SimplyTrends Review 2024: Top 5 Features & Pricing (Save 40%)

Still, looking out for an unbiased SimplyTrends review? Well, search no more because this SimplyTrends review has got you covered with all the amazing features and benefits of the tool, not to mention the cons as well; give it a read now!

E-commerce is definitely the big thing happening nowadays, sellers over here are earning huge dollars within a quick time period, and Shopify has literally helped so many sellers achieve their dream of earning thousands and millions of dollars. 

Well, Shopify has undoubtedly made it easier for anyone to open an online web store, but the trick here lies in sustaining the business for a long. And on top of this, if the seller is a dropshipper (buying products from AliExpress and then selling), then he/she should always be one step ahead. 

But how can they stand unique?

With the help of the best Shopify dropshipping software like SimplyTrends. This tool gives dropshippers the best sales insights and is already recommended by thousands of dropshippers. Wait no more, and read out this SimplyTrends review ahead to explore what's really the hype all about.

Quick Summary on SimplyTrends

SimplyTrends is a powerful, all-in-one Shopify dropshipping software that provides dropshippers access to the best Shopify product and store data in just a few seconds. The software is recommended by thousands of dropshippers because of the features it offers, and one such amazing feature is the sales tracker. And the last best part is you can use the SimplyTrends tool for free, but before reading out this SimplyTrends review, explore what the software is actually all about!

What is SimplyTrends? – Honest SimplyTrends Review

SimplyTrends Reviews

SimplyTrends is a popular, all-in-one Shopify store spy and monitor tool used by over thousands of dropshippers across the globe. The tool provides real-time, actionable data insights and is best popular for its data scraping capabilities. With just a single click, any Shopify store owner can get statistics of any Shopify product or store; yes, it's that easy! 

The best thing about SimplyTrends is, with just a click, it gives dropshippers a panoramic view of competitors' any move. They can literally find out what their competitors are upto, what they are selling, how they are selling, and what in the future they will be selling very quickly. Not just this, they can even check out how much revenue they have generated or might generate in the future years with their current listing. 

Dropshippers, with SimplyTrends, can search anything from across 2 Million Shopify stores and 400 Million Shopify products; sounds way too dreamy, right? But in reality, they can, so don't miss out on reading the SimplyTrends features ahead!

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SimplyTrends Features at a Glance – Is SimplyTrends Worth Buying?

1. Competitor Finder

SimplyTrends Competitor Finder

SimplyTrends allows dropshippers to explore what their competitors are upto with its competitor finder feature. Over here, the software offers users access to three tools – Shopify store, Shopify product, and Similar products. With these tools, they can hunt any competitor's performance, marketing, and product strategy to ace their competitive edge. 

For example, with the Shopify store tool, dropshippers can find data-driven reports of any store. All they have to do is enter the store's name, keyword, or domain. With the Shopify products tool, they can explore new and best-selling products quickly, and with the tool of similar products, they can discover similar products/stores with any URL of any store.

2. Sales Tracker

SimplyTrends Sales Tracker

Yet another best feature offered by SimplyTrends is the sales tracker feature through which dropshippers can track sales of any Shopify product or store. From ordered items to complete revenue, data of a single day to over a period of time, you name it, and this feature has got you covered with everything.

Dropshippers can even sort the information according to their preferences – like ordered items, revenue, and price. They can even visualize the data (ups and downs) in a graph. 

With the help of store-level sales insights, dropshippers can explore total ordered items and total revenue data of any single day, month, or year, in just a few clicks.

3. Competitor Analysis

SimplyTrends Competitor Analysis

This feature is quite similar to competitor finder, but over here, dropshippers get competitive insights into Shopify stores and products. Trust us, and it's a real game changer. With this feature, they can literally uncover competitors' performance of a year, their consumers, market strategy, and product insights, all in a few clicks. 

They can even get actionable insights into any Shopify product launch date, updates, tags, and best sellers. The fun part here is dropshippers at this step can also export all these data. 

Lastly, through this feature, any dropshipper can compare their domain with any three competitors and spot the best opportunities within seconds. 

4. Competitor Tracker

SimplyTrends Competitor Tracker

When it comes to Shopify dropshipping, just finding and analyzing a competitor is not enough, a dropshipper should even track every move of them. By moves, we mean future and present product launches and Facebook ads data.

Over here, SimplyTrends offer two tools – Timeline view and Dashboard view. With the timeline view tool, dropshippers can check out how their competitors are running their businesses on different social media platforms. There's an activity filter available here for dropshippers to filter out any irrelevant information. The dashboard view tool over here allows dropshippers to observe any competitor's important business metrics in one place. 

5. Winning Product Research

SimplyTrends Winning Product Research

The winning product research feature by SimplyTrends allows dropshippers to scale and grow their business with the insights that really matter. Over here, too, they get access to three powerful tools – real-time sales, winning ads, and trends. With the real-time sales tool, dropshippers can discover amazing e-commerce opportunities that are actually doing well right now. They can, in fact, hunt dropshipping products here by real-time data trends from across a million Shopify stores. 

Next, with the winning ads tool, dropshippers can explore how competitors are selling their products, what their marketing tactics are, and which ad is performing best. Last comes the trends tool through which dropshippers can uncover exciting e-commerce opportunities that are trending on Google.

Supplier Finder with Image Search

SimplyTrends, just as the name suggests, helps dropshippers explore the best opportunities in the most simple ways. That being said, the supplier finder feature here allows dropshippers to paste any image's URL and find suppliers quickly.

SimplyTrends Pricing Plans – SimplyTrends Discount Coupon

The best part about SimplyTrends is its pricing plans itself; other dropshipping software available in the market often confuse their users with complex pricing models, but here, this is not the case. The tool just offers two plans, one for free and the other one is paid. There is no free trial option available because, obviously, you are getting a free plan. 

SimplyTrends Pricing

SimplyTrends Free Plan

  • No credit card is required
  • Live orders feature available
  • Limited Shopify store search available
  • Limited trend search
  • Limited Facebook ad search and supplier image search

SimplyTrends Pro Plan – $29/month 

  • Sales tracking feature available
  • Live orders feature available
  • Unlimited search options available
  • Access to advanced search filters available

The SimplyTrends pro plan comes with a trick; you will be paying $29 to track 10 stores. If you wish to track 30 stores, you will have to pay $59, $119 for 80 stores, and $299 for 250 stores. 

Moreover, if your business is already doing well and you are on a quest for enterprise-level solutions, SimplyTrends has even got you covered with that. For this, you simply have to contact the sales team, and the team will further offer you enterprise-level market insights and competitive analysis of any brand.

Lastly, SimplyTrends even offers pay-as-you-go service to dropshippers. With this service, dropshippers can buy extra sales tracking stores whenever they need one (on any paid or free plan). To track sales of one store, they will have to pay $10, and for 10 stores, they will have to pay $100.

SimplyTrends Customer Support – Are they Prompt Enough? 

Just like SimplyTrend's super affordable pricing plan models, we are literally amazed at its customer support service as well. 

From live chat and email support to blogs, SimplyTrends has literally got dropshippers covered with all kinds of support services. In fact, we tried the live chat support of SimplyTrends, and the turnaround time amazed us; the team got back to us within 30 minutes. 

Apart from this, if you have taken the enterprise-level solution by SimplyTrends, you will get exclusive support from the team, and a dedicated manager will help you out with everything.

Pros & Cons of SimplyTrends Review


  • Gives real-time product and store insights.
  • Ultimate e-commerce toolkit for dropshippers on any level, beginners to professionals.
  • Beginner-friendly user interface.
  • Detailed information on product vendors.
  • Offers extensive monthly orders and revenue data.
  • Gives quick customer insights.
  • Free forever plan available.


  • Not as popular as other dropshipping software.
  • Limited pricing plan available.
  • Lacks a few features when compared to other software available in the market.

🚀 SimplyTrends Chrome Extension Review (Steps to Download SimplyTrends Extension)

Now that we have covered almost all the best features of SimplyTrends, it's time to explore the SimplyTrends chrome extension. Similar to other dropshipping software, even SimplyTrends has come up with its own extension through which dropshippers can inspect and scrape any store while they are browsing in just a click. The best part about this extension is it's available completely for free and is super easy to use. 

Before getting into what best you can expect from the SimplyTrends Chrome extension, we'll give you a quick sneak peek into how you can download this extension. 

First, go to the chrome web store, and search SimplyTrends Chrome Extension in the search bar. Hit the add extension option available at the top right corner; after clicking on it, a small dialogue box will appear, asking for confirmation on whether you really want to add this extension or not. 

At this step, you will again have to hit the “Add Extension” option. The extension will get downloaded quickly; later, you will have to create an account by hitting the sign-up button. Over here, just enter your email address, and later enter each detail of your Shopify store!

Since, by now you have downloaded the extension already, here are some powerful benefits you can expect from it: 

  • Explore competitive insight of almost every Shopify store in real-time
  • Explore unlimited product listing in CSV format
  • Track any store's activity, and get real-time custom alerts
  • Find stores and products with just a click
  • Download any product image and video from Aliexpress of the best quality in a click.

Why is SimplyTrends the Best Dropshipping Spy Tool?

Here are a few reasons why we believe SimplyTrends could be the best dropshipping spy tool for you! 

  • Spy literally any Shopify store or product

SimplyTrends offers the best features to dropshippers to explore all products and store related information in just a few clicks. Dropshippers can explore sales data, product ranking, and marketing tactics of competitors quickly. And with so many features on the table, the tool doesn't even hang up a bit. 

  • Analyze competitors strategy

With SimplyTrends, dropshippers can explore more about their competitors' stores and best-selling products, all within a few minutes. They can quickly check out monthly visits, traffic, and social media data. This is something we really liked the most because it really helps dropshippers grow their market share and optimize their performance. 

  • Export listings in CSV file with just a click

SimplyTrends is not just a Shopify scraper and parser tool, and it's simply more than that. The tool is even capable of extracting unlimited product listings, all within a few clicks. So whether you wish to extract a single product listing or download it all in bulk, you can do it all with SimplyTrends.

  • Hunt winning products in real-time

Similar to software like Ali Hunter and Ecomhunt, with SimplyTrends too, you can hunt winning products quickly. The best part is that SimplyTrends has got dropshippers covered with the best real-time data and forecasts. 

  • Scrapes only the best quality images, no blur at all!

Last but not least, after launching the SimplyTrends chrome extension, dropshippers can easily have product images and videos in a ZIP file. And this downloaded file is really of superior quality, and that's the reason why we just like it a lot!

Top FAQs on SimplyTrends Review

What is SimplyTrend's pay-as-you-go plan?

Apart from one paid and a free plan, SimplyTrends even offer a pay-as-you-go service for dropshippers to buy extra sales tracking stores whenever needed.

Can I use SimplyTrends for free? 

Yes, you can use SimplyTrends for free since the tool offers a free forever plan but with limited feature access.

Is SimplyTrends the best dropshipping software? 

Yes, SimplyTrends is a popular dropshipping software offering the highest quality Shopify data, all updated in real-time.

Do SimplyTrends offer a free trial?

No, SimplyTrends does not offer any free trial, but it does offer a free forever plan to its users.

Can I use SimplyTrends for my dropshipping store? 

Yes, because of its clear and caring interface and extensive Shopify database, SimplyTrends will undoubtedly be the best investment for your dropshipping store.

Conclusion: Is SimplyTrends truly the best dropshipping spying & monitoring tool? 

With SimplyTrends, Shopify dropshippers literally find, analyze, and track competitors, all with just a click. The tool is highly accurate, and it's not us who are saying this, but thousands of other dropshippers who have been using this tool for a long time. 

The best thing we liked about SimplyTrends is the Sales Tracker feature which is, in fact, recommended by other dropshippers as well. The reason is this feature literally allows any seller to uncover competitor's data, both on the product level and store level. They can even explore the revenue of the competitor; isn't this amazing?

Yet another best thing is the free forever plan itself; imagine getting access to the best of features to get started with dropshipping all for free. Sounds dreamy, but SimplyTrends have literally made this possible. 

All in all, SimplyTrends, with so many exciting features on the table, is truly the best software for Shopify dropshipping, offering the highest quality data, in real-time, for free! 

So dropshippers, what are you waiting for? Make the most out of SimplyTrends, and do let us know how best this tool works for you!

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