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Imagine having a tool at your fingertips that not only identifies best-selling products on Etsy but also empowers you with the insights to understand market trends and competition. is that game-changing tool 🎲

With a user-friendly interface and powerful AI-driven capabilities, it provides everything you need to outrank your Etsy-selling competitors.

Etsy has its own vibrant niche, offering a platform for artisans and entrepreneurs to showcase their unique creations. However, the path to success in this creative marketplace can be intricate and challenging, demanding not just quality products, but also a strategic approach. Well, is indeed that tool that can take your strategic approach to the next level

Now, without any further adieu, let's kickstart with this review!!

What is is an AI-powered Etsy SEO Keyword and Product research tool that can help you maximize your Etsy selling operations to the next level by streamlining the overall research process. takes care of all the important aspects that one might be looking forward to, whether it is product research, market research, Etsy SEO research, or listing optimization, will take care of everything. Review

What makes things even better is that you can access for Free. Yes!! There is an free trial available that gives access to all the features without paying even a single penny. The free trial gives access to product research, Store research, Top Stores, and Etsy for TikTok; users who opted for the trial get 200 credits which can be used for their research work, etc.

Now that we have covered what is, let's kick off the features offered by and how will you utilize these features to take your Etsy selling operation to greater heights!! Key Features

As a complete power suite for Etsy sellers, covers almost every important spectrum that needs to be covered as an Etsy seller. Whether it is SEO, listing optimization, product research, or even running a good in-depth analysis of TikTok ads, takes care of everything. Let's sink into these tools and features offered by and try to maximize your Etsy revenue to greater heights. 

Let's Sink In!! Product Reserach Feature

Etsy product research is a crucial step for sellers aiming to grow in this marketplace of handcrafted and vintage items. Just by analyzing top-selling products, and understanding customer preferences, you as a seller can strategically position your products for maximum visibility and sales. As Etsy continues to grow in popularity, effective product research becomes even more essential, ensuring that you not only meet but exceed the expectations of your target audience. Product Research Features and Filters

Getting back to the Product Research feature offered by, you can access a complete list of products listed on Etsy along with filtration and tags such as Etsy pick, with video, etc.

Let's break down this product research into 2 simple steps. The first step includes searching for the products. Well, the advanced filters offered by under product research include the option to include or exclude the keywords that you want.

Some of the other filter options offered in the product research include:

  • Info: There 6 different options available in the Info section which include Categories (Art & Collectibles, Bags & Purses, Home & Living, etc.), Prices (ranging from $1 to $10,000+), Created Time, Review (Ranging from <5,000 to 1 Million+), Collection (ranging from <5,000 to 1 Million+), and Product Type (Handmade, Vintage, Digital, Customizable, and others).
  • Tag: Sellers can run their product research to a greater extent by applying filters to products having the tag for Bestseller, Esty's pick, and With Video.
  • Period: The last filter option available in the period option includes the period when the products were listed, these include the Last 7 days, Last 30 days, and Last 90 days. Product Research

Now that, you have got the product searched which aligns with the filters you entered, let's get along with the product data that could be found. After clicking on any of the products seen on the list, you can get along with some crucial data such as:

  • Product Title
  • Tags used
  • Created time
  • Category
  • Shop Info
  • SEO Keywords
  • Data Analyze (Consisting of Total Reviews and Total Collections)
  • Bestseller Analyze Etsy Pick

In addition to all this data, you can also look forward to View on Etsy and the Store Details, which can be seen in the upper right corner when on the product page. Store Research Store Research Feature

Similar to what was offered by product research, the store research has two different steps, the first one includes the search for the filter option, where you can filter out the stores on the basis of:

  • Include & Exclude: Here you can include or exclude the keywords that you might be interested to see or exclude from your Store research and analysis.
  • Info: The Info filter offers 6 different options to run your filters on, these filters include Average price (ranging from $1 to $10,000+), Number of products (Stores with products ranging from 1 to 10,000+ products), Created time, Store Rating (1 to 5), Country, and Product type (Handmade, Vintage, Digital, Customizable, and others).
  • Data: The data section includes the products to be filtered across multiple aspects such as Total Sales, Total Reviews, Total Collection, and Star Seller.
  • Period: Similar to the one found in Product research, you have three time period windows including the Last 7 Days, the Last 30 Days, and the Last 90 Days.

Now that you have got the stores that align fine as per the filters you seek. Let's move forward towards the next step of our Store research. After clicking on any of the stores listed, you can look forward to some of the important data such as:

  • Store Name
  • Country
  • Main Product Type
  • Average Price
  • Created Time
  • Shop title
  • Total Sales
  • Total Reviews
  • Total Collection
  • Review Rate

Top Store Analysis with Top Store Analysis Feature

The Top Store Analysis with enables you to get along with finding popular stores and niches by sorting them according to different parameters such as sales and sales data on Etsy. The filters offered in the Top Store Analysis include filters like:

  • Store: The Store filter offers 3 different parameters including the Average Price (ranging from $1 to $10,000+), Store Product (1 to 10,000+), and Created time.
  • Period: The Period section has two options including the Weekly Ranking and the Monthly Ranking.

After selecting any of the products which are listed above, you can look forward to the store data including:

  • Shop title
  • Total Sales
  • Total Reviews
  • Total Collection
  • Review Rate
  • Store Name
  • Country
  • Main Product Type
  • Average Price
  • Created Time

Another important aspect that can be seen across the products is Store Analytics. The store analytics show different parameters including Store review trends, Store collection trends, Store sales trends, and Store data comprising Date, Sales Growth, Review Growth, Collection Growth, Total Sales, Total Review, and Total Collection.

Etsy for TikTok Ads Etsy for TikTok Feature

Now comes the last but not the least feature which enables one to get along with the products that are suitable to get along with the TikTok Paid advertisement promotion. Well, the filter options available for users include the category of the products such as:

  • Products categorized into: Customized Gifts, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or Wedding.
  • Info: You can run a filter across different aspects including the Categories (Accessories, Clothing, Home & Living, etc.), Prices (ranging from $1 to $10,000+), and the Created Time.
  • Period: There are 2 different options available for the period, indicating when was the product seen or available from 7 days or 30 days.

Store & Product Collection

The users can look forward to getting along with Store and Product Collection as well, which means that you can add a certain product or store that you might have encountered while performing your research. This feature might not sound like an important feature but can be of great value for sellers when you do the research and have chances that you will not be able to find the same product or store so easily. Pricing Plans has three different pricing plans which are tailored while keeping all the sellers in mind, these plans include the Starter Plan, Advanced Plan, and the Unlimited Plan. Pricing Plans Starter Plan

The Starter plan costs around $9.9 per month while giving access to all the features offered by The Starter plan offers 5,000 credits per month, where each credit is used in terms of Store Research, Product Research, Etsy for TikTok, and Top Store. It is worth mentioning that the annual billing on the Starter Plan would save you around 30% as compared to the price paid for the Starter Plan. Advanced Plan

The Advanced plan is most suitable for Etsy sellers who are pretty much in the intermediate stage and have moderate usage in terms of Etsy product and store research. The Advanced plan costs around $49/month while offering 50,000 credits per month, whereas if you opt-in for the annual billing, you would be able to save an additional 30% Off on the monthly price, i.e. Advanced plan for only $34/month.

Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited Plan is best suitable for Etsy sellers that have extensive research in terms of product and store research. The unlimited plan is available at a cost of $99 per month and can be availed at a 30% discount if opted for the annual billing. From my perspective, if you think that 50,000 credits per month are not enough for the research, you can look forward to the unlimited plan as your best choice.

FAQs on Review

Does offer any free trial?

Yes, the sellers can access the free trial without any credit card details required. The free trial offers 200 credits which can be used for any feature offered by

Is there any valid coupon code available at this moment?

Currently, there is no coupon code available as of now, but users can look forward to getting along with the annual plan which would offer a 30% discount on all the plans available.

What are the key features offered by offers access to features like product research, store research, top stores, Etsy products for TikTok, and much more.

Is there any Chrome Extension available?

No, currently does not have any Chrome Extension available.

Concluding the Review

As far as we know, can certainly be considered one of the best Etsy research tools in the market, maybe the #1 tool. Well, I gotta say that I came across several tools like Etsyhunt, etc., but the crisp user interface along with such an excellent set of features and tools has made a must-tool for my Etsy selling strategies.

From a user perspective, I would recommend giving a shot since they have a free trial available with no credit card details required, this free trial would offer you 200 free credits which could be used for Store analysis, product research, or any other feature offered by

When you are all set to get along with the tool, move ahead with the annual plan if possible since it would offer you a 30% discount which is quite an excellent deal to look forward to.

So, my fellow Etsy Sellers! What's stopping you now?

Get your hands on for Free!

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