DSers for Wix

DSers for WIX Pricing Plans

Same as WooCommerce, DSers for Wix is also available for free for forever. The features included in this forever plan is:

  • 1000 product limit
  • Unlimited orders
  • Automated pricing rule available
  • Process 100+ orders in bulk quickly
  • Access to setup automated shipping template
  • Split product feature available
  • Basic mapping available
  • Quick notifications about inventory

DSers for Shopify

DSers for Shopify Pricing Plans

Next comes the most awaited DSers pricing plans for Shopify stores. DSers offers four different pricing plans out of which one plan is available for free for forever. The other three plans are affordable as well, let's check them out:

Basic Plan – Forever Free

  • Basic 24/7 customer support available
  • Process orders in bulk feature available
  • Manage upto 3 stores
  • 3,000 per account product limit
  • Inventory management notifications only
  • Cost change management notifications only

Advanced Plan – $19.9 per month

  • 24/7 customer support available on first priority basis
  • High speed order processing in bulk available
  • Manage 10 Shopify stores
  • 20,000 per account product limit
  • AliExpress saver shipping adaptor available for upto 10 products
  • Automated inventory management
  • Automated cost change management
  • Automated pricing rule (based on profit margins, shipping costs, and more)
  • Variants mapping feature available
  • BOGO/bundle mapping feature available
  • Affiliate support

Pro Plan – $49.9 per month

  • 24/7 customer support available on first priority basis
  • High speed order processing in bulk available
  • Manage 25 Shopify stores
  • 75,000 per account product limit
  • AliExpress saver shipping adaptor available for upto 20 products
  • Automated inventory management
  • Automated cost change management
  • Automated pricing rule (based on profit margins, shipping costs, and more)
  • Variants mapping feature available
  • BOGO/bundle mapping feature available
  • Affiliate support

Enterprise Plan – $499 per month

  • 24/7 customer support available on first priority basis
  • High speed order processing in bulk available
  • Manage 50 Shopify stores
  • 100,000 per account product limit
  • AliExpress saver shipping adaptor available for unlimited products
  • Automated inventory management
  • Automated cost change management
  • Automated pricing rule (based on profit margins, shipping costs, and more)
  • Variants mapping feature available
  • BOGO/bundle mapping feature available
  • Affiliate support
  • Customization services available for bulk usage

If you are very much content with DSers services, you can buy any of these plans at a discounted rate by annual billing. The advanced plan will thus be priced at $15.9 per month, pro plan $39.9 per month, and enterprise plan $399 per month. That means, you will be just paying for 10 month services, and the next two months you will be using the tool for free.

Apart from this, DSers even offer its users 14 days, no credit card needed, free trial period with all its packages.

Resources by DSers

DSers leaves no stones unturned when it comes to giving the best support to the customer. It literally has dedication section called “Resources” available on the dashboard for users to make the most out of the tool. In this resource section, users can explore the ins and outs of dropshipping (dropshipping 101), blogs written by the team that covers everything about the tool, YouTube, and more.

There is even a help center available in the resource section itself which covers the most frequently asked questions related to account, products, and orders. Other than all this, the resource section by DSers even covers information about partner apps, chrome extension, and WordPress plugins.

DSers Customer Support Review – Do they care about their customers?

As mentioned previously, DSers is growing enormously because of the dedicated support it provides to its customers. If you have not bought any plans by DSers and are concerned about how things will turn out after payment, you can get in contact with the team via email or through messenger. The link to both the communication channels is available on the official website itself.

Next comes the ones who have bought a plan and are stuck with some issues. For this, DSers offers quick email support usually replied by the team on priority basis (less than an hour). You can even contact the team directly since the tool offers 24/7 live customer service.

Benefits of using DSers over other tools

Manages Dropshipping Suppliers List

Stock shortages have been one of the common reasons behind customers not getting the products they have ordered from your store. The main reason behind you not being able to deliver the product to the customer is, the supplier you are dealing with doesn't have the product ordered.

However, with DSers, whenever one supplier runs out of stock, the tool automatically maps you to a different supplier. You can even check the supplier's product stock data in the dashboard and make price tweaking accordingly.

Places orders in batches in seconds

Ordering process every now and then after receiving an order is quite a daunting task dropshippers often hate doing. The main reason behind this is solely the time they often waste in this process.

However, DSers, on the other hand, enables dropshippers to place unlimited orders to AliExpress and pay them in batches. Moreover, the tool increases the order success rate by helping dropshippers with verifying orders, checking the shipping method, modifying irregular orders, and more, all automatically.

Gives order tracking numbers

Once your AliExpress supplier ships the product to the customer, DSers automatically syncs the tracking number to your store. From there, you can share the tracking number to your customer to help them stay updated with their order status.

Optimizes overall shipping cost and delivery time

Lastly, dropshipping is all about improving margins and getting the most out of each sale. DSers not only gives customers the best service when it comes to sharing the product delivery status, but even offers different shipping options like ePacket shipping to deliver products quickly and safely. 

A Sneak Peek into How Dropshipping with DSers will look like!

With 3200+ reviews in Shopify App, 150,000 installations, and 5.0 ratings, DSers is truly a boon for dropshippers. The best part is, getting started with DSers is also very easy. You can click the link available on this article here, and open an account.

From here you will just have to follow the directions to link your store. There will even be an introductory video tutorial available at the start which will help you learn the basics of handling products and orders with the help of DSers.

Now that you have bought a package for yourself, here's how your further journey with DSers will look like:

Source and add products to the store

Placing the right products in the store plays an important role in dropshipping. So, just after you have connected your stores to DSers you can easily source and import products from qualified suppliers, by the help of Supplier Optimizer.

DSers also helps users to edit products and variants, and then publish them all to get more customers.

Receive and synchronise store orders

Now just after you have listed the best products in your store, it's very obvious that you are all ready to get customers to buy them. So, how will you manage the orders and stay updated? With DSers, everything is easy.

DSers automatically synchronises all the store orders along with the notes provided by customers to the dashboard. Managing orders will get even easier, even if you are running multiple dropshipping stores.

Place orders to dropshipping suppliers

Just after you have received orders from customers, next comes placing the orders to suppliers to get it fulfilled as soon as possible. Manually placing orders one by one on AliExpress is difficult too. Hence, for this purpose DSers place 100 orders in batches on AliExpress in just a few seconds.

Fulfill and track customer's order

After the supplier's get the order from you placed by DSers , they will complete the further shipment process. Basically, the orders get fulfilled too quickly, but the concern that still remain here is to let customers know where their order has reached exactly.

For this purpose, DSers pushes all the order tracking numbers to the stores, and then you can share the number with customers.

All in all, from placing orders on AliExpress to letting customers know where their orders have reached exactly, DSers has got you covered with almost all tedious Dropshipping processes.

Pros and Cons of DSers Review


  • Highly affordable, basic plan available for free for lifetime
  • Beginner-friendly tool
  • Time savior for those running multiple dropshipping stores
  • Places orders in batches
  • Delivery tracking available
  • Option to choose preferred shipping method
  • Multiple automated features available to automate the entire drop shipping process
  • Multi-lingual 24/7 live chat support


  • Only available for Shopify, Wix, and Woocomerce stores, if you are using any other Ecommerce platform, Dsers won't be a choice for you
  • When compared to its alternatives, the paid plans looks a bit pricey

Top FAQs on DSers Review 2024

How to use DSers for free?

DSers offers a basic plan to its users for free. With this plan, you will get access to all the features for up to 3 stores.

Do DSers offer a free trial period?

Yes, DSers offers a free 14 day trial period to all its users, depending on the plan they choose.

How do I bulk order on DSers?

DSers has a unique bulk order feature through which users can place 100+ orders by just a click.

How to create promotional offers for dropshipping stores?

Users can create promotional offers for dropshipping stores with DSers, like buy one get one, and more. This feature by Dser is available in both advanced and free plans.

How do I price my dropshipping product?

The advanced price rule feature by DSers is a great tool to price any product. Whenever you will list any product from DSers account to your Shopify store, the feature will automatically update the best possible pricing.

Can I use DSers with WooCommerce?

Yes, DSers integrates well with all major dropshipping platforms, like WooCommerce, Wix, AliExpress, and Shopify.

Can I use DSers for my Shopify store?

Yes, DSers synchronises all Shopify orders to the Awaiting Order list on DSers dashboard. It further automatically places those orders to AliExpress to deliver products faster.

What is DSers AliExpress Dropshipping Solution?

DSers, AliExpress Dropshipping Solution, is a latest order fulfillment tool that processes hundreds of orders quickly, and even helps dropshippers find best suppliers and in-demand market products to earn more profits.

Final Thoughts – Is DSers the Best Dropshipping Tool?

DSers come with great features, which we honestly liked the most. The tool basically has a strong ability to automate the whole dropshipping business, even if an individual owns more than two stores. Next, comes the amazing BOGO feature by DSers for dropshippers to come up with amazing buy one get one offers to increase the overall profits.

Another distinct advantage of using DSers over other tools is the supplier optimizer feature – that basically allows Dropshippers to explore more popular suppliers in just a few seconds.

One can easily integrate DSers with other dropshipping platforms, like Woocomerce, Wix, AliExpress, and Shopify. Next, saving time also gets a lot easier with automatic solutions by DSers like the automatic tracking of syncing numbers or the order status updates.

As you can see, we are really impressed by the amazing features of DSers (words are falling short).

It's a highly resourceful tool, and the cherry on the top thing here is that the tool is available for free, like literally FREE!

You can get started with the tool and simply make the most out of the amazing features instantly. And what's more better here? Our exclusive DSers coupon code that will help you take your store to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Gaining profits with dropshipping business is just a click away – get yourself DSers 🙂

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