Dropship Spy Review 2024: Dropshipping Guide for a Beginner

It is a well-known fact that your dropshipping store is just as good as the products you sell, you can have the best marketing strategy in the world, but it won't make sense if your store doesn't have products that sell. But, with so many products present in the market, how can you be so sure that the products you choose will sell?

Enter, spy tools! Dropshipping spy tools help you see what products are new and trending. They also help you see how others are advertising. They save you a lot of time and money by minimizing research and testing. Dropship Spy is such a tool. We are going to look at its features, benefits, pricing and more to help you make an informed buying decision.

What is Dropship Spy? Dropship Spy Review

As the name suggests, it is a spy tool that eases the process of product research for you. It finds high-selling, in-demand products by scanning different platforms and helps you choose products that will bring you the most profit. It has an arsenal of practical tools and features that find winning products for you in mere minutes!

It has a massive database with multiple detailed search and filter capabilities. Its straightforward interface and easy-to-navigate dashboard make using it a breeze.

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Let's take a closer look at its tools and features:

Dropship Spy Tool Features and Benefits

Dropship Spy features

As mentioned, Dropship Spy has a wide range of tools that make searching for winning products a cakewalk. It has an app store that includes a lot of practical tools that are absolutely free and comes with its subscription. Let's take a look at some of its most prominent apps:

Shopify Connect

Dropship Spy offers direct integration with your Shopify store. This proves efficient as it lets you operate both platforms from a single space, not just that, but you can link multiple Shopify stores to your single Dropship Spy account. You can easily connect your store to the tool and effectively search for winning products and add them to your store without hopping from one platform to the other.


Influencer marketing has picked up quite a bit these days. It is a great way to sell products as it acts as social proof and helps your audience trust your products. But, with so many influencers out there, which one would give you the best ROI?

Dropship Spy offers an answer to this question by providing you with a tool that brings you verified influencers that are filtered by category. Not just that, but it makes your search easier by providing you with all the details you need to know, such as their engagement statistics, performance, account details, working prices, sample works and previously done collaborations, and more.

You can easily spy on your competitors with this extensive feature. For it to work, you will need to add the URL of your competitor and Dropship Spy will then work its magic and show you all of their traffic data. You can gain insight into beneficial information such as page visits, bounce rate, traffic source, traffic share per country, visit duration, etc. With all this information available to you, it is easy to understand the performance of your competition and gain inspiration for a more effective marketing strategy.

Ali Shopper

The Ali Shopper tool is another spy tool that searches for winning products on AliExpress and lets you import products into your dropshipping store directly in just a click! All you have to do is search for a product, category or niche, and the tool will show you a wide range of products to choose from.

You can click on any product that piques your interest for a detailed analysis of the product. Get comprehensive information such as ratings, stock, orders, etc. Once you have selected a product, you can go ahead and import it to your store.

Reviews Downloader

Social proof is essential if you want your audience to trust you. People are more likely to buy your products if you have product reviews on your page. Dropship Spy simplifies this process for you by letting you download product reviews directly from the product page. It fetches genuine reviews for you in seconds.

Description Fetcher

Product descriptions are a vital part of your dropshipping store. They inform the users of your product, and a good product description can also bring in traffic. But making optimized and attractive product descriptions can be a taxing and time-consuming task that usually requires a lot of knowledge and practice to master.

This is where Dropship Spy's Description Fetcher comes into play. It scans the internet and brings you the best descriptions for your product. This saves you a lot of time, all you need to do is type in the product title into its search bar, and it will fetch the perfect description for you in no time.

Profit Calculator

This feature helps you calculate the margin of profit for a particular product. All you need to do is enter a few details, and it will tell you how much profit you will gain with each sale and how many products you will need to sell in a day to turn a profit.

Product Library

Dropship Spy has a vast product database that lets you search for online products with ease. Simply search for what you want, and Dropship Spy will give you the results you want from its product library that features more than 5,000 verified products. You can also use the exhaustive filter options available to narrow down your search.

Filters include category, niche, ad type, keyword, profit margin, likes, comments, engagement, ratings, and more. Once the search results are presented, you can click on a product you are interested in and skim its primary metrics through the quick view. Then you can click on it for more details. It will show you its detailed stats and key performance analytics regarding the selected product. It also lets you import the product.

Best Monthly Products

This feature shows you the best-performing products overall in the past four months. They are further categorized into four sections, i.e., Most Favorited, Top-Performing, Most Viewed and Most imported.

Dropship Spy computes the average social media engagement rates for each section to provide a better understanding of the products. The products are then illustrated with information like product images and descriptions so that you can decide if they're a good fit when hunting for good choices.


This feature comes in handy when you're building a list of products from your dropshipping store. Clicking on the heart icon on any product will automatically be listed under this tab for easy access later on.

Import List

If you have done a lot of product research, the Import List allows you to quickly add products from your list that fit a given category. Simply scroll through your list and click on the “insert-like” icon to import them all at once.

Engagement Calculator

All products on Dropship Spy have an overall engagement score that is computed from how successfully it sells products on social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook.

The calculator provides you with an efficient and easy-to-use means for assessing if a product is doing well on social media. This feature makes it easier for online retailers they can choose products that perform well and run campaigns to promote them, also saving time in the process.

If you want to calculate an engagement score for a product, you need to provide relevant data on how the product performed. It will depend on the social media platform where you advertised, so providing ad-specific dates for likes, comments, shares and ad dates would be ideal.

Audience Builder

Audience Builder is a helpful tool if you're starting out with Facebook ads. It's got tons of specific niches on it for you to pick from, so don't worry about getting stuck with one type of ad campaign.

These targeted suggestions are perfect for new Shopify store owners, making it easier to create your customers' FB audiences. These categories will further divide each selection into smaller and more specific groups that you can target with even greater precision.

If you're looking to promote your business on Facebook, there will always be relevant marketing strategies where you can find a quick live example to use.

Dropship Spy Affiliate Program

Dropship Spy Affiliate Program

Dropship Spy's affiliate marketing program helps you earn money by promoting the services of Dropship Spy on your own platform. It gives a lot of benefits to its affiliates, such as:

  • It has two levels. Level 1 has a commission rate of 40%, while level 2 has a commission rate of 5% that is given every month.
  • It has a 60-day cookie. You still get paid if a customer you brought in joins in later.
  • Payments are pretty fast and paid on the 1st of each month.
  • Joining the program is absolutely free.

Hunt Winning Products on Dropship Spy in 3 Easy Steps!

Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to spy on the hottest, most trending products using the Dropship Spy tool.

  • Step One: Go to the ‘Products' tab and click on over to the ‘winning' option that will appear below the ‘Product Category' section.
  • Step Two: You can limit your search to a particular niche by using its filters. When you don't see the result you need in the Filter Results, consider searching it by typing what you want on the search bar and clicking “Enter.” By analyzing the different search results, you can quickly identify which products are performing the best.
  • Step Three: Once the search results are complete, you can start spying on all of the winning products by clicking on them. With powerful site analytics and marketing tools, you'll have full access to the essential data you need to make good decisions about a product's performance. Simple and handy tools like the profit calculator will help you in making important decisions about your business.

Dropship Spy Pricing Plan | How much do we have to pay for Dropship Spy?

Dropship Spy Monthly Pro Plan
Dropship Spy Yearly Pro Plan

The Dropship Spy Pro Plan

  • It is priced at $39 per month and $119 per year.
  • Includes everything in the Hobby plan with advanced features
  • It shows you key performance indicators and sales trends.
  • It shows you reviews and video ads.
  • It gives you a detailed analysis of AliExpress, Amazon, eBay and CJ Dropshipping.
  • It shows you details of Facebook audiences, suppliers and influencers.
  • Gives you a detailed analysis of Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok ads.

As mentioned earlier, Dropship Spy has made its plans considerably affordable, as it is a relatively new addition and its Pro Plan has dropped from being $67 to just $39 per month, and its yearly subscription plan has decreased from being $469 to just $119 per year, making it a very affordable option for those who are just starting out.

Pros and Cons of Dropship Spy Review

As the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Let's take a closer look at some of Dropship Spy's merits and demerits:


  • Shopify store integration is easy and in-built.
  • This is an excellent tool for complete newcomers who want to venture into the dropshipping business.
  • The Facebook Audience Builder is great for strategy development.
  • It has an interactive and easy-to-operate user interface.
  • Offers stellar customer support
  • Instagram influencer database is very exhaustive and easy to operate.
  • This fantastic tool helps uncover new great products on AliExpress that other suppliers aren't offering!
  • Helps you take inspiration and make effective Facebook ad campaigns with its specific spying features.
  • The tool can be used to source promotional resources for your winning products.


  • Most of the products offered by this spy tool are better suited for dropshipping only.
  • There is no refund policy if you are unsatisfied.

Top FAQs on Dropship Spy Review 2024

What is Dropship Spy?

Dropship Spy is the ultimate tool for every dropshipping seller. It has an extensive database of winning products and the most effective strategies to take your dropshipping store to the next level.

Do I need a Shopify account to use Dropship Spy?

No, Dropship Spy supports any ecommerce platform. All their information is digital and usable, so that you can use Dropship Spy on any ecommerce platform. 

How do I add products to my site?

You will get two options to add products to your site. You can copy or download the content and add it manually. Or you can connect your Shopify store, and in just a few clicks, you can import products to your site.

Does Dropship Spy allow me to cancel my subscription?

Yes, if you are not happy with the features of Dropship Spy, then you cancel your paid subscription at any time. You can even pause your subscription, and by this, you can stop your billing.

What are Some Good Alternatives to Dropship Spy?

There are many excellent spy tools in the market. Let's take a look at some alternatives to Dropship Spy:

Dropship Spy Vs. Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt was initially designed to help you find products that would enable you to make your profits without effort. It helps you find successful niche products and more. The service saves users the hassle of spying on competitors, as well as time spent scouting out opportunities to make a profit.

This will help you get insight into how your product is performing with metrics that include engagement data and performance statistics. They'll provide granular data that will come in handy for you as a business owner.

Ecomhunt is an excellent tool with basic capabilities. It is more suited for newbies. It does have some limitations if you are at a larger scale of business. When compared to Dropship Spy, it falls a little short as Dropship Spy has more outstanding search capabilities both in terms of standard product research and influencer search.

Dropship Spy Vs. ShopInspect

ShopInspect is an online tool that helps you quickly find products you are interested in and make up your mind about if they are worth buying or not. They use AI, machine learning, and a team of eCommerce experts to find hot, trending products before they go viral. They also give you the product suggestion with estimated sales for a specific store.

ShopInspect is a worthy contender when it comes to spy tools. It includes detailed data that lets you even run Google ads for your products. ShopInspect offers a lot of valuable data, but its main drawback is that its more expensive when compared to Dropship Spy. ShopInspect is now known as Zonbase.

Dropship Spy Vs. Pexda

Pexda is another research tool and listing website. It is excellent for anyone who is interested in finding new profitable products to sell. It's also a handy place to look when you're not sure what you should be selling. This tool can be used as a spy tool and product hunting tool, which saves you time and effort. All products come with performance analytics to make sure you are choosing the best option.

Even though it is a pretty good tool, Dropship Spy does offer a more in-depth research experience along with a very competitive price that makes it a better choice for someone just starting out.

Dropship Spy Vs. Dropispy

Dropispy provides the best ad spying tools for professionals in the dropshipping and ecommerce space.

With its advanced technology, it can let you search for winning ads, discover dropshipping products at ease or figure out profitable niches. It also lets you access thousands of advertisements and filter them rapidly. The tool is helpful for scoping out new dropshipping shops. It's also a way for you to keep tabs on your own shop as well!

Its a very close comparison between these two tools. Both of them have similar features and pricing. In the end, it all falls on your discretion.

Dropship Spy Vs. AliShark

AliShark is a tool that helps you find winning products to sell in your store. They update products every hour and helps you keep tabs on those that are ahead of their time or on good sell products for your inventory.

With AliShark, you have the following features: The ability to get detailed product information, see if a product is selling well and feedback from customers, pricing, production cost and other essential statistics. Apart from simply giving you an overview of the product, this report also explains how well it sells in different countries and top shippers making good revenue on it.

Although AliShark is an excellent tool for product research, Dropship Spy has more advanced spying capabilities and at a better price.

How to Choose Which Dropship Spying Software Fits your Needs?

The goal of a dropshipping spy tool is to help you find out if your competitors are using this business model. The tool will also help you identify the best time to buy products from your competitors so that you can get the best deals on them.

The most important thing to look for in a dropshipping spy tool is its ability to provide deep insights into your competitor's inventory, sales, and marketing activities and its features. It would be best if you also considered the price and customer support of the product before making your purchase decision.

The best dropshipping spy tool should have the following features:

  • The tool you choose must be easy to use and navigate.
  • It should provide detailed information about your competitors and be able to monitor your competitors' activities and track their sales.
  • It should provide you with a list of the top-performing products on multiple platforms and give you real-time updates about your competitors' sales.
  • It must provide detailed reports about your competitors' products and allow you to check out your competitors' stores easily.
  • It should have easy integrations and access.

At the end of the day, you need to pick a tool that fits your needs and budget.

Dropship Spy Review 2024 | Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we think Dropship Spy is an excellent product spy tool for anyone with a dropshipping business. With it, you can find out who your competitors are following and what products they are currently promoting. With this tool, you'll be able to keep track of winning products and market your brand more effectively. It also offers a free plan that makes sit easier for you to try its capabilities out.

Dropship Spy lets you easily find products to add to your Shopify store. You can get custom recommendations from the common trends in people's shopping carts to what's already on the market for your target customers. It is a very convenient and affordable tool that makes sure you have the top trending products in your store.

It is a good idea to choose Dropship Spy as it can help you gain new insights and scale your dropshipping business. What are your thoughts on this spy tool? Let us know in the comments below!

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