Spocket Vs Oberlo 2024: What to Choose and Why? (Updated after Shutdown)

Are you looking for an honest yet detailed Spocket vs Oberlo comparison review? Well, your search ends here because we have got you covered with some amazing insights into both the dropshipping growth tools. Read out till the end to explore how different Spocket is from Oberlo, and vice versa!

Oberlo back in 2020 and 2021 was the best and the most popular dropshipping apps available to dropshippers. But, since they shut down their operations in 2022, dropshippers are now on a quest for an Oberlo-like app that would literally burden off all their leg work.

Spocket is one such popular app, and this Spocket Vs Oberlo comparison review covers everything about both the tools, so that you now know how different Spocket would be for you.

In simpler words, we are doing this comparison, even after shutdown because

  • Oberlo was literally the best dropshipping software
  • It offered the best of features
  • It was highly affordable
  • It came with a super functioning chrome extension
  • It was best for dropshippers who had a small budget, and wanted to start out their dropshipping journey.

In simpler words, each feature of Oberlo is covered in this comparison review as a metric for you to make a decision whether to buy Spocket or not.

So, without any further delays, let's checkout if Spocket is really the best alternative of Oberlo!

Remember that: Oberlo stopped their operations in July 2022 itself, the website is still operable to dropshippers to explore the ins and outs of dropshipping through blogs!

Quick Summary of Spocket Vs Oberlo Review

Spocket and Oberlo are two popular dropshipping platform used by over thousands of dropshippers across the globe. Both the tools come with a fantastic range of features for dropshippers to ace their business. Even the pricing plans of Oberlo and Spocket are alot affordable. Read out this Oberlo Vs Spocket review ahead to explore what exactly these tools have to offer to you!

Spocket Vs Oberlo Overview- What are these tools all about?

What is Spocket? Spocket Review


Founded back in the year 2017, much after the launch of Oberlo, Spocket is now the best and most trustworthy dropshipping software in the market, used by over thousands of dropshippers. This platform was founded with the aim to help dropshippers source products from local suppliers, and not just from China. In short, with Spocket, you as a dropshipper wouldn't just be dealing with AliExpress, but other international and local suppliers as well.

Spocket allows users to browse and choose between a plethora of high quality products offered by multiple suppliers who won't even be available on other platforms.

And the best part here is, all the suppliers on the platform are first verified by Spocket itself, hence you will be rest assured of the quality of the products you will be sending out to your customers.

Other than clothing, jewellry, footwear, bags and wallets niches, Spocket even offers products in a variety of niches like tech accessories, automotive, seasonal products, and more.

What is Oberlo? Oberlo Review

Oberlo Reviews

Launched back in the year 2015, with thousands of active user based when shutting down the complete operations- Oberlo was undoubtedly the best dropshipping software made available to users who literally wanted to start out their dropshipping business from scratch.

Be it the affordability, features, or automation services, you name it, Oberlo made sure to offer it all to the users, when needed. But the only downside of Oberlo, when compared to spocket is it worked for dropshippers who were running a Shopify store.

The reason behind this is, Shopify acquired Oberlo in the year 2017, because of the amazing features the tool offered to Shopify store owners. So, in short, dropshippers who used Oberlo app, were able to directly import products from AliExpress in their Shopify store, including the images of products, variations, and descriptions.

By now, we know you are extremely excited to explore the features of Spocket and Oberlo, so why not catch them now?

Spocket Vs Oberlo: Features Breakdown!

Spocket Features at a Glance

Complete Product Sourcing

One of the remarkable features of Spocket when compared to all other dropshipping platforms is the product sourcing feature itself. Reason being, Spocket simply not just focuses on AliExpress (like other platforms). By the help of the strict onboarding procedure, Spocket finds out just the best suppliers offering high quality products.

The product sourced here are mainly from the US and EU, hence its of great quality and the delivery timings is faster as well, which is generally not the case with Chinese based suppliers.


Not in its free plan, but Spocket automates the whole dropshipping process for dropshippers who have bought the premium plans. From importing products, customizing the listing, mapping variants, to tracking the shipments, the platform literally automates everything. Sellers even get inventory updates, and can set automated pricing rules for each product.

Branded Invoicing

With its premium plans, Spocket guarantees users that their wholesale partner will never add any branding of their own to any orders. Instead, the suppliers themselves will add your store's invoice to the order (box) so that the customer gets to know more about your brand. For this, you just have to share your store's name, contact details, logo, and personal note to Spocket, and the team will then take care of everything.


Unlike Oberlo, Spocket integrates best with 11 more eCommerce platforms other than Shopify. Moreover, you can even use Spocket with other website building services like Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, and Wix.

Quick Delivery

Since most of the suppliers on Spocket are from the US and the UK, the delivery time of all the orders is very less as compared to the orders placed on AliExpress.

Oberlo Features at a Glance

Quick Imports

The best feature of Oberlo that made it stand unique among other dropshipping platforms is the quick product import feature itself. If dropshippers were already selling products on their website from AliExpress, by installing Oberlo, they were able to find high quality products from the immense database all within a few minutes.

Also the chrome extension feature of Oberlo allowed users to import products right from AliExpress without having to click many buttons. And installing the chrome extension was much easier too, one was able to install it from the official Shopify app store itself.

Easy Customization

The best part about Oberlo is it allows users to customize products so that they can stand unique, and even the dropshipper can get much competitive advantage. For example, before importing any product from AliExpress to the Shopify store, the seller gets an opportunity to change titles, product descriptions, and add a few more features or images quickly.

Private Branding

Branding plays an important role when it comes to dropshipping, and Oberlo did understand this importance. For that reason, the platform allowed dropshippers to add private labels to products they want to sell, like the brand logo and name.

Product Variant Mapping

If a dropshipper used to offer different product variations of a single product, with Oberlo, they didn't create separate listings for each. Instead, Oberlo used to do the legwork, like combining variants from multiple suppliers, so that if a product isn't available from your main supplier, you can add a variant from another supplier.

Automated Inventory Management

Managing product inventory in the dropshipping business is quite much a tedious task. For that reason, Oberlo integrates the seller's inventory with the supplier's system, so that it gets updated instantly.

Apart from the above mentioned five best features of Oberlo, the platform had so many more things to offer. One such feature was complete shipment tracking that allowed dropshippers to track their sale orders and shipments in the order section itself. Next, the automated pricing feature by Oberlo allowed dropshippers to set rules to automatically update a product's pricing. And last comes the place order in bulk feature through which sellers used to place orders for all their sales in just a few clicks.

Winner in terms of Features | Spocket Vs Oberlo

The winner here is obviously Spocket because, first it's readily available now to users, and second is that most of its dropshipping suppliers are located in the US or Europe. You as a dropshipper wouldn't be relying much on AliExpress, instead you will be getting more quality suppliers for your store, selling quality products, and delivering it all, very quickly.

Spocket Vs Oberlo Pricing Plans- Which one is more affordable?

Spocket Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans of Spocket

The best part about Spocket other than the features it offers is its pricing plans itself. One can literally use this tool for free if they just want to figure out whether this tool is best for them or not. Additionally, if this tool is working in their favor, they can save a lot on pricing plans by paying yearly (roughly upto 8 months OFF).

On top of this, Spocket even offers a 14 day free trial period to its users which they cancel anytime, and they don't even need a credit card to get started with it.

Free Plan by Spocket – Free of charge

  • Quick access to Spocket's catalog of products
  • 24×7 customer support
  • AliExpress dropshipping service available

Starter Plan by Spocket – $29.99

  • Access to 25 unique products
  • Email support available (during working hours)
  • 24×7 live chat support available
  • AliExpress dropshipping service available

Pro Plan by Spocket – $49.99

$24 per month, if paid yearly!

  • Access to 250 unique and 25 premium products
  • Own branding invoicing
  • Chat directly with supplier
  • Search products by image option available
  • Email support available (during working hours)
  • 24×7 live chat support available
  • AliExpress dropshipping service available

Empire Plan by Spocket – $99.99

$57 per month, if paid yearly!

  • Access to 10000 unique and 10000 premium products
  • Own branding invoicing
  • Chat directly with supplier
  • Search products by image option available
  • Email support available (during working hours)
  • 24×7 live chat support available
  • AliExpress dropshipping service available

Other than these plans, Spocket even offers a Unicorn plan to dropshippers who manage sales at scale, which is usually charged at $299 per month, and if paid yearly, the dropshipper has to pay $79 per month.

Oberlo Pricing Plans

Oberlo Pricing Plans

The best thing about Oberlo, when it was launched and used by thousands of dropshippers, was its pricing plan itself – literally it was very simplified and much straightforward. Back then, they did have a complex pricing structure, but over the time, they just cut things off.

They offered one forever free plan and one paid plan, for customers to get the most out of the platform.

Free Plan by Oberlo

The plan was basically available for free to users so that they can test the capabilities of the platform, and even check out the Oberlo Chrome extension. Users were able to take access to unlimited orders a month, and used to set up 500 products within a few minutes. The order fulfillment was completely automatic, and the dropshipper did get information of each sale by just a tap.

Grad Plan by Oberlo – $7.90 per month

Oberlo's Grad plan is the most popular and affordable one. You get most of Oberlo's salient features for just $7.90 per month. The package brings along all the features of the explorer plan. Along with that, you also get unlimited level-up digital courses, weekly members-only real-talk with Oberlo's advisors, and trending product reports from Oberlo's data insights. 

Boss Plan by Oberlo – $29.90 per month

The boss plan by Oberlo came up with 30,000 product limits a month, unlimited monthly orders, variant mapping, affiliate program, and Captcha solver. Users were even able to track shipment details, and take bulk orders.

Winner in terms of Pricing | Spocket Vs Oberlo

When it comes to pricing, Oberlo did offered a very simplified pricing model, but since it's not available anymore, even Spocket, on the contrary offers some excellent and affordable pricing plans. The free plan by Spocket in fact comes with multiple feature access, and even the highest paid plan by Spocket is quite affordable, when bought on an yearly basis.

Chrome Extension Comparison between Spocket and Oberlo

Oberlo Chrome Extension Review

The best part about Oberlo was its Chrome extension and it was available with every subscription. Dropshippers were able to access the extension even though they were using the free version. With this extension, dropshippers were able to import products directly from Aliexpress into the Shopify store within minutes. Not just this, even they were able to sort their products all according to their preferred shipping options on the website itself.

To the last, with Oberlo Chrome extension sellers were able to process orders faster than ever, and the manual work was literally cut down to nothing, all thanks to the best automation the extension provided!

Long story short,

With Oberlo Chrome Extension, dropshippers were able to:

  • Find products quickly
  • Import products faster
  • Customize import list
  • Place and fulfill orders conveniently
  • Handle bulk orders easily

Spocket Chrome Extension Review

Similar to Oberlo, even Spocket has come up with an exclusive extension, and they have named it uniquely too – Aliscraper. This extension allows dropshippers to bring their AliExpress purchases to The E-Commerce stores by just a click. They can even quickly find and add products to their store, track overall pricing, and the inventory changes that have happened, all in real time.

Not just this, dropshippers can even create and manage orders, which means they just have to focus on the business, and not on chasing more products down. Lastly, with Aliscraper, Oberlo users were able to migrate all the data from Oberlo account to Aliscraper, all within a few seconds.

Long story short,

With Spocket Chrome Extension, Aliscraper, dropshippers are able to:

  • Add products to spocket store within seconds
  • Get shipping information quickly
  • Automate the whole dropshipping business
  • Process bulk orders quickly
  • Import AliExpress product reviews and photos within seconds

Spocket Pros and Cons


  • More EU and US based suppliers.
  • Faster delivery.
  • 14 day free trial period available.
  • Live chat support available.
  • Multiple integrations.
  • Branded invoicing feature available with premium plans.
  • Chat directly with suppliers.
  • Search any products by images.


  • Smaller catalog of sellers and products as compared to other dropshipping softwares.
  • A lot expensive suppliers.
  • Premium plans aren't so affordable for beginner starting out with small budget.

Oberlo Pros and Cons


  • Much simplified pricing plan.
  • Oberlo was a part of Shopify app store.
  • Best information resources kept available for dropshippers.
  • Multiple filters available to do in depth research.
  • Excellent customer support service.
  • Was available in multiple languages.


  • No longer available.
  • Was just compatible Shopify Stores.
  • Premium features were only available in the Boss plan.

Top FAQs on Spocket Vs Oberlo 2024

Why did Oberlo shut down?

Oberlo shut down their operations in July 2022 because the team felt that there are several other softwares in the market offering real beneficial products, and Oberlo was lacking somewhere behind these tools.

Why is Oberlo not working?

Your Oberlo account is not working because the team has stopped their operations and have asked each user to migrate their data to any new software, so that you don't miss out on anything.

Is Spocket worth using?

Yes, Spocket is undoubtedly the best dropshipping software available in the marketing, giving users access to its best features for free.

Oberlo or Spocket: what should I choose?

Since Oberlo have stopped their operations back in July 2022 itself, its the Spocket software you could use now to make the most out of your dropshipping business.

What is the best Oberlo alternative?

The best Oberlo alternatives available in the market are dropispy, dropified, woodropship, dropship.me, Spocket, and Alidropship.

Is Spocket available for free?

Yes, Spocket do offers a free plan to its users but this plan comes with much limited feature access.

Should I use Spocket or Dsers?

Both Spocket and Dsers are popular dropshipping apps used by over thousands of dropshippers. Both the tools offer a free plan, and somewhat similar features, however, before picking one you must check out your needs and goals, and then invest further.

Comparison Wrap-up: Which Tool to Vouch for? Spocket or Oberlo?

We hope that this article brings you clarity on how dropshipping works and how different Spocket is from Oberlo. And if you are still confused about which tool you can invest in, here's what you need to think:

Oberlo has shut down their operations but it doesn't mean that you don't have other alternatives. In fact, Oberlo team members have stated that they can shift to Dsers, because even this tool comes with many benefits.

Coming back to Oberlo Vs Spocket, the pricing plans of Spocket is undoubtedly a lot expensive than Oberlo. However, the features Spocket offers, like product delivery within a week, brand invoicing, and improved customer experience makes the tool a worthy investment for dropshippers.

But, if you are very tight on your budget, you can always go for Oberlo alternatives like Dsers, Alidropship, dropship.me, Dropified, and Woodropship!

So what's stopping you to rock your dropshipping business? If not Oberlo, you have many other Oberlo alternatives already like Dsers and Spocket, choose any of the tools wisely and Ace your dropshipping business like never before!

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