PiPiADS Pricing Plans 2024: PiPiADS at Half the Price 🤯

Still confused about which PiPiADS Pricing Plan to buy? Whether it's the starter plan the best for you, or the VIP plan? Well, look no more and read out this PiPiADS pricing plan comparison ahead, and pick JUST THE BEST ONE!

With over a million users worldwide, PiPiADS is the #1 TikTok ad spying tool best known for its massive TikTok ads library along with features like product research, advertiser analysis, and much more. And that's the reason why many dropshippers, business owners, and dropshipping agencies have been vouching for this tool for TikTok.

But, if PiPiADS is offering so much, what would be the pricing? Will it be extremely expensive – Not really!

Let's now have a deeper run-through over the plans offered by PiPiADS!

PiPiADS Pricing, in a Nutshell!

PiPiADS offers a basic free plan to its users, but that comes with extreme limitations. It also offers three paid plans, out of which the starter and the VIP plan is highly affordable. Users can try out each for 3 days by spending just $1. And the pro plan by PiPiADS is on the expensive side, but a great pick for agency owners. Check out the PiPiADS pricing plan breakdown below to explore which plan you must buy!

PiPiADS Pricing Plans 2024 | Complete PiPiADS Pricing Breakdown

PiPiads Pricing

PiPiADS undoubtedly is the #1 TikTok ads spying tool as of today's date. Literally thousands of marketers are using it, and it's even great for beginners who are thinking to spying the TikTok platform.

However, before comparing the whole PiPiADS paid plans, remember that PiPiADS also offers a free plan. But it comes with extreme limitations, here's what you can do with the free plan:

  • Access to 12 ad search results per query
  • Get 8 product details per day
  • Grab 5 advertiser details per day
  • Explore 10 winning products
  • Download 10 ad/product details a month
  • 1-user access
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You see, with the PiPiADS free plan, you won't even be able to do the basic ad spying thing. You won't get top product details, new products and top store information. You will not even be able to explore multiple countries and regions, and get access to the customer support service.

PiPiADS Starter Plan

PiPiADS Starter Plan

For beginners who have just stepped into the TikTok social media platform, and are looking forward to trying TikTok ads for their business – PiPiADS has got you covered with its starter plan. This plan is suitable for businesses who want to explore the best ad opportunities, but are extremely tight on budget. If not budget, the starter plan by PiPiADS is great for individuals who aren't even aware of how TikTok Ads work.

Even though the name of the plan is The Starter Plan, users can do a lot with this plan as well. From exploring unlimited winning products to getting 50 ad details per day, users can do just so much more.

How much does the PiPiADS Starter Plan Cost?

PiPiADS Starter Plans

Coming to the pricing, the starter plan by PiPiADS is extremely affordable, you literally get two options to pick from:

  • $77 per month, if you choose to use PiPiADS for just a few months.
  • $649 per year, if paid annually (a massive 30% discount) – approximately $54 per month
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PiPiADS Starter Plan Features

As mentioned previously, even with the PiPiADS Starter plan you can do a lot, and here's a quick sneak peek of the same:

  • 200 ad details per query for a month
  • Ad details of up to 50 ads per day
  • View up to 50 product details per day
  • 50 advertisers query per month
  • 50 advertisers details per day
  • Explore unlimited TikTok-winning products
  • Explore up to 200 top products per month
  • Explore 200 top-selling stores per month
  • Explore 200 new products per month
  • Download unlimited add and product details
  • Perform unlimited searches per month
  • Check out unlimited CTA buttons from across unlimited countries and regions.

PiPiADS Starter Plan vs. Other PiPiADS Plans

There are many features PiPiADS has not included in its Starter plan – and we completely understand, because if we look into the price point the customers are paying, they are already getting a lot more from the ads spy tool. However, here is a list of features you won't get access to with this plan:

  • Cannot exclude ads details that have already been viewed by you.
  • Cannot block advertisers that you don't want to see.

Best User Base for PiPiADS Starter Plan

If you have just stepped into the TikTok advertising space, the PiPiADS Starter plan is an affordable plan to begin with. It's best suited for individuals who are:

  • A new dropshipper who wants to advertise a few of their dropshipping products on TikTok
  • Advertisers who want to try out TikTok marketing for their clients
  • Business or brand owners who want to build a brand presence on different social media platforms (TikTok being one among many).



Now that you have already explored the PiPiADS Starter plan, but you still want more out of the tool, the VIP plan can be your best next option. This plan is made for businesses who have already explored the TikTok platform, and are aware of the crazy potential of it. The features access offered under this plan can literally meet the needs of professional advertisers, who are not so tight on budget, but are extremely aware of what they want from the tool.

In fact, if looked into numbers, the PiPiADS VIP plan is the most popular PiPiADS plan. Majority of PiPiADS ads spy tool users are recommending this – because by paying just a little bit amount more, advertisers can explore 200 ad details a day, and even 200 product details.

How much does the PiPiADS VIP Plan Cost?


When compared to the PiPiADS starter plan, if you are ready to upgrade to the VIP plan – you simply will have to pay 100% more, but the benefits you will be getting will be 300% more. Still confused? Let's have a look at the pricing:

  • $155 per month, if you choose to use the PiPiADS VIP plan just for a month or two.
  • $1393 per year, if paid annually (a massive 30% discount) – approximately $116 per month
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PiPiADS VIP Plan Features

If we look into the features offered with the PiPiADS VIP plan, we can literally see a massive upgrade. By spending just a few bucks more, customers are getting access to 3x features, and here's a quick sneak peek of the same:

  • Get 2000 ad details per query
  • 200 ad details per day
  • 200 product details per day
  • Details of up to 200 advertisers per day
  • 1000 advertisers' search results per query
  • Unlimited winning product details
  • Explore up to 2,000 top products within the TikTok platform
  • Search 2000 new product details and 200 top store information
  • Perform unlimited searches per day
  • Explore unlimited categories, CTA buttons, and e-commerce platforms a day
  • Download unlimited ad, product, store, and advertiser's information
  • Customer support service is available
  • 1 user access

PiPiADS VIP Plan vs. Other PiPiADS Plans

Even though the PiPiADS VIP plan is power-packed with multiple features, it still lacks a lot of stuff. Hence to give you a clear picture of what you miss out on if you buy the VIP plan, here's the list of features that are not included here:

  • Only one user can log in at one time
  • No access to exclude ads of a specific advertiser
  • Cannot exclude viewed ad details

Best User Base for PiPiADS VIP Plan

The VIP plan by PiPiAds offers too many features on the table, which is definitely not needed for a beginner. But who even should buy the VIP plan? Here's a quick list:

  • Advertisers who often run multiple ads a day for multiple products
  • Dropshippers who have been running their dropshipping website for a long and want to advertise multiple products from their store
  • E-commerce marketers who want to explore the potential of TikTok ads for their clients.


PiPiADS Pro Plan

The Pro plan by PiPiADS is undoubtedly a massive upgrade to the VIP plan by PiPiADS. Reason being, with this plan, the tool literally offers users access to some of the best PiPiADS features which they might not get with the other two plans. This plan is built for businesses who want to scale tremendously on the TikTok platform, and even want the multi-user access of the tool for their team. The features offered here can literally help any business owner scale their TikTok ad spying game the pro way.

If looked according to the price point of view, even the Pro plan by PiPiADS is highly affordable. Multiple business owners have been vouching for this plan because of all the features access it gives to its users, plus the multi-user login access.

How much does PiPiADS PRO Plan Cost?

Over here, by paying just $108 more, PiPiADS VIP plan users get access to 3x more features they have been getting with their previous plan. If you are still confused how, here's a quick sneak peek into how much you will have to pay:

PiPiADS Pro Plans
  • $263 for a month of access
  • $2167 per year, roughly amounts to $181 per month (a huge 30% discount on the complete plan).
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PiPiADS PRO Plan Features

Coming to feature access you will be getting with the PiPiADS Pro plan, it's really massive. If you can quickly check out the VIP plan, you will see that only one individual was allowed to use the subscription at one time, but this won't be the case if you will upgrade to the Pro plan. Here are some more benefits you will get with this plan:

  • Grab 5000 ad details per query
  • 1000 ad details per day
  • 1000 product details per day
  • Details of up to 1000 advertisers a day
  • 3000 advertisers details per query
  • Unlimited winning product information
  • Explore up to 5000 top selling products within the TikTok platform
  • Check out 5000 top store details and 5000 new product information
  • Perform unlimited winning search per day
  • Explore unlimited categories, CTA buttons, and e-commerce platforms a day
  • Download unlimited ad, product, store, and advertiser's information
  • Exclude previously watched ads
  • Block specific advertisers you don't want to see
  • Customer support service available
  • 5 user access

PiPiADS PRO Plan vs. Other PiPiADS Plans

Similar to all other PiPiADS pricing plans mentioned in this list, even the Pro plan by PiPiADS comes with certain limitations. Here's what you can expect this plan to do for you:

  • Customized information
  • 5+ user access
  • No free trial available

Best User Base for PiPiADS Pro Plan

Now that you have explored what's in for you with the PiPiADS Pro plan, let's check out whether the plan is for you or not. One must buy the PiPiADS Pro plan if they are/want:

  • Multiple dropshipping store owners who run 5+ numbers of stores and want to run TikTok ads on different accounts
  • Agency owners who want to explore TikTok ad space for their competitors who are extremely good with budget and are serious about TikTok advertising
  • Business owners who run their business on TikTok, already have multiple TikTok accounts and legitimately want to grow their presence on a wider scale

PiPiADS Enterprise Plan Review | What to expect?

Apart from these many pricing plans and feature access, there might come a time that your business would need more from the tool. And here's where PiPiADS enterprise plan comes to the escape. Through the enterprise plan, users can customise the number of users and usage for their business. The team will charge you accordingly for the services asked!

PiPiADS Free Plan vs. PiPiADS $1 Trial

Both of the aspects of PiPiADS including the $1 trial and the PiPiADS free plan have turned out to be a great deal for dropshippers and marketers seeking to get their hands on PiPiADS without committing to any financial burden, basically a risk-free option. Let's have a quick analysis and comparison between the PiPiADS free plan and the $1 trial.

PiPiADS Free PlanPiPiADS $1 Trial
Costs $0Available for $1 Only
Free ForeverAccess for 3 days
Access to basic featuresTry all the premium features
Limited search queries, etc.Depends upon the plan chosen
Suitable for Normal ExplorationBest for serious dropshippers and marketers

Pros and Cons of PiPiADS Pricing

PiPiADS Pros

  • Highly affordable pricing plans
  • Massive TikTok ad library
  • Display best new winning products everyday
  • Highlights trending TikTok products at the top
  • Advertiser analysis feature available
  • 24/7 customer support service available

PiPiADS Cons

  • Can only spy TikTok ads
  • Basic plan comes with extreme limitations

Top FAQs on PiPiADS Pricing Plans 2024

How much does PiPiADS cost?

PiPiADS offers users a free plan, and three paid plans to choose from. The initial pricing of the tool begins with $44 per month, and can go up to $263 per month.

Can I upgrade my PiPiADS plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your PiPiADS plan anytime, just contact the customer support team and they will help you with the same.

How to cancel my PiPiADS subscription?

You can easily cancel your PiPiADS subscription by going to your account section available on the dashboard and hitting the subscription cancellation option.

What are the different PiPiADS pricing plans available?

PiPiADS offers 5 different plans including the free plan, the paid plans including the Starter plan ($44/mo), Pro Plan ($93/mo), VIP Plan ($145/mo), and the Enterprise plan with customized pricing.

What kind of support can I expect from PiPiADS with each pricing plan?

The level of support provided by PiPiADS depends on the pricing plan you choose. Even though the PiPiADS Free plan does not offer customer support all the other paid plans give access to customer support.

Conclusion: Which PiPiADS Pricing Plan is Worth Buying?

As of today's date, no other tool out there can perform the type of ad spying PiPiADS does for its users. It's undoubtedly the number one ad spying tool being used by thousands of advertisers and marketers. We ourselves have reviewed the whole PiPiADS tool for you, but the confusion often arose among the users with – Which PiPiADS pricing plan one must use?

Over here, we have literally done the head-to-head comparison of each plan the tool offers. So, if you are someone who is tight on budget and wants to do just basic TikTok ad spying, PiPiADS Starter plan won't disappoint you at all.

However, we highly recommend users to go with the VIP plan, because it's not just feature-rich but highly affordable as well. You literally can spy thousands of ads per day for $155 per month. Giving you a quick calculation, the plan allows users to explore 2000 top products a day, that means, if used for simply 25 days a month, users can explore 50,000 best selling products a month.

If not 50,000, even if you stick to 50-100 products, you can earn massive profits a month. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a plan that best suit your business needs, and get ready to ace the TikTok ad spying game like a pro!

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