Anstrex Review 2024: What Should You Know? [30% Discount]

Is Anstrex truly the best ad spying tool in the market? What is Anstrex native, push, dropship, and pops all about? Well, question no more, and read out this Anstrex Review ahead!

Did you know that the way a brand advertises itself can either attract more customers or repel them?

Sounds interesting, right?

But that's how it goes. 

Whether you run an online business or you are still juggling traditional business practices, good advertising plays an essential role everywhere. And to lead the advertising game, any company has to explore how its competitors are advertising and what technology they are using.

Knowing the effectiveness of competitors' ads can work wonders for any advertiser; in simpler words, it allows advertisers to explore where they can improve and where they can tap in to get more popularity. But spying on a competitor is just not as easy as it sounds, and here's where competitive ad intelligence tool like Anstrex comes into the picture.

This tool, as of today's date, is used by 150k+ advertisers, so what are you waiting for? Read out this Anstrex review ahead.

Quick Summary on Anstrex

Anstrex is a popular native ads spy tool used by over thousands of advertisers, performance marketers, direct sales advertisers, and content creators across the globe. The tool is power-packed with massive ads database, and trust us, Anstrex has left no stone unturned when it comes to competitive intelligence. Not just this, for beginners, Anstrex has recently come up with an online live demo, so read out this Anstrex review ahead, and check out whether this tool is best for you or not!

What is Anstrex? – Anstrex Review in a Nutshell

Anstrex Reviews

Launched back in the year 2017, Anstrex, as of today's date, is the most popular competitive intelligence tool for any kind of marketer across the globe. It is rated to be the best spy tool one advertiser can invest in and get the best of real-time data within a quick time period. The software's aim is to help marketers improve their ROI by giving them access to competitors' best marketing strategies at their fingertips. 

From Anstrex Push, Anstrex Native, and Anstrex Dropship to Anstrex Pop, the team constantly pushes its limits to give users awesome experiences. All of their products are refined constantly as per the market grows. 

To speak numbers, Anstrex has the biggest database – it covers more than 10 million ads right from 27 native ad networks from more than 80 countries.

The best part about Anstrex is it integrates smoothly with other useful platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, AliExpress, AWS, and Digital Ocean to improve the user's productivity. And wait, the list of benefits Anstrex provides just doesn't ends here, read out this whole Anstrex review ahead to explore what's in for you!

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Some Amazing Products by Anstrex!

Anstrex Native 

Anstrex Native

Anstrex Native is one of the popular products offered by Anstrex that gives users access to 10M+ active ads data from 27 native ad networks, by more than 156,325 advertisers, from 80 countries across the globe. Amazing, isn't it? 

Moreover, this specific product offered by Anstrex helps advertisers grab more out of their spending and save endless hours of search. Not just this, they can even build awesome landing pages within minutes. 

Anstrex Push

Anstrex Push

The Anstrex Push product by Anstrex allows users to spy on top advertisers and find out what really is working in the market. They, in fact, get access to entire campaign details with just a click. They can even check out CPC and bids and the history of each quickly. And not just this, because of this specific product by Anstrex, accessing cloaked pages gets a lot easier. 

Anstrex Dropship

Anstrex Dropship

If you are a dropshipper, the Anstrex dropship product by Anstrex will help you uncover the secrets of successful dropshippers across the globe. Anyone with this tool can find the hottest dropshipping products literally within a few seconds, no matter where they are situated right now. 

Moreover, dropshippers can even automate their complete business with the Anstrex Chrome extension and browse through thousands of retail stores and learn their secrets all within a few seconds. Lastly, with this product, they can even explore the hottest dropshipping products on any social media platform, like TikTok, in just a few seconds.

Anstrex Pops

Anstrex Pops

The Anstrex pops is the latest product offered by Anstrex that allows users to explore the ins and outs of pop-up advertising. Through this product, any user can massively scale their upcoming pop advertising campaign quickly. The data they get here are from 130+ mobile carriers and are from both mobile and desktop users.

Advanced Anstrex Features You Must Know!

1. Huge Ad Network

Compared to its competitors, Anstrex offers users access to more native ad data. Name any major global player in the market, search it on Anstrex, and you will get to know everything about the same within seconds. Lastly, the tool even offers region-specific niche network data as well.

2. Covers More Countries

The best part about relying on Anstrex for ads data needs is it covers data from more than 90 countries, nearly every major country across the globe. The tool uses high-quality residential proxies to obtain the best and most accurate real-time data for its users. 

3. Extensive Data

The ads data Anstrex comes with is simply much more extensive than one would have ever imagined. It covers millions of ads from thousands of publishers and advertisers across the globe. The best part about these data is all of them are easy to decode; even any beginner can understand the trickiest information within seconds.

4. Quick Filters & Sorting Options

Yet another best feature of Anstrex is it offers a multitude of filters and sorting options to its users to perform quick and easy research. Users get to filter down results by using filters like category, country, ad network, tracking tools, affiliate network, device, and more. Secondary filters, like sorting through popularity, dates, and duration, are simply a gem!

5. Keyword Search Option

To get more precise information, Anstrex allows users to perform keyword searches in combination with the above-given filters. Users can basically perform foreign language ad searches using any foreign keywords. 

6. Landing Page Ripping

Anstrex offers its users access to multiple landing page tools for ripping and downloading any page users have liked. They can literally scrape any page using the built-in downloader and even queue multiple downloads at the same time to get quicker results. 

They can even customize any landing page using the software's powerful HTML editor. Users can edit any text or swap images and links, all in just a few clicks. 

7. Detailed Campaign Visualization

Lastly, the very best feature offered by Anstrex is the intuitive and much understandable dashboard through which anyone can visualize any active campaign quickly. Users can, in fact, get a complete picture of the entire campaign with just a click on the desktop, and they can even segment the results out by traffic source, geo-target, device type, and more.

Who Should Use Anstrex?

After exploring the ultimate features of Anstrex, next comes the question that has to be answered – Is Anstrex best for everybody? Absolutely, No. Hence, to help you make a wiser decision, we'll help you with whether you really need this tool or not, so you should buy Anstrex if you are:

1. Brand Advertiser

Anstrex is best suited for brand advertisers because the tool covers ads of all popular brands, be it Dunkin donuts, Apple, McDonald's, and more.

2. Content Creator

If you are a content creator and wish to build the perfect arbitrage among your viewers and even get unlimited ideas/content for your videos, Anstrex is all that you will need.

3. Direct Sales Marketer

If you are a direct sales marketer, whether B2B or B2C, Anstrex will help you out with learning the new techniques used by marketers across the globe, that in all, will help you generate good revenue.

4. Affiliate Marketer

Lastly, Anstrex is a gem for affiliate marketers; with this tool, affiliates can generate massive traffic to their sites along with a good number of sales.

Trust us, keeping an eye on any and every kind of ad is a lot easier with Anstrex. The dashboard is super intuitive; you will not have to waste much time understanding the technicalities. And last, if you are in the field of native advertising, you should really not miss out on Anstrex!

Anstrex Pricing Plans – Can You Use Anstrex for Free? 

Apart from so many powerful features on the table, the pricing customers have to pay to get access to all is very less, trust us. The solo plan itself is super affordable, and even the most expensive plan can be affordable for huge enterprises. 

Anstrex Pricing Plans

However, do remember that Anstrex, as of now, doesn't offer any free plan to its users or even any free trial. Instead, they do offer a 2-day no, obligation trial, where users can use the tool, and if they are not satisfied, they can claim a quick refund. 

Anstrex Native-Only Plan – $69.99 per month/per user 

  • Also known as solo plan
  • 27+ Popular native ad networks
  • Competitor alerts 
  • Landing page ripper available 
  • Online quick chat support available 
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options are available.

Anstrex Native Plus Push Plan – $139.99 per month/per user 

  • Also known as a bundle and save plan
  • 27+ Popular native ad networks
  • 38+ Push ads networks
  • Data from across 92 countries
  • Landing page ripper available 
  • CPC bids on push campaigns 
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options are available.

Anstrex Native Plus Push Plus Pops Plan – $219.99 per month/per user

  • Also known as the ultimate combo and savings plan
  • 27+ Popular native ad networks
  • 32+ Pop ads networks
  • Data from across 92 countries
  • Data from 850+ mobile carriers
  • CPC bids for limited push ads
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options are available.

Anstrex Customer Support – Anstrex Review

The answer to the question asked here is an absolute yes, the reason being, Anstrex offers the quickest online chat support to each of its users, no matter which plans they have chosen. If they are stuck with anything, they can quickly contact the team and expect a reply within 2 minutes of sending the message. And if somebody wishes to talk to higher officials, they can write an email, and the team will come back to you within 24 hours. 

Apart from such quick customer support, Anstrex has even got its users covered with the best solutions through its knowledge base. This particular section is available on the official website, where users can get access to tutorials, videos, guides, FAQs and more on Anstrex Native, Anstrex Push, Anstrex Dropship, and Anstrex Pop.

👉 Why Do We Suggest Anstrex? (Some Major Reasons!)

So, now that we have covered the best features of Anstrex and the products Anstrex offers, here are some more specific reasons why you should consider this tool once for your ad spying needs: 

  • The tool quickly lets marketers and dropshippers sneak into any type and kind of ads. They can check out their competitor's ads with just a click and maximize their advertising returns
  • With the advanced superior filters available, Anstrex gives users deep and valuable insights into any ad they wish to explore, and at the same time, saves much time
  • A marketer, with the help of Anstrex, can explore any Ad from any angle, as by just a subscription, they get access to six million up-to-date ads data at their fingertips
  • Dropshippers by the help of Anstrex Dropship, can explore new niches very quickly
  • Advertisers can grab competitive information about any ad, for example, for how long the ad was actually live, how many individuals responded positively or negatively, and more
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly interface that any marketer at any level can use anywhere.

Pros & Cons of Anstrex Review


  • Flexible pricing plans.
  • Highly intuitive dashboard.
  • 2 Days, 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Live demo available for new user.
  • Multiple filters and sorting options available.
  • Search through keywords.
  • Advanced boolean searching.
  • Real-time campaign insights.
  • Operates in 90+ countries.
  • Integrates quickly with third-party applications.


  • No free forever plan available.
  • No mobile carrier data available as of now.

Top FAQs on Anstrex Review 2024

Why is Anstrex the best ad spying tool? 

Anstrex is one of the best ad spying data because the tool alone covers 10M+ ad data from across 80 countries. It even offers real-time ads data and a multitude of filters and sorting options.

What is better: Adplexity or Anstrex?

Both Adplexity and Anstrex offer extensive ads data, but when compared to Anstrex, Adplexity offers mobile carrier data as well, which the later doesn't.

How to cancel an Anstrex subscription?

To cancel your Anstrex subscription, you will have to contact the sales team, and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I use Anstrex for free?

No, unfortunately, Anstrex doesn't offer any free plan, but if somehow you are not happy with the tool, you can claim a refund within 2 days of purchase.

What is Anstrex pop?

Anstrex pop is a popular product by Anstrex that allows users to massively scale their upcoming pop-up advertising campaign with data obtained from 850+ mobile carriers across the globe.

How accurate is Anstrex ads data?

Yes, Anstrex ad spying data is extremely accurate since the software collects it all in real-time using the best quality proxies.

Best Anstrex Alternatives You Should Try in 2024!

Anstrex Vs. Adspy 

AdSpy is one of the popular ad spying solutions used by over thousands of advertisers across the globe. The tool gives users real-time access to social media ads data and best specializes in locating cloaked ads data. The pricing of AdSpy is not too complex; the advertiser just has to pay $149 a month.

Anstrex Vs. Adplexity

From mobile, desktop, native, and ecommerce to push and carrier, you name it, and Adplexity has got you covered with all. The tool is simply the best alternative to Anstrex, but if pricing is your concern, Adplexity comes with many complex options, and on the other hand, Anstrex is quite cheaper to use.

👉 Also read: AdPlexity Review: Learn Before You Earn! [Pros & Cons]

Anstrex Vs. PowerAdSpy 

PowerAdSpy is best known for its ability to give marketers detailed insights into competitors' best-working Facebook ads strategies. The tool is yet again used by over thousands of marketers across the globe, and because of its super flexible pricing plans, it's undoubtedly the best Anstrex alternative you can give a try, at least for once.

Anstrex Vs. WhatRunsWhere

WhatRunsWhere claims that it can make performance advertising easier, and with such an enormous user base, the tool has proved its worth. It's the best Anstrex alternative and even comes with many flexible pricing plans.

Yet another free alternative to Anstrex, which users can give a try for once, is SocialPeta – a tool very similar to Anstrex that has helped brands reach 95% of consumers within a quick turnaround period.

Conclusion: Is Anstrex the Best Ad Spying Tool to Invest in? 

In a nutshell, Anstrex, given the features and products it provides to its users at such competitive pricing – Anstrex is undoubtedly the best ad spying tool a business can ever have. 

The tool is super useful for anyone who is not so aware of how ad spying works and seriously wants to take charge of this procedure. The interface over here they get to work on is highly beginner friendly, because of which the whole spying process gets a lot easier. With just a few clicks, any marketer can uncover the best ad world secrets. The filters over here, like search through ad networks, country, platform, ad strength, affiliate network, and language, make the research process extremely easier. 

And last but not least, the 48 hours money-back guarantee by Anstrex is something that really grabbed our attention. Hence, if by any chance you didn't like the software within 2 days of use, you can literally get your money back in just a few clicks. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Anstrex right now, and do let us know how this native ad spying tool worked in your favor!

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