Is it Too Late to Start Dropshipping in 2024? (Read to Know!)

Having the query about the right time to head towards something great? So, “is it too late to start Dropshipping in 2024?” No! You can start any business anytime, and dropshipping is no excuse. It doesn't matter when you start; there's always time. But starting a business is a challenging task to do.

If you are ready to put in some hard work and dedication, then the dropshipping business is your best choice.

The 2020s is the first decade in the century when almost everything has gone online, mainly due to public gathering restrictions to tame the ravaging pandemic; nevertheless, the pandemic just accelerated the online shopping trend.

The dropshipping market grew by almost 27% ($196.78 million) in 2022, and E-commerce analysts forecast it will increase by $243.42 million in 2024. The staggering growth figure of online shopping shows people are slowly but steadily waking up to the idea of shopping online. There is also a stark increase in suppliers offering their various products to dropshipping.

In the last few years, the dropshipping industry has grown many folds; hence dropshipping is a highly competitive market. However, due lack of an effective market strategy, many dropshipping ventures run out of steam despite having one of the fastest-growing businesses in the 21st century.

So look at what Ammos are required to establish an effective dropshipping business.

What is Dropshipping? Understanding Dropshipping Business


Dropshipping is a business model that enables entrepreneurs to sell products without having to stock any inventory.

Dropshipping is the process of importing products from a wholesaler or manufacturer and then selling them on a platform for a profit. The difference between traditional ecommerce and dropshipping is that in traditional ecommerce, the entrepreneur owns the inventory and fulfills orders themselves. 

Dropshipping eliminates the need for warehousing and fulfillment by outsourcing these tasks to third-party logistics providers. It will need less capital compared to traditional e-commerce shops.

Dropshipping: Is it Worth Investing in?

One can get the exact outlook of the business after looking at its growth over the years. The google trend shows an uptick in the graph of dropshipping over the last 5 years. The upward trajectory with few lows of the dropshipping business shows it is one of the promising ventures you should invest in.

Google Trends

One of the biggest names in E-commerce dropshipping is AliExpress, a massive increase in the earnings of AliExpress or Alibaba shows that dropshipping has grown tremendously over the years. 

Still, you should also know that AliExpress offers excellent service to dropshippers, which includes the availability of products and price tag is affordable. 

Has the Dropshipping Market Reached Saturation? 

The answer is a simple NO! Dropshipping is based on the simple business growth model. One of the time-consuming and costly things, like inventory, is not required in dropshipping. It requires much less capital than the capital necessary to establish an offline store; as a result, many people are investing in the business, and the dropshipping market is witnessing huge competition. 

However, you can't say it is saturated; you need to stay with the current trend in the market; creating better strategies will help you to take an early lead on the competitor. Scaling up the advertisement strategy in the online business is crucial. And this is the first step of the dropshipping business model

  • Check out the price they offer to the customer; the products' quality and affordable prices make them appealing to the customers. Pricing discounts make a significant difference when it comes to selling products online
  • The seller ratings and reviews are important; you will get to know the idea of quality of the products; before purchasing, customers look at the ratings and then go for the purchase. Customer reviews help to increase your conversion rate.
  • E-commerce business is marred by scams and fraud. Return policy must be customer friendly; customers still look for the return policy when someone buys a product online despite good ratings and reviews. 

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Identifying the Trending Product

To find out which product is currently trending or high in demand, you should opt for a tool like Google Trends to know the best time to sell the products before they become available on various dropshipping stores

You can use tools like Dropship Rabbit for product research.

It is best for you to get information about trendy products from various social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. And finally, as a beginner, Google Keyword Planner helps you to know about the market or niche for the products, the enthusiast and passionate customer and the product's sales volume. 

What are the Challenges Faced by Dropshippers?

Dropshipping business is very effective when you use a dropshipping model and a good business strategy, but still, Business owners face mammoth tasks of selling the products; let's look at some challenges faced by dropshippers.

1. Competition

In the last several years, Shopify registered around 1 million sites on the platform, and over 75% are dropshipping stores. You will face tough competition despite knowing the best product or best-selling items. 

It is even troublesome to reach the dropshipping suppliers. It is challenging to stay in the highly competitive market in the long run. 

2. Minimal Conversion Rate

Dropshipping business owners set a 50% conversion rate target, but on average, if you are lucky, you will secure a 1% conversion rate. You pay a handsome amount on advertisements for the traffic, but on an average of 100 visitors, only one is buying the product. Even in that case, your investment will be paid off. Bad reviews on product qualities, poor service quality, and non-appealing sites are the leading causes of low conversion rates. 

3. Passive Income

Your earning margin gets less when competition is cutthroat for a particular product or item. Opting for more traffic in such cases, you need more capital for the advertisement that will ensure steady traffic on your site.

To keep yourself in the competition, you need to offer a steep discount on the products and invest more money in the shipping cost to ensure faster shipping times.

4. Shipping Cost

One aspect of the online business is Shipping time and shipping costs, and you can't compete with retail platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and others regarding the product's shipping time. 

It takes almost 4 to 5 weeks to ship the product from China, and most customers will not wait for that much, even if you offer a lucrative discount on the product. The standard waiting time is 4 to 5 days. For that instance, you have to pay for express shipping costs to deliver products from China or another Asian country to your customer. 

You must secure a reliable dropshipping supplier or find many alternative local suppliers. 

It would be best if you looked at the sites like Wayfair and Walmart to know the suppliers and establish direct contact with them. 

Top FAQs on Is it too Late to Start Dropshipping?

Is it too late to do dropshipping?

No, its actually not very late to do dropshipping in 2024. Dropshipping can be a very lucrative and profitable business model, but old methods are no longer enough. Today's consumers are savvier than ever and want the best experience possible. If you want your dropshipping business to be successful, you need to find new ways to market your products and capture people's attention; otherwise, they will go elsewhere for their goods.

Why do most dropshippers fail?

Dropshipping is a popular business model, but more dropshippers are failing because they've chosen to use the wrong channels for marketing. The following are the major reasons why most dropshippers fail to create a profitable business.
1. Selection of the wrong platform for a dropshipping business.
2. High prices of dropshipping products.
3. Selection of the wrong niche.
4. Lack of patience & persistence.
5. Poor customer service.
6. Unprofessional website design.

Is it hard to get started with dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a perfect way to make money and is free to set up, but some people may be scared off by the potential difficulties. On the other hand, it takes time and money to start a dropshipping business. The process is quite difficult and slows as it requires a lot of research before starting a dropshipping business.

Is dropshipping hard?

As we all know, everyone is looking for a sustainable way to make money online. Dropshipping seems like the perfect solution on a surface level, but it actually entails a lot of risks and hassles you have to deal with in order to set up your business. Dropshipping also has its downsides; all you need is hard work to run a profitable business.

How can I build a successful dropshipping business?

Dropshipping is the best way to start a low-risk business. At the same time, Dropshipping is a tough business to get into, especially if you're a beginner or do not have the experience to start this type of business. You could consider the following essential points to build a successful dropshipping business.
1. Choose a perfect niche.
2. Discover your product lines.
3. Choose reputable and high-quality suppliers to work with.
4. Create an excellent marketing plan.

Is it possible to start dropshipping with no money?

Dropshipping is an industry where you can make money without having to invest your own capital upfront. There are many platforms, like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc., that help you to start dropshipping with no money.

Can I start a dropshipping business for free?

Dropshipping has revolutionized the e-commerce and retail space by providing the opportunity for people to do business without having any initial investment. Dropshipping is the only business model where you can sell products without any inventory.

Is dropshipping easy to start?

Dropshipping is a popular eCommerce business model that's easy to set up and generates profits. But if you're looking to build a long-term, profitable dropshipping business, it's essential to acquire knowledge in all facets of the industry.

Conclusion: It is Too Late to Start Dropshipping?

Is it too late to start dropshipping? Absolutely NOT! Any business requires a lot of planning and strategy, which involves risk, which applies to dropshipping as well. 

Dropshipping requires new methods and research to come to the top in a highly competitive environment. 

Looking at the expert's financial advice before entering the dropping investment strategy is a must to excel in the dropshipping business. Dropshipping requires careful planning and patience; you should not expect to become successful in one night. 

Dropshipping is a great way to get started in the ecommerce industry without having to invest any capital upfront. However, it does come with its own set of challenges and drawbacks. But you should take advantage and invest carefully in one of the highest-growing business sectors, and the dropshipping market revenue will increase twice in the coming years. 

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