FindNiche Review 2024: Is it the Best Dropshipping Tool?

Are you looking for an extensive FindNiche review to scale your dropshipping business?

Dropshipping has become extensively popular in recent times. It allows you to start selling products directly without keeping them in inventory. The idea behind dropshipping is that instead of buying products in bulk and storing them in warehouses, you buy them from manufacturers at a lower cost, and then you sell them online with a markup.

When it comes to dropshipping, it is important to identify what niche you will be playing your product in. When developing a niche, it is important to be able to clearly communicate with your audience. Finding your niche for dropshipping can be difficult. However, it is important if you want to generate a lot of sales and have a long-term business.

There are a lot of online Ad spy tools that can help you find your niche and winning products. One of these tools is Findniche. It helps you grow your dropshipping business by letting you find your niche in the dropshipping industry, search for new products to sell, spy on your competitors, and much more. Read this Findniche review to know more about how this tool can bring your dropshipping business to new heights!

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What is FindNiche? – FindNiche Review 2024

Finding your niche for dropshipping is important because it helps you to find the right suppliers and products that are in demand. Finding your niche for dropshipping can be challenging as there are so many options out there. If you don't have the time or energy to research and find your own niche, you can use tools like Findniche, which allows you to find your niche and popular products with ease.

Findniche is a dropshipping tool that quickly analyzes profitable product niches that you can sell online. FindNiche helps you analyze over 2 million products on AliExpress from more than 11,000 different niches and data from more than 700,000 Shopify stores. This dropshipping tool can help you cut through a lot of unnecessary tasks. It is also compatible with the tools that your business uses and has a high level of power and features.


Whether you're starting from scratch or have been dropshipping for a while, FindNiche has everything you need to easily find and profit from niche products that are already doing well and help you stay relevant and profitable.

💡 How to Use FindNiche? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Get detailed insights into profitable niches and products with FindNiche. Search for product ideas by category, keyword, performance and more. You can also analyze various trends in popular stores and incorporate them into your own. FindNiche is a very straightforward tool that is easy to understand and use. Look for popular products that are low in competition and high in demand with their user-friendly and clean UI.

To register with FindNiche, and to start your product search right away, click on the “Register” button to proceed with the registration by entering your details and setting a password, and that's it; you will be set to start finding winning products and niches!!

On the product pages, you'll find a list of well-known products that are popular here as well. Any products with a high-profit margin and good review scores are typically included here. There's also an option to view niches and categories on the main menu, which will help you quickly browse through what customers in your niche are searching for. It also shows you the top twenty dropshipping products with high demand that are chosen by the industry experts. These products receive high customer service ratings and offers excellent profit potential, which makes them your optimal choice.

When you purchase the FindNiche Elite Plan, you will have unlimited access to databases of over 10 million successful Shopify Products. So whether you're hunting for a niche idea or are already into a niche, this database will help make your job easier. Click ‘Database‘ from the top navigation bar and then select the products list to see the rankings of the products, as well as other facts about each one.

Shopify stores that are listed on FindNiche makes it easy to find your target market. It has an extensive database of more than 600,000 stores and takes the time to provide an analysis of each Shopify store, so you know exactly how they are organized and what products they sell. That way, you can use them for inspiration to start a new niche on your own website. FindNiche is a tool with which you can export products from a specific listing into a CSV file. You can then load up lists containing all the products from the CSV file onto an ecommerce platform if it supports importation via CSV files.

How does FindNiche Works? Find Winning Products with FindNiche

FindNiche is an award-winning dropshipping research tool that pulls data from AliExpress, which is the largest online market. You can sign up for only $1 which gives you a trial period of 3 days and access all over AliExpress, the Top Chart, AliExpress store, Shopify database, Shopify store and also access to Niches. If you'd like to have access to every product on the site, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Buyers can browse through products and see detailed performance data. They will also get a wide range of products from AliExpress. You can filter for specific categories, prices, customer reviews, total order amounts, and much more.

You'll find all the information you need in one place here. With all the different products, it can be hard to keep everything straight without this handy tool. You can explore pricing, popularity and profitability to see which products sell best in each category and how profitable they are overall.

The best part about FindNiche is that you don't require any special knowledge or training to use it, as the interface is very simple and easy to use. The site is more similar to what you get on various versions and is easy to navigate.

And as you visit the website, you will find the option that says “FIND NICHE FOR FREE.” So once you click on it, you have to enter a valid email address and add a suitable password to register to the site. And after that, you can start choosing their products, niches and Shopify stores from it. You can easily navigate through the whole FindNiche products page and toggle among the various options to select one and analyze it further.

1. Product Analysis

You have to do some intense research to get winning product lists as, at times, many promises do fail, which says that one can grab a lot of profit just at the initial stage. The next step would be to select a preferable country where you wish to sell the product and explore its pricing options. For this, you have many filters to get precise results and information, along with detailed reports and better analytics of the searched products.

The tool makes it easier to explore a number of categories, narrowing down your search results based on particular criteria. The tool provides the product's popularity and wishlist intelligence, which is incredibly helpful for users. You can search using the country filter and other exhaustive options. It also lets you see the buying patterns and detailed analytic reports that give you a better understanding of the product. You can also view the top 20 hot and new trending products for both AliExpress and Shopify.

2. Niche Analysis

Next is identifying the niche which can bring you profit in an efficient manner. And especially for this, the FindNiche is simply amazing as it helps users to analyze the best kind of niche or stores in an easy manner. And the results provided by it comprise charts and graphs of numerous countries. These results and information are valuable as they can help you to decide which niche to go for.

3. Shopify Store Analysis

By using FindNiche, you can explore the best-selling products from Shopify. And you can filter the products based on the ranking of the specific chosen product, the country you are aiming for, the number of Facebook or Instagram likes along with the ads shown. These are the factors that seem to help one to find the current market and business competition.

4. AliExpress Product Analysis

FindNiche offers access to over 100M AliExpress products from which you can check out the number of orders along with the level of competition and the countries/regions where the products are performing better. You can easily filter this data according to your requirement.

🚀 Key Features of FindNiche – Is FindNiche Worth Your Money?

FindNiche is an incredible tool that provides highly insightful tools which evaluate about 11,000 niches in around 700,000 stores covering millions of competitive products in a few minutes. And as a FindNiche user, you will have unlimited insights into different types of products from different niches, which you can select and list on your store.

1. Huge Data Analytics – FindNiche Review

Now, this is one of the premier features of the FindNiche dropshipping tool as it provides users to get insight into what the chosen particular products are to be invested in by giving meaningful data from the large raw data that helps users to make a better-informed decision and more reliable one. With accurate data in hand, you can decide what your next investment should be and accordingly form your marketing strategies.

2. Unique Product Picking – FindNiche Review

FindNiche identifies the trending products which are available and which offer a very high-profit margin. Also, you can gain valuable insights into the less popular products but the ones which have very high potential, which the seller does not focus on but can deliver tremendous profits.

3. Niching Down – FindNiche Review

Manually sorting out the products is really a tedious job to be done. Therefore FindNiche allows the use of filters by which you can filter hundreds of products just by using the functional search methods. So it means that you can select a particular category and then niche it down further to an available sub-niche whilst at the same time not losing out on the good quality of one's niche research.

4. Individual Product Performance – FindNiche Review

With FindNiche, you can also check out how the product is performing on various marketplaces and selling platforms. So this also helps in selecting the winning products and getting along with the dropshipping journey quickly.

5. Shopify Store Analysis – FindNiche Review

Shopify Store Analysis

FindNiche is a tool that makes it easy to find the best product based on your specific needs and demographic. This can be seen with its various filters, rankings, and lists. You can also get an idea of Facebook likes associated with a specific product, which shows how successful other companies may be doing when advertising it. This will help you determine the ongoing competition in the market.

6. Ad Spy – FindNiche Review

FindNiche Ad Spy Tool

FindNiche also helps you spy on digital ads. You can see ads from different types of sites like BigCommerce, Opencart, Magneto and more. It also has a huge database of ads from different platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Filter your search by country, date, language, engagement, marketing objectives and more for an in-depth search of competitors' ads. This helps you gain inspiration for how to advertise your products in a way that is bound to bring you conversions.

7. Smart Product Listings – FindNiche Review

FindNiche allows users to find hot-selling products. It is an easy way to maximize your profits in a quick amount of time by finding items that are selling well and also have much potential for profit. Elite members have access to a smart list of products that is updated on a regular basis according to the changing market trends.

8. Extensive Filters – FindNiche Review

You have several filtering options in the FindNiche tool to help you sort the best products for your business. With this feature, you can research deeper and find a laser-targeted sub-niche that is profitable. You can keep an eye on high-profit niches and make changes to your own store accordingly.

Benefits of FindNiche

  • Offers a Free Version with limited access along with pricing plans starting at just $9/month. 
  • Provides Database of over 20 Million Best-Selling AliExpress dropship products. 
  • Offers comprehensive performance analytics with Total sales, ratings and reviews. 
  • Offers a network of over 10 Million successful Shopify products with AliExpress Links 
  • It has a unique Ad Spy tool by which you can find winning social media advertising campaigns
  • Links to numerous AliExpress Suppliers, Shopify competitors and Ad Campaigns. 
  • A daily updated list of 20 winning products which are handpicked by Industry Experts. 

Bonus: ShopifyHunt Extension by FindNiche

ShopifyHunt Extension by FindNiche

FindNiche provides a free Chrome extension that easily extracts all the important data from Shopify stores, such as products, offers, traffic and more. It even provides the entire information in Excel or CSV format so you can work with it later on! Let's take a look at some of its key features:

  • Access all Shopify product listings with detailed fields that include product description, tags, titles and more.
  • Unlimited extraction capability
  • Export products information from Shopify to a CSV file.
  • It can identify Shopify stores automatically
  • You can display all of the products on the Shopify store in a list to support collection browsing or filtering.

FindNiche Pricing Plans – Exclusive FindNiche Discount Coupon

FindNiche Plans and Pricing

Apart from the free preview plan, FindNiche offers four paid plans. The Basic, Elite, Premium and VIP Enterprise plans.

Basic Plan: The Basic plan is priced at $9 per month and lets you find winning products on AliExpress, with limited access to AliExpress data, top charts and Shopify stores. It gives you 20 daily product search runs, and 20 product tracking uses. It also lets you export products but has a limitation of 12 products at a single time.

Elite Plan: Its Elite plan is priced at $59 per month. Access to AliExpress data, top charts, niches, Shopify stores and database. It gives you 20 daily niche product search runs and up to 500 product tracking uses. It also lets you export 600 products at a single time. This plan also comes with online support.

Premium Plan: Its Premium plan is priced at $99 per month. It offers everything in the Elite plan with 100 daily niche product search runs and up to 800 product tracking uses. Plus, you can even try the Elite and Premium plans at just $1 for 3 days, with flexible cancelation.

VIP Enterprise Plan: There is another plan named as VIP Enterprise plan that ranges between $199~$499 per month. Its price varies according to your requirements. It offers everything mentioned in the Premium plan with additional product, seller and ad platforms. It also supports multiple seats and API integration. Additionally, it comes with a special onboarding service and demo.

Best FindNiche Alternatives that You Should Try!

Here are some comparable alternatives to FindNiche that offer similar features

Ecomhunt | FindNiche Vs. Ecomhunt

Users of Ecomhunt can access a compilation of reviews of top-selling products through the program. The collated info is then uploaded to their platform so that it's accessible for all users and, in turn, helps them make better decisions when buying. This tool provides data about Facebook ad cover images and videos that can be used in your existing Facebook ad strategy. Some of its key features are:

  • Access to its exclusive AdHunter Chrome extension
  • Access to winning products and ads
  • It gives you access to extensive educational webinars and tutorials
  • Access detailed analytics and profits of products

Ecomhunt offers two membership plans: Free and Pro plan. The free plan allows access to two products every day and is limited in what you get. The Pro plan costs $29/month and provides full access to all the info on Ecomhunt.

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AliShark | FindNiche Vs. AliShark

AliShark can help you research your products before taking the plunge and adding them to your website. It provides a lot of features and is easy to use. Some of the information included the total number of orders for the product, the countries where it sells most, companies that makes a lot of money by selling off this item, and so on. Some features offered by Alishark are:

  • Live Stats is a way for your customers to see the daily orders of your product on your dashboard.
  • Extensive product information
  • Advanced filters
  • Access to the latest product trends and niches

AliShark's plans start at $20 per month, although it does offer a two-day trial at $1.

Pros and Cons on FindNiche Review


  • It gives you in-depth graphs and performance analytics.
  • Its product databases are very vast and extensive.
  • Data exports are easily done.
  • It has a very straightforward and user-friendly UI.
  • The data it provides is accurate and reliable.
  • It has a very efficient ad spy tool that brings in ads from multiple sites and platforms.


  • Its plans are relatively expensive.
  • Its free plan has very limited capabilities.

Top FAQs on FindNiche Review 2024

What is FindNiche?

FindNiche is the best tool to research dropshipping products. FindNiche makes it simple to find profitable dropshipping niches through Shopify product research and Aliexpress product analysis.

What kind of analytics does FindNiche offer?

FindNiche members can access a variety of reliable performance analytics, such as total sales, total customer reviews, average rating, and total wishlist adds. FindNiche gives users access to exclusive sales data from the previous 30 days and links to top AliExpress suppliers & Shopify sellers. Members of the Elite plan can also access links to successful social media campaigns and more advanced data insights.

How many networks do FindNiche support?

FindNiche extensively covers AliExpress products and Shopify niches with the aim of helping you out in the dropshipping business.

Why should you use a research tool like FindNiche?

Finding winning products is the key to building a successful dropshipping business. FindNiche research tools make it simple for anyone to find best-selling dropshipping products without spending a lot of time or money on paid advertising or market research campaigns. The products in the FindNiche database were carefully chosen based on a number of important factors such as selling history, profit potential, sales trends, consumer demand, and competition analysis. As a result, you can instantly populate your online store with popular and in-demand dropshipping products in record time.

Who are the typical FindNiche users?

FindNiche's typical customers are as follows:
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, medium-sized businesses, and small businesses.

Which countries does FindNiche cover?

FindNiche currently covers 40 countries worldwide.

How often does FindNiche update?

It is updated every hour, so you need not to worry regarding the data you get from Findniche.

Is there any FindNiche free trial?

No. FindNiche does not offer any free trial, but there is a limited free version by which users can check out a restricted number of winning products and sales analytics. So by this, users can test the tool before going for any of its pricing plans which then offer you more advanced features and complete accesses.

Which are modes of payments accepted by FindNiche?

While Reviewing FindNiche, we did find that it accepts subscription payments via credit or debit card only. Also, you can cancel your subscription at any time from the FindNiche dashboard without having to call your bank or speak to any customer service team.

How much is FindNiche?

The Basic Plan of FindNiche costs $9/month, which gives you complete access to the AliExpress product database, as well as the Shopify stores database. Then comes Elite Plan, which costs $59/month and provides the same features as professionals with a few additional ones, like a daily curated list of 20 best sellers and a database of successful Shopify products. The Premium Plan costs $99/month, and it comes with the same features as that of the professional and Elite Plan with a few additions, like full access to the powerful and innovative ad spy tool for finding successful social media campaigns.

How to find winning products using FindNiche?

With FindNiche, you can get numerous winning products as it offers a database of over 20 million best-selling AliExpress products from which you can find the most popular products in almost any niche. Along with this, you get various filters from which you can locate suitable products for your stores in no time. And with its Elite Plan, you can daily get a curated list of 20 AliExpress products handpicked by market research experts and also not to forget the database of over 10 Million Successful Shopify products with links to AliExpress suppliers and live Facebook ad campaigns which almost guarantees you the best winning products.

Does FindNiche help you with prices and stock?

Being a Dropshipping tool that is just designed for finding winning AliExpress products, FindNiche does not help you in monitoring pricing and stocking. But for this, you can use a few other third-party dropshipping automation solutions and reprice AliExpress dropshipping products on various selling platforms, including Shopify. 

Is it possible to import products to your store using FindNiche?

With FindNiche, you can quickly export products from its Database and upload them to your online store using a CSV file. But exporting products from the Database into a CSV file is a premium feature as in the professional plan, you can export up to 12 products, whereas in the Elite and Premium plan, you can export up to 600 products.

Can you sell FindNiche products on any E-commerce platform?

Yes. FindNiche was made to find winning AliExpress Dropshipping products that can be sold on any E-commerce platform, including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and even Ecwid and other online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. We will recommend you use FindNiche to locate hot-selling products and third-party Dropshipping management software to create listings and as well as automating repricing, order processing and tracking information uploads.

Where are the FindNiche products shipped from?

We found that most of the products on FindNiche are shipped from China-based suppliers on AliExpress. But as FindNiche continues to grow, a number of products shipped are also being shipped from US and EU warehouses. You can filter the database of products by shipping location and get products that are shipped from your local warehouses.

What are the some FindNiche alternatives?

FindNiche is one of the market's most reasonably priced and feature-rich dropshipping research tools. However, popular FindNiche alternatives include Ecomhunt, BigSpy, Dropship Spy, and AliShark.

Final Verdict: FindNiche Review + FindNiche Discount Coupon 2024

FindNiche is best for both professionals and beginners. It can lead you to discover winning product niches, spy on ads, discover new products and more! FindNiche is the most helpful tool for e-commerce startups both in terms of maximizing ROI and gaining recognition. There are many different ways you can use this tool to make sure your dropship store is on the right track.

We will recommend using FindNiche to enhance your dropshipping venture! What are your thoughts on this tool? Leave us a comment!

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