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The success of some Shopify stores in the e-commerce industry compared to others is influenced by the extensive use of digitalization, which tracks user actions such as clicks, scrolls, and purchases.

Shopify Spy Tools helps entrepreneurs use these resources to gain insights into successful e-commerce ventures. These tools provide access to the strategies and tactics that can help transform an online store into a successful e-commerce business.

We'll explore and discover the techniques that are reshaping online retail.

What is a Shopify Spy Tool?

A Shopify Spy Tool is a digital resource that helps e-commerce store owners analyze and understand the strategies and performance of their competitors.

These tools provide insights into various aspects of a competitor's business, such as their top-selling products, marketing strategies, traffic sources, and more.

They are designed to help Shopify store owners make informed decisions to boost their own business by learning from the successes and failures of others.

Top Shopify Adspy Tools in 2024

Best Shopify Spy ToolsPricing (Starting from)Ratings
PiPiADS$77 per month2.9/5 (Trust pilot)
Dropispy$29.90 per month3.8/5 (Trust pilot)
Minea49€ per month4.7/5 (Trust pilot)
PowerAdSpy$1 for 3 days3.5/5 (Trust pilot)
Anstrex$69.99/ user/ month4/10 (G2)
AdPeriscope$89.99/ user/ monthNA
EcomHunt$22 per month2.9/5 (Trust pilot)
Niche Scraper$29 per month3/5 (Trust pilot)
BuiltWith$295 per month2.3/5 (Trust pilot)
XparetoFree Trial AvailableNA
PanjivaContact Sales4.6/5 (G2)
Facebook Ads InfoNANA
Shopify Store AnalysisFree Trial Available NA
Ahrefs$99 per month4.5/5 (G2)

1. PiPiADS


PiPiADS is a leading Shopify Spy tool that helps users monitor their competitors' ads, analyze target audiences, and discover hot products for their dropshipping business.

It allows users to do a thorough analysis of their store, including the theme, operations, social channels, best-selling products, and newly added products.

PiPiADS Key Features

PiPiADS collects metrics such as impressions, likes, comments, and shares for each product to access the data needed to determine product potential, and engagement level, and inform their promotional decisions.

PiPiADS provides a range of filter options to help users refine their search based on criteria such as target audience, advertising platform, and product category. This helps users to find ads that are highly relevant to their business and target audience.

Additionally, PiPiADS offers detailed information about advertisers to gain insight into their promotional strategies and advertising tactics. This valuable information can help in creating successful advertising campaigns and staying competitive.

PiPiADS Pricing

The Starter Plan is priced at $77 per month.
VIP Plan is priced at $155 per month.
PRO Plan is priced at $263 per month.
PiPiADS Logo

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2. DropiSpy


DropiSpy, a powerful Shopify spy tool, is designed specifically for dropshipping stores. This tool provides online retailers and dropshippers with a competitive edge by uncovering their competitors' best-performing products and ads. DropiSpy offers excellent support and has a Chrome extension.

DropsiSpy Key Features

DropiSpy has over 50 million e-commerce ads, with thousands of new ads added daily. This means users have access to a wealth of information, making it easier to find trending ads and potential winning products.

It has a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation. The search feature is efficient for searching by keywords and filtering by various criteria.

The advanced filters refine user's searches and help them to find new products, ideas, niches, and markets all over the world.

DropiSpy Pricing

The Premium Plan is priced at $29.90 per month.
Business Plan costs $249.90 per month.

DropiSpy also offers a free plan.

Dropispy Logo

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3. Minea


Minea is an all-in-one solution that helps users launch their e-commerce business, scale their sales, and boost their profits. It tracks all ads across all networks, including Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Minea offers a vast library of over 200+ million ads and products, updated daily to stay ahead of the trends and be the first to launch viral products.

Minea Key Features

Minea provides AI-powered insights on product trends and ad engagement, updated eight times daily to effortlessly spot bestsellers and avoid underperformers.

Minea's Success Radar feature easily matches top dropshipper strategies and minimizes advertising test costs. It also simplifies operations and boosts profits with AI, generating eye-catching photos and crafting compelling product descriptions within seconds.

Minea helps to find reliable suppliers, simplifying decisions seamlessly. Identify suppliers by customer reviews and prioritize those with a proven quality history and fast delivery.

Minea Pricing

The Starter Plan is priced at 49€ per month.
The Premium Plan is priced at 99€ per month.
Business Plan: Priced at 399€ per month.

Minea offers a free trial.

Minea Logo

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4. PowerAdSpy


PowerAdSpy is an AI-powered ad intelligence tool that allows users to unravel their competitors' social media advertising strategies. It is designed to help users research and discover their competitors' ads across popular digital platforms.

PowerAdSpy helps users spy on competitors' Facebook Ads and find the best ones quickly. It also lets them monitor ads on different platforms. Moreover, it also provides detailed ad analytics for any ad chosen from the dashboard of PowerAdSpy.

PowerAdSpy Key Features

PowerAdSpy has a filtering feature that allows users to research and segment social ads based on positions like News Feed and Side Location. This feature helps users analyze ad performance in their niche for optimal conversions.

Bookmarking the best ads helps users save ads of their choice for further reference, making it easier to refer back to successful ad strategies.

This tool extends its capabilities to other social media platforms such as Google, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, and GDN.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

The Palladium Plan is priced at $1 for 3 days.
Basic Plan at $7 for 3 days.
Standard Plan costs $7 for 3 days.
Premium Plan starts at $7 for 3 days.
The Platinum Plan is priced at $7 for 3 days.
Titanium Plan costs $7 for 3 days.

PowerAdSpy also provides a free plan for 5 days.

PowerAdSpy Logo

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5. Anstrex


Anstrex provides competitive intelligence for online marketers. This tool supports FTP services to upload users' customized landing pages directly on their server or deploy them on an AWS S3 bucket. This feature eliminates the need to download anything on the PC.

Anstrex also offers a Chrome Extension that fully automates users' Shopify store management.

Anstrex Key Features

Anstrex offers extensive data, including a wide range of native ad networks and coverage in multiple countries. This includes both major global players and specialized networks specific to certain regions.

The tool provides excellent search capabilities, offering a wide range of filters and sorting options. Users can quickly filter ads based on various parameters, such as Ad-network, Category, Country, Device, Affiliate Network, Tracking Tools, and more. For more precise targeting, keyword searches can be used in combination with filters.

Anstrex also offers a landing page ripper for scraping any landing page using the built-in downloader. This feature, along with the efficient in-line editing tool for customizing the lander using a robust HTML editor.

Anstrex Pricing

The Solo Plan is priced at $69.99 per month per user.
Bundle & Save is priced at $139.99 per month per user.
Ultimate Combo & Savings is priced at $219.99 per month per user.

6. AdPeriscope


AdPeriscope is a virtual goldmine for performance and affiliate marketers, supercharging their return on investment by providing a comprehensive view of their competition's strategies.

AdPeriscope offers campaigns from over 50 countries, covering every continent, and provides access to all major adult ad networks, more than any other tool in the market.

It allows users to find hidden campaigns being run on over 150 mobile carriers, and even download any landing page and deploy it on their server.

AdPeriscope Key Features

AdPeriscope has a search option to view recent banners and ads by scanning them for text, making them fully searchable. Users can also use the advanced boolean query builder for more precise searching.

AdPeriscope also offers advanced alert options, which keep users informed about competitor campaigns. This feature guarantees that users receive immediate notifications whenever a competitor launches a new ad.

AdPeriscope provides a comprehensive collection of creatives that helps users access all the creatives used by an advertiser, both currently and in the past, for a campaign. Users can access a list of successful creatives, which can offer valuable insights into effective strategies within their specific niche.

AdPeriscope Pricing

$89.99 per month per user.

7. EcomHunt


Ecomhunt is a Shopify spy tool that offers daily product suggestions. These products are chosen based on their potential for high sales. It saves time and effort by providing store owners with pre-selected products.

Ecomhunt provides detailed product data, including performance information like orders and ratings, as well as links to trusted suppliers and competitors on different platforms.

EcomHunt Key Features

Ecomhunt provides a competitor store analysis feature, which helps users gain insights into the successful selling products of other stores, giving them a competitive advantage.

The one-click access to a Shopify store's Facebook Ads allows users to observe the effectiveness of ads used by different stores, giving them inspiration for their ad campaigns.

It also offers a Chrome Extension. This extension provides users with instant access to Ecomhunt's features.

EcomHunt Pricing

The Basic Plan is priced at $22 per month.
The Pro Plan is priced at $37 per month.
The Suite Plan is priced at $52 per month.

EcomHunt offers a free plan.

8. Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is an innovative solution that provides store analysis, offers a Facebook video Ad creator, and delivers daily updates on winning products.

The tool utilizes a reliable algorithm to analyze a vast amount of data and determine trending products with high demand and profitable margins.

Niche Scraper Key Features

Niche Scraper offers access to high-performing products to see which ones are currently popular. This helps users take advantage of the trend and benefit from their popularity.

Niche Scraper also offers the functionality of directly adding products to users' stores. This feature assists users to efficiently add any product they discover through the tool to their Shopify store, saving them time and effort.

Niche Scraper Pricing

Monthly PRO Membership is priced at $29.00 per month.

Niche Scraper also provides a free plan.

9. BuiltWith


BuiltWith is a versatile Shopify spy tool that offers website profiling and business intelligence. This multi-faceted tool offers a wealth of insights into technology adoption, e-commerce trends, and usage analytics across the vast internet landscape.

BuiltWith provides market share and analytics for web technologies, helping businesses understand their position and strategize. It is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

BuiltWith Key Features

BuiltWith offers a lead generation feature that helps users create lists of websites from its comprehensive database, which can be a valuable resource for businesses seeking to broaden their reach.

The sales intelligence feature gives users insights into a prospect's platform before engaging, increasing conversions with validated market adoption.

BuiltWith tracks over 2,500 e-commerce technologies on 26 million e-commerce websites, providing exportable attributes like spend, revenue, employee count, social media count, industry, location, rank, and more.

Additional features include cyber risk auditing, alternative data, report filtering, API access, CRM integrations, and browser extensions. These features offer a wide range of tools for businesses to utilize in their digital strategy.

BuiltWith Pricing

The basic plan is priced at $295 per month.
Pro is priced at $495 per month.
The team plan is priced at $995 per month.

10. Xpareto


Xpareto is a free Shopify spy tool that provides users with valuable information about any Shopify store, including best-selling products, daily traffic, ratings, and Facebook campaigns.

Xpareto Key Features

Xpareto helps users gain insight into successful ad campaigns and bestselling products of other stores, which is especially helpful for those starting with drop shipping.

Users can view the bestselling products in Facebook campaigns to gain a better understanding of the store's business model.

11. Panjiva


Panjiva collects data from various sources, such as customs authorities, shipping manifests, and commercial databases, to create a complete collection of global trade activities.

It helps businesses find new customers, track competitors, determine global trading trends, and identify legitimate suppliers. It provides a complete view of businesses worldwide, offering clear insights into global trade.

Panjiva Key Features

Panjiva assists businesses in assessing potential business partners, tracking market trends, managing risks, and gaining a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Panjiva provides advanced analytics capabilities for businesses to track and analyze trade trends and market dynamics. By utilizing artificial intelligence and big data analytics, it can identify patterns, extract insights, and generate comprehensive reports on global trade activities.

Panjiva also helps companies analyze trade data to gain insights into their competitors' activities, suppliers, products, and market reach. This information helps businesses understand their competitors' strategies and find ways to stand out.

Panjiva Pricing

Interested parties can submit a request to the Panjiva sales team.

12. Facebook Ads Info

Facebook Ads Info

Facebook Ads Info helps businesses learn about their competitors' advertising strategies on Facebook. To see a competitor's ads on Facebook, go to their page and click on the Info and Ads icon. This helps businesses understand their competitors' strategies and develop their own.

Facebook Ads Info Key Features

Facebook Ads Info allows users to see all the ads that a business is currently running on Facebook's advertising platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. This can provide valuable insights into a business's marketing strategies and tactics.

Users can easily access and utilize Facebook Ads Info directly from a business's Facebook page.

13. Shopify Store Analysis

Shopify Store Analysis offers detailed insights into the performance of users' online stores. It is a component of Shopify's analytics and reporting tools, created to assist users in reviewing recent activity, understanding visitors, analyzing online store speed, and examining store transactions.

Shopify Store Analysis Key Features

Shopify Store Analysis offers a range of reports, including finance, orders, acquisition, behaviour, marketing, sales, and customer reports. These reports provide valuable insights into user's store activity and visitor behaviour, helping them shape their business strategies.

Online store owners have access to Live View to monitor their store's activity in real time and gain instant insights into its performance.

The Shopify Store Analysis tool provides detailed information on sales, revenue, products, themes, and apps for each store, helping users understand their store's performance and identify areas for improvement.

Users can export data from Shopify Store Analysis to a spreadsheet or use other third-party apps or analytics tools to analyze their data according to business needs.

14. Ahrefs


Ahrefs improves search engine rankings and attracts organic traffic. The tool helps users analyze websites in three areas: organic traffic, backlink profile, and paid traffic. It shows competitor keywords and top traffic pages.

Additionally, Ahrefs can identify SEO problems and offer information about domain authority, referring domains, and the quantity of referring domains.

Ahrefs Key Features

Site Explorer gives users a detailed view of a website's organic search traffic and backlink profile. It shows the amount of organic search traffic a website gets and its ranking keywords.

Ahrefs can compare a website's current and historical data, which allows for useful applications like comparing ranking fluctuations to past events such as algorithm updates.

Additionally, the platform provides unique filters like the “Lowest DR” filter and “Target” filter, aiding users in discovering untapped keywords that offer significant value and are relatively easy to rank for.

Ahrefs Pricing

The Lite plan starts at $99 per month.
The standard plan is priced at $199 per month.
Advanced plan at $399 per month.
The enterprise plan can be accessed at $999 per month.

FAQs on Best Shopify Spy Tools

How do Shopify Spy Tools work?

Shopify Spy Tools extract and analyze data from Shopify-powered stores. They provide insights into a store's sales, revenue, products, themes, and apps. These tools can reveal best-selling products, traffic sources, ad campaigns, and other valuable information.

What factors should be considered when choosing a Shopify Spy Tool?

When selecting a Shopify Spy Tool, consider its features, user interface, data visualization, accuracy, specific use, pricing, and customer support.

What kind of data can be gathered using Shopify Spy Tools?

Shopify Spy Tools collects competitor data on marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, social media, product performance, and market trends.

How to protect the Shopify store from being spied on by competitors?

To protect the Shopify store from competitors, use security apps like Fraud Filter, SpyBlocker, StopSpy, Bloky, NoSpy, or Content Protection. These apps block IP addresses, disable right-click and copy functions, and protect sales data from spying extensions and competitors.

Summing Up

The integration of advanced technologies has become crucial for the success of online businesses as the e-commerce landscape evolves. Utilizing Shopify spy tools can provide valuable insights to help your store succeed and stay competitive.

When engaging in Shopify spying, it is important to remember that the purpose of these tools is to use information for strategic advancement. It involves not only gathering data but also transforming it into actionable intelligence that can greatly impact your online business.

With these spy tools, you can transform your online retail strategy and create your path to success. The possibilities are endless.

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